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27 Mar 2023




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@Foxsoccer 11 aylar önce
What did you think of this match?
@WattyDubs 11 aylar önce
It is good
@MateoGarcia1 11 aylar önce
KDB is one of the best midfielders in the world Belgium are amazing to watch
@RubioGamess 11 aylar önce
Not the same football as before from Belgium. 2018 wc.
@stansmith5610 11 aylar önce
*It was good and competitive...* *Unlike Argentina who only play against the easiest teams just to make Pessi and the whole overhyped squad look strong* 😂
@kaleidoscope9394 11 aylar önce
That gnabry goal would’ve been insane
@faranmo1 11 aylar önce
@Mustafaahmed91 11 aylar önce
Yeah it reminded me of Salah’s goal vs Man city last year. Absolutely insane goal
@chrishateseveryone 11 aylar önce
That was 2015 messi-esque
@zbk1948 11 aylar önce
Saw a flash of Messi in that run
@Realreek47 11 aylar önce
@@Mustafaahmed91 facts, wish his shot had gone in off the post just like Salah’s
@GStudios. 11 aylar önce
Gnabry’s solo run was incredible 😊
@mateuszbak1060 11 aylar önce
people sleep on gnabry so much. easily one of the best attackers in the world right now
@nicolascoles7402 11 aylar önce
If he makes that, it's a career highlight
@kornknight4663 11 aylar önce
@@mateuszbak1060 100% agreed. That guy literally bullies every big english club and is unreal in the champions league
@RichardRabbit 11 aylar önce
If only he had scored that… Could’ve gone down as a Puskas award nomination
@Kevin-ge5ev 11 aylar önce
@@RichardRabbit IKR 😂 first thing that came to my mind when I saw it live
@washynockles 11 aylar önce
it’s basically a law of nature that if Timo Werner scores, he is offside
@gregansbootstrap5352 11 aylar önce
If you looked he actually was offside
@henrykaspar3634 11 aylar önce
He doesn’t learn how to time his runs.
@justincovert6943 11 aylar önce
As a chelsea fan, nothing is truer
@jimjones3287 11 aylar önce
@@henrykaspar3634 low iq player that's why. makes lukaku look like mbappe.
@el6285 11 aylar önce
Carrasco almost broke his knees 😅
@johnjones8855 11 aylar önce
Lol knee slide fail.😂
@panamike6178 11 aylar önce
@johnathanpatrick6118 11 aylar önce
Belgium hadn't beaten Germany in almost 70 years??!! That's nuts. 😮😮
@normalposter6072 11 aylar önce
Yep! Germans were the kings of European soccer - except for Italy whom they couldn’t beat until recently
@cranbell99 11 aylar önce
Chop On!
@zoelmond 11 aylar önce
Just a friendly mate - so very little significance. Would be a big thing if this happened in World Cup/Euros
@kalsim 11 aylar önce
@@zoelmond This was a Euro 2024 qualification match....
@BreezyBulldog 11 aylar önce
@@kalsim no it wasn’t. It’s a friendly. But still beating Germany at their home ground is still great
@kapapapapat8672 11 aylar önce
Man if I was a Belgium defender I’d kick the ball into goal for gnabry. What a shame it didn’t go in.
They should've just given it in account of it being an awesome run jaja
@noambrodetzki5597 11 aylar önce
@oriangalore 11 aylar önce
It gave me Salah flashbacks
@SweeneyJ23 11 aylar önce
Wout Faes: you rang?
@rumblebird9888 11 aylar önce
Harry Maguire would’ve gladly done it for them
Lukaku and kevin de bruyne were outstanding in this match against a German team that usually beats them... It's a wonder why we didn't see this Belgium team at the world cup...
@arnoldm889 11 aylar önce
Lukaku couldn't have tried to miss more goals than he did.
@khoahuynh5077 11 aylar önce
because Lukaku wore the cursed no.9 shirt
@scpython1 11 aylar önce
Belgium with a flash of brilliance. Germany, unlike their past, lacks precision.
@boosiewoosie9215 11 aylar önce
They were in their own heads and couldn't synchronize at the world cup...heard there was internal drama too from some of the players' personal lives
@willm3027 11 aylar önce
@Kryptic517 11 aylar önce
De bruyne is just class isnt he
@sdenomme1 11 aylar önce
Best itw in his position.
@plankton383 11 aylar önce
So beautiful to watch. That touch in the first goal, the second assist, and the goal…he’s just too good.
@sab-vl4jg 11 aylar önce
Why didn't he showed it in world cup tho???? He was supposed to be Europe's biggest threat and he hasn't shown it when it matters the most!!
