GINNY AND MARCUS - THEIR FULL STORY +1 season Ginny & Georgia

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13 Ağu 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Eshana chauhan
Eshana chauhan 9 saatler önce
Can anyone tell me what the girl was doing with the lighter ....
Isabella Villone
Isabella Villone 3 gün önce
Can't wait for season two😁😀
Vasavi Bondugula04
Vasavi Bondugula04 4 gün önce
what is the name of series. If anyone saw this please tell me
Lilianna Castaneda
Lilianna Castaneda 2 gün önce
Ginny and Georgia
Kelly carolina Castaño mina
Como se llama porfa
Ami Hernandez
Ami Hernandez 5 gün önce
Bruh the attachment I have to this couple ughhhhh
Elena McLean
Elena McLean 6 gün önce
I'm so excited for season 2 to come out
Triggered ARMY
Triggered ARMY 3 gün önce
Drama name ?
Soraya Anchondo
Soraya Anchondo 10 gün önce
He’s the one who had a significant other first, I don’t feel sorry for him. He just got mad when she started dating Hunter
Nima Tm
Nima Tm 10 gün önce
Which movie this
on vient du 94 capital de la frappe
Ginny is so boring and boring, really hateful she doesn't deserve Marcus
Yashi Trivedi
Yashi Trivedi 13 gün önce
7.09 shows marcus love for ginny
Vampires Diary
Vampires Diary 16 gün önce
I don't know what story is this.. coz I would hate the story if the role of Marcus and hunter were exchanged. that's true you all.. if hunter was acting as Marcus. we felt so sorry for hunter for cheating him.😢
Eniola Ogidan
Eniola Ogidan 17 gün önce
What is the name of the show
Lilianna Castaneda
Lilianna Castaneda 2 gün önce
Ginny and Georgia
Lizzie Cascamisi
Lizzie Cascamisi 18 gün önce
ginny was so mean to him for no reason, at first he was seemingly playing her but she said some very messed up stuff and choose mr “happy friday ginny” tap dancing boy over him smh
Binita Khawas
Binita Khawas 20 gün önce
Which series is this?
Aleksandra Ludwiczak
Aleksandra Ludwiczak 13 gün önce
@Binita Khawas Actually i made a mistake. That suppose to be "Ginny and Georgia", but you' re welcome. (I' m sorry but English isn't my first language) :)
Binita Khawas
Binita Khawas 13 gün önce
@Aleksandra Ludwiczak thanks 😊
Aleksandra Ludwiczak
Aleksandra Ludwiczak 13 gün önce
Ginnie and Georgia
Sidhart Sharma
Sidhart Sharma 20 gün önce
Who was there for Ginny when everybody left her??? Marcus! But she was overreacting over him saving her ass off by calling it a mistake purposefully,
Guess Who
Guess Who 21 gün önce
Am I the only one who doesn't like this couple, he literally climbed through her windows without permission and she complains when her life honestly isn't that bad. If he wasn't attractive everyone would think he's wayyyy creepier 😂
Is it just me or does Ginny look like a mini Zendaya?
Amah First
Amah First 22 gün önce
Let's not forget that at the beginning it was Marcus who treated badly ginny io wanted their relationship to remain secret i find that in this serie everyone has their fault and in addition Marcus'sister i understand her ginny was like her sister personally i would not like to see my sister sex with my brother behind my back ginny is was little selfish but at least she admits her wrongs and apologizes she apologized after shouting at Marcus in addition the relationship of the MANG is toxic i think
Ronni jepsen
Ronni jepsen 24 gün önce
Love Ginny and Marcus together
Sindi Mohoto
Sindi Mohoto 27 gün önce
"Am I dying?" 😂 😂 😂 😂 lmao
Rachele Raite
Rachele Raite 29 gün önce
How is the film called ????????????????????
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 29 gün önce
Ginny and Georgia its on netflix...
PIETER Aylar önce
none yo business -
Sarah Reinhold Nielsen
I hate the end like they can’t just leave so there come with season 2!!!
