Giant Earthmovers Left Abandoned And Now They're Mine!

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Buckle up for BIG IRON....a wild series of GIANT earthmover videos! New episodes will be dropping every couple days as we tackled this monumental task!

Watch our whole Big Iron Series here:
Episode 1- • Giant Earthmovers...
Episode 2- • HUGE Excavator Fo...
Episode 3- • This Runaway Exca...
Episode 4- • Using an Oxy-Acet...

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18 Eki 2022




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HeavyDSparks 4 aylar önce
Watch our whole Big Iron Series here: Episode 1- trvid.com/video/video-fpZXl4DnMx0.html Episode 2- trvid.com/video/video-bygmnG6R_gQ.html Episode 3- trvid.com/video/video-hGGPZVNRBxo.html Episode 4- trvid.com/video/video-KRSD9zB4C4k.html
Random Fortnite
Random Fortnite 8 gün önce
Thanks for the videos makes it easier for all of us
Luis Tiago
Luis Tiago Aylar önce
One of the most valuable comments I have seen in years... hahahah
ThA MAN C MAcK 4 aylar önce
That Tesla satellite system is F’n Awesome❕😃 📡
ThA MAN C MAcK 4 aylar önce
Brother ..: I need that Raptor ❕ So I can out do My Sisters❕ 🙏 😁 FR though ✌️
DopeRyder 5 aylar önce
Honestly Dave does a pretty good job recording. Doesn’t bother me whether he is recording or if he’s getting recorded. All good 👍
Elmark Aylar önce
Yeah I think it definitely adds to the video having him do little side quests to look at stuff and give a run down of what all they are doing.
The Red Draggon 1
The Red Draggon 1 4 aylar önce
Same here
Yatto 4 aylar önce
Solo’s are funny
Todd Swagerty
Todd Swagerty 5 aylar önce
Yeah, he wasn't as shaky as he used to be.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
Old-Skool Dude
Old-Skool Dude 5 aylar önce
I love that instinct Dave has in knowing when to give that dozer just a taste of throttle at the right time. Mad respect.
ThA MAN C MAcK 4 aylar önce
@Old-Skool Dude Instinct . You can feel it when You know what You’re doing and trust Your instincts 👍
Bryan Luntz
Bryan Luntz 5 aylar önce
Instinct Know = Do
Old-Skool Dude
Old-Skool Dude 5 aylar önce
@Bryan Luntz I don't know if he's counting the seconds, listening for something specific in the engine, but there's definitely some calculation going on. You can see it on his face.
Bryan Luntz
Bryan Luntz 5 aylar önce
I thought the same He got the touch Knows his Stuff
Demicus Maximus
Demicus Maximus 5 aylar önce
I know sometimes a rig cannot be saved, but it's so awesome to see an old machine like that dozer fire up and move. She may be long beyond her prime but she's one tough old girl and deserves to keep going for as long as she can~
dieselrotor Aylar önce
Been a heavy duty truck/equipment mechanic for 38 years and working with a crew like that would be fun/relaxing/rewarding. Common sense, patients and a lets see approach usually pays off. Nothing like bringing life back (TLC) into a written off heartbroken machine. EDIT: Subbed.
Tiffy Yorkshire
Tiffy Yorkshire 5 aylar önce
I think it's nice to have the whole crew involved and you wouldn't have to worry about camera angles while you're trying to get a job done. You all work great together and it's always fun to see you all interact. A big thank you to your wives, partners and families for being so accepting of your adventures x
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬
medea27 5 aylar önce
Nothing like the sweet sound of a long-dormant engine catching & rumbling back into life! Looking forward to Big Iron - Episode 2 👍
Damon Wheeler
Damon Wheeler 5 aylar önce
I think it was cool seeing Dave out there by himself without all of the crew. And as a fellow editor, I love the shots where you are editing the video, cool cut.
Chilly Bin Adventures
Chilly Bin Adventures 5 aylar önce
I enjoy the rawness and realness of this vlog style. Cool to see Daves real personality without too many ads
The Red Draggon 1
The Red Draggon 1 4 aylar önce
I love the raw footage
Ottytheotter 10 gün önce
I love seeing the solo videos, it's really relaxing and a learning curve for everyone.