@marcus-sky 11 aylar önce
Blame the manager
@JTmonarch 11 aylar önce
@manciti4709 11 aylar önce
if only belgium would put this much energy & urgency into the world cup ...they might be contenders
@Sir_psylok 11 aylar önce
Both of these teams were surprisingly ineffective at the World Cup for the talent they have.
If they didn't have Martinez as a coach, then it might have been completely different...
@umarhaque516 11 aylar önce
Too bad Morocco 🇲🇦 was on fire in the World Cup.
@leonthethird7494 11 aylar önce
they were in a group with two semifinalists to be fair
@Theseus. 11 aylar önce
@@leonthethird7494 Tell that to Morocco and Japan. That’s not an excuse.
@FiveFourThor 11 aylar önce
Kevin De Bruyne is simply amazing - he makes everyone around him so much better. That's how you know he's just DIFFERENT.
@stuff12346 11 aylar önce
Where was this during the World Cup tho 😭
@ivanmijacika7230 11 aylar önce
@@stuff12346carried them so hard against Croatia but lukaku had a stinker of a lifetime
@stuff12346 11 aylar önce
@@ivanmijacika7230 I'll agree with that game. But they really needed kdb on the first two
@brobocops 11 aylar önce
That's a world-class touch from DeBruyne!
@josepires3497 11 aylar önce
Gnabry deserved that goal. Superb skill at speed.
@Janik-pwoejrur 11 aylar önce
he is super underrated and overhated
@hman1801 11 aylar önce
Those through balls from KDB are just pure art.
@mightyh9032 11 aylar önce
Füllkrug 6 for 6, what a streak for a newcomer! 💚
@leonthethird7494 11 aylar önce
hes hardly a newcomer but yeah impressive still
@ARmirzaful 11 aylar önce
@@leonthethird7494 he is scary. I fear him if I am facing him.
@nuklearx1021 11 aylar önce
@@leonthethird7494 i think his first cap was during the world cup so yes, he is a newcomer
@concept_la 11 aylar önce
Excited to see more of Gnabry..That run was insane!!
@kloo3457 11 aylar önce
Absolute world class from Gnabry towards the end, unfortunate he didn't finish.
@mr.gabila 11 aylar önce
KDB is the best midfielder in the world currently. 2 assists and a goal against Germany, AMAZING!!!!
@pankaj-ht2kl 11 aylar önce
That pass from trossad, I have seen players messing up many times from there, but what an well read pass to Dr brunye.
@alfonsogayman9699 11 aylar önce
Foden is the main culprit. He always messes that up when trying to set up Haaland. I truly question Foden’s vision at times
@alexmoonrock9978 11 aylar önce
If he scores that , Puskas award surely
@johnlombardo7816 11 aylar önce
What a game man wow.. kdb.. we are witnessing one of the best mids to ever do it.. gnabry with the run of a lifetime ! .. lukaku continues in form for nationals .. all around class game ❤
@huy630 11 aylar önce
This is the Belgium team that was rank #1 on fifa list a few years ago. These guys are monster. A force to reckon with.
@doncarlo4576 11 aylar önce
This was a friendly
@Fernando_Mauricio 11 aylar önce
@@doncarlo4576 you don’t seem friendly
@Theseus. 11 aylar önce
Fifa rankings are a joke. How could Belgium be rated above others when they haven’t done anything in Euro and World Cup?? Finishing third place in the 2018 WC doesn’t mean you’re the best country at football (btw, they were ranked #1 before that) so only casuals think Fifa ranking mean anything.
@jamesmedina2062 11 aylar önce
@@Theseus. consider life eh? Injuries....fate...Germany had more than one close misses. It happens
@Karib9 11 aylar önce
gnarby was on a mission, kevin as usual being the best on the field, doing it all.
@mattsmith4589 11 aylar önce
6:15 EVERYTIME Gnabry left a defender I said “OH” and at the end I just screamed NOOOO! Just as a fan of the game I wanted that to go in
@andyhung424able 11 aylar önce
De Bruyne is just great. Good at scoring, even better at assisting.
@LoganTheBeasty 11 aylar önce
Gnabry played this game like he was Messi
@tngerman 9 aylar önce
@garytucker3563 11 aylar önce
Historic win for a generationally talented team! Congrats Belgium!
