God of War Ragnarok (dunkview)

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25 Kas 2022




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Kris Lynn
Kris Lynn 2 aylar önce
The fact they knew someone would continue throwing the axe at the chime and made extra dialog just for it proves they know their audience. Excellent.
Sanic 2 gün önce
Its also a hidden achievement
Spice Melange
Spice Melange 12 gün önce
@Hugslothno ones arguing on who did it first gtfo lmao
idiodic7prouductons 16 gün önce
I wonder if PROZD had anything to do with this dialogue.
TaylorONEism Aylar önce
It was the first thing I did, when I saw the chime, just to see if there was extra dialogue. To my delight, there was :).
HH Aylar önce
It also proves how you npc are easily amused by anything logical. No wonder games are becoming so bad…
Devon with an i
Devon with an i Aylar önce
I absolutely love when the troll boss makes it’s first appearance in that cutscene and Kratos instantly chops it’s head off. That’s the Santa Monica team basically looking right into the camera and saying “we heard you”
John Leonard
John Leonard 14 gün önce
@MrWhygodwhy Marvel's style of humor and action was fine for what it was. What bothers me about it is how much it feels like Marvel's style has been injected into other film franchises, much like how The Last of Us was great but now game developers are trying to copy that. Same with how games like Breath of the Wild have everybody trying to be open world, or PUBG and Fortnite making everyone turn into battle royales.
MrWhygodwhy 14 gün önce
@John Leonard More like Lord of the Rings and Quentin Tarantino. Quippy modern dialogue does not belong to Marvel and I'd argue that Ragnarok pulls it off as a style. You can also see a lot of direct influence from Tarantino in many of the scenes; the opening with Thor and Odin for instance might as well be a remake of the opening from Inglorious Basterds (fine by be fwiw, that's one of the best scenes in cinema history and Ragnarok emulates what made it work quite well). I think people are painting too broad of a brush comparing this to Marvel. It comes off as trying to trash the game by association rather than by any merits of the game.
John Leonard
John Leonard 15 gün önce
"We heard you, and we also think God of War should be more like Marvel."
Fernando Faria
Fernando Faria 16 gün önce
Except there is tons of troll fights in the game :/
CalebTheHolyman 29 gün önce
​@Someone's TRvid Username drekis were nowhere NEAR the same level of prevalence as trolls. They were pretty much exclusive to vanaheim, fit the setting, and i dont even think any of them were required. Also they all had different elements, and some fights were duos or theg used different tactics, like jumping in and out of water and forcing a fighting style switch up
Panborlang Marbaniang
I love how dunkey said the names of different characters with ease
Claego 25 gün önce
Character names and places! He got all the weird Norse dialectic stuff right even Lava lava island from Mario 64 that's a hard one
CobraChicken Aylar önce
@Anon Esteban some of them he did, but the ones he didn't he got spot on
“Angrboba” 💀
Darude Sandstrom
Darude Sandstrom Aylar önce
@SloppuSushi over your head
[GD] ottothegamer
[GD] ottothegamer Aylar önce
@Hanson both of his GOW reviews are pretty much pure review with a little touch of dunkey here and there
Jack Mrsich
Jack Mrsich Aylar önce
“In this game, the plot i- I give up.” The way this is delivered and edited 👌 pure comedy.
Dane Perry
Dane Perry Aylar önce
I wasn’t expecting it and I had to go back and rewatch.
Ethan Styant
Ethan Styant Aylar önce
I love how you finally meet a mini boss that is from the last game and you don't even fight it, you straight up execute it
the real
the real Aylar önce
@Big Boss There are secret sleeping trolls that you can fight, and Mimir also thought that they were extinct
Big Boss
Big Boss Aylar önce
If I understood correctly from in-game dialogue, they keep hinting at trolls being pretty much extinct because kratos killed so many
Zigster ABs
Zigster ABs Aylar önce
@Crack You can fight dragons in this game but they're nowhere near as big as the one from the first game
Crack Aylar önce
@rayed is there a dragon boss fight like the first one later on??
rayed Aylar önce
you can fight them later on tho, if you didn't know..
Orioxified Aylar önce
God of War:Ragnarok being God of War 2 and 3 is the best way to describe it. Going into it completely blind gave me an absolutely magical experience. One of the best video games I've ever gotten the joy to experience. So thankful to simply be alive for this era of gaming, there's so much beauty being released and discovered as of late.
Toksyuryel 21 gün önce
@Insanepie 881689 Side games typically aren't included in the main series numbering.
Insanepie 881689
Insanepie 881689 22 gün önce
@Toksyuryel we counting the psp game?
Toksyuryel 22 gün önce
@Insanepie 881689 5 & 6 really
Insanepie 881689
Insanepie 881689 22 gün önce
God of war ragnarok is god of war 5 🤡 not 2 & 3
Toksyuryel 25 gün önce
@Alex Mac The ending felt so rushed. You could feel the crunch the team had to be under throughout the entire game.
Joe Ligmama
Joe Ligmama Aylar önce
The fact they anticipated the squirrel chime interaction is just amazing.
MrWhygodwhy 15 gün önce
@PixelRebel Actually it is irate people like you that are becoming more common. You only offer criticism and cynicism but you rarely offer real feedback. Good criticism is not just being a pessimistic downer about literally everything. Complaining that people thought a moment was cool because similar have been done before? What an easy and useless thing to say. Everything has been done before, you are a wet blanket and you are NOT a good critic.