Sherry Irbvin
Sherry Irbvin 3 aylar önce
Really neat to see someone who really loves their job.
Get in touch ↖️↖️ congratulations....
Herman Snerd
Herman Snerd 5 aylar önce
I love seeing the detail of how you and your team bring these glorious old machines back to life! Thanks, and the recording is just fine by me btw
Funo 5 aylar önce
Loved the pure joy on Dave’s face when they got it going. ‘If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.’
Gid Dree
Gid Dree 5 aylar önce
He looks like a little boy with that smile-grin....having fun💪👍
Adam Burke
Adam Burke 5 aylar önce
I enjoy all aspects of your filming. It's nice that it changes from the groups to just you at various times. It feels like we see a different side of you on your own, which I love. And the group obviously adds great banter. Love watching .. from Ireland! Thanks
VGK46 4 aylar önce
You Irish guys are awesome! Dirft Games and crew are here in Vegas for SEMA!👍
Codiac 4 aylar önce
I love the camera work and production value of your standard videos but being brought along by Dave in a sort of vlog was perfect for the situation and I definitely wouldn't mind if it happened more regularly. Keep up the great work.
TBA_Avenger 5 aylar önce
I'm sure we like the variety of content you guys produce. It's all quite entertaining, regardless the method of filming. Team videos, or solo vlogs. It's all fun. Keep it pushin Boys.
Rando 5 aylar önce
This was great! Big smiles when the 'dozer kicked over! Looking forward to the next instalment--and hey: your editor makes these episodes infinitely watchable, fun, and laugh-laden. Kudos, broski! :D
Ken M
Ken M 5 aylar önce
Your editors are fantastic, I’ve never had editors make me laugh from how they edit videos but your editor/editors are hilarious, I appreciate their sense of humor that they subtlety insert into as many videos as they can, definitely adds value to already action packed and entertaining content, shout-out to the heavy D editors, you/you guys rock
LION LIKE 5 aylar önce
They’re literally just the same zoomer meme cuts that everyone on yt overuses… it’s like having attention deficit disorder for 30 minutes. And they’re getting more & more indulgent with it. I don’t need an irrelevant meme cut every 30 seconds. Plus the editors always ruin the suspense of whether or not the job will be a success. It’s fucking annoying.
phatpat63 5 aylar önce
I dunno, I think zoomers who can't understand basic, human facial expressions, and think it's unreasonable that other people expect that they should, are more terrifying than funny. Like a portent of a coming apocalypse.
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ I
Andy Heinecke
Andy Heinecke 5 aylar önce
"So were just gonna edit this out real quick. Alright you're good to go hans." Haha yeah that shits funny
Burque Ninja505
Burque Ninja505 5 aylar önce
Jesus Dave, you are one of a kind
Random Ashton
Random Ashton 5 aylar önce
Definitely keep doing solo! They’re great. Love all the videos and it makes it even better you’re in the same area as us. Thanks for the quality content.
TE᙭T ᗰE+①(⑥⑥②) ⑦⓪⑨-⑦⑤⓪③
Thanks for watching....I appreciate the support LET'S TALK ..
DzyMsLizzy 5 aylar önce
I've always wished I could learn to operate heavy equipment like this. At my age now, I might even be happy just to know how to operate a bobcat! LOL I don't mind the solo vlog; the "I got distracted by this over here" side trips are kind of interesting...
fullycranked 15 gün önce
I love the editors sense of humor and breaking the 4th wall.
Chris Madog
Chris Madog 3 aylar önce
That is some great countryside Dave. Rocky for sure but wow - nice ! Love the 'cookout' (BBQ in Oz). I am amazed how you guys get old motors running so easily (?) and love the videos. Question : How much greasing etc to you give the old machinery before trying to move it - or isn't that a problem ?
MamaBear4 5 aylar önce
Gotta love those big machines coming back to life. Love watching the team work together to get them running. Can't wait to see the next video!
Ryan Shadders
Ryan Shadders 5 aylar önce
I honestly thought this was a great video. The quality doesn't matter that much to me when it comes to videos like this. It's the content and the excitement that keep me watching. Great job Dave I'd like to see more of these
crumz o many
crumz o many 5 aylar önce
Crypto scammer in your comment trying to steal your money
Joan L Graves
Joan L Graves 5 aylar önce
@JustMe that was a scam, just report it.
