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Sandy and Cory discuss the evolution of Model 3 and Model Y bodies in white over the last five years. Sandy points out the massive advancements that have been made and encourages other OEMs to pursue similar efficiency and lean design.
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Farzad Mesbahi
Farzad Mesbahi 10 aylar önce
Sandy’s swag meter is at 9000 in this video, and I love to see it.
Mark Plott
Mark Plott 10 aylar önce
" his Reading is .....over 9000 " - FREEZA.
BILL HANNA 10 aylar önce
That's why I'm here
LuckySlydog 10 aylar önce
Bruh, this will become classroom material. Holy smokes, what a legend.
Sir-Worthington 10 aylar önce
Max level engineer. 9999/9999
Nilesh 10 aylar önce
Insanity of the video is that a 73 year old is telling the youngsters to embrace innovation/change. Truly amazing attitude from Sandy!
Kevin 10 aylar önce
You dont stop learning because you grow old. You grow old because you stop learning.
Roger Jean Zamofing
Roger Jean Zamofing 10 aylar önce
I am 72 and enthusiastic about how Sandy looks at design. As long as people like him where considered as disturbing, there was just business as usual and no innovation. So fortunately Elon came not from legacy auto! At Hyundai Group fortunately young engineers together with older experts, they did not really like in Europe, got ‚carte blanche, to realize outstanding electric cars with personality too! Fortunately there is change now and keeps personal mobility attractive because there is no alternative besides driving less and save ressources. 😎
Joel Runyan
Joel Runyan 10 aylar önce
Its the 73 year old executives who make us youngsters keep doing things the old way. The way they know
Steve E. Tice
Steve E. Tice 9 aylar önce
Spot-on man!
Taylor Knox
Taylor Knox 5 aylar önce
73 years young.
ShaRk. 10 aylar önce
These castings make Sandy look like a child who FINALLY got his present that he always wanted haha, delightful sight!
finnurth 10 aylar önce
I love hearing a 73 year old man shouting to the industry to think outside the box, promote change and innovation. Proves yet again that change is a mindset and does not diminish with age but with attitude. Getting younger people to run things does not automatically induce change for the better.
Piyh 10 aylar önce
Old man yells at threaded fasteners
Wobsters 10 aylar önce
@Piyh that got me 😂
Douglas Mark
Douglas Mark 10 aylar önce
LOL. I'm only 62. Seeing the passion Sandg has for his work and his life makes feel young and wanting to keep trrying to push for innovation too.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 10 aylar önce
@Piyh With good reason.
Vicious circle
Vicious circle 10 aylar önce
"Getting younger people to run things does not automatically induce change for the better." It kinda does though, because the majority of older people in the business have developed the wrong attitude. That's not to say older people cannot indeed have the right attitude, Munro is a living example of that for sure.
Bill 10 aylar önce
Cory, you truly have a knack for video production. Really has been fun watching you grow this channel. Thanks for your efforts!
Munro Live
Munro Live 10 aylar önce
Thanks Bill!
Frank Woodman Jr
Frank Woodman Jr 10 aylar önce
More change by Tesla in 5 years than the legacy auto companies have in the last 50
Space Gamer
Space Gamer 10 aylar önce
Because Tesla is run by engineers and not bean counters. To drive that point home, Elon fired 10% of the non factory floor admin employees (about 3% work force)
ced kar
ced kar 9 aylar önce
it's not like this concept was invented by Tesla... Audi did this so called Audi Space Frame Concept in the early 90's and some of this is still state of the art. It's a great concept, no question about it. But obvs. a much better marketing strategy.
Andre Clarke
Andre Clarke 10 aylar önce
pretty insane that Tesla can make these changes in such a short amount of time on a production vehicle.
Space Gamer
Space Gamer 10 aylar önce
One of the reason Tesla will not certify rebuilt old wrecks with particular VINs - the technology (and parts) used to manufacture them is obsolete and not available
vipahman 10 aylar önce
Pretty insane that Tesla can make these changes in such a short time on a production vehicle and charge $15K more while reducing its manufacturing cost and time. Pretty insane indeed.
Patreeko Time
Patreeko Time 10 aylar önce
@vipahman Pretty insane that there was just a global pandemic leading to serious supply chain issues and nobody seems to realize how that directly relates to cost and pricing of EVERYTHING.
leerjet18 10 aylar önce
@vipahman It,s great for shareholders
Qinby 1
Qinby 1 10 aylar önce
NOT in any way claiming what TESLA is doing is easy, they are really clever AND at the right time AND with the Finances. BUT To change a legacy company might be IMPOSSIBLE, there is to much baggage Probably the ONLY (Best?) way is how I understand Ford is doing it. Start A NEW subsidiary, build that up while dismantling the old one... You UNFORTUNATELY have to change a lot of skills, corporate culture and thereby people..
