Gianni Russo on Sleeping with Marilyn Monroe, Kidnapped by Escobar, JFK Murder (Full Interview)

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Gianni Russo came through for his first-ever interview with VladTV, and he detailed his family's mafia ties in Italy, including his mafia boss uncle being hanged in Italy. After speaking about having polio as a child and being quarantined, Gianni spoke about moving to America with his family and working for Luciano mob boss Frank Costello when he was 13. It was while working with Costello that Gianni got to know Marilyn Monroe, who Gianni lost his virginity to when he was 16 and Marilyn was 28. The two stayed close throughout the remainder of Monroe's life, and Gianni recalled being with her days before her death, which Gianni says was a murder carried out by Monroe's former lover, Bobby Kennedy.

During the conversation, Gianni spoke about being cast as Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather, which was his first-ever film, and he detailed threatening Marlon Brando at the first rehearsal for the movie. He went on to explain how he was kidnapped and beaten after Pablo Escobar put a hit out on him, and how Escobar stopped the hit after realizing Gianni was in The Godfather. To hear more, including his friendships with Frank Sinatra and Bill Clinton, hit the above clip.




5 Tem 2020




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Peter Weyland
Peter Weyland 9 aylar önce
Gianni Russo - When you're the only one left alive to tell a story and nobody can dispute it.
Redje Aylar önce
I would go dumb on them story's lmao
Jocko Adams
Jocko Adams Aylar önce
@jerry smithers the "3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead" quote originated with Ben Franklin in Poor Richard's Almanac
Std Disclaimer
Std Disclaimer Aylar önce
@Cindy Garcia It's a great story, but then again, so are a lot of fabricated ones.
Cindy Garcia
Cindy Garcia Aylar önce
WOW..great story.Marilyn Monroe broke him in.I could listen 2 him all day.
Ali Taladar
Ali Taladar 6 aylar önce
"Steve Jobs once brought me an apple and I took a bite. The rest is history." - Gianni Russo
ashi spice
ashi spice 2 aylar önce
Frank 2 aylar önce
😆 the best wind in history!
Doreen Sika
Doreen Sika 4 aylar önce
😂😂😂😂😂 I’m so glad people ain’t buying his crap
amarshmuse concepta
amarshmuse concepta 5 aylar önce
🤣.Ya sure he didn't rob/steal🍏it off The Beatles.. Didn't they 1st have 🍏as to their logo!!! ? "coincidence" Or what!..? 🤔 Maybe... "TAVISTOCK".... took em over..? 😳👁️👎
Cuauhtemoc Morisco
Cuauhtemoc Morisco 5 aylar önce
evan johnson
evan johnson Yıl önce
As a conspiracy guy, this was amazing. As a history guy, this was amazing. As a fan of JFK and many others he met, it’s hard to believe he ran into so many powerful people and lived
Ed Hudson
Ed Hudson Aylar önce
Some people got a thing. Can you believe it?
kevin bacon
kevin bacon Aylar önce
If your a solid guy, I mean really spiked, it just on weekends or Witt people that you think you can gain off, life will take you places. Men take care of other men. These are things you may learn in life if your lucky enough. I’ve got stories you would never believe all around the world and I’m a regular guy from a small Jersey town. I grew up with these Italians and guys like this have no reason to lie to guys like you. Just stay solid, or real as y’all say, plus you gotta be cool, can’t be no pussy as cat, people see through that. Basically someone has to believe you will kill to protect them, they will do the same for you. That’s how it works.
Marcus polo
Marcus polo Aylar önce
He didnt
Alexis Bellhop
Alexis Bellhop Aylar önce
@Jeremy Brackett how can you tell? That was his life and the people who surrounded him...
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson 9 aylar önce
“I was actually born inside a stable in Bethlehem and when I woke up three wise men had all brought me gifts! Can you believe it” - Gianni Russo
payshoto Aylar önce
I mean how wild is that, right? 😂
Ray Ali
Ray Ali 2 aylar önce
Yes...and from the shady situations and characters hes been involved with through the years --9 lives was the first gift the wise men gave him.