Andrew Clucas
Andrew Clucas 5 aylar önce
JustMe 5 aylar önce
So if you don't say honestly than you are not telling the truth? Asking for a friend :).
bigchevy350boy 5 aylar önce
Can't wait for the next parts! & love Dave's own videos! Keep 'em comin! Brings the "real" element to it! 🤘🏻
Bev Whittle
Bev Whittle 5 aylar önce
I love the team work, you guys are great. Couldn't believe that dozer started after so long, that was awesome! I don't have a problem with Dave filming on his own, the sound wasn't always great but you can't control the wind!
OBLungz 5 aylar önce
It was cool to see Dave go out and scout the project out before all the boys showed up. Would be cool to see his perspective like that for future projects. I liked it
Joseph Connor
Joseph Connor 5 aylar önce
The dedication for great videos is real. Editing is on point
Zeroninezeroone80seven77one2 Godzilla Tv
Goodies for you PM me
SPLOOT 5 aylar önce
What talent and knowledge these guys have.
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers 5 aylar önce
These machines would be perfect for Alan's mountain top and the road.
crumz o many
crumz o many 5 aylar önce
Crypto scammer in your comment trying to steal your money
Dan Morton
Dan Morton 5 aylar önce
@Deirdre Pasko He's selling it
Deirdre Pasko
Deirdre Pasko 5 aylar önce
@Cosmiccoyotedog-Doreen B Yes! How's his road coming along at Cerro Gordo, do you know? I haven't seen anything from him in weeks.
Deirdre Pasko
Deirdre Pasko 5 aylar önce
Yes! Absolutely!
xxxcabbie 5 aylar önce
Took the words right out of my mouth !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO ALLEN GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dillon Adams
Dillon Adams Aylar önce
Dave is good at keeping you interested. I think this is a welcome change. Not to say I don’t love the massive videos. But this is nice.
geoff keller
geoff keller 5 aylar önce
Dave does a good job recording. He needs to do more of it. Thank you for sharing this video series. Looking forward to seeing more of them.
Andries Du Preez
Andries Du Preez 2 aylar önce
Gees I love how dedicated he is to his audience and so on and just why you do Looks awesome
Chris Riley
Chris Riley 5 aylar önce
I love Dave’s delivery. I enjoyed his podcast with Roman the other day. He is a great storyteller. Thanks Dave!!
Vile-Flesh 5 aylar önce
This is awesome. I do enjoy Dave's solo recordings. I'm dying to see more.
Kim Mallett
Kim Mallett 5 aylar önce
It’s so good to see the entire crew working together again
Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
Repent to Jesus Christ “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,” says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭54‬:‭10‬ ‭NIV‬‬ J
BBPUGIE 5 aylar önce
Including all the illeagals, good job 👍👍👏👏👏
Wood 5 aylar önce
All these in-game TRvid NPCs are starting to get to me.
Spike 365
Spike 365 5 aylar önce
M1CK3YL33 5 aylar önce
Love these salvage and recovery adventures. Would be neat if you could clean the land up afterwards, leave it better than you left it. Any old buildings or trash, take it with you on the way out.
WUDCHK 5 aylar önce
Allan always cracks me up! I'm so glad he is still around
Norman Foster
Norman Foster 5 aylar önce
Yes, I think the solo adventure is worth it. The scenery is great, places to explore etc…
Rhonda Kennedy
Rhonda Kennedy 23 gün önce
So you learned all about these big machines, one after another. You didn't know anything about them when you first started out buying these big boys? That cab makes you look small!!! I love how all these guys work well together & have fun doing it. Very pretty up there. Be kind to one another. Stay safe. Love to all
Connor Weller
Connor Weller 4 aylar önce
I love your content, I'm autistic and love machinery, the bigger the better, finding your channel has brought me endless hours of stimulation and you seem like a really good guy! Love from the UK 🇬🇧
Lucy A Rumsey
Lucy A Rumsey 5 aylar önce
The whole team is fun to watch. Your interactions with each other & the expertise each one of you have make it interesting.