Dave M
Dave M 4 aylar önce
You guys are amazing, most people would think this subject would be mega boring but it's anything but. It's actually fuel for our minds.
GoBFranklin 3 aylar önce
Sandy hits the nail on the head! Really appreciate his approach. In the 3/1/23 Tesla investor day presentation they remarked that Toyota called the Model Y a work or art. That is a huge compliment. Toyota is re-engineering their BEV platform as we speak. I think both Toyota and VW are doing so now due to too many hours to construct and parts per car and that adds up when Tesla is doing what it is doing. Thanks again Sandy and team!
Paul Desruisseau
Paul Desruisseau 10 aylar önce
Holy cow… kudos to the Munro team for capturing that intro from Sandy. The passion, enthusiasm and pure excitement to educate came through loud and clear. Can’t fake passion like that and you captured gold right there. This video should be shown at the beginning of every engineering course across the country. Just awesome guys! And Sandy- thank you for trusting your team when they asked to produce this channel. Your content here is having a profound impact on so many… kudos to the #munrofactor !!!!
BuyBrakes.com 10 aylar önce
c2thew 10 aylar önce
Your channel has improved so much. Everything looks clean and presentable like an actual PowerPoint project but in real life.
Yasir A
Yasir A 10 aylar önce
I can't even imagine how Sandy feels after years of wanting to make large castings happen in cars and finally seeing it come to fruition. Thank you Munro team for sharing this information with the world! I wish my dad were still alive to see these videos, he would have enjoyed them very much too. He did some diecasting and machine tool factory stuff back in the day.
Don Jones
Don Jones 10 aylar önce
Yes. I know some say Sandy is too enthusiastic about Tesla, he's not objective enough, but long-time viewers know it's because Sandy was frustrated for years when working inside Ford and then when consulting with large car OEMs - he knew the right ideas and they were so infrequently implemented. It sure is notable that he's had that 3-piece car casting mockup around for 15 years - recommended to many, and brought to fruition by only one company, one that hadn't seen it.
rkan2 10 aylar önce
@Don Jones I'm pretty sure they would've seen it. You wouldn't see it everyday and thus you'd probably try to get every experience from things done before.
calholli 10 aylar önce
Especially after simply mentioning it in a video-- and then all the sudden they changed half of their factory around to follow his idea. lol.. Pretty crazy.
Legendary Infortainment
I suspect I know approximately 98 percent of what Sandy feels. Satisfied.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 10 aylar önce
@Legendary Infortainment I'd say 90%+ annoyed and disappointed by the opportunity lost by those who saw it.
shuriken48 10 aylar önce
Having sponsors where Munro vets the design quality is genius, as it makes the viewer assured of the quality and for me that makes the advertisement much more valuable for the viewer and the sponsor. I usually just skip in-video ads, but in this case I did not and would also take the time to view them in the future for this channel.
Space Gamer
Space Gamer 10 aylar önce
Another channel that does (imo) quality in-video ads is Heavy D Sparks. Best part is he does pros and cons not just praise praise praise. Makes the referral more valuable because it tailors who will benefit most from sponsors product (line)
Andrew Hayden
Andrew Hayden 10 aylar önce
Yep. I can see the conversation now: Advertiser - "Can we sponsor one of your videos with XXX product?" Monroe - "Send a sample that we can destroy, and we'll get back to you..."
Nerdwatcher42 10 aylar önce
Marc Naseth
Marc Naseth 10 aylar önce
I echo this. I was about ready to start my double taps but right when I saw it spread out and disassembled, I went hold on and actually watched it through. I don't want "marketing" advertised to me I want the engineering of it explained to me. After all it is the reason I come to this channel. Not just Tesla stuff, I want to know what engineering is getting accomplished by every manufacturer.
Patrick Extensis
Patrick Extensis 10 aylar önce
Agreed! I JUST bought a power bank and I found myself googling that anker power station based on Sandy's reccomendation.
R J 10 aylar önce
Well boys...this is the video that puts both of you guys out front as engineers who can discuss realities in design where Mr. Average and Mrs. Average car owners can understand the evolution of vehicles. Buckminster Fuller would be smiling, knowing you are getting there. Well done...keep up the good work!
Doug Jurrius
Doug Jurrius 10 aylar önce
Wow! most articulate, beautifully laid out presentation on where "state of the art" is in automotive manufacturing. Really curious to see the 15 year old cast body structure on display. What is the backstory on that?? this video should be required viewing for all engineering students!