Isaac Mwanza
Isaac Mwanza 3 aylar önce
Paris Pee
Paris Pee 3 aylar önce
This made me laugh after I've already laughed at all the comments before
gary austin
gary austin 6 aylar önce
lol yupsy
Lo Ro
Lo Ro Yıl önce
My father had polio in 1912 at age 2. His brother would massage his limbs. They did not expect him to live but one morning he rolled out and crawled into the living area. Many doctors stated he was the worst case they had ever seen that survived. He shredded his clothes until he figured out a way to use homemade crutches. Again, the doctors were stymied. He attended a quaker school, got a degree in English and went on to live a productive inspirational life. He was the greatest father a girl could ever have.
kevin bacon
kevin bacon Aylar önce
Suzanne Ribas
Suzanne Ribas Aylar önce
I see he had not turned into a monster using polio as an excuse. I had a father like yours that went through hell and came out squeaky clean and made something out of himself for his family. As a child of 6 in a small sleepy town in Cuba, his father was already in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, he had a household of 10 people that did not work and poverty was a real threat to life. He became rich and lost it all too. As an adult in the US, at the beginning he had a 40hr a week job carrying drums filled with chemicals, went to night school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, in a different language than his own and graduated, and worked as a waiter Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. He never got drunk, was faithful to mom for 60 years of marriage, and put me in the best private school in Philadelphia being a poor immigrant. There is no end to the stories.
David Imrie
David Imrie 2 aylar önce
What a beautiful story.
I HATE EVERYONE 2 aylar önce
Wtf does that have to do with anything
Yank ee
Yank ee 2 aylar önce
Who cares?
CHI-TOWN SAVAGE 11 aylar önce
I still can't stop laughing when I watch this. According to this guy he was at every major event and had a role in it from 1957 till today
singingpretty Aylar önce
@Edward Fox I found an earlier interview with him I haven't had time to watch, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, even though it's pretty hard to believe. I want to see what he had to say in '93.
Edward Fox
Edward Fox Aylar önce
Thing is I believe him.
Home At Last
Home At Last Aylar önce
Just like Woody Allen's "Zelig". No way I'm listening for an hour and a half to hear the Monroe story. Ridiculous click bait. Adda here.
A A Aylar önce
He's really Forrest Gump in disguise
singingpretty Aylar önce
@Troll Collector To be fair, I have heard one former Mafioso share how he came to Christ, but he doesn't name drop or end up being at every major event in history. I've never seen him SMILE about his past crimes either. I'm done at 35 minutes. Sure glad I was multi-tasking, it wasn't a complete waste of time. ha.
AdDeRidder Yıl önce
What an AMAZING character and life, Gianni! I'm saving this interview to watch multiple times. Congratulations to the interviewer on finding him and what a coup to get an interview, but hell, man, you're so underwhelmed by the AMAZING things he is telling you. You do so much so well, that if you will allow yourself to be more emotionally present you'll have something exceptional. Don't preload the followup question, let it flow naturally. Great photography too - at 72, the guy is still great looking and very fashionable - a natural alpha male - looks, charisma, machisma and insoucisance. It's surprising to hear a life story from a killer, mobster and to like the guy and be on his side.
one flower ninja magic
"insoucisance"..... come on Bruh, really? You seem to be exhibiting a lack of concern - indifference really.... to the fact that THIS is the youtube comment's section (?)
erepsekahs 2 aylar önce
Very well put.
Karendal Sadik
Karendal Sadik 2 aylar önce
@erepsekahs During the pandemic we were desperate
Karendal Sadik
Karendal Sadik 2 aylar önce
He is an actor.
Sirius Venus
Sirius Venus Aylar önce
What a difference growing up in a family that learns to defend oneself even as children. I think most children are taught to be victims and to be scared and run away or they are punished for fighting back.
peter koma
peter koma Aylar önce
I swear his laugh sais it all. He just goes trough life living and he takes the oportunities that were given to him. Those oportunities are so ridiculous and its a miracle that he came out alive. Hope he has some great years ahead of him :)
englishjames01 Yıl önce
One and a half hours of pure gold. There's Hollywood writers, who would blush at this.
Lorrie Sodrok
Lorrie Sodrok 6 aylar önce
I just stumbled onto this gem. I'd never heard of this guy, but, once I started watching, I couldn't even take a bathroom break! Lol. A pretty amazing character and great storyteller. I gotta say, I believe most of what he was saying. So much detail. It does remind me of Forrest Gump though. Very entertaining.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 3 aylar önce
There are still people from.that life around and they say he is full of crap. But he is entertaining.
Elijah Bey
Elijah Bey 5 aylar önce
I happen to own a bridge in Brooklyn. For real. I will sell it to you cheap.
unreal world
unreal world 5 aylar önce
This guy has a terrific Youthful personality and has lived an Amazing life. Who knows if he has to tweak the story a little to stay alive this long -- I don't care . most of it is true enough. The first story in the Hospital is Shocking but things like that happened back then and it would have boosted his street cred like he says. He gives insights into the history of our country and its fascinating ..
