Germany vs. Japan Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup

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22 Kas 2022




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FOX Soccer
FOX Soccer 12 gün önce
Were you shocked by this outcome?
Trapoganda 3 gün önce
@Hala Madrid! Patriots Nation! Go Pats!!!! 14x 🏆🤍 this didnt age well…
Hala Madrid! Patriots Nation! Go Pats!!!! 14x 🏆🤍
@Jack KIm the comment thread is too long, I forgot what my reply was 🤷‍♂️
Bigi Ranch
Bigi Ranch 3 gün önce
nope. germany is overrated as always.
riya6226 3 gün önce
@Adam Wajih😂
Jack KIm
Jack KIm 3 gün önce
@Hala Madrid! Patriots Nation! Go Pats!!!! 14x 🏆🤍 Just give Japan their props saying Germany is finished takes the shine away from Japan and it sounded like someone being a sore loser who cannot accept defeat especially by Asians and guess what they beat Spain too today. Will u say they are finished too? Learn to how to accept and move on like a true man
Sarah Oh
Sarah Oh 12 gün önce
Big applause to the goal keeper in Japan team. He did a great job stopping all the shots.
Luis Ortiz
Luis Ortiz Gün önce
@Zegobot this didn't age well💀
Bao Nguyen
Bao Nguyen 3 gün önce
Japan team always has a great goal keeper!
Logic tube
Logic tube 3 gün önce
Best goal keeper in Qatar 2022. Good luck Japan!
Mike Liliana
Mike Liliana 3 gün önce
Glad u guys are out and blame it on spain because i feel like de gea could of saved both of the goals japans got
Ratatouille 🐀
Ratatouille 🐀 7 gün önce
@Zegobot tell me you know nothing about the sport without telling me you know nothing about the sport
AbsenteePennant 9 gün önce
Being married to a wonderfully beautiful Japanese woman, I am biased. But there is no denying that the Japanese AND the (real) Germans are the two greatest nations in all of our known human history. Bonzai!
mi passionanime
mi passionanime 9 gün önce
Your wife is mine tell me her number
Kwesi Nketsiah
Kwesi Nketsiah 11 gün önce
This has got to be one of the best goalkeeper performances at the world cup
udaysaleen 23 saatler önce
Don’t forget polands goalie
Michael B
Michael B 3 gün önce
RingChasin 3 gün önce
@Rami Spica all hype he blocked a ease pen
Fall 7 gün önce
@Roger the Shrubber Papers in front of a brick wall.
Roger the Shrubber
Roger the Shrubber 8 gün önce
And one of the worst defensive displays. That keeper really picked up the slack for their back line. 2:02. Great save, but then his defenders are just standing around instead of clearing it. Thankfully it was offside but yikes.
Travel Bug
Travel Bug 10 gün önce
Stunning Goalkeeping from Japan's goalie and the attack from the Japanese offense was so intense that you can see the German team and the coach in shock.
Underdog TV
Underdog TV Gün önce
An Axis power betrayal !
The Nacho Libre
The Nacho Libre 11 gün önce
Germany sets an incredible pace which can be exhausting for some, but Japan is super composed, and adapted to the change just as incredibly
Zitriphyer Gün önce
@David Kedrowski yeah okay bro
David Kedrowski
David Kedrowski 2 gün önce
All they did was run around on a field for a few minutes. It is not a tough guy sport.
Kareem Lewis
Kareem Lewis 5 gün önce
The ole Blitzkrieg
Matt 7 gün önce
Love seeing all the countries come together during these games ! I’ve already added atleast 3 new places I want to go lol. Japan, Croatia, and the UAE!
panda po
panda po 9 gün önce
they would've gotten wrekt without that goall keeper playing like a maniac.
Phillips Le
Phillips Le 12 gün önce
Japan’s goalkeeper was absolutely incredible. I love Kaoru Mitoma and his ability to create chances! That goal by Takuma Asano at that angle left me speechless, what a fantastic goal!
Mark Bailey
Mark Bailey 8 gün önce
@CHIRANTHA your mom is weak and easy to stop
J'sLife 11 gün önce
@CHIRANTHA played better than neuer , probably the best-looking goalie from the games so far and an unexpected one at that.