Tanya Gupta
Tanya Gupta Aylar önce
I literally felt so bad for marcus when ginny shouted at him I get that she was hurting alot yes but I love their relationship and when marcus had the accident I was like🤯I was really shocked
amyyy G
amyyy G 21 gün önce
@Laney Harb I think self harm
Laney Harb
Laney Harb 24 gün önce
what was she doing with the lighter this is a legit question
Keerthana Keerthu
Keerthana Keerthu Aylar önce
Jealousy of Marcus is really cute 😍 Can't wait for season 2
geethanjali Aylar önce
@Samuel Sarah ginny&georgia you can watch this in Netflix really interesting series
Samuel Sarah
Samuel Sarah Aylar önce
Can you help with the series title pls
Zafina Zaman
Zafina Zaman Aylar önce
Just wanna say that I have the same birthday as the actor for Marcus.....April 20th life....also the same birthday as Adolf Hitler. Finally I know someone to share this pain...thanks Felix Mallard.
Mahi Aylar önce
Season 2 please come😭🔥
Salma Bepari
Salma Bepari Aylar önce
Name of this drama
mohhkv yo uvycycvyub
Ginny & Georgia You can watch it on Netflix
Clodina Kachmar
Clodina Kachmar Aylar önce
What is his real name??
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 29 gün önce
Felix Mallard ♡♡♡
Natoya Jupiter
Natoya Jupiter Aylar önce
Nice love ture sit down and watch
Abishek Ser
Abishek Ser Aylar önce
7:06 wat is she doing?
Breanna❤️ 6 gün önce
Mahi Aylar önce
Ginny is hurting herself by burning her skin
Bontle Ramalepa
Bontle Ramalepa Aylar önce
They are literally perfect for each other and the only reason they aren't together is because no one wants them to be and they cant sit down and have an honest conversation and commit. Those two get and care about each other in ways no one else on the show ever will and I pray they get their happily ever after
Sila Hasney
Sila Hasney 26 gün önce
@Ketikatt thank you 🥰
Ketikatt 27 gün önce
@Sila Hasney Ginny & Georgia
iya Aylar önce
Sila Hasney
Sila Hasney Aylar önce
Name derama??
Sophie Smith
Sophie Smith Aylar önce
im. ♡_
im. ♡_ Aylar önce
My name is klaudia 🥺❤📍
im. ♡_
im. ♡_ Aylar önce
Hi i'm klaudia i live in italy who are you? a girl? I love genny end markus❤
Neda Babic
Neda Babic Aylar önce
If there just wasn't Padma I thought they could actually be OK together. But thier was Padma.
Charlotte Jade
Charlotte Jade Aylar önce
What did u use to edit
raghad m
raghad m Aylar önce
The name of the film/ series please 🥺
Massy S
Massy S Aylar önce
Ginny and Georgia its on Netflix
Amelie Dahal
Amelie Dahal Aylar önce
Ginny & Georgia
E da
E da Aylar önce
Never i have ever
Sofia Aylar önce
Ginny & Georgia
alex perera
alex perera Aylar önce
He reminds me of Douglas booth😍
bltyhe 2 aylar önce
name movie??
Mutesi Zaituni
Mutesi Zaituni Aylar önce
Ginny and Georgie on Netflix
Janidu Chamoda
Janidu Chamoda 2 aylar önce
Tittle please ?❤️🙏
Martin Gabokgonwe
Martin Gabokgonwe Aylar önce
@Janidu Chamoda u welcome
Janidu Chamoda
Janidu Chamoda Aylar önce
@Martin Gabokgonwe thank you ❤️❤️
Martin Gabokgonwe
Martin Gabokgonwe Aylar önce
Ginny and Georgia
Roshini 2 aylar önce
Sean Dudz
Sean Dudz 2 aylar önce
Ginny and georgia
Ushna Mashal Danish
Ushna Mashal Danish 2 aylar önce
What episode is her birthday in ?
Olivia Nealy
Olivia Nealy 2 aylar önce
Grace Henry
Grace Henry 2 aylar önce
He was there for her when hunter wasnt.