IrukunTheTuna Yıl önce
What an interview! I can't wait to see how he follows up and explains the story of how he managed to make all documentation pertaining to all 23 federal indictments that would otherwise be verifiable and subject to public record disappear!
Ray Ali
Ray Ali 2 aylar önce
He had the corleones get rid of them.asap.
Micheal Feeback
Micheal Feeback 4 aylar önce
The killing of an Escobar associate is true. Its public record, look it up
Doreen Sika
Doreen Sika 4 aylar önce
He is such a liar.
The shah of iran
The shah of iran 10 aylar önce
Seriously he’s blabbing about murders …he’s a habitual liar lmaoo
Johnny Hartley
Johnny Hartley 9 aylar önce
I love this, " I was talking to the Pope. He knew all about me." part. I mean, who could possibly doubt him meeting the Pope, and the Pope already knowing all about Gianni Russo.
Ray Ali
Ray Ali 2 aylar önce
Well i just hung up the phone with Queen Elizabeth.
Tarzan Mike
Tarzan Mike 10 aylar önce
This guy never lets the truth get in the way of a good story!
Fenan Weldeab
Fenan Weldeab Aylar önce
best comment u mad me lough so hard dude
Christina Legge
Christina Legge Aylar önce
😂😂 I’m using this line for all the liars around me
Almighty_C_Lo 2 aylar önce
Best comment!!!!
Atq 2
Atq 2 2 aylar önce
it's crazy to me how he can come up with these stories and still come of as genuine at some extent xD
Johanne 7 aylar önce
I generally find him believable, he was born at the right time and my own experience, the world is A LOT smaller than you think and certain ways of living lend themselves to the fantastical. That said, how was Oswald on his ship after an announcement that the President had been shot? He was swiftly apprehended close to the crime and killed just 2 days later, when did he find the time to be on a ship with Gianni?
Sol Aylar önce
No. He said he saw the newspaper on the boat and recognized oswald was the guy in the bathroom telling not to go to NY. Before he went on the boat.
Bradley Clutton
Bradley Clutton 2 aylar önce
No he didn’t? He saw him before he said. No wonder people think he lies when they don’t listen.
Carol w
Carol w 2 aylar önce
@clarissa phillips Good pick up
Kevin Roe
Kevin Roe 3 aylar önce
Didn't he say he saw Oswald before the shooting ,, not after ??
Dillon Kayser
Dillon Kayser 3 aylar önce
He’s definitely lying. Maybe one or two stories could be true, but knowing most of these are lies certainly discredits the few stories that could be fact.
justin bibeau
justin bibeau 11 aylar önce
He tells a great story. Imagine this interview as a movie. It’s an impossible tale. But, fun, funny, and entertaining haha.
TL Taylor
TL Taylor 3 aylar önce
Sounds like Forrest Gump
cvcoco Yıl önce
Great stories in this one, its almost like Rodney Dangerfield telling 200 jokes in 3 minutes. Im touched most by the time in the hospital with polio. That had to be the bottom of the pit of life. I can barely imagine it yet he can still smile.
franklin obeng
franklin obeng 8 aylar önce
If some people are made to live a full life no matter what was a person that would be this man
turquoisebabies Yıl önce
I've waited my whole life to find out what really happened to Marilyn. Thank you Gianni for telling us.
Green Room Review
Green Room Review 5 aylar önce
@turquoisebabies she didn't die from a drug overdose. Not sure why people even bought that story or many of the other far fetched accidental suicide stories.
turquoisebabies 5 aylar önce
@RichardofOz can you link some videos or give titles? I just watched the doc on Netflix, which tells a different story (she died in the ambulance but was then brought back to her home where they put her back in bed - though that still doesn't explain why her stomach didn't contain any pills, unless she had vomited it all up).
RichardofOz 5 aylar önce
The story is told more fully elsewhere on TRvid, and it's quite compelling, and sickening.
Fleadog Green
Fleadog Green Yıl önce
I feel for him, my mom got real sick when I was 4 ,I had to live with my cousins aunt n uncle , for a year, I remember when my parents came to get me I couldn’t believe I was going back home, I still remember the next day I was so afraid of bees, my dad caught one in a soap dish to say, hey no need to be scared anymore, I got ya !
Cathy Hopkinson
Cathy Hopkinson 2 yıl önce
Wow, what a wonderful story teller. Not everyone can tell their story like he can. Loved it!
