General Martin Dempsey sings 'Parting Glass' at his retirement ceremony

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General Martin Dempsey, 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sing "Parting Glass" at his Sept. 25, 2015 retirement ceremony closing out 41 years of military service.



24 Eyl 2015




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Tim Cooke
Tim Cooke 11 aylar önce
You can find prettier voices singing that song on TRvid, but you won’t find any rendition delivered with more emotion or symbolism. Well done, sir. Garryowen!
Garry Spence
Garry Spence Aylar önce
Charlie Co. 2nd of the 7th, 1st Cavalry, Vietnam 1970, Garryowen !
Roselle Graskey
Roselle Graskey 5 aylar önce
When he sings of Comrades...the true meaning of the song comes out in his voice.
Siobhan Mc Allen
Siobhan Mc Allen 2 yıl önce
As an Irish person living in Ireland it gives me goosebumps listening to this, so proud of our Irish all over the world
Winter is here
Winter is here Aylar önce
@Angus Macdonald It's not exactly the sash tho'
Winter is here
Winter is here Aylar önce
@Angus Macdonald I'll meet you outside!
Winter is here
Winter is here Aylar önce
@Tom Donohue Well I'm here in Ireland and I've achieved fuck all so I'm glad of people like you!
Breandán Dalton
Breandán Dalton 5 aylar önce
@Angus Macdonald It is a beautiful song, and very appropriate. This beautiful Scottish song, so well loved in Ireland is a wonderful parting song.
Purlie Wilson
Purlie Wilson 5 aylar önce
@H If anyone is interested in learning about the background to this lovely Scottish song from the Borders, which many Irish people have come to love so much they feel it is their own, a recent edition of BBC Radio 4’s Soul Music covered it in detail. It can be easily downloaded, & includes a haunting harmonic version by three siblings in Nova Scotia.
Michael Mccolgan
Michael Mccolgan Yıl önce
I swear this is a scene straight out of the ending of a movie. The way it started a capella, then harmonies, then the band came in, took over when he finished, the chorus came in, and all his grandkids came over, and he finished at attention with a salute. Someone put this scene in a movie please. Amazing
Niles sterner
Niles sterner Yıl önce
There is something about the dignity this man displays that is refreshing and heart warming. The way he sings and walks away with grace. He walks immediately into the warm embrace of his family and shows the love and gentleness that only a true man can show. General Dempsey is a model of American exceptionalism untarnished by jingoism or the savagery of our politics. We need more people like him.
Terry O'Neil
Terry O'Neil 5 aylar önce
Well said!!!
J Klas
J Klas 7 aylar önce
@T KI love the entire series too. Being from Central Europe, I share your view of American school system, gun laws, healthcare system....and our evil socialism. DIsclaimer: Communists occupied my country for 40 years and I believe that the only good communist is a dead one. Honestly, I used to love America and I used to see it as the land of endless opportunities. But the more I learn about America and its inner workings (primarily from John Oliver, but from others as well), the more I am starting to feel more and more grateful to live in Europe. But hey, if we don't love America, we were probably taught to hate it, as Tom says.
T K 7 aylar önce
@J Klas I adore that show, especially its first season. And that very first scene is perhaps the best response in TV history to the belief in American exceptionalism.
J Klas
J Klas 7 aylar önce
@T K I guess that in @Hinsdale HighSchools view, the Netherlands are communist. Kudos for that Newsroom reference, my man.
T K 11 aylar önce
@Hinsdale HighSchools Where did I mention Communist take-overs?
Peter Leahy
Peter Leahy 5 yıl önce
This makes me so proud, only an Irish-American gets on the mic to sing his farewell. Good luck and God bless, General
Gary Henley
Gary Henley 11 gün önce
@Superstar Shaker yeah an by an Irish man in Scotland. Don't you know Scotland means land of the Irish.
Breandán Dalton
Breandán Dalton 5 aylar önce
​@Superstar Shaker It is a beautiful song, and very appropriate. This beautiful Scottish song, so well loved in Ireland is a wonderful parting song.