@utube2121 11 aylar önce
Bellijium Returning to there greatness lukakku is doing well
@maxdok10 11 aylar önce
Gnabry’s is terribly good. His work rate is very impressive
@maximelehmann5053 11 aylar önce
Let’s go Belgium 🇧🇪 ❤
@lizardthelizard 11 aylar önce
KDB is a different breed. Can actually do it all
@SteezyKyung 11 aylar önce
I like how they just rotate the flag 45 degrees & say “good enough”
@giantsfan8872 11 aylar önce
@loganhill6601 11 aylar önce
@aidan0120 11 aylar önce
90 degrees mate
@graysonbyrd1985 11 aylar önce
Kevin De Bruyne is an absolute joy to watch. What a player...
@anthonychitic9096 11 aylar önce
Nice to see the younger players in the Belgian team. Martinez refused to even let them come off the bench.
@Trassik 11 aylar önce
Gnabry just had his dribbling rating go up in Football Manager by 8 points.
@MP-dq6ko 11 aylar önce
Werner I swear can never score. Hes lucky to even be playing.
@bobbye4731 11 aylar önce
The revival of Lukaku, KDB brilliance, Gnabry inches away from a legendary goal and Belgium getting their first win over Germany in 70 years?! What a game!
@izzio6680 11 aylar önce
everytime I see de bruynes passes I just wonder how he has such insane vision
@JesusOrDestruction 11 aylar önce
What a comeback that would've been. Belgium proving that they're still a top 10 team
@headphones8362 11 aylar önce
But not 4th
@normalposter6072 11 aylar önce
Dude, no..
@sergiomercado4859 11 aylar önce
No… they beat a german team experimenting with new talent. They didnt even call up any of their more experienced players and had some injuries
@leonthethird7494 11 aylar önce
@@sergiomercado4859 pretty strong line up, with kimmich goretska, ter stegen, gnabry, wirtz,
@MrSwexx1 11 aylar önce
@Sergio Mercado belguim too , with a new trainer. Half of the team are new, and That was his second games after 7 years of Roberto Martinez era .. Martinez waste the Golden generation of Belguim . He should be fire more than 3 years ago
Amazing solo run by Gnabry, so unlucky at the end. KDB amazing as usual
@yederickcruz3567 11 aylar önce
Bro, just look 6:15 and you will the quality of Gnabry. What a player!
@zcfaff0 11 aylar önce
How good is KdB. Two assists and one goal.
@LilLoser_ltd 11 aylar önce
Carrasco's knee slide was *extremely* clean
@guilamonster654 11 aylar önce
Timo vs Romelu: A fight for the ages
@irecipherus7150 11 aylar önce
Gnabry’s solo run was great. But he needs to learn to make the extra pass.
@beshoy9954 10 aylar önce
Belgium and Man City should make a statue for De Bruyne cuz he is a legend really😉
@khoinguyentran8409 11 aylar önce
Good to see Gnabry with his dribble again. Cant wait to see him brings it back to the club.
@ep4169 7 aylar önce
Great commentary, lots of original and descriptive terminology.
@Ruid-YT 11 aylar önce
That knee slide though😭💀intresting technique
@bjk837 11 aylar önce
@DynamicUnreal 11 aylar önce
Gnabry is so underrated.
@josephcuervo5127 11 aylar önce
2 Assists and 1 Goal for Kevin De Bruyne, What a Player! 👏🏼
@inkandescent3382 11 aylar önce
@alanlopez5529 11 aylar önce
That carrasco celebration looked painful
@aditya.mankare 11 aylar önce
First win since 1954 is a crazy stat
@Gio-512 11 aylar önce
KDB is like a cheat code, my guy can't stop assisting 🔥🔥
@MarcosSoni 11 aylar önce
A Belgian first victory over Germany since the 1950’s...wow.
@sirsaucymcnasty5251 11 aylar önce
love the reaction of the dudes face 5:21
@tushfinger 11 aylar önce
6:51 I would think the German automakers would reference Mr. Gnabry moves to their products' superior silky smooth handling.
@PENNYTRATION99 11 aylar önce
Imagine that Gnabry run turned into a goal
@zoomyzoon5236 11 aylar önce
Belgium deserves a world cup title with this squad.
@ritzrandom5551 8 aylar önce
Yeah... Belgium in 2022 wasn't really good
@jamaican_4_life95 11 aylar önce
Signs of things to come in the Champions league between Man city and Bayern. Can't wait for that match
@iamdezsi 11 aylar önce
City will lose
@obinnaphrank5401 11 aylar önce
Lukaku can he make it 2 " never a doubt"? What😂😂
@christian-lf2oc 11 aylar önce
He’s a good finisher most times
Gnabry channeling his inner Messi with that run
@kieyanedgarkhouri_47 11 aylar önce
That gnabry run would’ve won Puskas for sure
Those Belgium jerseys are beautiful
@Some739 11 aylar önce
basically who owns their flag
@dogewisdom9921 11 aylar önce
Take the unmotivated Africans off, deport them back
@rumblebird9888 11 aylar önce
Portrait vs Landscape
@ChrisCap732 11 aylar önce
Im so happy that my favorite country in Europe won. ALLEZ BELGIQUE 🇺🇸 🤝 🇧🇪
@Omnis2 11 aylar önce
Carrasco wins best celebration.