Melinda Yıl önce
@Mauricio Sandoval😁😁😁
##AlbanianKing 2 yıl önce
Fr and doing it with a horrible interviewer lol props to em
Melinda 2 yıl önce
Did he say he can't read??
MHV Villarreal
MHV Villarreal Aylar önce
One of the best interviews I have heard! LOVED IT!
Karoleigh Robinson
Karoleigh Robinson 8 aylar önce
I’m so happy to hear you were able to defend yourself and able to talk about it. Thank you.
Bart Baxter
Bart Baxter 6 aylar önce
He is a good story teller. Sometimes the truth gets lost in a good story.
Cleft Of The Rock
His epitaph “I did everything”. He’s a great story teller. Hand it to the guy. He was great in The Godfather.
tml 5 aylar önce
He had a bit part.
Zelda Smith
Zelda Smith Yıl önce
Yes. Great story teller. If Donald runs in 2024, he should choose this guy to be VP. It would be a show that would keep the masses entertained and the press running in circles. He's had extensive plastic surgery. Maybe he can hook Trump up with a surgeon to tighten his neck and remove his jowls.
Enri Bruçeti
Enri Bruçeti Yıl önce
Gianni Russo - "One time I started believing my own stories. I couldn't believe it."
Zackary Combs
Zackary Combs Aylar önce
Hahaha now thats funny kuz its true! Lol micheal Francis said half if his storys are a tad bit imbellishef! To say the least lol
john lamberti
john lamberti Aylar önce
pancho paco
pancho paco Aylar önce
CBas Aylar önce
pancho paco
pancho paco Aylar önce
Knucklehead Yıl önce
One fascinating narrative of a 20th & now 21st century life. Russo comes across as so genuine and self-deprecating - Amazed me from start to finish. Arrived here after watching Mark Shaw's talk about his definitive work on the murder of Marilyn Monroe on The Commonwealth Club of California (Shaw also wrote about the deaths of Dorothy Kilgallen and RFK) and the facts intersect in places that make that investigation fairly plausible. But this man has an amazing old New York way of talking that is so engaging and magnetic - really enjoyed his views and hearing about his time.
gingerht1 6 aylar önce
He tells fantastic stories...I love that. Maybe not all true, but I prefer to believe them. I have a daughter, who happened to be in Las Vegas at a medical convention. Probably was in the late 1980s when a guy sat down next talking to her. He told her that he was Sonny in The Godfather movie. She was totally unimpressed, but I would have loved meeting him. He is so interesting to say the least. I love the man!
XOZay Aylar önce
Crazy how JFK had huge Italian mafia ties. History is dark and I feel as though without certain guys like Russo, none of this will ever be told. Very interesting to say the least💯
Laura  (LaLa) Darling
Laura (LaLa) Darling 5 aylar önce
Thank you for your fabulous and riveting interview, he's a charismatic storyteller, it must be fascinating to interview old-school Mafia members and associates. Unlike other comments, believe him but with a proviso of potential exaggeration, however he wasn't a made-man for the Mafia, which is probably while he's still alive. I do know he's spot on regards M. M's death. His enditements can be googled and checked. I am interested so I shall research him before accusations of him of lying. He was also Carlo in the Godfather film so it seems unintelligent to make a sweeping generalisation as to his account of life experiences. Xxx
brotherskeepers111 2 aylar önce
Great interview, so much history. This interview is awesome, much better than the usual simpletons who can't string together an entire coherent sentence.
Trump cant talk like 16 year old.
Rufus 2 aylar önce
Do you have certain "group" of people in mind?
Britt Lyle
Britt Lyle Yıl önce
You can say what you want to, but no one can lie in detail. My life has been wild (not like this though) and people think that I lie about it all. This guy is solid. When people lie, they change the story, bet he tells it all the same way every time. That''s because it's the truth.
Arlette Dumais
Arlette Dumais 5 aylar önce
I've watched several of his interviews and there are inconsistencies with some of his stories. Whether it's BS or not, he's very entertaining and the comments are the funniest on YT! 😂😂😂
aye jay
aye jay 10 aylar önce
Other people involved call him out for lieing all the time, lol
Ken Fung
Ken Fung 7 aylar önce
What a treasure a legend in his own mind. baffled how anyone cud keep a straight face interviewing him. Bad part he genuinely believes all of it
Ashley Haskett
Ashley Haskett 8 aylar önce
This guy is the Forest Gump of the Mafia. He's been everything and everywhere.
cindy lou
cindy lou 2 yıl önce
this guy is the opposite of dementia - he remembers first last names, family lines, details, dates, buildings, timelines, punch lines, story lines, conversations "he said" "I said" - all perfectly and easily
Ima 21 gün önce
Who can prove he's lying? And who has other versions to tell?
payshoto Aylar önce
@Ag Richardson dinner stories, fake AF
payshoto Aylar önce
yea they do that quite well, actors. If this guy was half real, he'd be real dead too or serving life in prison a long time ago, get outta here haha paluka!!