Lunar Cheese
Lunar Cheese 22 gün önce
@PixelRebel What does having a job have to do with any of this? Are you drunk?
Nova 25 gün önce
@PixelRebel you know what else isn’t fantastic? Writing a snarky reply to a comment that has nothing to do with you. Your reply doesn’t even make any sense, tf are you trying to say?
PixelRebel 25 gün önce
@Nova Damn you guys are everywhere now. Don't you have jobs or something? It's not fantastic. Why do people try and disrespect what they enjoy by blatantly praising them blindly for nothing when there is so much? Is it just anti criticism or something? I'm genuinely curious as this happens more and more.
Gavin Stone
Gavin Stone Aylar önce
@Nova most anticipated comment in Ohio
Romil Aylar önce
5:40 That is legit one of the coldest moments in gaming cutscene history
Andrew Hooven
Andrew Hooven 5 gün önce
That scene was definitely badass
carter weessies
carter weessies 10 gün önce
Sir Benzos
Sir Benzos 26 gün önce
This pic goes hard feel free to screenshot
beepbeeplettuce Aylar önce
@Senor Studly atreus is now in tekken
Lucky_-1y Aylar önce
This scene got me screaming
Nortetradamus Aylar önce
Just finished the game today, been waiting to watch this till I finished and God damn it was a great finish
thisis675 10 gün önce
me too! Dunkey didnt disappoint
Fons A
Fons A Aylar önce
I've watched Dunkey's video multiple times. Twice before I got the game, one after I got this game as a gift, another after completing the story. What a masterpiece.
Patrick Extensis
Patrick Extensis 15 gün önce
HISHAM A.N 15 gün önce
Holy shot no way I literally did the same thing. It's definitely one of Dunkey's best.
camiji Aylar önce
In my 30 years of gaming, this is THE best game I've ever played. A true masterpiece.
doobie david
doobie david 16 saatler önce
@Andrew Hooven I will agree the ending was a bit rushed but that’s besides the point for me
Andrew Hooven
Andrew Hooven Gün önce
@doobie david pacing was good for most of the game but I feel the ending was rushed. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT YET FINISHED GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK SO DO NOT READ AHEAD IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THIS GAME. THANK YOU. Felt too easy and quick to take down Odin. I think Odin should've gotten away from the fight after disintegrating the noose that Freya had over him. Then after he escapes his ravens are now dead so he can't travel fast and can easily be tracked down but he has one last trick and you have to fight some insane creature from the rift. The rift was super underused as well. Also Asgard was underused by a lot in my opinion. Atreus barely got to explore it
doobie david
doobie david Gün önce
Probably my favourite narrative focused game to be honest, I feel like the pacing is quite good and there isn’t too much in between pivotal moments.
Andrew Hooven
Andrew Hooven 2 gün önce
@SecurityChief Odo what
camiji 2 gün önce
@BooRadley3400 I have played the Arkham games when they came out. Loved them as well.
Sourus Aylar önce
The thing that is the most impressive to me is the sheer amount of fucking dialogue in this game. There’s so many little lines they added to keep you immersed and make the characters seem real. Like whenever mimir is telling a story but you get out of the boat before he finishes, he has a specific line for this specific story about the specific part of the story you left off at. They could’ve easily just had some plain line like “oh what were we talking about again?” But they put so much work into this so that you’re never annoyed by lines repeated until infinity. Except for when Atreus asks if Bifrosted is a word
SemenTheSailor Gün önce
I have completed the game and I’ve never heard the Atreus “Is bifrosted a word line.” I also didn’t have a problem with them solving puzzles before I could process what was happening. A part from the one time I needed help and they kept saying “Hey look over there.” Without even as much as a point and I’m just like “WHERE IS THERE?”
Brooke Jones
Brooke Jones 24 gün önce
And when Atreus says “you’re on fire! But you probably already knew that”
Xenobork Aylar önce
@Sourus Yeah, they should've recorded a whole bunch of status effect reminders. Unlees I was really unlucky I counted just one for every status, with the ones Atreus says having Freya ones too. For a game that so clearly had so much work and time put into it, you'd think they'd have an array of gameplay lines as well.
Sourus Aylar önce
@Xenobork EXACTLY it’s kind of a bummer. That and mimir going “You’re on fire Kratos, it’ll pass”
Xenobork Aylar önce
Atreus' hints and status reminders are my biggest peeve with the game. I remember fighting through Ragnarok at the end with super serious, intense dialogue and music, Atreus is yelling, I'm yelling, everyone is, then he pops in with a light "Father, you're bifrosted! Is.. bifrosted a word?"
bluekrysis Aylar önce
Theres just nobody else out there that does videogame reviews like dunkey man.
Jay Bel
Jay Bel Aylar önce
I got chills right there 😵😢 5:37
Julián Oroza
Julián Oroza 22 gün önce
Yeah, the music, the shots. Amazing editing by dunkey inside of a comedy video.
Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer Aylar önce
Dunkey always has the best closers for these reviews.
David Acero
David Acero Aylar önce
This game really makes you feel like emotions.
Legend123 Aylar önce
A masterpieces sequel definitely one of gaming greats!!!
Hayk Isayan
Hayk Isayan Aylar önce
This game and the breaking bad finale are the only times in recent memory that a story made me cry.
