Giant Bull Sharks at the Docks

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In this IRL stream, we try to catch giant bull sharks at the docks in the river.



20 Mar 2020




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thedirtyfecker 5 gün önce
Amazing fishing. Greetings from Ireland! I fished for Tarpon a couple of times in Florida. Amazing stuff, I'll never forget it. I had a 30-35lb fish to the boat on light spinning rod with live prawn. Shark tried to take it and the guide had to circle the fish to scare off the shark! Second trip out fished live crab downtide at anchor. Had a 100lb fish on a 50lb set up. I ost that fish unfortunately, probably through lack of experience. Never forget it though. Like hooking into a motorbike! :)
Tman _800
Tman _800 9 gün önce
Not me catching half a lb sunfish a perch watching this like WOW
Jaivon Villamil
Jaivon Villamil 18 gün önce
Blacktip yo dog bite?
violet2048 25 gün önce
How's your Mom feel about this? I'd be terrified.
Yakitiy Yak Kayaks
Yakitiy Yak Kayaks 2 aylar önce
That’s by pelican club in Jupiter lighthouse
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt 2 aylar önce
oh josh, I do a perfect 5-8 wrap uni with 600lb momoi in two minutes, not to much of a big deal, just have to use the same technique used for the rizutto finish
PRODBYSPASEY 2 aylar önce
I dont like the cameraman
Ryan Dalton
Ryan Dalton 2 aylar önce
Great camara work
Huy. Ho anh Ho anh huy
The ablaze eye temporally stop because helen perplexingly beg among a questionable dancer. far, grubby gruesome court
ShawtFuse79 4 aylar önce
At 33:24 did he say what i thought he said in spanish?? I know it wasnt malicious, just perfect timing!!😂😂 But wait, did i hear that?? Gracious BLEEP!! 🤦‍♂️
ShawtFuse79 4 aylar önce
Sounded like Put..... A??? Anyone 👂🏼that!! I KNOW I kNOW vid is a year old!!🤦🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
David Hageage
David Hageage 4 aylar önce
I absolutely love your long episodes. Thank you
Mike Conan
Mike Conan 5 aylar önce
Josh is the shark terminator sharkinator keep destroying them bro 👊🦈👍
Shirley Murphy-McDougal
I love live streams. Seems to me there are a lot more sharks in the rivers now then there were when I was a kid. We hardly ever saw a shark and we were always at the river. I think the young man's shark was bigger, to bad it spit the hook!
Gary Stowe
Gary Stowe 7 aylar önce
Hey awesome video, it would be nice to see how the wire leader is attached to the mono and hook to the wire
Joseph Salvato
Joseph Salvato 7 aylar önce
Ryan you have the patience of a saint !!!! Never realized how much of a yenta Josh is Haha he don’t listen to anything you have say cuz he don’t shut up for a second to hear anything Lmao Tight lines Avid blacktip H fan and supporter
Lindsey Jones
Lindsey Jones 5 aylar önce
Right, good footage, but shut up for a sec Josh
Candy Cee
Candy Cee 7 aylar önce
I'm not sure what keeps you guys in the boat. I'd be hooked to the boat! LOL Sorry..LOL I LOVE to shark fish in Florida! I am ready to go again but I have never caught like you guys catch! I wish but I doubt I could do it..LOL. I am not which I do more...watch your videos for the shark fishing or watch to see if you stay in the boat! LOL
broeee rector7
broeee rector7 7 aylar önce
i wanna see josh bass fish
Nick Strype
Nick Strype 7 aylar önce
Bryan Adams
Bryan Adams 7 aylar önce
You should be using your knowlege of sharks to benefit and help others its fun watching you catch sharks but most of the time you catch them and land them where thousands of families swim everyday use the knowledge to help people and save lives not to get views and make money the result would probably be more views
awesomee ...remember 🔴
FAITH WALK 2 COR 5:7 8 aylar önce
Mommy and Daddy are fighting again.
RTanna 9 aylar önce
Florida man loses leg to pet bullshark
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 9 aylar önce
only hooks going all the way through will fall out when snipped. try to remove the hook in all situations please MR FISHERMAN
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson 9 aylar önce
cant be leaving hooks in fish. its disgusting!!
McFaddin Brother Fishing
What type of rod and reel is this ?
Rad Reeling Fishing
Rad Reeling Fishing 9 aylar önce
Ha ha..that's funny, "make sure you don't show the spot." Awesome video as always.
Anthony Arens
Anthony Arens 10 aylar önce
Bull sharks are my favorite sharks
Anthony Arens
Anthony Arens 10 aylar önce
Bull sharks are my favorite sharks
Ello 02
Ello 02 10 aylar önce
ngewe bro
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez 10 aylar önce
BITE MY FOOT SHARK!!!!! josh stay out the water!!!!!!