Daniel Yıl önce
There is NO WAY anyone could make up so much information and have it align with history this well. This gentleman doesn't miss a question or pause for long enough to make up facts. The doubters fall for every stupid story the MSM comes up with though.
Gerry Urich
Gerry Urich Yıl önce
Awsome this made us so honest, well spoken and real. Love his interviews.
Neil Varghese
Neil Varghese 2 aylar önce
Gianni is smart. He knows everything that happened in the US and was involved in major world events
Gina Dillon
Gina Dillon 6 aylar önce
He deserves praise for what he did. Poor little kid but he was smart enough to know what to do.
P Monte
P Monte 2 yıl önce
That was one of the best interviews I've ever seen. Gianni is a walking history book that I could listen tell stories forever. Vlad, great job keeping your mouth shut and letting this legend speak.
Gerardo Contreras
I agree... His reactions were awkward at times. Good thing Gianni kept it going. Hell of a story teller. Never new this guy existed until today. What a legend.
Julie Lake
Julie Lake Yıl önce
Oh dear, there really is one born every minute! There must be a lot of wise guys falling about laughing at this interview with a man whose vivid imagination is almost as big as his ego!
Anthony Ocuto
Anthony Ocuto Yıl önce
@amanda jones . P
amanda jones
amanda jones Yıl önce
@Danny Carvajal thank you! lol like he gave not even the slightest feedback. there's gotta be a balance at least
Susan Wynne
Susan Wynne 2 aylar önce
Amazing story amazing life this man has lived great story teller too lm gonna try find his book l dont know the name of it but Google can do that for me absolutely enjoyed every part of his story
MC 8 aylar önce
Natural storyteller with highly developed charisma - some of these stories are even believable!
Genevieve Scott
Genevieve Scott 7 aylar önce
What an interview! Honest, intriguing and entertaining!
Elijah Bey
Elijah Bey 5 aylar önce
You mean dishonest
Superior 7 aylar önce
Honest? So you really believe any of this..you believe the Pope knew him and asked him questions…lmao…gullible
Intrepid Virgo
Intrepid Virgo 5 aylar önce
Respect goes out to the interviewer for the amazing restraint it took NOT to call this dude out.
Lyn Miller
Lyn Miller 2 yıl önce
This guy wins the internet. He's so interesting, I could listen to him for hours. Great laugh!
RichardofOz 5 aylar önce
Try Sammy Gravano for the real deal, and one great story after another, always with a sense of humour.
DIGITAL BRIDGE 5 aylar önce
He says he has a podcast
r j
r j Yıl önce
@ Lyn Miller - I guess he’s charisma got you 😉
Avex Theatre
Avex Theatre Yıl önce
I am tripping so hard on acid right now and his teeth are insane.
Justin Barrier
Justin Barrier Yıl önce
Out of all the interviews this guy does for this Channel. This guy is by far he most entertaining and most fly and smooth cat I have ever scene . He’s like 75+ and this guy has the charm and game to pull a 21 year old female out of the young clubs haha - His stories and charisma on the way he yells the stories is awesome.!
Sully M
Sully M Yıl önce
Gianni, that you?
S Tekbali
S Tekbali Aylar önce
I met him at a party in Beverly Glen maybe 15 years ago. I had just graduated law school. We were at the same table. He was really nice. We chatted, I asked him what he did and he told me he was a producer. I asked what he produced that I would know... he said sea biscuit. Right then i knew he was a big deal. I should have known given the 20something on his arm. I was at the bar... he was gonna leave and he walked over to remind me that I left my phone on the table. It was a burnt orange LG envy.. God i was a dork.
Huston Mann
Huston Mann Aylar önce
I want this book! I love this story, even if it’s bogus, it’s an awesome story!
Alan Flores
Alan Flores Aylar önce
This whole interview is so insane it has to be true 😭
Gmont 508
Gmont 508 2 yıl önce
I respect this guy because he hustled his entire life and he did it as a free agent... No obligation to the mob...