BanneroftheSun 11 gün önce
Yeh he’s on fire like Al Owais the Saudi
Robbie rotten
Robbie rotten 11 gün önce
Did naruto score?
Pett Pie
Pett Pie 11 gün önce
@CHIRANTHA he’s did at the World Cup, where you at? Stop hating
Falcon 3 gün önce
Incredibly deserved victory for the Japanese, proud of them.
Jorge Herrera
Jorge Herrera 2 gün önce
That second Japan goal was world class finishing. There was almost no angle and he still put it in somehow.
Visual Skills
Visual Skills Gün önce
The way 5 of them raised their hands at the same time shows the connection as a team
To believe
To believe 2 gün önce
Wow! Germany really tried, but Japan held up. Amazing!
Brittany🦇 11 gün önce
The goalkeeper from Japan was the true star of this match. 4 goals saved in that quick of a succession. It's hard for me to root on any other team than Germany but here I am! Way to go Japan!
madwrestler 145
madwrestler 145 7 gün önce
Matt 7 gün önce
Love seeing all the countries come together during these games ! I’ve already added atleast 3 new places I want to go lol. Japan, Croatia, and the UAE!
All Things In The Open
Where are you from?
Fabo 10 gün önce
I’m sorry but if you’re a German fan and rooting for the team that beat your team you’re not big enough of a German fan 😂😂 gotta have enough love to be mad at the enemy! One love though bro you have a kind heart
The Ball
The Ball 11 gün önce
None of you even know his name
letmebe79 2 gün önce
Germany’s offense looked so overwhelming. I am shocked the Japanese goalie stopped them.
Jason M
Jason M 3 gün önce
Japan's goalkeeper was the best player on the field. he stopped so many would be goals.
udaysaleen 23 saatler önce
That 2nd goal by Japan. Beautiful You can tell German defenders were tired
CooKingZooted 2 gün önce
Crazy, congrats from a Mexico fan y’all deserve it
Michael J
Michael J 3 gün önce
Early exit for Germany. Thank you Japan ❤️
Randy Gonzalez
Randy Gonzalez 3 gün önce
Wow Germany had so many Chances respect Japan goalkeeper he had no defense he block all👏
Lindsay Innes
Lindsay Innes 17 saatler önce
Any other goalkeeper and Japan loses massively!! What a performance!
issac saleh
issac saleh 3 gün önce
I’m from Yemen 🇾🇪 I was so happy to see Japan 🇯🇵 win I’m glad to have a really good Asian teams this year that mean our kids gonna grow up with positive thinking of Asan sports
issac saleh
issac saleh 3 gün önce
I’m from Yemen 🇾🇪 I was so happy to see Japan 🇯🇵 win I’m glad to have a really good Asian teams this year that mean our kids gonna grow up with positive thinking of Asan sports
Garlic Soda
Garlic Soda 10 gün önce
28 years ago, Japan missed out on qualifying for their first World Cup at the Agony of Doha. Now, they win their opening game, with their manager having once been a player for that very Japan team as well. Hopefully this wonderful story for the Japanese team continues
Mitch Jarvis
Mitch Jarvis 2 gün önce
Wouldn't be surprised if they have a better performance for the next world cup as well.
scythermantis 3 gün önce
It just set them up for the opportunity for greater glory!
Stonedstakegaming 7 gün önce
Definitely have the potential this World Cup has been full of upsets
Sean Matthew King
Sean Matthew King 7 gün önce
Orchid Outdoor
Orchid Outdoor 3 gün önce
Japan team won huge applause even in China, that shows how great they had been.
Logic tube
Logic tube 3 gün önce
Germany team is the best but, the goal keeper from Japan is so incredible and outstanding. Congratulation to All Japanese
Indigo child
Indigo child 11 gün önce
Thank you everyone for the positive comments on Japan ‘s victory ❤❤❤ I’m never been more proud to be Japanese 🇯🇵 🇯🇵 🇯🇵
EmLaneF1991 2 gün önce
They’re advanced at every possible aspect of life
Arsenio Columbie
Arsenio Columbie 8 gün önce
I am Cuban , and I and proud of your team!!!