ken adams
ken adams 5 aylar önce
@crumz o many its really Dave lol
crumz o many
crumz o many 5 aylar önce
That's a crypto scammer in your comment trying to steal your money
MultiPurposeReviewer 4 aylar önce
Honestly, I really like the Heavy D solo vlogs. It adds a bit of variety, and they just feel more personable.
jubba jubba
jubba jubba 5 aylar önce
This is Jerry from the future. I just finished watching the entire series and can not believe the twists and turns that you had to endure. I cannot believe that you survived the meteorite storm and herd of angry armadillos. Glad to see that you made it out in one piece.
patricia dille
patricia dille 5 aylar önce
I love these videos. I love watching you guys get these old machines back to life. It's awesome.
Jk Kj
Jk Kj 5 aylar önce
The more content the better, solo dave or with the gang, who cares..I just love the channel...
Prince Westerburg
Prince Westerburg 5 aylar önce
The team is really shaping up into a bunch of real character - even Hans is starting to cheer up! :D
The Awesome Creations Channel
YES! This is my favourite kind of content from you guys! I'm looking forward to the rest of this series 👍 I like Dave's solo recordings and the editing with funny clips, but not in excess otherwise they just get annoying. I wonder if Alan will end up taking one of these excavators home? 😂
James Burke
James Burke 5 aylar önce
I totally agree with your comments about the childish inserts on the video here too and that in itself almost kills the whole video too
The Awesome Creations Channel
@Willma Dickfit I love making memes! But when the clips are too close together or repetitive and focusing on silly noises, it's really distracting from the content and it feels forced. The guys are funny on their own, especially Diesel Dave but even that has been edited out lately for these clips. I enjoyed the old episodes with the gang fixing or breaking things, epic drone shots, quality music and all round good times 😊
Willma Dickfit
Willma Dickfit 5 aylar önce
I knew I wasn’t the only one that thought some of the clips were too much and I like memes just as much as anyone else 😂
Liam McGregor
Liam McGregor 4 aylar önce
Love seeing this old iron up and running again instead of being scrapped.
Justin Gibson
Justin Gibson Aylar önce
Man working with this dude would be my dream job!
Fox lake racing
Fox lake racing 5 aylar önce
We need more vlog in the videos. Adds a personable aspect to why he’s doing what he’s doin in the videos and gives the video more character then another excavator stuck on a hill
Elie Kelly
Elie Kelly 4 aylar önce
I just love how you bring life back into the machines the way you do...so awesome.. i wish i had such knowledge
Robert Cook
Robert Cook 5 aylar önce
Whoever edits your TRvid videos does an amazing job and deserves a massive raise
Floyd Beil
Floyd Beil 5 aylar önce
Love seeing these machines coming back to life after so long, great job.
WorldBizarreTshirts 4 aylar önce
Sure let him run around solo. He's knowledgeable and carries himself well. He's confident about his knowledge and presents it in a down to earth 🌎 format.. WIN WIN .
William Shields
William Shields 5 aylar önce
I'm diggin the solo vlog ... Dave does a great job filming and the editing is fantastic as usual but with a different flavor for the vlogging
Josh Sailer
Josh Sailer 4 aylar önce
Awesome I can’t wait to watch these videos all your content is great you guys do some of the most amazing stuff Out there whether it’s helping other people look for lost ones or whether it is up their help and Allen on his place so thank you guys for all your great content keep up the great work and keep saving them dozers
RCAddict.dez 5 aylar önce
Solo vlogs with Dave is a go for me!
kracklebear 5 aylar önce
The important thing is that the team works so well together to make these videos so great. H-D does a good job of videoing by himself though he sometimes moves the camera around to quickly sometimes. So let the camera man do what he does best take vids and H-D do his- talk...