Andrew Di Re
Andrew Di Re Yıl önce
@Anthony Casco ahahaha. I was gunna ask you the same question. Only children play 2k.
Anthony Casco
Anthony Casco Yıl önce
@Andrew Di Re im guessing your like 13😂
Emmanuel Gabs
Emmanuel Gabs 4 aylar önce
Wow, just WOW……isn’t it incredible how after each statement he has a big smile ? Is there truth here or fiction? Perhaps a mix? Great storytelling
Sean LeBert
Sean LeBert Aylar önce
I love how people want to say someone’s a liar….how do you know he didn’t have all that happen. ?? Maybe he did and it was an awesome story.
Sean LeBert
Sean LeBert Aylar önce
@David Baines hahaha keep believing that. I just liked the story. Of course it was almost impossible and he was everywhere like Waldo. But it was exciting. I know the type bro. Anyway. God bless you.
David Baines
David Baines Aylar önce
Now I know how all those African Prince stories make money.
fatima pruitt
fatima pruitt 10 aylar önce
He's a great story teller
ronnie americanstangs
ronnie americanstangs 5 aylar önce
Out of all the interviews I've seen on your channel,, this guy is the most interesting... He's never at a loss for words , definitely the life of any party 👍👍👍👍👍👍...
Beth Maharaj
Beth Maharaj 2 yıl önce
I love this uncle's stories...reminds me of my grandpa. It's so intriguing I don't care if it's real or not I am so entertained!!!!
David Yancey
David Yancey Aylar önce
"we had nothing to measure it against" innocence manufactured into guilt. When you marginalize people they have few options. The whole history of LCN began with people trying to protect themselves and their dignity. Is that still the purpose? These interviews are a philosopher's orgy. Sincere thanks to Vlad and all who sit down with him and share their experiences.
Tressinar Renee
Tressinar Renee Aylar önce
I listened to this while painting my room today. I would love to ask Gianni a million questions..he has a memory for sure!!!
Northern Pike
Northern Pike 5 aylar önce
I believe everything Gianni Russo says!
J K 6 aylar önce
When I was a kid(under 10), I used to say my grandpa was either Mr. Frank Costello, or if I was being bullied by a group of kids I would tell them to go look up my Grandpa, Mr. Vincent Gigante. i wasnt allowed to see my own dad or his side of the family. I was not afraid to stand my ground, but I also had a BIG nose and a really nice tan. So I said I was Italian. I didn’t know any difference and no personal family history. I was Italian, a skinny little white kid, a little crazy when it came to fighting and going straight for the big kid that opened their mouth. Oh and that we had to change our names to stay protected. I wish I didn’t do it because I feel like I took from them in a way. I loved the family bond, the way that they could handle themselves without getting loud and acting like a peacock and the way the older men taught the younger boy the right way to handle himself and even to stay away from that sort of life. My favorite thing was the respect. I learned at a very young age to pay respect to my elders. l could not understand how kids could cuss at teachers and take things that didn’t be;one to them. Even to this day it’s something that really upsets me to see, especially if I’m not allowed to do anything about it. I guess being a kid in the 80’s had different standards than today. Best of luck. And best of health during this crazy virus crud.
Ronnie McDade
Ronnie McDade 3 aylar önce
"Those Hollywood guys made a movie about my life, it was called "Forest Gump" you may of heard of it." - Gianni Russo
J Davis
J Davis Yıl önce
Epic interview, millionaire hustler gangster celebrity and legend 🔥
JO MAMA Aylar önce
He is a very interesting man, very charming too. I feel sad about his childhood. He had a hard upbringing. He reminds me of my Dad's side of the family in Chicago.
Nahtan Dorvol
Nahtan Dorvol Yıl önce
This guy makes himself in his stories seem flawless.
Tara Lipke
Tara Lipke 2 yıl önce
I got tears in my eyes when he talked about the candy striper giving him a hug every night. I can’t imagine leaving my 6 year old in a hospital for 5 years.
Mark Williams
Mark Williams 3 aylar önce
@Andrew Di Re many who were on the life and still around say he is full of crap.