RedNuii 10 gün önce
@Nova Nitrox Nope, you are over-glorifying them, they are good at some stuff but bad at others. They are just like any other country.
RedNuii 10 gün önce
@Marx Valentine What Toyotas? Nissans? Those are just average cars.
Edson Gaboardi Jr
Edson Gaboardi Jr 11 gün önce
Congrats from Brazil!
Verna Ghimire
Verna Ghimire 3 gün önce
This goalie will go far! 18 was great too
OrigamiOverdose 11 gün önce
Love to Japan from the US! Congratulations to the hard working team and it’s just amazing seeing so many people here being so positive ^^
давид Бедные люди
@Steven M, OrigamiOverdose may be a JP animation maniac. | Пусть наш Бог хранит Україну.
First Name
First Name 10 gün önce
@Steven M Why are there more blonds on the Japanese team than the German team?
Steven M
Steven M 10 gün önce
There’s something about your profile picture that explains your affection for Japan lol.
JackCarregan Gün önce
Man I don't watch soccer, but the Japan goalie seems really good.
Otieno Roger
Otieno Roger 3 gün önce
For me It's the Japan Keeper 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
King in The North
King in The North 11 gün önce
This worldcup so far FULL of surprises IM LOVING IT 🇲🇽🇯🇵
jthanrubio 4 gün önce
@Aldo 18 See Aldo? This is exactly why I said el tri are mediocre! They are not a football power, and never were. They are a mid-level team amigo.
jthanrubio 6 gün önce
@Aldo 18 One of my parents is Mexican (born there), the other European (born there)...I was born in the UK during my father's American military service & I am an American citizen. Once again, I am not an El Tri hater, I do thi k that the FMF is the root cause, and the media stokes fans' delusional unrealistic condition of Mexican football.
Aldo 18
Aldo 18 8 gün önce
@jthanrubio where are you from?
jthanrubio 8 gün önce
@Aldo 18 Argentina plays similar to a European team because they have so many players applying their craft there (as does Brazil). Mexico plays hard, but there are levels to this game.
Aldo 18
Aldo 18 8 gün önce
@jthanrubio we were talking about european teams
Vergansio Pitoloco
Vergansio Pitoloco 3 gün önce
I LOVE JAPAN,, good job you guys, viva japon cabrones.
HEADSPINSTV 3 gün önce
Japan has been coming up for a while now, very soon it will be a power house. Put some respek on it 😎
Markus Brandon
Markus Brandon 2 gün önce
Japan's defense holding shape in their box forced Germany to make quick strikes instead of working it in.
Shana Dhaity
Shana Dhaity 11 gün önce
I was literally so happy when they scored their second goal. I just love how they never gave up and tried and tried and tried. Much respect from the US!! ❤
давид Бедные люди
The time of DE may be gone. | Миру мир!
Homero Rosas
Homero Rosas 11 gün önce
I’m Mexican, but I was obsessed with this game at work and I’m glad I didn’t miss it! Japan is always fun to watch during the World Cup. Great game.
Strada21 10 gün önce
Hello,, yog sototh and azatoth here,, great game Japan !!,, Greetings from and underwater city here in Pacific ✌️✌️
Kid Eva
Kid Eva 10 gün önce
Lmao I love how this dude is getting clowned.
Duck Ling
Duck Ling 10 gün önce
I'm from uranus...
Charles Hwang
Charles Hwang 10 gün önce
I'm Tellurian. I don't always watch soccer game. But when I do, I prefer watching Japan.
Gonzalo Carrillo
Gonzalo Carrillo 10 gün önce
@Armando Peralta 😂😂😂😂😂
1k1ngst0n 2 gün önce
goalie for Japan was amazing
el el
el el 3 gün önce
i really hope japan takes the cup 🏆
Ronald Rebolledo
Ronald Rebolledo 10 gün önce
I love that the player that made the second goal didn't look to fall and lock up a penalty even though he was obviously fouled and didn't give up and took the shot at the end. Lots of courage and honor. I hate when these grown men are acting like babies on the ground.