JackLox123 Aylar önce
We've all been waiting since after the first release in 2018 for Ragnarok, safe to say We all got what we wanted
Music Boi
Music Boi Aylar önce
I have just watched 10+ hours of God of War content to watch this video (GoW 2018 and Ragnarok). Love you dunkey
Music Boi
Music Boi Aylar önce
fuckin worth it
Thonato Aylar önce
this is it, this is last review of this game that I can watch, now I'm totally convinced that this game is worth every penny
Kristopher Poulsen
Kristopher Poulsen Aylar önce
It would be a funny joke if they set it in Rome
Thonato Aylar önce
@Jackson Mighta heard a rumor saying that gow 2018 was originally going to be set in Egypt, so maybe kratos is gonna go there which is gonna be badass, Imma predict that they gon add some random ass purple pyramid in the sky as a place to go lol
Abel Turner
Abel Turner Aylar önce
@Jackson It was such a masterpiece. Egypt would be cool, but imagine if they went to the Mayans!
Jackson Aylar önce
If I knew how much I was going to like it before I bought it I would have happily forked over 140 dollars for it. The previous game is one of my all time favorites and I figured I would love this one but it beat every single one of my expectations. I'm still going back for side quests and exploring after it's done, then I'll replay the first. Then go through Ragnarok again. And then impatiently wait for the next game which I hope to fuck is in Egypt
Abel Turner
Abel Turner Aylar önce
@Gonçalo Pereira I concur
Mustache Man
Mustache Man Aylar önce
I accidentally sent Skoll and Hati twice in a row and Freya went “what are you doing? We need the sunlight to get though. And kratos goes, “I…. Wanted to see the wolves again…”
sparkbears Aylar önce
I love that they thought to include that, and Christopher Judge's delivery on those kind of lines (and all of his lines) is fantastic.
JMattBreezy Aylar önce
This was so sad, and returning to your house post game as well to get a journal
JD Irishlastname
JD Irishlastname Aylar önce
4:53 - 5:45 Absolutely incredible. When a reviewer's sheer joy over a work of art spills over into his editing, it proves that there was something special there. That emotional payoff of 5 minutes of build-up makes this REIVEW high art. GOTDAMN!
%killername% 27 gün önce
@Paz L
mehmenmike Aylar önce
@Paz let people enjoy things dude
Paz Aylar önce
People getting so worked up over a game whose plot is the very definition of mid
Khalimar Aylar önce
I was really intrigued about him wanting to summarize the plot. him just giving up had me in tears
Dignelberrt Aylar önce
I like that you show brok coming in the house when you say "incredible cast"
Dbat 2 aylar önce
The Squirrel of War was such a good addition. Kojima has really nailed it once again
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 Aylar önce
Pastykake Aylar önce
Ohhh, shit, I didn't realize it but now that you mention it it's definitely there!
my tits
my tits Aylar önce
Congratulations, Sonic Team!
Jamestravis4000 John
Thank you Dark Souls
Zakuro Banana
Zakuro Banana 2 aylar önce
I feel stranded on a beach of laughter with this Ratatoskr guy.
Crucible Aylar önce
I didn't know ratatoskr had that long of an interaction to hitting the chimes lmao this game has everything
xXLoneLoboXx Aylar önce
Combat was super fun, Characters were all amazing. But the story was kinda all over the place though… The ending felt very anticlimactic and very unsatisfying. It almost seems like they forced Odin to become one of those crap tier villains who’s motives make absolutely no sense. And the few character deaths that happened didn’t make any sense either… Especially when Odin killed you know who during Ragnarok… That made no sense at all. Feels like they had him do that to seem more evil and killable.
Dr. Awesome
Dr. Awesome Aylar önce
You know, I don't really play video games much at all. I have a busted old ass PC that I play "the game that shall not be named here" from time to time and Fortnite with my son but this content is excellent. I am.nevet closer to upgrading my PC or buying a console than when I hear a good review from Dunkey. I watch every video when it comes out and love it. Keep going man. Can wait to see what your brand brings to the market.
Rifat.AI. Aylar önce
Dunkey really does a better job promoting games than actual game promoters. His excitement when explaining the game he likes really is contagious 6.5/10 "Not enough Knack"
Devon Juvinall
Devon Juvinall Aylar önce
The choice and timing of the music on his delivery makes it perfect
Karel Anker
Karel Anker 2 aylar önce
Truly a calm and reasonable review, thanks Duntos.
Adam Sterdam
Adam Sterdam 2 aylar önce
@Dark Jaguar bruh its a joke, "nit picking and biased" is phrase used by Dunkey
Dark Jaguar
Dark Jaguar 2 aylar önce
@takeu4adinner Poe's law strikes again!
takeu4adinner 2 aylar önce
@Dark Jaguar “he’s nitpicking and biased” is a running joke from Dunkey’s older videos. @Adam Sterdam wasn’t being serious
Dark Jaguar
Dark Jaguar 2 aylar önce
@Adam Sterdam It's a review. Of course it's biased. That's why reviews exist, to see what someone's unique opinion is. I sometimes buy games Dunkey hates after seeing his reviews too, because I know his tastes and I know my own. In this case, I've seen other reviews as well and while I think I will get this game, I know in advance I'm not going to like the auto-solving puzzle sections.