Andrew Di Re
Andrew Di Re Yıl önce
@R M really? Any proof? Or do you know him? Didn't think so.🤡
R M Yıl önce
Because it didn’t fucking happen
John Gurule
John Gurule 2 yıl önce
Europebystorm 2 aylar önce
This guy is like Keyser Söze from Usual Suspects, he can make up a detailed BS story about anything by scanning the room. A rare talent
V. Jenkins
V. Jenkins 2 aylar önce
“As a courier for the Vatican at the time, they sent me to Harlem to make a delivery to an undisclosed location that I still can’t say to this day but as I was on my way, I stopped at this breakfast joint and Malcom X was there just sitting right across from me. We ended up having a very insightful conversation. I think I was about 18 or 19 at the time. As I was telling him about my close call with death when I was a boy getting polio, I just so happened to say that I survived, “by any means necessary” and the next thing you know, I hear it in his next speech. -Gianni Russo
Arctic Yıl önce
" I remember the time Rudolf Hess got in touch with me and ask me to break him out. He was a real crazy guy. I talked it over with Luciano and he shot the idea down, It would have been easy as I knew a lot of the guards" - Gianni Russo
Jeremy Bernard
Jeremy Bernard 3 aylar önce
Mann... Great show!! I did not want it to end!! Salute
Trevor Dostal
Trevor Dostal 2 yıl önce
It’s amazing how he remembers every street, every age zone he was in, every specific detail. It’s amazing. No one ever pays that much attention nowadays... :(
Richard VanOsten
Richard VanOsten 8 aylar önce
Nobody ever did. This is just not true.
Jerome Marshall
Jerome Marshall Yıl önce
Frank Cullato did
Dean Richardson
Dean Richardson Yıl önce
@Ed Miller you know, i didn't believe it at first but then i decided to research timelines and dates and see the pictures he had and the people he was with and news articles and much more. Turns out he just had a great life!
Gene a Wisea2
Gene a Wisea2 2 yıl önce
Excerpt for the next Supreme Court Justice ACB!
Fairplay Terrific
Fairplay Terrific 2 yıl önce
@Lunsy Exactly! Those Who Lived Life Before This Social Media Era Will Remember Things Like Phone Numbers, Street Addresses, 1+1 Etc.....
anthony menna
anthony menna Yıl önce
This guy is the truth . Anyone who ever grew up in the life really knows and understands what he is talking about
Bob Custer
Bob Custer 6 aylar önce
Wes Hooser
Wes Hooser 5 aylar önce
I find it interesting that in 1993 in an interview he says I don't know Frank Sinatra and now after all these people are dead he's their best friend and knew them really well
Todd Kimbrell
Todd Kimbrell 2 aylar önce
All I can say is this, Liars have bad memories, their stories change over time . I believe Russo is telling truths because he never waivers.
Todd Kimbrell
Todd Kimbrell Aylar önce
@Avinash Singh Mr. Singh, he sure does tell a heck of a story doesn't he! I couldn't keep that level of detail in my head for ten minutes. Lol. I'm sure you are right. I have never met an Indian that was easily fooled over. Appreciate your response sir.
Skeepy Dooda
Skeepy Dooda 5 aylar önce
Be interesting to see him in another interview and see if the stories changes .
Twitchy Witchy
Twitchy Witchy Yıl önce
one of my favorite interviews you’ve ever done!!! he reminds me so much of my grandfather, this was fantastic to watch!
Elijah Bey
Elijah Bey 5 aylar önce
Every word out of his mouth is a lie, including "and" and "the"
Ryan Peters
Ryan Peters Yıl önce
Ya onna side note...
Twitchy Witchy
Twitchy Witchy Yıl önce
@Ryan Peters lol cute
Kevin King
Kevin King 2 aylar önce
"I was telling Hollywood about my life story, and they made a movie about it called Forrest Gump." --Gianni Russo.
Art Isan
Art Isan Yıl önce
“So there I was at the Last Supper. I saw Jesus staring down Judas the whole night. I says, ‘Christ! Will you relax already?’ Got a big laugh from the Apostles and soon that nickname stuck. A month and a half later, he came back from the dead just to tell me off. Can you believe it?” - Gianni Russo
John Glubney
John Glubney Yıl önce
"I said hey, you two guys. Put these wings on this frame with two motors with propellers attached and fly it. We will call it an airplane. The rest is history"-Gianni Russo
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 3 aylar önce
I bumped into El Chapo at a quinciañera. I told him “hey take puff of this, people are going crazy for this stuff, they’re calling it marijuana” the rest is history! - Gianni Russo
Patricia Scott
Patricia Scott 7 aylar önce
I really enjoyed this interview! Not only is Mr. Russo handsome, but he has also had an intriguing life. He had me spellbound from the beginning to the end of the interview.
dan04r1 3 aylar önce
This has become my favorite interview yet!!