@PommieUsian 11 aylar önce
What a match for a friendly! You would have thought this was at the pointy end of a competition.
@Erikapeterpann 11 aylar önce
Osiris the Argentinian soccer pro player is feeling like our strong dad
@samd7601 11 aylar önce
Good game for BEL. When they quit mentally and had no desire at the WC, they needed a game like this
@Tomyohann 11 aylar önce
Serge Gnabry. I know they didn't win, but what a run.
@blackwolf6532 11 aylar önce
Great player Gnabry
@JeffreyiLL 11 aylar önce
Nahhhh that pass from KDB to Lukaku was absolutely insaneeee
@FinlandFanHJK 11 aylar önce
Nice to see that this game went well for Belgium but unfortunately one of the games they play Germany and WIN is a friendly.
@edislettuce4218 11 aylar önce
Next years Euro’s is the final chance this Belgium team has at a trophy before the golden generation ends, I would be surprised if this team still stuck around at the 2026 World Cup
@El_calbo 11 aylar önce
Old germany was better
@ellawilliams287 11 aylar önce
The highlight of the match for me personally was when carrasco scored and then knee sled and then ate it.
@JayRogers 11 aylar önce
What a match!!
@hazelarce1545 8 aylar önce
Love Germany ❤🎉😮😊
@JesusOrDestruction 11 aylar önce
Belgium took the world cup slander personaly
@belgiumfantv1494 11 aylar önce
There’s an agenda against us. Germany and Denmark were way worse than us at the wc
@TrainerAQ 11 aylar önce
Oh look. Lukaku made a goal again. Guess we finally found his legs again after the world cup
@olawaleayeni8431 11 aylar önce
Gnabry 😱
@ming5354 11 aylar önce
King Kevin is back!!! 🙌🏻🎉
@TurkistanSeneti 11 aylar önce
Luka Kuvic has been a beast!
@787plays2 11 aylar önce
Yeah! WHOOO! THX!!!!
@deyanzd 11 aylar önce
Now that is a game worth watching
@Deason723 11 aylar önce
6:37 the way Castagne raises his hands is almost like he wants the ball to go in
@victorrios5642 11 aylar önce
@jorgemartinbg 11 aylar önce
Wirtz future fifa POY if he continues to grow , what a player
Horizontal vs Vertical
@jeffcauthon7639 11 aylar önce
Belgium is the Harry Kane of soccer. Sparkling when there is no pressure, no silverware in site, and getting older by the day.
@TheMusicGuard 11 aylar önce
Getting older by the day?! Belgium literally almost changed their entire selection. 12 players under the age of 25 (!). Belgium now has one of the youngest squads in the world. They finished this game with a youth squad basically. You need to catch up.
@themastermind5638 11 aylar önce
That's funny, considering out of the 24 players they called up, only 6 of them were over 30, with 3 of those 6 being the Goalkeepers.
@aaronmedina2483 11 aylar önce
Carrasco knee slide 😂😂😂 0:58
@thatmexicanboi446 11 aylar önce
What a shame Belgium gave up on the World Cup . Could’ve made it far such a great team !
@4rvnky 11 aylar önce
gnabry showing he’s class, shows how julian was the real problem in bayern …. idc what anyone says, he always performs well under flick, hopefully tuchel can bring that class back to bayern & gnabry.
@jasperseen7347 11 aylar önce
True plus it felt like germany's B team. Hansi flick can do way better on team selection
@xavlionheart 11 aylar önce
I miss the old Germany
@Koshin_Jimcali 11 aylar önce
Whoa there
@zonirc 11 aylar önce
How old we talking about ??
@tuckerbugeater 11 aylar önce
@@zonirc 1933
@unknownclint1740 11 aylar önce
We were so good during the 1930s
@shawnkay5462 11 aylar önce
@@zonirc the good old days
@Nippleless_Cage 11 aylar önce
Gnabry was 15 inches away from scoring a Puskas worthy goal.
@willone8754 11 aylar önce
This is a whole different Germany
@sierraclark6556 11 aylar önce
Lol the first goal for Belgium the guys got tripped up on his slide 😂
@aberaham7496 11 aylar önce
Solid match!!!
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