Pierre Roberge
Pierre Roberge 10 aylar önce
One of the best Munro Live video showcasing the competitive advantage Tesla has over Ford, GM, ....in building cars, not just battery technology and EV powertrain but advantage in how to build the whole car. Mind blowing.
Jack Mott
Jack Mott 10 aylar önce
ford has a big casting machine too
Richard Raymond
Richard Raymond 10 aylar önce
@Jack Mott Now they do. If Musk hadn't pushed the Italian manufacturers of the casting machines to go big nobody would have one.
Andrew Saint
Andrew Saint 10 aylar önce
@Jack Mott I did not know that. I know that some of the Chinese automakers are onto it. Which factory is the Ford one in? What pressure does it run at? Which model is it used for?
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 10 aylar önce
@Andrew Saint I suspect you'll be waiting some time for the answer to your "Ford casting" question ....
Legendary Infortainment
@Richard Raymond Actually, I'd expect the announcement any day now of the first Tesla Gigacasting machine, designed and manufactured by none other than Tesla, If IDRA had said "no, we can't do that" when asked. But being Elon, if they had any ambition they couldn't say no. Mr. Pushy himself.
Daniel Śliwa
Daniel Śliwa 10 aylar önce
The advantage of having one well designed part instead of many smaller is clear. However that is a great challange for foundries to achive homogeneous quality in such a big casting (means not to loose the money due to high level of scrap). HPDC is really complex process. Trust me, I'm an engineer 😉😁
Eric Reed
Eric Reed 10 aylar önce
"I'm not popular" - Sandy Munro. His intellectual honesty is exemplary and that's why we love this guy.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 10 aylar önce
I almost always enjoy the Munro Live videos but once in while you hit something Sandy has a passionate opinion on and it is 🔥 :) Great job everyone!
Luca 10 aylar önce
In some videos like this he is on fire and he is able to transfer his passions super hard to the viewer
NYtmr 🗽
NYtmr 🗽 10 aylar önce
Simon Fischer
Simon Fischer 10 aylar önce
Just about what i wanted to say. Couldn't have done it that well, though :-)
Koeniglicher 10 aylar önce
His passionate "opinion" sounds like marketing brainwash from IDRA to me. And continues with the endorsement of shaving blades or the Anker product here in this video. For the casting: it is only successful, if other properties are in line with expectations as well: scrap rates of the cast pieces, acceptable quality with regard to blowholes/shrinkholes, low effort in post-treatment after a casting had been cast by the casting machine, handling efforts. It is only revolutionary and innovative, if it matches a number of these criteria, which he did not even mention. And in addition: whether the same casting can be put in Model 3 and Model, which likely isn't the case. So the large castings idea may match with some ways to build cars, but not with all of them, expecially when building many product lines in one factory. A true engineering standpoint would take that into account.
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 10 aylar önce
@Koeniglicher see you soon on that model 3 castings doubt ;) 2023.
Dalton 10 aylar önce
You guys make engineering interesting to the normies. Thanks
Daniel Jones
Daniel Jones 2 aylar önce
Delightful, interesting, educational, and a lot of fun to watch !!! Thanks, Munro & Associates !!!
asimo3089 10 aylar önce
I rolled my eyes when the sponsor popped in, and then I came out impressed with how you backed the product. I don't even need one of these and I want it. Great work explaining castings too. Great job guys.
Kane Lee
Kane Lee 10 aylar önce
For all they have given to the community, I welcome every revenue generating opportunity the put in front of us.
Bertil Hatt
Bertil Hatt 10 aylar önce
Every other TRvidr: “The Ankler battery is amazing! It allows you to charge…” Monroe: “See, they replaced that part like we told them.”
Tim Berry
Tim Berry 5 aylar önce
That’s selling at its best. I don’t need it but I want it. Lol
Robert Berry
Robert Berry 9 aylar önce
As a retired engineer from the structural steel frame manufacturing industry what Sandy and his colleague say in this video is absolutely right. The really sad thing is that an awful lot of traditional manufacturing industries seem to have closed minds to new ideas. I think this video shows why Tesla are going to go from strength to strength from a manufacturing point of view. Long established auto manufacturers may simply not be able to make up the lost ground ..........
Ken_the_Bigfoot 10 aylar önce
I had seen Anker products before and even owned one of their USB wall chargers, but I really didn't have a feel for whether they were worth the significant price premium... Seeing that you tore down their battery pack and still felt comfortable recommending it is a real vote of confidence!
heythave 10 aylar önce
I wish it weighed a lot less than 43 lbs.
Dirty Tesla
Dirty Tesla 10 aylar önce
It's great to see the improvements and how excited you are about them. That's why it's important to just tell it like it is. If you praise everything, it doesn't push for improvement.