John Yıl önce
@Superstar Shaker so what? All Celtic cousins. Except for the Hun, that is.
UK OK no one cares about the UK. Be quiet, Ireland 🇮🇪 is spreading his beautiful, noble magic throughout the world. Your empire’s dead, your country a joke of a mess. That western isle you dared trouble has risen above all your hatred. Éire go brágh 💪💪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 the ONLY ‘Special Relationship’
Superstar Shaker
Superstar Shaker 2 yıl önce
Yeah and then sings a Scottish song😂
jay mark
jay mark 6 yıl önce
This man makes me proud to be an American and a Marine. Fair winds and a following sea, General Dempsey.
Beautiful People
Beautiful People 10 aylar önce
@bruce collins Think you need to go back in history sir, 🇮🇪🍀☘Happy St Patrick's day.
bruce collins
bruce collins 10 aylar önce
@Beautiful People you may find many of your irish sangs and fiddle tunes are scottish
Beautiful People
Beautiful People Yıl önce
@bruce collins You may find sir that's it's irish. From the beautiful island of Ireland 🇮🇪. Many blessings to you all.
john smith
john smith Yıl önce
@bruce collins poor desperate bruce your're just hanging on apron strings ffs
bruce collins
bruce collins Yıl önce
@Brian Davis scottish song
Mat gothunts
Mat gothunts 5 yıl önce
That choked me up; I served under General Dempsey in Iraq 2003-2004. He is a good man.
Barbara Cunningham
Barbara Cunningham 3 aylar önce
Thank you both for your service, sacrifices, from the bottom of my heart.
Konstantine Guruli
Konstantine Guruli 5 aylar önce
@amsterdamsel Disagree. He is alive. If it was funeral I would not say what I said.
amsterdamsel 5 aylar önce
@Konstantine Guruli Your remarks are ill-timed and the venue inappropriate.
amsterdamsel 5 aylar önce
A thousand blessings be on you, sir. And thank you.
Konstantine Guruli
@Mat gothunts Not a warrior but mercenary.
TrueBlue0687 Yıl önce
Best Chief of Staff the US Army ever had, in my honest opinion. And I'm a Brit with an honorary US Army O-6 rank.
Preach The Truth
Preach The Truth 4 yıl önce
And that folks, is how a warrior makes his exit. God bless you sir.
mogadishusneeze 5 yıl önce
As an Irishman, I have to say, the blood of Lady Erin is pure in this one! Well done General. Hope your retirement treats you well.
TheGaloglas 10 aylar önce
@Pat Aherne You must be great fun at a party,. Still having a laugh at you calling me a brit.
Pat Aherne
Pat Aherne 11 aylar önce
@TheGaloglas the melody is Irish, though. Its derived from an Irish tune called "cleite na péacóige" from the 18th century. Typical brit attempt at cultural appropriation. With all the culture Ireland has had, sure we might as well give some of it to Scotland so they can craft their own culture from it. "Scotland" translated from its original means "Irishland". You're welcome, Scotland.
TheGaloglas 11 aylar önce
@Ciaran Walsh I certainly did, my Mothers a Walsh from Connemara. And my user name here will give you a hint as well.
Gaudd 1888
Gaudd 1888 Yıl önce
@Cherry_Red Nurse!
Raymond J Fox
Raymond J Fox Yıl önce
@Cherry_Red get a life. The EU has been Ireland's saviour.
Oliver Moynihan
Oliver Moynihan Yıl önce
I'm a proud Irish man and I've heard this fine song being sung many many times before .. wheather it was a know artist or a guy down in the local pub...but this version is the best I've ever heard.. God Bless you and your family
Shawn Brown
Shawn Brown 6 yıl önce
Way to go General Dempsey, and a nice tip of the hat to his Irish Catholic roots with this heartfelt and beautiful old Irish traditional song. Thank you for your 41 years of service in the United States Army and for my freedom. Slainte and HAIL HAIL!
Jimmy Malone
Jimmy Malone 11 aylar önce
Ross Kaplan
Ross Kaplan 6 yıl önce
That's truly going out in style. You will be missed by all the branches of service, sir.