Adam Sterdam
Adam Sterdam 2 aylar önce
No he's nitpicking and biased. bad review
thejuggernaut81 Aylar önce
The chime and the squirrel had me in tears.
treyson mcgrady
treyson mcgrady 15 gün önce
Really shows the level of detail in the game. In most reviews Dunkey uses that to potentially show some laziness of the game in some form or another, but clearly they took the time to manicure details like that.
Punzasteel Aylar önce
Without spoilers, there's a bit where you're told to leave while 2 other characters talk. There's am interact button to eavesdrop and if you keep doing it, it's hilarious because they know youre eavesdropping. At one point they're like "did you know that they'd be so weird?" And "this is getting awkward"
Explawsion Aylar önce
I did the exact same same thing, haha! Unfortunately the prompt button goes away after a certain amount of times, was hoping for some interesting action
No No
No No Aylar önce
@Groverkiin Muppetborn when hiemdall was talking with odin, after you released garm.
Groverkiin Muppetborn
wait what part was that if you wouldnt mind
Nechrome Aylar önce
LOL I just played that part, I kept going back to the door to see how ridiculous it would get
jj tt
jj tt Aylar önce
This game going to win many awards it beautiful 😍
duskesko Aylar önce
It's the same thing every time with dunkey's videos. I enjoy the video and then I think, "Where the fuck did this man learn to write AND deliver this caliber of content?"
Always_LaggginTTV Aylar önce
The 5:35 moment actually gave me goosebumps I’m sad to admit, I haven’t even played ragnarok. Wonderful video as ever Dunkey
Zmann Show
Zmann Show Aylar önce
Literally wrote in my notes while playing Ragnarok "ABSOLUTELY STUNNING VISUAL"
Jay Bel
Jay Bel Aylar önce
Same haha🙋‍♂️
Saiyu Aylar önce
When dunkey says they dont wanna spoil something for the game. you know its good
Griffin Cardale
Griffin Cardale Aylar önce
I was not expecting to be sobbing in the first 10 minutes but hey here we are
Leon Prowse
Leon Prowse Aylar önce
My favourite part of God of War Ragnarok is the log flume ride in Svartalfheim, cheaper than going to Disneyland
ColinUniverse 2 aylar önce
You know that when there is little to no sarcasm and lots of praise in one of dunkey’s reviews, it’s a god damn good game.
MrWhygodwhy 14 gün önce
@anselmo pat As someone who actually only recently started watching any Marvel movies, correct. The writing in Ragnarok isn't even in the same ballpark. It's closer to the writing of something like Lord of the Rings with a splash of Quentin Tarantino for good measure, which Marvel certainly borrows from both but they don't own those styles nor are they closest to Ragnarok. Marvel also tends to feel 'fake' which Ragnarok does not. I can fully believe these words coming out of each of these character's mouths. I agree with some that the writing might feel too modern, but honestly it is easy enough to imagine it as a translation from Norse for a modern audience and it IS at least consistent about it. Basically, since everyone talks that way, it is just how this world is. Since it isn't meant to be a direct translation of Norse myths, I give that a pass. But I would understand if someone else didn't.
MrWhygodwhy 14 gün önce
@Ivan Anyaegbu Seems to be carryover for whatever hate train is on Sony properties these days...well, based on the general internet reaction to TLOU2, still hearing criticisms about Abby being 'trans', and seeing at least two contrarian reviewers attempt to call this game 'woke', I think we already know where the weird hatemob is coming from. You can tell because the criticisms are often not even based on anything actually in the game, or outright opposite to what is verifiably in the game, kinda like they didn't play it and maybe watched someone tell them this is the next 'woke' thing to trash. For the record, if Ragnarok is too woke for you please kindly remove yourself from the internet, thanks.
anselmo pat
anselmo pat Aylar önce
@Astral Chaosit’s like many of those people didn’t play the damn game thor fight Garm fight fighting two Valkyries In literal SPACE next to the place where the cosmos itself was born !!!! ? And people saying it has “marvel” writing cannot be real
anselmo pat
anselmo pat Aylar önce
@bungi fish”sidequest don’t feel very rewarding” Of all things to criticize on this game…you decided to say it’s sidequest aren’t rewarding? 💀
anselmo pat
anselmo pat Aylar önce
@Arcane AI am thoroughly convinced people who say this either didn’t play the game or never watched any marvel in their lives It’s one or the other
Cal Aylar önce
Dunkey praising ProZD is the crossover I never dreamed of
Larsluster Aylar önce
I feel like this game might even have just a tiny little bit of something for everyone
Dutch van der Linde
Dad of War. Dadnarok. Glad i got to play this years dad simulator. 2019s was good and 2022s wraps up the story on being a less shitty dad. I'm glad in the end Boy proves to all his bullies that his dad can beat all the other dads.
Mika Prezigalo
Mika Prezigalo Aylar önce
This was an amazing game frok start to finish
Stan.exe. Aylar önce
You know it's a great game when Dunkey doesn't rate it
Gabriel Sandor
Gabriel Sandor Aylar önce
@Jefferson Santos i sure hope not
Jefferson Santos
Jefferson Santos Aylar önce
@Kenkuli nah...he wrote "more dunkey". this is his max rating.