OverCraft 3 gün önce
Close match. Germany and Japan both opening many opportunities
g00dl00kinb0i 11 gün önce
The Japanese players deserved the win like no other team today, they never gave up or became emotional or argumentative in the face of initial loss, they also played some of the cleanest football you'll see in this entire event with almost no fouls👌 I never was a fan of Japan but today I was screaming my throat out cheering them on ! Well done Japan !!!
zarni000 10 gün önce
@Ocean3404k there is no deserve or not deserve. If you can't score you font deserve. Plain and simple
zarni000 10 gün önce
@Z Boston what matters is not what it may look like but how many goals you score. Possession and superficial dominance don't mean much if you dont score
zarni000 10 gün önce
@Dub4Lif3 you never know that. And goalie is part of the team. Just cos the goalie is good you cannot say they were not that good. As a team they were better than the germans. That's why they won
Israel Diaz
Israel Diaz 10 gün önce
I don’t know what match you were watching but clearly Germany deserved to win at list 3 to 0.
Graham Reece
Graham Reece 10 gün önce
@Dub4Lif3 cope
sid nee
sid nee 10 gün önce
I’m a fan of Germany football, totally heartbroken but still congrats to all the Japanese players!
Derek Jetter
Derek Jetter 7 gün önce
this is not a german team. Its some international company. meaningless
Mitchi Barrantes
Mitchi Barrantes 3 gün önce
I m glad for Japan.
Haris Srdanovic
Haris Srdanovic 3 gün önce
Congratulations to Japan
バニズ 2 gün önce
amazing!!!well done boys!
Galoag2012 11 gün önce
I’m Mexican and I’ve always have had so much love and respect for Japan! Amazing squad and amazing results 🇲🇽🤝🇯🇵
Sean Matthew King
Sean Matthew King 7 gün önce
@Alberto Galvan He's probably talking about criticisms of Qatar... Acknowledging problems with host country could be seem as 'negativity.'
CM2017 11 gün önce
Yes! I can say I am very impressed and proud of y’all ❤ 🇲🇽 🤝 🇯🇵
Saul V
Saul V 11 gün önce
@CROW _G you have some sick humor. Must be sad being so awkward and unrelatable that you thought your comment would garner other sociopaths.
Big FOOT 11 gün önce
@Israel Cruz lol its a joke dude... And nobody cares
Gonzalo 11 gün önce
@CROW _G te mamaste wey
Stefano 9 gün önce
My favorite part about Japan is about how happy they are about a win, instead of the European countries who look like their family was killed after then win. A true passion for the sport
Malak.youssef 3 gün önce
I am Moroccan Proud of Japan 🇯🇵
Froyski 3 gün önce
gonda and asano definitely deserves a hero card after this game
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 2 gün önce
Terrible defending on that last goal. Amazing touch though to bring that down
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 12 gün önce
I don’t understand why people underestimate Japan. One of the fastest and passionate teams in every World Cup. Love seeing them complicate things for teams ⚽️
chismg10 8 gün önce
@ bao tran Aerial strength is not important. Also, only 6 in the Japanese team are shorter than 5’9”. From these, 4 are forwards (Asano 5'8", Doan 5'8", Maeda 5'8", Soma 5'5"), in the range of some famous forwards like Messi (5’7”), Maradona (5’5”), Pele (5’8”), Romario (5'6”), David Villa (5’7”). I remember comments about Spain winning the 2010 cup with most forwards and midfielders 5’5”-5’7”.
Warsaw Cat
Warsaw Cat 8 gün önce
@๑ Charms 🏳️‍🌈⃠ that Argentina loss against Saudi Arabia was crazy!
AryaJade 10 gün önce
@CROW _Gyet Korea and Japan beat Germany.
heber0427 10 gün önce
@Roman A yet Germany still lost lol
CROW _G 10 gün önce
@Si Nombre asians teams are bad lol Germany is longer a top elite team
Alex Weinbaum
Alex Weinbaum 10 gün önce
4:27 that is an absolutely WORLD CLASS first touch
Jake McKeown
Jake McKeown 3 gün önce
That first touch by Asano on the second goal is insane.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 13 saatler önce
Yan Zhu
Yan Zhu 3 gün önce
That goalie is like half of their team.