Julian Leyva
Julian Leyva 10 aylar önce
second i saw this video i grabbed my gear and rode my bike to the area. keep up the great work g
Nastyclan 11 aylar önce
24:12 haha that’s just funny
Nastyclan 11 aylar önce
Insectus TV
Insectus TV 11 aylar önce
24:35 it's your Dog?
Gloria Lotz
Gloria Lotz 11 aylar önce
Zain Zaid
Zain Zaid 11 aylar önce
Bull dog = Bull shark
TheRunner 11 aylar önce
Wheres best place in florida for sharks?
Codys coolcrappies785
Codys coolcrappies785 11 aylar önce
Alfredo Colina
Alfredo Colina 11 aylar önce
Frau Freundt
Frau Freundt 11 aylar önce
This has to be really stressful for a shark. Why do you do this????
Like a splinter sinking
Frau Freundt
Frau Freundt 11 aylar önce
@Liam Evans really? Would you like to be stuck on a line and trying to get away ? I know a lot about sharks. I study marine biology. And I know that sometimes they die after this ordeal. No I'm not mad I can't do it because I actually love sharks and respect and leave them alone like any normal person does. Maybe if I was a stupid person it would be my goal in life. What the hell is wrong with you people that you have to do this to feed your egos????! Crazy. You don't leave anything alone in peace. Shame on you.
Cauãn felipe de goes Felipe
Esse cara é maluco de acompanhar o tubarão até a parte do fundo
Tanner Chapman
Tanner Chapman Yıl önce
Poor Scrappy he was very mental
baeblade Yıl önce
giant bull sharks at the docks ....wearing crocs
Goodnight Hummingbird
Thomas Gladders
Thomas Gladders Yıl önce
Is that Captain Max I hear behind the camera? 🤙🏾
Cohen Pillay
Cohen Pillay Yıl önce
I'm 12 and my grandpa and I go fishing like once every 2 weeks and i was wondering if u could help tell me what size fishing rod i need
Chris Scott
Chris Scott Yıl önce
chrysalxlm ‘
chrysalxlm ‘ Yıl önce
when he was cleaning the lenses lol
Kerri McIsaac
Kerri McIsaac Yıl önce
Watching this I think it’s time for Tuna and crackers
John Laccohee-Joslin
Are you guys nuts or something, he may be tired but he can still turn and bite, and bull sharks do. They are one of the more unpredictable shark going next to the hammer head they are known for doing just what you think they are not going to do, and if they latch on to you you are in deed trouble because they dont let go. Not the fish you play with at any time.
Mohammed Jamal
Mohammed Jamal Yıl önce
HEMAN very brave moment
Jackwaynette Blake
It's a girl dude did u not see the baby's
Jose -Medero
Jose -Medero Yıl önce
1998 Cangrejos Yacht club.....docks...84 pound barracuda...waiting for free guts at fish cleaning stations....never jump in any docks....more if is close to open sea...LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!! BE SAFE.!!!
Stevie Buzz Walker
losing at the speed of light
This is fun to watch, caught many like this on 2 lbs. crickets
gottagoat Yıl önce
Thank you so much for letting him go
Corey Muhlitner
Corey Muhlitner Yıl önce
So funny how hes just "im just walking my shark"
riff724 riff724
riff724 riff724 Yıl önce
Hey man what inlet are you fishing in florida ?
Curtis Hayden
Curtis Hayden Yıl önce
Patrick Lancaster
Need To Do That So I Can Get Over My Fear of Cold Calls LOL!
Dick Matthews
Dick Matthews Yıl önce
Great Video!!!
Anthony Barton
Anthony Barton Yıl önce
Anyone know what setup he had on that first bull shark? Thanks!
Pan Pan
Pan Pan Yıl önce
Nice of that youngster to chat with the old lady. Good on ya
Mohd Fadzly
Mohd Fadzly Yıl önce
Hahaha.... 15:52...they just do the same move.. Touching nose....haha
Adrian Carreras
Adrian Carreras Yıl önce
What rod and reel setup was the spinner
弓一中 Yıl önce
Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole Yıl önce
If you need a new camera guy let me know. I notice the one you have now doesn’t know what shorts and flip flops are...... huge red flag for a fishing channel 😂😂
Nora matuszewski
Nora matuszewski Yıl önce
😝 LOL Some people walk dogs, I walk sharks 🦈
my lifestyles
my lifestyles Yıl önce
watch out for new platform dropping top fishing content coming very soon FISHNBITTS fishing vids,cooking vids and adventure vids plus much more. mylifestyles all bout living life love.