Blood of Christ Jesus covers me
@Kenkuli what you mean he doesn't rate games anymore?😳
Berzan G
Berzan G Aylar önce
@EvShrug unga bunga ooga booga
EvShrug Aylar önce
Rating art is for people who lack emotional intelligence.
sodapopkiino Aylar önce
The best part of the constantly-shifting companions is getting to hear different actors spell out in explicit detail the solution to every puzzle before you're forced to actually form a coherent thought
Legion of Harmony
Legion of Harmony Aylar önce
Your serious videos will always be my favorites.
lightfighter Aylar önce
Had so much fun with this game, the side quests were great and the themes of families and Kratos' growth really well executed, but I have to say I felt the ending was pretty rushed -- I was expecting multiple stages of the last two boss fights, like we had with Baldur in GOW 2018, and they ended kinda abruptly and unsatisfyingly imo. So much build up to Ragnarok, just to fight a few Einherjer and then the aforementioned short fights? Where was the drama?!
M Aylar önce
Pretty much how I Feel, Great game but the final Battle was rushed imo and it was not as good as the other final bosses in the GOW series. But even with that, still one of the two best games along with Elden Ring.
Connor Nolan
Connor Nolan 2 aylar önce
Finally, a Dunkey and ProZD crossover episode. Even if Sung Won didn't know he was in it.
Little Raccoon
Little Raccoon Aylar önce
The crossover I've been dreaming of 😱😱
「DarkShadowZX」 Aylar önce
To clear up some confusion, Troy Baker voices Bitter Squirrel (the squirrel aspect that we knew of from GoW 2018). ProZD voices the main squirrel Ratatoskr and all the other squirrel aspects (Anxious Squirrel, Perfectionist Squirrel, Arrogant Squirrel, etc), but Troy Baker reprises Bitter Squirrel in GoW Ragnarok.
ninjaydes Aylar önce
When the squirrel is the best character in the game.
Man of Anime
Man of Anime Aylar önce
@teiadam the squirrel doesn`t look like ProZD. Are you sure?
Istaka 2 aylar önce
Wait what he's one of the VA in this games?!!
I H Aylar önce
Such a good fucking game. Happy to pay $60 for stuff like this
deitlinde Aylar önce
can we talk about that awesome end edit tho 👌🏻
Filtiarin Aylar önce
The nidhog boss fight is probably the most visually stimulating and brilliantly crafted giant monster type boss fight to ever exist. This game is beautiful, brutal, emotional and just fucking wonderful.
Sly cooper 2 : band of thieves
Darkeater Midir from dark souls 3
Filtiarin Aylar önce
@Bloodchief I have, I mean I’ve played tri and world but that’s about it really. Fatty is an amazing fight. Alatreon, fatty, furious rajang and thunder puppy are my favorites. At this point I think I’ve killed like 500 or so fatalis lmao. But after 1600 hours I got bored. Have yet to be bored of any dmc game that isn’t the demake, 2 or 4. Honestly just wish dmc 4 had more bosses(that weren’t gimmick bullshit).
Bloodchief Aylar önce
Lel never played Monster hunter I see.
Filtiarin Aylar önce
If we're talking about older games then in terms of big bosses, Bayonetta did it way better than the old gow games, but thats just my opinion and is in no way objective. Also imma have to say then that most well designed bosses would have to go to the devil may cry series. Like only in dmc can you fight 3 whole bosses at the same time on dmd and still be like, that was so fun I wanna do it again, until your again becomes like the 200th time lol. Nelo angelo and vergil mission 20 are still some of the fondest memories from gaming that i have. Hideki Kamiya and Hideaki Itsuno are actual legends.
Remington Lewis
Remington Lewis Aylar önce
Laughs in Shadow of the Colossus
Nathan5791 24 gün önce
Easily my GOTY and yes I've played Elden Ring. This game has some of the best combat ever! Can't wait for new game plus
Owen Walsh
Owen Walsh 2 aylar önce
As goofy as it is, that interaction with the squirrel guy and the chimes is a great way to handle repeating events in a game. Instead of saying nothing or repeating the same phrase, he adds onto what he said previously. It may seem like a small detail but a lot of games miss out on the small things like that and it's just nice to see the extra thought they put into their game
turbotrup96 Aylar önce
Because it's not needed. In a story game- maybe, but from a gameplay perspective it adds nothing, just makes you stay longer doing nothing.
Hakageryu 2 aylar önce
@Vladut Stefan One of the most boring and pretentious games ever made. Somehow i'm not surprised.
Helmut Schmidt
Helmut Schmidt 2 aylar önce
That is why I enjoyed Bastion as much as i did back then.
axante 2 aylar önce
nowadays I'd be really disappointed if a triple A studio didnt handle these scenarios like this. How ever it is impressive especially if you know the sound design process, just that little addition is very time consuming.
Ben Davis
Ben Davis 2 aylar önce
In svartalfheim I threw my axe at a light beam in the elf palace, and mimir said something like "are you angry at the light brother" this game is so seamlessly funny. I got a few good chuckles in throughout my experience.
Rain 2 aylar önce
Apart from the already obvious and many times mentioned things great about this game, the extra dialogues (as you've shown with Ratataskr here) and the attention to detail is what makes it truly a triple A game. You can feel their passion, and that in turns create a fun game. Also, it actually surprised me, seeing a damn huge game without a single game breaking bug. Also, the reason why I wanted for there to be 2 GOTY awards given out this year.
Liam Kerr
Liam Kerr Aylar önce
I can't complete the Vanaheim quest to save that Ex traveller
Toby Clark
Toby Clark Aylar önce
There is a bug that prevents you from fighting a boss on ps4, where you have to get it to kill itself by using another bug
LordTourettes Aylar önce
@Rain Cant tell the difference between the games at this point.