Jay B.
Jay B. 4 yıl önce
Damn right every branch. Rah
Ross Kaplan
Ross Kaplan 5 yıl önce
@Thanksfortheshanks Is making dumb replies to strangers' comments on the internet in your blood?
Thanksfortheshanks 5 yıl önce
Arse licking isn't in your blood ehh...?
Fahad Bin Sakhawat
Fahad Bin Sakhawat 6 yıl önce
jackson lawlor
jackson lawlor 6 yıl önce
Sláinte, sir. A great American, a great Irishman, and a Soldier's officer. Your country will miss you.
sherp2u1 6 aylar önce
@Helenaville Roots, roots, everyone has roots, maybe my roots are in Germany, with some Celtic tribe, that does not make me German, I am Irish, and all that comes with it, good, bad and ugly....!
jspee1965 6 aylar önce
Helenaville 10 aylar önce
@sherp2u1 He considers himself an Irish-American. His family roots are in Mayo and Donegal and he has visited often. Brits get too hot and bothered by the ties between Ireland and America. It's entertaining to behold, but a little bit pathetic too... or maybe the word is 'insecure'.
Anglostone Yıl önce
@Raymond J Fox you dont have even a basic understanding of genetics do you fella
bruce collins
bruce collins Yıl önce
@John Hariis this is a scottish song.
Ray Jacques
Ray Jacques Yıl önce
A man that a nation can be proud of, greetings from Ireland
Rick McGibbon
Rick McGibbon 5 yıl önce
A true Irish Warrior, facing his future with courage in his heart, eye's focused on the horizon, and a song on his lips ! He chose the perfect song to end one part of his life and begin another. Slainte !
David P.
David P. 2 yıl önce
I've been singing that song for 30 years and I've heard a hundred people sing it and that was one of the best renditions I've heard. Bravo!! well sung General!!
E. Conboy
E. Conboy 11 aylar önce
“Well done thou good and faithful servant.” Thank you, sir.
Saighdiúir na hÉireann
wow, this actually brought a tear to my eye. General Dempsey, Go raibh míle maith agat. =)
Sue Oorbeck
Sue Oorbeck 10 aylar önce
I have always loved this song. But watching you sing it as your farewell brought tears to my eyes, and made me so proud of you.
Scott Lutzke
Scott Lutzke 6 yıl önce
And with him goes 4 decades of hard-earned knowledge. Lessons we'll have to relearn both here and in Europe I'm afraid. Thank you for your enduring service, fair winds and following sea, Sir!
Finola Mohan- Dunworth
my sister who lives in US told me about this .You have a fine voice I'm listening to this In my home in Ireland and it's beautiful . Thankyou for your years of service and enjoy it in good health.
Mike G
Mike G 10 aylar önce
From that first day on the Plain, 1 July, 1970, until his retirement, Marty gave his best in every challenge he faced. Those that served with him loved him.
An American worthy of respect if there ever was one. I love how most of those tiny grandchildren were perfectly behaved. Damn good family.
Thecripper pompasity
My heart filled with pride listening to him sing. An auld warrior from an Irish background, Fair play General Dempsey.
bruce collins
bruce collins Yıl önce
auld is scotish, ould is irish
Raymond J Fox
Raymond J Fox Yıl önce
I believe he is American not European
Kevin 5 yıl önce
this is the America i love! So heartwarming to see the bond he has with his soldiers and how he walks off to his family, with his kids (Grandchildren?) running towards him hugging him
jasonmcd101 2 yıl önce
So, what you may notice that if the children running up there is a little girl who kind of runs up a bit later. This is not one of his children, but the child of one of a soldier who died in training and whose family he helped out. It’s a tender moment for the child and shows his greatness that he is comfortable having a non family member join him at that time.
kn4cc 3 yıl önce
What you are seeing is only the visible quality of a leader. There is much more to it that you cannot see but it is what draws men to follow.
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 5 yıl önce
Yes it is the beauty of America, (while I write this I hear America the Beautiful in my ears) , not the nastiness that we have recently seen in the election. We know that this is the USA that we love.