Munro Live
Munro Live 10 aylar önce
Thanks Chris
Bo McGillacutty
Bo McGillacutty 10 aylar önce
Praising everything also destroys credibility. That they hammered the 1st M3 version is why praise for improvements really matters.
Korrel Zout
Korrel Zout 10 aylar önce
@Bo McGillacutty But even back then....Munro only hammered the body...not the drivetrain, electronics and battery pack. With the 'superbottle' probably being the 'swept of his feet' moment to fall in love with Tesla's innovative culture. If I recall correctly, after those things were analysed, a bunch of Munro employees bought a Tesla 😉.
Bo McGillacutty
Bo McGillacutty 10 aylar önce
@Korrel Zout Great point. Also he might have criticized most OEMs half as much for excess construction complexity and so on.
New age templar
New age templar 10 aylar önce
Yeah tend to agree , although a massive petrol head myself and love N/A engines electric cars should have come on a lot more . Now there are 2 reasons for this 1 Nicola Tesla was ripped off by JP Morgan and it’s all about greed and money, not passion pride and innovation. So electric cars would have been developed sooner. 2 electric vehicles were around before petrol ones , it was only America that pushed the internal combustion engine to the mainstream as they had an abundance of oil to sell , that’s why the big yank v8s produced pathetic bhp per litre . It didn’t matter how inefficient they were as more oil was sold for fuel . Then ford etc exported the petrol engine car basically tow the world . All about money and greed eventually.
John Doe Official
John Doe Official 10 aylar önce
The latest casting looks like the Flinstones, simple and clean. No floor. Love it!
Daniel C PT
Daniel C PT 9 aylar önce
As an engineer this video is a breath of fresh air. Love Sandy's attitude and commentary.
BillyLapTop 10 aylar önce
I love the Herbert Deiss comment. When I heard of his being pushed out of VW, my immediate reaction was seeing a disaster being implemented by the change. I got the impression VW is skeptical about EV's and they are going to pull a Toyota and bank on regulators to extend the electrification deadlines ad infinitum based upon their true inability to adapt in a more aggressive way. Deiss was holding the feet of the company to the fire on that score and they dumped him. Not good.
rkan2 10 aylar önce
VW definitely isn't sceptical about EVs. They are sceptical about their bottom line as every other traditional automaker lol. Their hands are tied though, unlike Tesla's.
areitu 10 aylar önce
I'm skeptical of the change at VW. Herbert Deiss was realistic about the loss of jobs at VW, and the labor union reps on the VW Board really didn't like that. He didn't accumulate enough allies in the company and between that and delays at Cariad, VW's independent software division, holding up R&D of cars in other divisions, sealed his fate.
FlyShacker 10 aylar önce
I agree. Thanks, Sandy, for giving Deiss a plug!!
FriedChicken 10 aylar önce
Oliver Blume from Porsche is a EV fan too, but maybe not to the scale the Dr. Diess has
Shaun 10 aylar önce
This is exactly why I love this company. The management actually listens. They take their ego out of the situation and simply do what is right to create the best product. This is so rare.
Marc B
Marc B 10 aylar önce
An open mind is the best option if you're sending humans to Mars.
ec 10 aylar önce
Awesome video. Sandy was fired up. Tesla operates how artificial intelligence is supposed to operate. Faster iterations and progress than ever seen before. Constantly evolving.
Michael Fink
Michael Fink 10 aylar önce
I love it when Sandy tells it like it is.
Andrew Holdaway
Andrew Holdaway 10 aylar önce
When does he do that
EndlessBreathDidges 10 aylar önce
And... quite frankly.
levib 10 aylar önce
Which is always!
Andrew Holdaway
Andrew Holdaway 10 aylar önce
@levib 🤣
kodez79 10 aylar önce
I dont think he is capable to do otherwise.
D L 9 aylar önce
It is so good to hear the company is always pushing the engineering envelope!!
Cathy K
Cathy K 10 aylar önce
Another great video from Munro! This video should be required viewing for all those involved in vehicle design, manufacture and management!
Seymour Buttz
Seymour Buttz 10 aylar önce
When an engineer gets passionate, listen. That usually means it's one of those rare things that doesn't really have a technical trade off, and the only thing stopping us is bureaucracy.
Tom Hunter
Tom Hunter 3 aylar önce
Sandy is hitting on all cylinders. Makes me delighted to see that the age of the mind is indeed separate and distinct from the aged skin and gray hair. He is a brilliant man, full of the sort of career-spanning knowledge that makes all of his observations so cogent and important. Bravo and well done, sir!
Bert Hogendoorn
Bert Hogendoorn 10 aylar önce
Hi Sandy, always love your channel with all this innovative info!