Michael Eke
Michael Eke 2 aylar önce
What's the background song???
Olivia Nealy
Olivia Nealy Aylar önce
@Michael Eke okayy
Michael Eke
Michael Eke Aylar önce
@Olivia Nealy I'm currently going through some the song covers... The one by Mike Masse might be the one.
Olivia Nealy
Olivia Nealy Aylar önce
@Michael Eke np ☺️
Michael Eke
Michael Eke Aylar önce
@Olivia Nealy Olivia-thank you...
Olivia Nealy
Olivia Nealy 2 aylar önce
It’s called the scientist and it’s by Coldplay but I’m not sure who sings this version 🤍
32 Rajnandini Singh
32 Rajnandini Singh 2 aylar önce
Any one has any idea when s2 is dropping I can't wait🥺💗
Meet_Mia Aylar önce
@Hadia Ali thx
Hadia Ali
Hadia Ali 2 aylar önce
February 2022
Daniele Maria
Daniele Maria 2 aylar önce
Esse casal 😍😍😍
Daniele Maria
Daniele Maria 2 aylar önce
I really want season 2
Cheila Semedo
Cheila Semedo Aylar önce
@Jana Mhajne Ginny and Georgia it’s a series
Jana Mhajne
Jana Mhajne Aylar önce
Moive name ppllls?
mikasa 2 aylar önce
They are toxic from the start. I can't.
Nicholas Madio
Nicholas Madio Aylar önce
@mohhkv yo uvycycvyub I won’t say Ginny’s toxic, she’s just confused about her feelings for him until she realized she does love him. It’s Georgia who is toxic, because of her lies and crimes. Let’s not forget Max’s kinda toxic too, because she forced Ginny to choose. That’s not what a real friend would do. A true friend should encourage their friend to do what makes themselves happy and be supportive of who they love.
mohhkv yo uvycycvyub
But marcus aint the toxic one its ginny she doesn't know what she wants
Nicholas Madio
Nicholas Madio Aylar önce
@🌙𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚗𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚣🌙 for themselves inside? If that’s the answer, then I say yes.
@Nicholas Madio True, I think that them denying there feelings for each other it is just making it worse.
Nicholas Madio
Nicholas Madio Aylar önce
@🌙𝙼𝚘𝚘𝚗𝙿𝚕𝚊𝚢𝚣🌙 let’s not forget that I think the reason that Ginny isn’t together with Marcus, because she was unsure about her feelings about Marcus and that I think maybe she forced herself to be in a relationship with Hunter, because I think she’s trying to cover her feelings about Marcus for Max, but I think it was only hurting her more. Marcus is the one who understands Ginny completely. I guess they both don’t want to hurt one and the other. But I think they were hurting themselves, because they love each other and they want to be with each other. It’s like The Kissing Booth if I’m gonna be honest.
amp.world._ 2 aylar önce
How old was George and how old was ginny
Gabriella Skidmore
Gabriella Skidmore 26 gün önce
Georgia was either 30 or 31, and Ginny was 15 and turned sixteen half way through the series!
clara taverna
clara taverna 2 aylar önce
marcus had to watch ginny have a whole boyfriend and act like him and her were nothing
AllEliteMemes AEM
AllEliteMemes AEM 17 gün önce
@mohhkv yo uvycycvyub did you even watch the show? 😂 This take is laughably bias
Lillie 20 gün önce
@mohhkv yo uvycycvyub they both use each other
mohhkv yo uvycycvyub
She doesn't deserve him she just uses him then gets mad
Adiba Lekha
Adiba Lekha Aylar önce
That sounds so horrible
moushi 2 aylar önce
Jeon Chahra zed
Jeon Chahra zed 2 aylar önce
Ginny and Georgia
Aranka Video's
Aranka Video's 2 aylar önce
omg I freaking love this edit
Sonia Danita
Sonia Danita 2 aylar önce
My favorite couple. I am soooo ready for season 2. Everybody on this show can act. Marcus twin sister, i love her, their mother, Ginny's mother, hell everyone.