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 5 yıl önce
Yes it is just so beautiful when he is met with all his grand kids. So obvious that there is something sweet and nice about this man. Yes, I am impressed by him, he is so good
paoleila 6 yıl önce
You will be missed not only by all the branches of the military but also by all the civilians who served under your leadership. Keep singing and enjoy your retirement, sir.
Thank you Sir, as an old sweat nearing retirement myself after 42 years service, I only wish I had the voice to sing my favourite song like yourself... God bless You. Lt Col (soon retired)Monty Ulsterman
FDonovan 2 yıl önce
God bless Ireland, God bless the United States, democracy and freedom
OldSchoolMatt 4 yıl önce
This song is going to be played at my funeral. I've told my friends and family, then I put it in my will.
Morag Wilson
Morag Wilson Yıl önce
i have watched this so many times and this man is so impressive about the USA - I am an old scottish woman and I know this a very Irish feeling so I think it is connected to the Celtic nations Liam Clancy does a brilliant version x
Alyson Burch
Alyson Burch 5 yıl önce
I get goosebumps whenever I hear this. So beautiful.
Neil Casey
Neil Casey 5 yıl önce
One of the best versions I've ever heard. Singing and selections tell a lot about a General or anyone for that matter, This guy I mean General is a born leader, a fellow Vietnam Veteran and what an inspiration...what a rendition.
John H
John H 4 yıl önce
Every time I watch this I get a tear in my eye, Those kids love their grandfather!
CaseyJane 2 yıl önce
I love these versions of this song, where a regular voice sings with the heart this song was meant to be sung with. And I've never known an Irishman who couldn't find and sing the real character of a song! ❤️
JesseJames0n 2 yıl önce
So organic, so natural, so talented, so professional.
katie stoqua
katie stoqua 9 aylar önce
I love it when all the grandkids flock around him ... a lucky man
Micah Covey
Micah Covey 2 yıl önce
That was awesome! He is a true man, firmly devoted to his fellow Americans. He is an outstanding example!
Wes Wingo
Wes Wingo 5 yıl önce
The man is all class and a true leader. Thanks for your service, sir.
john crawford
john crawford 4 yıl önce
I like coming back to such a beautiful song and scene,it lifts my heart to the heavens,well done to all who took part in this fantastic occasion. John crawford.
R. McBride
R. McBride Yıl önce
What a fine voice! A great gentleman and a distinguished officer. We thank you for your service and your song, General. Our country is in your debt and grateful.
tony hurley
tony hurley 6 yıl önce
beautiful version well sung. laden with celtic emotion and Irish passion. enjoy a long and we'll deserved retirement General Dempsey.
mel coo
mel coo 5 yıl önce
Great song and wonderfully sang by General Dempsey, his family hail from Roscommon in Ireland.
Helenaville 10 aylar önce
@Andrew Dunne Hmm... so you think every Dempsey in the world must therefore come from Wexford. People do move away from counties you know. LoL
Andrew Dunne
Andrew Dunne Yıl önce
Dempsey is a Wexford name, sort that out!
mel coo
mel coo 2 yıl önce
@mike kelly Donegal, Sligo, Roscommon ancestors, the north-west of Ireland www.con-telegraph.ie/news/roundup/articles/2015/10/30/4108486-leading-us-military-figure-has-strong-mayo-links/
mike kelly
mike kelly 3 yıl önce
I believe they are from Donegal?
DJ M.I.A. 2 yıl önce
Damn I didn't know general Dempsey had the voice too, proud to have served under him.
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 5 yıl önce
This is just so nice, when he finishes his singing he goes and captures his grand kids and they are so happy to meet and hug him. Some man, perfect. This is what life is about, new generation and happiness.
Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney Yıl önce
The General has a beautiful voice, a lovely family. Thank you for your service. Sir; would love to hear him sing, “The Minstrel Boy.”
Joseph Newton
Joseph Newton 2 yıl önce
Has the General given any thought to a second career as a singer? Would love to hear him sing some more! God bless him and all who have served this Country!