Munro Live
Munro Live 10 aylar önce
Thanks, Bert!
todd17 10 aylar önce
Cory and Sandy reunited and it feels so good. Love Sandy's assessment of good design and Herbert Deiss.
Charles Willcock
Charles Willcock 10 aylar önce
I love seeing Sandy fired up. His passion is fantastic hard to believe many in the auto industry have the same enthusiasm. Great video.
cj juszczak
cj juszczak 10 aylar önce
Fantastic video, great to see Sandy so passionate and almost in awe at the pace and increase of innovation at Tesla, thanks to both of you, and the rest of Lean Design, for all you do and sharing it with us here :)
R.A. Monigold
R.A. Monigold 10 aylar önce
"It takes several years to move a design for a car into production." ALL I.C.E. car makers "As quick as our suppliers can deliver, we can change a car's production design - accomplished in MONTHS." Tesla "Production improvements CAN be made at the speed of thought." Sandy Munro
Turra Firma Guitar Channel
This was a next level episode. You guys firing on all cylinders - not that you have those anymore😂 Sandy’s exhortations apply to my industry as well.
Kosh Narnarek
Kosh Narnarek 10 aylar önce
The team at Monro is great, but nobody there can explain things quite as clearly and powerfully as Sandy can. Keep speaking the truth, Sandy!
Bernhard Lang
Bernhard Lang 10 aylar önce
This is a good example of disruptive technology and every engineer should watch this video. Total mind blowing! Thank you!
AutoxMx5 10 aylar önce
Every CEO should watch this video. Because I can guarantee you that the Chinese car companies are watching and rushing to catch up to Tesla. Lower costs mean you win in the long run and Chinese companies are very good at investing in the long run.
carholic1336 10 aylar önce
There is nothing disruptive about this lol…. Stop encouraging engineers to make less and less repairable vehicles and devices over and over again! When you go to the most remote places on earth you won’t see a car that was made entirely of single giant parts lol….
carholic1336 10 aylar önce
@AutoxMx5 every CEO should not watch this tbh!
Heath Wirt
Heath Wirt 10 aylar önce
Disruptive hype.
Heath Wirt
Heath Wirt 10 aylar önce
@AutoxMx5 The next step is to make the entire unibody as a single casting, that way after an accident you can scrap the entire vehicle instead of just half of it.
Josh Gray
Josh Gray 10 aylar önce
It turns out Cory is not just an excellent engineer / consultant BUT can also have fun! Sandy's message, backed up by a quote from Dr. Deming, was perfect. Excellent work!
Tom Hoffman
Tom Hoffman 10 aylar önce
This has to be in the running for the best @Munro Live video yet. It is a celebration of what has happened and a glimpse into what is about to happen at Tesla.
transendre 10 aylar önce
Thanks for the short history lesson on Tesla's improvement process. It's a great motivation for engineers.
animalk1 10 aylar önce
I feel like we've been waiting for this moment to arrive for more than 3 years and it shows Sandy is quite relieved/redeemed to see Tesla follow through so successfully.
Joel Hogan
Joel Hogan 10 aylar önce
That was inspiring. Sandy was clearly excited to show Tesla's engineering advances, but at the same time he's trying to tell legacy auto that the time is now to implement change. I hope they listen.
carholic1336 10 aylar önce
Yeah make only two car models and improve them and call it inspiring!? Wtf!!!!! Call me tesla can make everything from double decker bus to commercial vehicles! Vans, trucks, armoured vehicles…….
First Name Surname
First Name Surname 10 aylar önce
Never seen Sandy so triggered!! This is pure passion of love for the work Munro carries out. Keep these videos coming, they're so informative and to the point !!! ♥️
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 10 aylar önce
but... what might come..
Koeniglicher 10 aylar önce
The more passion, the more marketing and evangelism, and the less engineering. That's why I do not like Sandy's claims too much (with strong opinions on good or bad), but I like the statements from the other team members at Munro way better, which are way more balanced and more profound, than Sandy's are.
Curtis B
Curtis B 10 aylar önce
You haven't watched him ranting about fasteners then..
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 10 aylar önce
we’re all haunted by what we’ll all see by the cybertruck...
Josh 10 aylar önce
Thanks for the motivation to move ahead and up. I really needed those words of encouragement Sandy. Appreciate you all a lot.
Stefan Kühn
Stefan Kühn 10 aylar önce
Sandy and Cory are a great start for the weekend! It is so cool to see somebody getting excieted about great engineering!!! And I also think Diess was the best thing, that could have happened to VW.