Suk Gurung
Suk Gurung 2 gün önce
Japan 🇯🇵 Op love from Nepal 🇳🇵
Geno B
Geno B Gün önce
If Germany focused on the games and not the armband, they might have went farther ...
Lona Raffi
Lona Raffi 2 gün önce
Japan 🇯🇵 indeed deserves to win .perfect match at all time !
Edgar Te Voy A Extrañar
Congrats to Japan team 🇯🇵
Othuke Umukoro
Othuke Umukoro 11 gün önce
I'm from Nigeria but man my joy for Japan is over the roof. Congratulations, boys. This is a well coordinated victory.
sage ex
sage ex 6 gün önce
@Pepehimovic naw it was skill
AN-Nuke M
AN-Nuke M 6 gün önce
@The Komodo Dragon win
Zim Hara
Zim Hara 10 gün önce
@iwontbebeat What happened to shame? Japanese and similar groups have unreasonable prejudice against Africans. What are you trying to do here? 😂
iwontbebeat 10 gün önce
Thank you ! Japan loves Nigerian people too !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Pepehimovic 10 gün önce
@Kiab Toom Lauj it was mostly luck. Germans missed east chances to close the game in the first half, and gave away lucky goals too.
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To Japan with love
Steven 2 gün önce
Can anyone explain why some goals didn't count?
Khajiit 47
Khajiit 47 9 gün önce
I didn't get to see it live but that was an amazing comeback from Japan. Best of luck to Japan they played hard and kept faith to win! Well deserved 👏 🙌 👌
Inspector Count Mortis Winship Klaw
@GemVFX I'm guessing your English.
GemVFX 3 gün önce
@Inspector Count Mortis Winship Klaw dont know if they can say anything ever since lampards disallowed goal lol
Inspector Count Mortis Winship Klaw
@Khajiit 47 It certainly did. Why isn't there a dispute from the Germans. Strange
Khajiit 47
Khajiit 47 3 gün önce
@Inspector Count Mortis Winship Klaw definitely did but ah, I guess it didn't to the officials.
Inspector Count Mortis Winship Klaw
Did the ball cross the line
Frank L
Frank L 10 gün önce
Japan's goalie - wow! He blocks two real Germany goal chances one after the other like a boss. At 3:40-3:42, he looks a little shell shocked but then looks at the Germans almost saying "what else you got?" Incredible job by Japan. The second goal was stunning.
Jerek 11 gün önce
Japan’s goalie was world class. Amazing game. Congrats Japan!
Root Beer
Root Beer 11 gün önce
I don't even watch football or understand the rules but he was insane out there.
GoodBoy 11 gün önce
Nah nah he is only rated 72 in fifa. He is trash. Not better then dea
leer 11 gün önce
German here. Even though Japan had a very low percentage of ball possession, proficiency gave them the victory. Well played Japan and hope to see you progress through Rounds of 16 alongside us (if we don't get knocked out in the GS the second consecutive time)
Choloz Production 817
Everybody loves Japan 🇯🇵
Jerry Richard
Jerry Richard 10 gün önce
Happy Japan won. They always had the talent, just needed the experience. Go Japan
Ricky Got
Ricky Got Gün önce
The German goalie forgot he had arms
Swagkia Kuchiki
Swagkia Kuchiki 9 gün önce
Did anyone see those Japanese fans doing the mouth covering that the Germans were doing for cringe reasons? Pure gold! Germay is far from reality its insane. Well played to the homogenous Japanese team celebrating victory over the "diversity is our strength" Germany team.
Manraj Singh
Manraj Singh 2 gün önce
Legit Germany was getting super unlucky. They were the better team but lost unfortunatel
sammy 1234
sammy 1234 10 gün önce
Two of the most technologically advanced nations. Good match!
Rene Verlaine
Rene Verlaine 11 gün önce
What the…Japan rules! I am going to support you till if you meet France. Fantastic game, the goalkeeper was a freaking wall. I am genuinely happy for you my Japanese friends!