my lifestyles
my lifestyles Yıl önce
thumbs up if this is something you guys would like to see f you could thanks
Eli Krause
Eli Krause Yıl önce
I wish I could fish in florida.
john cuervo
john cuervo Yıl önce
That's dirty you didn't even plug the boat captain in the description or spell his name out in the video when you mumbled it
max scmidt
max scmidt Yıl önce
bullsharks can live in freshwater, put this one in a aquarium ;)
jo jo
jo jo Yıl önce
“It had a mind of it’s own” lmao
Hunter Richardson
Brewster is a bad shark name. You had it right with Bruce. Smh Ryan XD
E SO Yıl önce
The best of all times at 34:08 The guy was asking if he got snagged! It seemed like he had a dream😂😂😂😂
Taylor Leathers
Taylor Leathers Yıl önce
this is disgusting the way he brutalized that poor fish in the beginning. overall disgusting content
flyfishmich1970 Yıl önce
Josh would be well served by listening to Ryan rather than arguing with him. It's clear Ryan knows what is going on, and it's his boat, his local water.
Jordan Rocco
Jordan Rocco Yıl önce
I’m your biggest fan
Freddy Caruso
Freddy Caruso Yıl önce
24:10 amazing
brian crenshaw
brian crenshaw Yıl önce
Love the video content keep up the good work
The Autistic Educator Âû
Cruel dude.
Ashton Yıl önce
Surely I caught 700 pound tuna like if belief is in you
outside the box 4444
What the fuck y'all doing ?????!!!!!!!!!!????????12345. WTF ELECTRIC OR FIBER
PS Yıl önce
Where is this at?? Miami, if so, where in Miami??
PS 11 aylar önce
@Shanazz Yes, but where in Miami, what part? Miami is so big
Shanazz 11 aylar önce
Yea miami florida
Midun rayen
Midun rayen Yıl önce
Good misterrr👍👍👍👍♥️🤟
Fishing Fordham
Fishing Fordham Yıl önce
I wish every fish I hooked was a giant like Josh 😂
Darian Tsoutsis
Darian Tsoutsis 9 gün önce
Yes me too
Jordan Rocco
Jordan Rocco Yıl önce
Hunter Golden
Hunter Golden Yıl önce
2k Man
2k Man Yıl önce
U r not my daf
Cuan Austin
Cuan Austin Yıl önce
i guarantee you i can make a far better shark trace than that. full metal jacket for the win
Is this original?
The Humungus
The Humungus Yıl önce
Yeah... if that bull flipped around suddenly and bit... your career and your video would be in the trash. Don't feed and chum next to the shore where people are at. This is the same mentality as those dumbasses who feed sharks for diving excursions. I don't like or dislike sharks... they're a top food chain predator in the sea and playing around like this is foolish. Should treat them with same respect as a cobra or any other dangerous animal.
Chase Anderle
Chase Anderle Yıl önce
Must be awkward just cut the fish and leave it suffering in front of everyone on the jetti😂 then nothing eating it for a while
Bernardo 5 aylar önce
@Chase Anderle agree; its just a mentality fundamentally
Chase Anderle
Chase Anderle 5 aylar önce
We aren’t being sensitive either, it’s just not right
Chase Anderle
Chase Anderle 5 aylar önce
@Bernardo one HUNDRED percent bro, sure they make great catches but they don’t care nearly as much as they should, I’m a big fisher as well but man I respect the fish, they fight for their life just for my pleasure, so I respect the heck out of them. These guys need to make changes
Bernardo 5 aylar önce
@Chase Anderle I know he really lost respect for the ocean hes taking away a lot from the seas and does not give it the proper respect. But intentionally cutting the fish alive sort of crosses the line for me.
Chase Anderle
Chase Anderle 5 aylar önce
@Bernardo very, these guys over fish and even do this, not very good in my eyes
Tamara I
Tamara I Yıl önce
Are those baby sharks on the big shark?
Polish Panther 69
Gotta think outside the tackle box
Adrian Fischer
Adrian Fischer Yıl önce
U guys are kick a**
Brian Barry
Brian Barry Yıl önce
It was a better video on mute, too much "bro" and "dude", actually a bit obnoxious...
Ian Baker
Ian Baker Yıl önce
Can anyone easily tell me what pack they are wearing on the back belt? I’d like to get one.
Tomi Khaos
Tomi Khaos Yıl önce
I used to fish all the time I've never had the honor of catching a shark it's in my bucket list..nice catches
Cindy Zhu
Cindy Zhu Yıl önce
It’s a so lazy shark.
Henry Tineo
Henry Tineo Yıl önce
Want to go fishing with you guys
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36:00 Any1 else skip the hook sharpening? it was nails on a chalkboard for me lol.
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