Stephen Cawley
Stephen Cawley 10 aylar önce
So Cory said it. Elon is improving the inherent design to keep Sandy and the team happy!
Bob Riley
Bob Riley 10 aylar önce
Sandy, One of your best. Corey (leanmachine) has your number and always stops you exploding. Now sit down and get your breath back while we await the next one. Simply superb!
LiPo PWR 10 aylar önce
By far the best Anker sponsorship for this product. Really shows how much Anker is confident in their engineering.
Triathlete5551 10 aylar önce
This is why Telsa is the clear leader in the entire auto industry, not just EV's. Because they listen to good ideas, and then act swiftly on them.
Space Gamer
Space Gamer 10 aylar önce
First principles - best part is no part. Every part eliminated reduces weight thereby increasing range and/or reducing cost and time. Plus still remain safest vehicles on road.
James Wood
James Wood 10 aylar önce
Cory, you look like you have achieved a lean design yourself. Cheers to the great video.
Dewiz 10 aylar önce
I noticed that too!
Mojo16011973 10 aylar önce
I would 😁
Ryan Macklin
Ryan Macklin 10 aylar önce
I was also wondering if i was the only one, well done cory 👏.
EvIain 10 aylar önce
An incredible video team 👍👍 not only covering an amazing evolution that is truly impressive to see laid out, but even a product endorsement that gets the treatment too! I’d watch a video just on that!
Morgan Walser
Morgan Walser 10 aylar önce
Love how you guys showed the drastic improvements they've made in manufacturing over such a short period of time. Also, the bit about Herbert Diess at the end 🙌
Budget Audiophile Life-long
🤗THANKS SANDY,CORY,ERIC FOR A MIND-BLOWING EPISODE 🤯🤯👍 And ALL YOUR STAFF doing all the behind the scenes work 😅 and the patrons for supporting you 😍😍😍
Munro Live
Munro Live 10 aylar önce
Our pleasure!
Arcadius Hakim
Arcadius Hakim 10 aylar önce
Wow Cory and team really like how you lined up 3 generations of Telsa next to each other and let Sandy give a master class on car body design evolution. Well done. one of the best videos ever!
Lu Ha
Lu Ha 10 aylar önce
Sandy's blown away-ness tells you everything about the state of the auto industry
Dean H
Dean H 10 aylar önce
This is perfect I've been watching and learning lots from Sandy's video's but trying to explain it to others is a challenge This video is clear and easy for people to get it Thank you great stuff
Timmy Houben
Timmy Houben 10 aylar önce
Sad but true, Sandy screaming for years if not decades to have 1 giant casting. No OEM cared to do it, since it would cost investing in new things. Now Tesla has proven it can be done and it being cheaper and efficient, they jumping the wagen.
RayNLA 10 aylar önce
My sentiments exactly
ken 1
ken 1 10 aylar önce
@Timmy Houben It’s not just the casting though it’s a whole streamlined minimalist culture theyde have to adopt. Like making a dog into a horse.
Roger Starkey
Roger Starkey 10 aylar önce
There will still be those (here and elsewhere) who either don't "get it" or simply refuse to "because Tesla". They will of course try the usual "insults" not realising it just makes them look sad. . Oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️
Expensive Technology
Expensive Technology 10 aylar önce
I was proud of American ingenuity throughout this video. You are clearly the advisors a genius chooses to listen to. You share in the Tesla story. You share in the the story of every future auto made from these giga castings. Thank you for your service.
Ryan P
Ryan P 10 aylar önce
I loved this one, thank you guys! Its fascinating to see how Tesla achieves their manufacturing superiority and how quickly they have done it!
Robinson Crusoe on Mars
So nice to hear Cost of Quality mentioned. Having been in the quality arena for 30 years, no one is so close to quality as Sandy. Also, process improvement is a large part of quality and no one exemplifies that better than Elon Musk and Tesla. Instead of Kaizen or TPS and step improvements, First Principles goes for the breakthrough process and is THE quality improvement methodology of the future. Sandy and Elon say so many quality related ideas such as reduced process steps, reduced parts, no spaghetti diagrams, Poka Yoke or mistake proof process, its just great! And Tesla has no problem with others seeing these videos because Elon has a mission to expand the knowledge, not hold tight to it. Thanks for the great presentation guys.
Douglas Mark
Douglas Mark 10 aylar önce
Standing ovations to Sandy and Munro and to Elon and everybody at Tesla!
David Kendall
David Kendall 10 aylar önce
Absolutely love Sandy Munro's take on the giga castings. He is so right and his passionate discussion on the Tesla innovations make me very positive about Tesla/TSLA and its future!