Sebastian Gutierrez
Sebastian Gutierrez 12 gün önce
First of all congratulation to Japan, what a performance. They fought to the very end, a great defensive display and the attack showed a lot of heart. As a German, I can't help but be disappointed with our lack of passionate defending. But we should keep our heads up, the group stage isn't over! Again congrats to Japan, what an exciting team to watch!
@Diego Galván Germany has never been multi-ethnic. It has been turned multi-ethnic by force through political treason by globalist who want to destroy Germany's racial homogeneity and culture. Just like they have been doing in the USA, since 1965. Diversity only in white nations is National Suicide to its true inhabitants.
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez 11 gün önce
@Mauricio Méndez Use your brain💀, if you even have one lmaooo
yvamarquer 11 gün önce
Pulling on the guys arm while he scored the amazing 2nd goal - that's definitely not passionate ;/
andgainingspeed 11 gün önce
@Nicolo Barella Is Spain a problem that Germany has any chance of solving? 🤔
Diego Galván
Diego Galván 11 gün önce
@Mauricio Méndez I think you as a Hispanic would know that nationality doesn’t depend on name let alone ethnicities. If you look at the German squad I’m sure you can tell that names like Gundogan and Musiala don’t scream German. Same thing with a lot of Hispanic countries, Germany is multi ethnic now
ALO HA 19 saatler önce
First, Japan beats them at making cars and now at soccer!
Cliente Promedio
Cliente Promedio 10 gün önce
Amazing... such an incredible match from both sides. But gotta admit, Japan did an splendid job.
JIRO SHIBA & FAMILY 13 saatler önce
Alvin Squezz
Alvin Squezz 11 gün önce
This is what I call complete SOCCER. Oh sheeesshhhhhh the both teams played out their hearts and gave it all.. Kudos to the Japanese for showing great calmness and respect towards each other. Not complaining when their Team mate loses the ball.
BoysGoneWild 11 gün önce
Japanese goal keeper deserves an MVP for this game! And the 2nd goal by Asano was fabulous. Proud to be Japanese!
Ace 11 gün önce
Goal keeper laying it down for his country !
PreTabs 11 gün önce
from somalia, i love japanese people
Daniel Alveo
Daniel Alveo 11 gün önce
Asano’s goal was Henryesque.
TheAdamSmasher Multiverse
Between Saudi and Japan, the goalkeepers deserve raises! They made all the difference. Bloody good win Japan!
Palestine Exists
Palestine Exists 11 gün önce
Determined to stay on his feet in the box, not flop.
Wes Olley
Wes Olley 11 gün önce
Congratulations to Japan!!! What a well earned victory. Showed tenacity for all 90 minutes. This team is so technically skilled and impressive. Watched them whoop the U.S in a friendly before the tournament. I think they could make a serious run!
OloSnowLeo Gün önce
This is straight up real life Blue Lock!😂
Rift Gün önce
fax lol
Daizzle 9 gün önce
Good job Japan you guys really do deserve this win! ... from Mexico🇲🇽
Halima 11 gün önce
I really didn't see how Japan was gonna get up ahead. They really showed out in the last bits of the game. Amazing to watch
Roberto Baggio
Roberto Baggio 12 gün önce
3:14 four consecutive saves within 20 seconds. Just incredible
MIX 11 gün önce
@Kevin Torres nice brother
GeoAce69 11 gün önce
yesssss 'Memo Ochoa-like' ;-)
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 11 gün önce
@MIX I must correct myself. It indeed was 4. Good show brother
Kevin Torres
Kevin Torres 11 gün önce
@MIX no I really need to shower, I got church soon. But hold up let me count again
MIX 11 gün önce
@Kevin Torres you really need some glasses bruh
Marco Ibarra
Marco Ibarra 9 gün önce
That control at 3:46 pure class Japan has a lot of potential this WC
GoodDayNilssonAyee 8 gün önce
What a beautiful game you never know what teams will bring to the pitch. I'm surprised the best past teams are getting beat by teams who never had a chance in past world cups. Congratulations
Iqram Resat56
Iqram Resat56 10 gün önce
Brilliant game It was .Japan goal keeper deserves all the praise 🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡🫡.Tremendous win by Japan at the end .finest game by Japan 🇯🇵
504roger2011 3 gün önce
Finished top of the group!!!
cris espinoza
cris espinoza 11 gün önce
Japans goalkeeper is crazy good. Im not a soccer fanatic but this kind of competitions are a must watch by any sports fan. Great game and win.