There is unfortunately an audio bug plaguing a lot of people. (Imagine your in an area with rushing water/waterfalls but you hear no water falling. Applies to footsteps and health/ragestones being destroyed) not game breaking totally, but it did make the entire of svartleheim feel dead (i was lucky that the glitch was contained to that one realm for me)
saffalilac Aylar önce
@Rain Forgot about that one, omg! Both good choices.
Andy Thai
Andy Thai Aylar önce
I’ve played many games. But it’s been so long since I’ve felt such emotional weight emanating from the story, the characters, and the music. There are a few life lessons that I will take, being a father now and wanting to be a better man. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but Ragnaok has now become one of my top 3 games of all time. I hope more people will play this game and find things they can take away from this journey. God damn!
LordTourettes Aylar önce
​@Andy Thai Welp if I was, it would be with a guy. And the thought of kids is no, I like freedom better than kids...
Andy Thai
Andy Thai Aylar önce
@LordTourettes someone is feeling saucy tonight 😏
LordTourettes Aylar önce
Okay. Good luck on...that.
Denislav Norchev
Denislav Norchev Aylar önce
I absolutely loved the game, but i have to be completely honest. The whole Ragnarok chapter at the end, felt very short and unsatisfyingly underwhelming after going through so much hypefull concern and preparation for it. Not to mention how many questions were left unanswered. Even more so for those who know a bit of Norse mythology.
Gage Dobos
Gage Dobos Aylar önce
Greatest game I'll ever play
Connor Dillivan
Connor Dillivan 2 aylar önce
One of my favorite parts of the game is how much effort they put into the dialogue for when characters are just wandering around and exploring. Mimir telling stories and bantering with Atreus and Kratos makes exploring feel somehow more real than in other games where you are following objectives and quest markers.
turbotrup96 Aylar önce
@Lil Rice Bowl then I won't be playing most, if not all, modern Sony games, so I might sell my PS5 as well.
Lil Rice Bowl
Lil Rice Bowl Aylar önce
@turbotrup96 if you don’t like story games then don’t play them
skittlez Aylar önce
@Will Mcphee i felt like i couldnt care less about 70% of the babbling. less can be more. check out elden ring maybe
Smokey Jo
Smokey Jo Aylar önce
@Arcane A that is incorrect, but whatever makes the shallow grumpy critic happy i guess. take care mate 🤙🏽
Arcane A
Arcane A Aylar önce
@Smokey Jo lmao. Are you living under a rock? braindead oblivious fanboy.
Joseph Aylar önce
Can't wait to play it on PC. In three years.
Tox Medic29
Tox Medic29 Aylar önce
Fucking love this game so damn much man
aikalabe Aylar önce
This game makes you feel like war.
noisyturtle Aylar önce
Such a good game it almost plays itself
Kevin Nagar
Kevin Nagar 2 aylar önce
it is truly inspiring to see more games learn from knack 2 just like god of war has done. What an absolute masterpiece!
Shin Malice
Shin Malice 2 aylar önce
@Arjun Reddy yeah Norse mythology was inspired by Knack too!
Arjun Reddy
Arjun Reddy 2 aylar önce
The irony is that Ice and fire ancient are probably inspired from knack series🤣
Ricardo Hoàng
Ricardo Hoàng 2 aylar önce
@MURRA ARRUM Nice Snack 😂
LootBox 2 aylar önce
Did someone say KNAAAAAAAAAAACK???
Lazzil 2 aylar önce
They really have a knack for it.
JeY k
JeY k Aylar önce
Took until the very end to realize the squirrel was ProZD - love recognizing him in a lot of games now!
JumpHigherVA Aylar önce
Not only did they nail the characterization of the gods themselves, but they tied everything into the actual mythos very well. Everything from the subtle details on the walls to the plot points that originally seem to be one-off parts of the story. As someone who has played God of War since the first game, I was blown away by not only the attention to detail and respect for Kratos' past but how they also made this character with nothing but blind rage into an interesting, wise, moral, and realistic human being. Mastapeece. The climbing does really suck, though
Dinggis Khaan
Dinggis Khaan Aylar önce
@ツV01D Hell yeah
ツV01D Aylar önce
@Dinggis Khaan love that part
Dinggis Khaan
Dinggis Khaan Aylar önce
What about when Loki ties his nuts to a goat?
ツV01D Aylar önce
yea the climbing does suck which is why im glad they added the function for the blades to hook you place to place
James Duncan
James Duncan Aylar önce
Loki being impregnated makes perfect sense because he let all the other gods gamble away the sun and the moon to this guy who said he could build them a huge wall in one month, and with the help of his superhorse swathlfari who dragged an astonishing amount of stones he almost completed it in time, so loki transformed into a sexy lady horse and led the guys horse away into the forest to hump
johnothetree Aylar önce
I don't think I've ever heard Dunkey praise a non-Nintendo game like this...ever.
ABC XYZ 2 aylar önce
I agree. This game deserves the "AAA" title. It's super polished and carefully curated. Excellent performance as well.