Pete Lenz
Pete Lenz 10 aylar önce
Sandy is doing his best to save the US car industry by being crystal clear about what’s needed! I believe, however, he sees the Chinese automakers as being far ahead and annihilating the US car industry as it is now.
Danny Welch
Danny Welch 10 aylar önce
Munro Live is going to be great for the future of manufacturing. There's a child or young adult watching this, who will develop a love for engineering and manufacturing, based on your content. We need more people thinking about manufacturing and less about law and finance. Thanks for everything you do.
Thos Oz
Thos Oz 10 aylar önce
Sandys second tear down of a Tesla convinced me to buy the shares in 2019. THANK YOU Sandy for changing my life !
gfbrnby 10 aylar önce
What an amazing example of evolution over only five years! I love it. Great video, Sandy and Cory.
Sa5cha 10 aylar önce
You both are so honest and true, I truly admire your style of communication and your understanding of the complexity and the need of how to manage it. With Elon Musk (and his team) , they are true Visionäre 🇩🇪 using the only free power source , the sun ☀️, combined with aspirations that try to reach for the stars. What daring thing to do. And I as a small programmer with a sense of understanding the overall understanding , can only imagine how challenging this process might be. ☮️🙏 wonderful.
David Rucker
David Rucker 10 aylar önce
Hands down your best video! Not because your glowing review of the Model Y castings, but the way you clearly articulate the differences between the 3 and the 2022 Y. You absolutely crushed it!
Tryrone Copper
Tryrone Copper 9 aylar önce
Sandy knew his stuff ,respect!!!! To him !!
Shannon Woodcock
Shannon Woodcock 10 aylar önce
Nice seeing the last three generations body in white side by side. The changes and improvement are striking. Morning cup of coffee + Sandy Rant = A most excellent start to my Friday Can you share the weight of each body in white?
Graham Monk
Graham Monk 10 aylar önce
It applies all through the production. Superfast Matt did a nice video on th differences between the original Model S handles, and the later ones. Part of the reason for the changes was early Tesla was not getting much response from the parts suppliers, but now when Tesla calls up, it's "Oh Hi! What can we do for you?" The newer handles are more sophisticated,, but much more reliable, and likely cheaper. Sandy has done lots on the superbottle, and then the Octovalve. It's all through the cars.
Andrew Saint
Andrew Saint 10 aylar önce
@Graham Monk I saw a Jaguar iPace with a stuck out door handle today.
Jonathan Dallas
Jonathan Dallas 10 aylar önce
I’ve missed Sandy’s enthusiasm. It’s good to see him in a video again.
danman281 9 aylar önce
Manufacturing engineers did a good job streamlining the process. There is always room for improvement
Scott H
Scott H 10 aylar önce
I just love watching Sandy. He is so smart and gets his points across so well.
tenshuner 10 aylar önce
So good, just love how this blitz-evolution in vehicle architecture was spurred by Team Munro. More please!!! Thank you brilliant folks for contributing so much to promoting new Engineering Principles in Manufacturing in the USA & around the world.
G. B.
G. B. 10 aylar önce
The speed of improvement at Tesla is just phenomenal! Herbert Diess tried to move VW into a similar direction but got lost on the way. I hope some of his spirit remains at VW. And I'm sure he will get some decent job offers.
john candelario
john candelario 10 aylar önce
Glad to see your company embracing change and growing its awesome to witness
Steve Sheridan
Steve Sheridan 10 aylar önce
Great comments by Sandy and Cory about the benefits of going to fewer parts with large castings. I was surprised, however, neither mentioned the company investment required to develop the casting and alloy technologies required to cast such large parts. I’m sure those investment costs are much more than covered by the savings from the greatly reduced part count and manufacturing complexity, but it’s worth mentioning there are some challenges to achieve what Tesla has accomplished here.
Techi heed
Techi heed 10 aylar önce
Enjoyed that, thanks. My grandfather worked as a brass moulder and my dad as a pattern maker in 100 ton cast iron butterfly water valves. What's going on here is different to what they taught me only the materials and tools have changed. It's fantastic to see this progress.
Cawfee Dawg
Cawfee Dawg 10 aylar önce
Sandy kudos to you and your team for always being ahead of the curve.
ThePiperofSimms 10 aylar önce
Wow ! This is a moment in the history of auto manufacturing. Thank you Sandy and Cory & Associates.
HK 10 aylar önce
What a great video to end my week as an engineer. Thanks Sandy and Team
Timmy Houben
Timmy Houben 10 aylar önce
Love this coverage and statements made in it. Thanks for brining up the damage to the casting since so many people fail to understand to damage the casting, you will be happy to walk out alive since you have crush cans etc to take most of the inertia. The financial saving for the Giga castings is crazy, not just in part cost being cheaper but also logistics, chance of failure, quality check, molds for the small parts, workers, fixtures all cost A LOT of money.