James West
James West 5 aylar önce
A multi part series........... Yeah, I'm down for that. Especially if you guys are going to be posting every few days. And it looks like it's going to be a good one. And no matter who records it........ As long as they get all the good stuff in there. :)
Brian Wilson
Brian Wilson 5 aylar önce
I like the solo vlog, it's something different. It's cool to go along on a solo scout mission with him actually being "solo". Keep it up, good work guys
The Outlaw
The Outlaw 5 aylar önce
You should give some of these old machines to Cerro Gordo, so Brent can keep the roads maintained and make other projects easier
REQUEST 👉🏼 OPT_crack on Instagram
Let's talk ^^^^ Thanks for watching
James Ledbetter
James Ledbetter 5 aylar önce
I love the Dave solo vids part of my reason for watching he keeps it real
David Kolean
David Kolean 5 aylar önce
What an increible experience it would be to work with you guys! I'm a Dave so maybe I have a shot!
D. Walker
D. Walker 5 aylar önce
Cannot believe you got it started there on the mountain!!! Great job!! Super Great crew!!! 🚜
Chris Pedro
Chris Pedro 5 aylar önce
I love when all the guys are around and the epic camera angles but having Dave do solo blogs is rad too. I will watch anything on the channel.
crumz o many
crumz o many 5 aylar önce
Crypto scammer in your comment trying to steal your money
Terry Rogers
Terry Rogers 5 aylar önce
I’m hooked, me and old heavy equipment, are like gravy and potatoes, steak and eggs, they just go together. Looking forward to this series. Thanks for the ride along sir.
Bob Holowenko
Bob Holowenko 5 aylar önce
This editor needs a massive raise.
882952 4 aylar önce
Man what a beautiful location. And a free camp!! I'm totally feeling the urge to just clock out of work right now, go get whatever I can fit in my truck form home, and drive out there, move into those shacks, and just spend all my days hikin' and shootin' and tinkerin' with those machines just for fun.
882952 4 aylar önce
Oh, plus I want a helicopter, too.
trythistv 5 aylar önce
I'd love this kind of opportunity. I've wanted to buy a bunch of property somewhere and just fill it with all the old iron and projects a man could ever want. Build a underground bunker as a house, zip lines everywhere, tunnels to different buildings for different purposes, and do it all with ancient equipment. That's the dream!
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 3 aylar önce
Hello Dave, for me the most amazing feeling that I don't think you can really put a price tag on is after all that work you're working on something that's 20 or 30 years old and you give it your best efforts and when you crank that engine over and smoke comes out of that stick and you hear that engine that is the most amazing wonderful feeling I don't think anyone can really put a price tag on on that feeling so to me I really do enjoy the videos hope you doing a great job tell your team I said hello and God bless...
Get in touch ↖️↖️ congratulations....
susie wheeler
susie wheeler 5 aylar önce
For all the great things you do for others, seeing you happy with your team working on a project is wonderful!
DTC #1
DTC #1 5 aylar önce
Yes on the solo vlogs. Much less confusing when its one person, versus ten, all doing different things.
Robert Rutherford
Robert Rutherford 5 aylar önce
This kind of adventure is something I'd love to be involved in.
Adam Nickerson
Adam Nickerson 4 aylar önce
Hi Dave. Was wondering if you ever considered building a large hydraulic power pack that could be plumbed in to the hydraulics so you could possibly still lift a boom or move the tracks. It could be on a small trailer and towed behind the equipment.
Debra Jabs
Debra Jabs 5 aylar önce
I love the solo blogs cause he takes us places we might explore ourselves but some of are no longer capable of doing so.
Justin 28 gün önce
the extra sound effects and edits are god tier and add so much to these videos.
YeOldeOgre 5 aylar önce
One thing I love about this channel, is on the multi part stuff, they really try to put them ALL out as quickly as possible. So many channels.... GOOD channels, drag them out into weekly episodes!
crumz o many
crumz o many 5 aylar önce
Crypto scammer in your comment trying to steal your money
Marco Joly
Marco Joly 5 aylar önce
Super beautiful views up there, also I enjoyed the extra clips from the editor, please include more of these!
the Mueth
the Mueth 5 aylar önce
+1 for Dave, also could you do a tool box walk through, what tools do you pack for this stuff?
The Hunchback Hillbilly
I love the real time! That's awesome. Keep up the awesome work!
martin davidson
martin davidson 3 aylar önce
Like the combination.. solo to introduce the project and get Dave's thoughts and POV then bring in the crew to get the details as the project gets to execution.