Peter Corley
Peter Corley 11 gün önce
Interesting thing is goalkeeping was typically Japans Achilles heel. Not that way anymore.
Kaiju Slayer333
Kaiju Slayer333 10 gün önce
If there’s any situation Japan can win, it’s one where they endure a tough fight, just to rally and take back the win right at the edge of a defeat.
Matt 7 gün önce
Love seeing all the countries come together during these games ! I’ve already added atleast 3 new places I want to go lol. Japan, Croatia, and the UAE!
Chi Tsoi
Chi Tsoi 11 gün önce
Love Japan in World Cup, they always gave everything out there & played like no tomorrow!!!
Steven M
Steven M 10 gün önce
One of the stark differences between Japan and Germany regarding this particular World Cup is that the Japanese players and supporters only have cared about soccer (and the cleanliness of the stadiums lol) while the Germans have been distracted by politics and activism. Japan deserves this win more than she would under any other circumstances. Let politics out of sports and entertainment.
I Didn’t Know She Was 14
What an overreaction
Eli P
Eli P 12 gün önce
As a German fan, my heart broke at seeing the German team flounder; but Japan took advantage and did remarkably; never stopped and continued till the end. They fought incredibly, a well deserved win indeed.
Hat Trick
Hat Trick 11 gün önce
My heart broke when the German team started pandering to the intersectional woke mob before the game 😂
AHMAD FRHAN 11 gün önce
Gayrmany* 🐷👦🏼🏳️‍🌈
KJ77 11 gün önce
@rofigueroa08 agreed
Suleiman Alkhateeb
Suleiman Alkhateeb 11 gün önce
Yall racist bruh
rofigueroa08 11 gün önce
@KJ77 The Germans had it coming , glad they lost and hope they get eliminated in group stages. Focus on football and quit worrying about liberal bs
Omhang Sampang
Omhang Sampang 8 gün önce
2 goals in 5/6 minutes. What a comeback.
Prolific seeker
Prolific seeker 10 gün önce
Great game for both teams 🇩🇪🤝🇯🇵, Greetings from Latin America🇲🇽
Drema Bennett
Drema Bennett 10 gün önce
Great match, Japan played at the highest level! Good team!
BeFirm BeFair667
BeFirm BeFair667 11 gün önce
Japan's second goal is definitely one of the goals of the tournament so far.
P JB 11 gün önce
What a first touch
Felix 12 gün önce
First Saudi Arabia, now Japan! This World Cup looks super exciting already 👀 This is why we love this game.
The realest niggah 007
@Jester Beats you completely ignored what I wrote before huh 🤔 smh 🤦‍♂️ anyway in my book Ghana is not the underdog neither Portugal because they all supposedly gonna put 11 each on the field simple as that and may the best wins
Jester Beats
Jester Beats 11 gün önce
@The realest niggah 007 is ghana the underdogs against Portugal
The realest niggah 007
@Jester Beats how da fuq is gonna be a surprise dude it’s 11 against 11 on the field well now if you would say that Ghana gonna put a squad of only 9 player with no goalkeeper and they still end up beating Portugal then that is a surprise and an actually upset other than it’s not surprising at all
Jester Beats
Jester Beats 12 gün önce
@The realest niggah 007 I'm not saying they are not good but to beat Portugal would be a surprise
The realest niggah 007
@Jester Beats tf you mean 😢 Ghana is pretty fucken decent buddy
lostsoldier212 10 gün önce
I'm always happy see Japan play their best...they have been a fun tram to watch in the WC for a while now.
Aurora Mariana
Aurora Mariana 10 gün önce
That was soo beautiful!!! Love Japan for that play keep playing like that and they will win it all 🙌
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