Bobbazoid 6 aylar önce
Its unbelievable how most can't or won't remember the hardships or failures of life. To lose the ability to empathize with others bec afraid of the idea of reliving what hurts. I rather relive than to live with myself if I don't.
Cryan 40
Cryan 40 6 aylar önce
This man implied he'd seen Some Like It Hot (1959) many time before he'd first met Marilyn, then said their alleged first meeting was in 1953 when he was sixteen years old. Later he referred to Marilyn's infamous Cal-Neva weekend saying she'd left Monday and "they" killed her Tuesday. August 4, 1962 was a Saturday. On a different note, how can Oswald come out of the restroom of the ship you're on when, at the same time according to the time line of his story's set up, he would have been in the hands of the Dallas police? It's difficult to believe this man.
NineLaivz 5 aylar önce
I think he said when he was 16 when she banged him. That puts him at least in 1959 as he was born late 1943. If he said he was 16 in 1953 then he made a mistake he obviously meant 1959.
Jeff Harper
Jeff Harper Yıl önce
One thing I've learned in my life. "Integrity" is the best policy. I respect this man
Marte Anderson
Marte Anderson 6 aylar önce
Separating the truth from the BS is a full time job with this guy
William MacDonald
Never ever let the truth interfere with a great story.
petabytenz Aylar önce
W O W!!!! What an amazing man!!! Plus that interview is the most amazing interview I have ever seen 😀😀😀
Sue Plummer
Sue Plummer 8 aylar önce
I'm not sure if these stories are true but they are really interesting. I'd love to meet him. He's got a great personality.
Pinstripe Jim
Pinstripe Jim 2 yıl önce
Class! Sharp dressed, clean shaven, and very professional in how he interviews. Great guy, we need more like this in the US
Modern Wisdom for Men
Modern Wisdom for Men 8 aylar önce
I see all sorts of people poking fun at this man. Facts are he is from where he’s from, he was in two of the most iconic movies of all time and I LOVE hearing him talk. He is truly an amazing story teller and for once I don’t care if he is lying or not. He is charming and has the memory of an elephant.
Modern Wisdom for Men
Modern Wisdom for Men 3 aylar önce
@Ronica same
Ronica 3 aylar önce
Also he’s telling stories first hand I dunno maybe not to bring up names who knows either way I love it!
bill samuelson
bill samuelson 5 aylar önce
i dont think hes lying he might of exaggerated but hes not lying.
Melanie E
Melanie E Yıl önce
I could listen to Gianni Russo talk all night long
David Johnson
David Johnson 11 aylar önce
Had dinner at State Street several times. Gianni always very pleasant and friendly. Thanks for the great memories.
Jay Haid
Jay Haid 8 gün önce
If Gianni goes through a lie detector he can convince it that he’s telling the truth
P Pumpkin
P Pumpkin 2 yıl önce
Fascinating interview. I can't believe all this true, but he's a good story teller. I couldn't stop watching.
Sherry Islam
Sherry Islam Yıl önce
This man speaks really great. For someone who did not go to school very long
Seeker of Truth
Seeker of Truth 5 aylar önce
I suppose lying in a quarantine hospital with polio for 6 years can really develop one's imagination, but all of this sounded so true.
Sharon Bowers
Sharon Bowers Yıl önce
I love this guy! How do you not love him?
Elijah Bey
Elijah Bey 5 aylar önce
Well, he lies a lot...so there's that
ullsp 8 aylar önce
Undoubtedly a great story teller, most of which i am sure that he him self believes… however lest assume that 10pct is correct, the guy still lived an amazing life …
Sarah 2 yıl önce
Imagine being one of his kids and hearing all the stories
Mark Bondar
Mark Bondar 2 aylar önce
@Leopoldo Mendívil López #SecretoAzteca Enough to put you OFF your food!
Leopoldo Mendívil López #SecretoAzteca
Imagine being one of his kids and hearing all the stories REPEATEDLY, every dinner
Mark Bondar
Mark Bondar 3 aylar önce
@David Connolly He will be a LIAR NO MATTER HOW OLD he gets!
David Connolly
David Connolly 4 aylar önce
@Mark Bondar Age15! I guessing the kids tell tall tails too.
Mercedes 6 aylar önce
@TheEasyriderman Shana he said he was with Bill Clinton in Australia on 9/11..not George Bush.
Ajax77 2 aylar önce
"I was actually asked to play the lead character in Goodfellas but I had to turn it down because I had been kidnapped by Pablo Escobar, Isn't that nuts?!? Hahahahaha"-Gianni Russo.
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