AMortalDefiant 10 aylar önce
I know! I've been having this argument with people for years. If the frame/underbody is bent, even in a traditionally-made car, the insurance is going to write that off as a loss, and send you a check. One of my first cars was a Honda Civic. I got into a accident, which *looked* pretty minor, but I bent in the undercarriage by the front passenger door, and the insurance company wrote me a $12k check. If you're in a bad enough collision to bend the frame, you're getting a new car either way, so the "repair cost" is a moot point; they will never be repaired.
Donald Becker
Donald Becker 10 aylar önce
@AMortalDefiant The only way most people learn about this is from an accident. A wildly destroyed single part e.g. bumper cover is cheap to replace. Two slightly broken parts costs twice as much. A crushed fender is a common unbolt-replace repair. A very slight wrinkle in the C pillar means that something is bent beyond repair.
J G 10 aylar önce
Sandy: "I'm not popular." Also Sandy: *has 310,000+ subscribers of curious engineers, company members and ordinary people like me*
Sagittarius-A Black Hole
Yes, but he does not follow popular culture. I have a saying "popular does not equal relevant", often it is quite the contrary. Popular means that people don't think: They do something (lemming style) because a lot of other people are doing, the more people, the more they want to do it. Most of these people don't think, the popularity alone is the only recommendation needed. Critical smart thinkers question things and have opinions and conclusions that don't agree with the popular opinion. I don't care how many people agree with me, because my logic and deductive reasoning does not need a majority vote to make sense and be relevant and compelling.
KingLutherQ 10 aylar önce
Munro has a modern casting parked in his garage for 15 years and telling big auto about it; but GM and Ford just ignored it. Munro tweeted Elon about single casting during the first Model 3 tear down, and two year later Tesla is implementing it. Tesla is iterating at the speed of light. Big auto won't be able to catch up. BTW, this is an awesome episode!
lokospoko 10 aylar önce
this is what I call honest opinion without bias... tesla is redesigning the car industry
The Otter
The Otter 10 aylar önce
Another excellent video. Agree with everything said but, want to add that this approach by Tesla also increases the safety of the occupants in an Model Y. Why is nobody talking about this. I remember years ago when people would talk about Volvo being the safest passenger car. Well now it must be Tesla by a country mile. Thanks again Sandy and team.
Robert Ray
Robert Ray 10 aylar önce
Wow Sandy. You are a serious businessman with a great handle on your purpose. Every manufacturer should be asking you to review their assembly’s and implement your ideas, but you words for Mr Deitz showed your kindness and I agree with you. He knows his business.
Berenvacht 10 aylar önce
This was great man. Loved Sandy's contributions especially, had to laugh a few times. Good to show props to Herbert Diess, one of the great!
R G 10 aylar önce
“I’m not popular.” And that is why we love you Sandy. We need people like you that keep it straight.
Tozzasque 10 aylar önce
Today on Munro live: *proceed to a 9-min long introduction* I love when Sandy explains his love for a well engineered product 😅
capser86 10 aylar önce
Great video. Really shows the strength of Tesla’s innovation capabilities
SRYEV 10 aylar önce
Sandy and team are amazing. I wish I could re train my profession and come work for you guys
KALPESH PATEL 10 aylar önce
🙏🏽🤝🏾👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽keep doing what you guys do, love all the unbiased to the point info
David Jebson
David Jebson 10 aylar önce
This is probably the best ever Monroe and Associates video I have ever seen !! They are always interesting, but I'm not a qualified engineer (wish I was!) and they are sometimes a bit complicated. But this time with the presentation of the 4 bodyshells and their evolutionary journey in such a short time, I got it, I really properly got it. Thank you both, Cory and Sandy - what a tag team - for giving me such a lesson that I will never allow myself to forget.
Rick Nash
Rick Nash 10 aylar önce
If we review the past videos (and this one), Sandy was the first to suggest the casting idea and started pushing it many years ago. Take a bow Sandy!
Dragos Botez
Dragos Botez 10 aylar önce
Sandy was so passionate in this video, that it makes it one of my favorites from Munro. He went into "thermal runaway" mode lol!! But he is so right in what he is saying. If only the other companies besides Tesla would listen... Not even sure if they would be able to follow Sandy's advice. They will always find excuses as: to many changes, changes being too expensive, etc. But without stepping up their processes, they will die like the dinosaurs. Like Steven Mark Ryan says: "They will not survive the decade".
Gh Kk
Gh Kk 10 aylar önce
Munro you are King 🤴! Thank you for ideas and improvements and contributions to this sort of industry!
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