TE᙭T ᗰE+①(⑥⑥②) ⑦⓪⑨-⑦⑤⓪③
Let talk^^^ Thanks for watching👍
Cherri Corcoran
Cherri Corcoran 5 aylar önce
Yes, more Dave please. You should see if the cows are for sale.
Ak Drogo
Ak Drogo 5 aylar önce
Hard work sure pays off!! Keep on being awesome boys!!
B G 5 aylar önce
If there’s some history or old camp, it adds gritt and depth to story. I want to see it. Thanks for the vids.
sacasanova 5 aylar önce
Dave has shaken hands with danger so many times and he still has his hands. I give him cudos for that.
bnelson313 Braveheart
bnelson313 Braveheart 5 aylar önce
Great storytelling Heavy D! I too love the old dozers.
Russell Nye
Russell Nye 5 aylar önce
I wish I could be there for the work you do and have the opportunity to have the fun you do ❤️❤️❤️
Daniel Boyce
Daniel Boyce 5 aylar önce
Just good stuff from a group of guys doing good deeds. Stay safe gentlemen.
Ernest Gephardt
Ernest Gephardt 5 aylar önce
These are my favorite videos that come from you, Dave. As a mechanic, I love seeing your work on old equipment and seeing you getting them running again. Love it, keep up the good work.
Drü 4 aylar önce
I say, keep the solo vids. Dude, you do a good job at what you film and the camera is pretty steady. My vote...KEEP THEM!!!
ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ ᴀᴘᴘ👉𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐭𝐥𝐁𝐮𝐢𝐥𝐝𝐬
Let's Talk...^^👍 THANKS FOR WATCHING ❤
Cees Volkers
Cees Volkers 5 aylar önce
Dave, isn't one of the machines for the abandoned city/mine? They could definitely use an excavator there.
Bill brown
Bill brown 5 aylar önce
nothing wrong with old equipment, it works when the newer stuff doesnt!! Remember to tighten the track up on the 7 before you go to far
STiGuy 5 aylar önce
The Tow Mater edit definitely got a SOLID laugh from me. Was NOT expecting that.
GX72 5 aylar önce
I'm ready for episode 2. I hope you get the excavator started. It should make your job a lot easier hopefully . Just bought a new Hellcat got my first ticket today. When is that helicopter going to be done?
D C 5 aylar önce
That Big Dozer with the big cab would be sweet to resto modded. It would be cool to integrate modern controls and comfort to a massive cab like that. A/C, heated and cooled seats, a mini fridge, wifi, etc.
crumz o many
crumz o many 5 aylar önce
Crypto scammer in your comment trying to steal your money
ACT 5 aylar önce
Keep it just the way it is. Just fix the issues it has back to factory condition and itll work for much longer than most new machines
William Mcmillen
William Mcmillen 5 aylar önce
That would be cool to see the cab be all fixed up. But the controls for that machine are all mechanical linkage directly to the brakes and drive clutches so sadly you cant make them modern. But they are a blast to drive and gives you respect for the guys that drove them for 10 hours plus a day. they are rough to operate.
ProtoTribal 5 aylar önce
No officer, this isn't an rv, and I don't need insurance.
JeepNut Scotty
JeepNut Scotty 5 aylar önce
@D C your comment only proves you have absolutely zero idea of what's involved or the cost of components... 1-2mill would be parts alone, zero labour. Go price a compatable electric over hydraulic blade controller, let alone the electronic trans, or the ACERT Engine, custom wiring looms ECU's, custom fabrication etc
Mark Stone
Mark Stone 5 aylar önce
Solo vlog's ok with me. Content is good and Dave does pretty good job hosting!
Potato Industries
Potato Industries 5 aylar önce
I'm brand new to this channel, but so far, gotta say, you've got me hooked, I look forward to more of your videos.
Bruce McGowan
Bruce McGowan 5 aylar önce
That brought tears too my eye's bring that old cat dozer back too life. Great job.
G Damit
G Damit 5 aylar önce
The walking video situation is pretty cool. Hearing every first hand thought without another person to bounce humor off of. Honest thoughts! Now, if you could punch up the available volume, please? My laptop has bad sound but when he speaks directly into the camera it's Lima Charlie. 🤟
SMG4: My Roommate Mario
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