Astral Chaos
Astral Chaos Aylar önce
@RPGeek How about you do the same
RPGeek Aylar önce
@Astral Chaos brilliant arguments. Perhaps play it first instead of watching someone play on youtube
Astral Chaos
Astral Chaos Aylar önce
@RPGeek It really isn't
RPGeek Aylar önce
@Astral Chaos Yes it is
Astral Chaos
Astral Chaos Aylar önce
@RPGeek It's not that bad honestly
bautista barabino
bautista barabino Aylar önce
4:53 Dunkey casually predicting Judge winning Best Performance in a video game.
Vishnu Adapa
Vishnu Adapa Aylar önce
There is more artistry in some of Dunkey's videos than there is on entire TRvid channels.
meeran haq
meeran haq Aylar önce
I'm late, but how did you like the finale? Personally, from running through the portal to the end of Odins fight is when the game low-key felt the weakest. I guess I was just expecting way more of a spectacle for Ragnarok
Dylan Loew
Dylan Loew 29 gün önce
@ツV01D completely agree, I think the World Serpant stuff probably went over 90% of player's heads, but also I think it's a fine line between spending too much time on parts certain players might enjoy where others would find it annoying or boring. Most games don't walk that line as well as this game has. The story may not be much better than a good marvel movie, but to see a story even of just marvel movie caliber paired with such engaging gameplay and not have either suffer very badly is such a feat that it gives me hope for even better things to come in gaming in the future. I think looking back that this game could be as influential to gaming as Skyrim
ツV01D 29 gün önce
@Dylan Loew but there are some things that you can and should explain and things you dont need to explain. i mean who blew the horn back in the first game when atreus was sick? and there is nothing wrong with keeping it short and sweet but with jorms birth, jorms time jump, thors death, the sisters of fate etc... and i feel we spent too much time in valheim for my liking.
Dylan Loew
Dylan Loew 29 gün önce
spoilers: Honestly, I got the vibe that the devs were worried about overstaying their welcome and overexplaining, but certain things like Brok's death and Jormungander ended up feeling a little rushed. I do think overall it was the right idea to keep things short, though. Imagine if they spent a ton of time on, say, Freya's boar friend or all of Freyrs group
Markus Hill
Markus Hill Aylar önce
Probably one of the weaker segments of the game but, thankfully (or unfortunately), I wasn't expecting a ton. The reason being that games whose climax is a large-scale battle often do not actually represent those feelings of said large-scale encounter very well at all, presumably due to some tech limitations or something. I still really enjoyed it, though.
ツV01D Aylar önce
i agree it did feel like it was over a bit quick, even the part where jorm was sent back in time by thor was over within 2 sec
Moga Aylar önce
Repeatedly throwing the axe at the chime was one of my favorite things I've done in a video game. Definitely got a respect point and a laugh out of me.
Nomadestra Aylar önce
That part Kratos cuts the troll's head off was such a good nod and fist bump to the player. GOW 2018 was great, but it had too many of those bastards.
Elliot Baker
Elliot Baker Aylar önce
They also made a character so detestable that killing him was one of the most satisfying things I’ve done. I’m sure everyone knows who I’m talking about
ツV01D Aylar önce
Chloe Bliss
Chloe Bliss Aylar önce
man, who does your editing? Because 5:35 to 5:45 is so well done just that little section there makes me tear up
Quartz D'Innocence
Quartz D'Innocence Aylar önce
He does his own editing
L3th4LQu4rK Aylar önce
@ME B Letting Go from the OST
Fuchsia Aylar önce
@ME B the games main theme
ME B Aylar önce
anyone know which ost was used there?
Oreos&Milk Aylar önce
The editing in this video is top tier - great job Dunkey Last minute or two in particular
Alex Aylar önce
The best review on TRvid
Joey C
Joey C Aylar önce
Modern movies could learn a lot from these 2 games, comedy, tragedy, drama, action, and wonder can all coexist beautifully in a video based piece of art
Joey C
Joey C Aylar önce
@JackisJack but movies also have less plot and characters so they can still divvy these attributes out
Martras 223
Martras 223 Aylar önce
@JackisJack in that case a tv show could learn. there are so many shows that end up losing what makes them good halfway through unlike this game which stays consistent with a clear goal in mind (in terms of the writers)
JackisJack Aylar önce
Movies are much, much shorter than both of these games, leaving less time for such leeway.
Ben Aylar önce
I love that the squirrel is voiced by ProZD
Synicritic Aylar önce
“It may not be high art, but it’s definitely high entertainment” Nah. It’s both
Gluttony Fang
Gluttony Fang 2 aylar önce
This game really makes you feel like a REAL chime ringer. 10/10 Chime Of The Year
Za Höly Krusedar
Za Höly Krusedar Aylar önce
@Ducc Nah nah, the first chime type blockbuster movie, with the video game element
zhedar Aylar önce
@raumfährebordschütze a real chinger for Xboxfanboys 😂
Domehead Aylar önce
2/10 needs more Chimes
Dapper Ultron
Dapper Ultron Aylar önce
I made that comment earlier, a real dead ringer.
Robert Valdes
Robert Valdes Aylar önce
Jesus Christ I'm so sick of this comment on every dunky vid
Jacob A
Jacob A Aylar önce
DAMN dunkey fucking LOVED this game.
jguitar151 Aylar önce
The amount of additional dialogue for specific scenarios or gameplay is amazing.
tom gu
tom gu Aylar önce
It's annyoning.
william fine
william fine Aylar önce
i love with with the chimes when mimir says "that's very uncharacteristic of you, brotha"
Afroz Parvin
Afroz Parvin Aylar önce
Wow. What a game.