Triggered ARMY
Triggered ARMY 3 gün önce
Drama name ?
Lababies 2 aylar önce
Can someone tell me what show this is
simplymaria 10 gün önce
Its ginny and georgia tho let me warn you its cringey and cheesy and predictable but at the same time predictable
Nolwazi Dlamini
Nolwazi Dlamini 2 aylar önce
Ginny and Georgia
Aleksandra Grodzka
Aleksandra Grodzka 2 aylar önce
Can't wait for season 2
Mia Griesbach
Mia Griesbach Aylar önce
Kim hana
Kim hana 2 aylar önce
الفلم كله عقد 💔🙂 يا ربييي
AYA vic
AYA vic Aylar önce
@Sarah Bnhn ginny and georgia .
AYA vic
AYA vic Aylar önce
لاا على عكس حلوووو 🙂♥♥♥.
Sarah Bnhn
Sarah Bnhn Aylar önce
شو اسمو؟
What if she didn’t take Plan B and got pregnant or it didn’t work :O
Sophia i
Sophia i 16 gün önce
she got her period
@Phạm Trang what if she’s pregnant and just doesn’t know yet :O
Phạm Trang
Phạm Trang 2 aylar önce
Wow i have never thought about it this way =))
Hailey Bergey
Hailey Bergey 2 aylar önce
Move Name
Joy Gideon
Joy Gideon 2 aylar önce
Ginny and Georgia,a Netflix series
Dajah Morris
Dajah Morris 3 aylar önce
5:42 when she said none your business 😂😂
Breezzyy 2 aylar önce
a genuine brother sister vibe😂✊🏼
Olivia Nealy
Olivia Nealy 2 aylar önce
And his face when she said it- lmao
Evelyn Gates
Evelyn Gates 2 aylar önce
Nereylin Diaz
Nereylin Diaz 3 aylar önce
Is it me or does it look like After
Asmi Mehta
Asmi Mehta 2 aylar önce
Priya Maraj
Priya Maraj 2 aylar önce
Yeah and kinda like never have i ever,when he said she was a friend,and came through the window😅
Love Kb
Love Kb 3 aylar önce
Can’t wait for season 2
Luwam Alem
Luwam Alem Aylar önce
I knoww, when is is it coming out though?? 😩
Tea Minja
Tea Minja Aylar önce
ginny and gergoria
MF!! Aylar önce
@ناي _Nay 🎻 ginnyandgorgia
ناي _Nay 🎻
ناي _Nay 🎻 Aylar önce
What name of film please?!!
MoonDancerG Aylar önce
@Kanes Simp yes 2021 3 november 💚
Damia Filza
Damia Filza 3 aylar önce
who covered this song?
Dee Hofer
Dee Hofer 2 aylar önce
I’m wondering the same thing
Andrea Mana
Andrea Mana 3 aylar önce
Movie name?
bobthebuilder 3 aylar önce
It’s a series
Victoria 3 aylar önce
Ginny and Georgia
Amina Belbouab
Amina Belbouab 3 aylar önce
He is creepy 😶😶😶
Sonia Danita
Sonia Danita 2 aylar önce
@Amina Belbouab true I see your point
Sonia Danita
Sonia Danita 2 aylar önce
@Bhuvaneshwari J lol i guess it can be but at the same time its exciting, sexy and powerful
Bhuvaneshwari J
Bhuvaneshwari J 2 aylar önce
@Sonia Danita he enters her room without her permission is it not creepy
Amina Belbouab
Amina Belbouab 2 aylar önce
@Sabrina Lee I am not going to disagree 😏😏😏
Amina Belbouab
Amina Belbouab 2 aylar önce
@Sonia Danita he got in her room by the window it's only sexy because it's a TV show if he did these behaviors in real life it would be creepy
Melody Brandová
Melody Brandová 3 aylar önce
I have a door.😅❤️❤️
Violeta 3 aylar önce
Pris-om 3 aylar önce
Doreen Doreen
Doreen Doreen 3 aylar önce
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