Vitaliy Tarakanov
Vitaliy Tarakanov Aylar önce
The Godfather reference was unexpected!
Ormur Hersveit
Ormur Hersveit Aylar önce
My one complaint was I felt the writers were too afraid to let the story reach its full potential by letting bad things happen. The good guys came out completely unscathed (except for that one extremely, EXTREMELY foreshadowed death), even by hard choices. Kratos even gets saved from killing That One Guy you know he has to kill even if you don't want him to. Really could have hit you hard if they wanted to, but they pulled so many punches. All the constant talk about the cost of war and Kratos not wanting war to sully Atreus' soul could have been driven home by something as minor as killing Skjoldr during Ragnarok. Sadly no character was too minor to save.
RPGeek Aylar önce
The ending was underwhelming and anti climatic. Such build up, and these are the last 2 fights we have? Ragnarok, psh
SaltyAndGreasy Aylar önce
They tried to do this with Brok, but I felt like his death wasn't impactful enough for me to forgive Ragnarok's rushed pacing. Like with every bad movie, the main problem is that there's too many characters I'm supposed to care about (which is impossible for me), and Brok is one of them. In 90% of 2018 and 80% of Ragnarok, Brok and Sindri were simple gag characters, and after they explored Brok's tragic backstory, we didn't see enough conflict between Brok and Sindri to really make me feel like something significant was lost.
CigarBoy Aylar önce
4:13 Must be one of the most amazing parts of the entire game, I can't believe that it exists.
CigarBoy Aylar önce
@Abel Turner It really goes to show that games don't have to always non stop take themselves seriously to be serious
Abel Turner
Abel Turner Aylar önce
And that it works! I'm amazed at how much I laughed in this game and yet it kept its tone so well.
CigarBoy Aylar önce
@Doubtful Doug I gotta play this game.
Doubtful Doug
Doubtful Doug Aylar önce
If you walk up to the pot afterwards he'd say, "Looks like someone did want a snack" and then Kratos *grunts*.
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 Aylar önce
Great vid and nice point I had a blast with this
joseph mama
joseph mama 2 aylar önce
Every one of your reviews manages to introduce and elaborate on each of your ideas so cohesively in such a small amount of time while still having comedy throughout. You've been the best in your field for years never stop.
npu 2 aylar önce
this reads like a bot commenting
Logan Livingston
Logan Livingston 2 aylar önce
@Dr Pickle yeah
Stephen Jeffreys
Stephen Jeffreys 2 aylar önce
@𝔖𝔞𝔶𝔬𝔯𝔦 𝔎𝔢𝔶𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔦𝔫𝔰 I think dunkey is very well-spoken, I was referring to the way this comment is written
𝔖𝔞𝔶𝔬𝔯𝔦 𝔎𝔢𝔶𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔦𝔫𝔰
@Stephen Jeffreys he does tend to sound a bit immature due to how casual he is at letting his guard down. but whenever i pick apart his reviews, they manage to make sense and paint exactly the type of perspectives dunkey comes from.
Stephen Jeffreys
Stephen Jeffreys 2 aylar önce
I agree, but this reads like a high schooler writing his first essay lol
Isaac Beeby
Isaac Beeby Aylar önce
2:05 Opening shot? Dunkey, literally the entire game is one shot.
Phillip Norton
Phillip Norton Aylar önce
Go back to the norns with atreus to look for the horse for an extra funny scene 😂
lofikohai Aylar önce
This is the first chime-type game
Captain CJ 97
Captain CJ 97 Aylar önce
This man was saying nothing but fire
Cäcilia Drachen
Cäcilia Drachen 2 aylar önce
I absolutely love the fact that you can have Atreus shoot at the little spiders and other creatures on the wall and actually KILL THEM. I've played so many video games where there are things on a wall and you can't interact with them at all. They added so many little things like that to the game and it's incredible!
yao 2 aylar önce
@childofbhaal I was being sarcastic
Neeooonnn 2 aylar önce
There’s even lil creature guys that wave at you that the game prevents you from throwing your axe at to kill. I mean I Wouldn’t wanna cuz they’re just lil guys but it’s a nice detail
Bat Dog
Bat Dog 2 aylar önce
I legit thought they were somehow significant to the story because there were so many and I could kill them lol
childofbhaal 2 aylar önce
Are you easily impressed or something? That’s been in games super old. It’s 2022 man
demigodxhero 2 aylar önce
@Splatmaster2007 everyone acting like these games arent all mimicking Diablo II where we spent hours crushing the spiders for no reason whatsoever
uiop clown
uiop clown Aylar önce
now i wanna play it
Andrew De Tuncq
Andrew De Tuncq Aylar önce
I had so much fun with a lot of the side quests in this game, and it seems as though side quests are never fun. Plus they felt really rewarding and had pretty substantial payoff.
Mark Gruner
Mark Gruner Aylar önce
When I heard they were finishing up the story of this God of War series with 2 games I was skeptical. The first was so good but I didn't see how they'd tie up all the story threads and still make a satisfactory ending but here we are. They did it with ease.
Matt J
Matt J 18 gün önce
I love when you finish an area in this game, and then a wall falls over and you see a new section of the area that's twice as big, with all new gameplay mechanics and art assets, and then the game tells you, "That's all optional content. Now have fun." Twice.
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