Gordon Reinz
Gordon Reinz 6 yıl önce
Complete gent. Truthfully a heartwarming video, thanks so much for sharing with us.
Tolsma Ron
Tolsma Ron Yıl önce
The most beautiful and appropriate retirement I've ever seen. “May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be always at your back, may the sun shine warm upon your face…” “May joy and peace surround you, contentment latch your door. And happiness be with you now and bless you evermore.” “As you slide down the banisters of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way." Wish I could have been there to salute you sir!
Lucy Kempton
Lucy Kempton 2 yıl önce
After picking up an elusive earworm after hearing Dr Marshland sing this in the BBC's 'Cranford', I've been listening to many versions on YT, but this the most glorious and moving I've found, what a moment! When he walks off and his grandchildren run to meet him... I'm not Irish but I'm choked up too!
David Larson
David Larson 5 yıl önce
Pretty awesome and I wish I was at the ceremony to see this.
Diarmuid Osullivan
Diarmuid Osullivan 5 yıl önce
As an Irishman to the general I hope u have a healthy and joy full retirement. God bless you
J G Yıl önce
As I watch this in 2020 it gives me faith in our military that dedication to service to country is not lost. As I think of the veterans I know I give thanks for their service and wish them well.
bearcatasdf Yıl önce
The pleasure of meeting General Dempsey @ CSCG during a reception left a lasting and positive impression. Enjoy your well earned retirement sir.
Saw him in the mess hall at camp Doha Kuwait prior to the invasion if I knew he could sing like that I would have belted out a few Irish ☘️ tunes with him. Thank you for your service general Dempsey. SSG BYRNE. 🇺🇸
Kieran0410 5 yıl önce
Certainly one of the better renditions of this song I've heard. Go n'eirigh and bothar leat general.
Warrior-for- God-of-Israel
Such a classy way to retire!! Well done!! May retirement be a blessing indeed, General!
Melanie Rumschlag
Melanie Rumschlag 6 yıl önce
A legacy ends with standing applause and a parting glass. Go easy General. Aiieeyah!
James Dolan
James Dolan 5 yıl önce
Great job General Dempsey. I am an Irishman and you do an excellent rendition of the song
Will Holden
Will Holden 3 yıl önce
Other than the fact that the General was gently rising and falling he was so beautifully comfortable with his Grandkids. Brilliant to see.
Maureen Gillies
Maureen Gillies 11 aylar önce
That was lovely
Loved all the grand kids huddling around him and his affection toward them. Reminds me of family gatherings in Donegal where the Dempsey's are from
Ray Konold
Ray Konold 6 yıl önce
God Bless our service men and women.
Michael Carr
Michael Carr Yıl önce
Often watch this video of a great Irishman, soldier, citizen and family man. Think he is the nearest thing to Setanta or Cu Chulainn that I can imagine. Many happy and healthy years of retirement to you Gen Dempsey from an Irish admirer.
John Bellew
John Bellew 6 yıl önce
A great old Irish folk song by a fine Irish-American officer. Slainte' !
james fitzgerald
james fitzgerald 3 aylar önce
Scots are descended from the Irish! Don’t you know your History
james fitzgerald
james fitzgerald 3 aylar önce
The opening lines were never written by a Scotsman!!!!!! The money I have spent🙄
Gaudd 1888
Gaudd 1888 11 aylar önce
@Pat Aherne Jesus... are you ill-informed. Scots are a combined people of Picts, Anglo-Saxons, Britons and Scots, just because the name came from one contributor doesn't make us a branch of Ireland. Robert Burns didn't write the words for Gods sake. It goes back to the very start of the 17th century, and if anyone played a part of forming a "modern" version it was Alex Boswell.
Gaudd 1888
Gaudd 1888 11 aylar önce
​@Pat Aherne Its a Scottish song so suck it up and btw my parental family branch are originally from Leitrim. Its known in Scotland from at least 1605 and recorded in the Skene Manuscript which lists airs between 1615 and 1635. Ireland has many great songs of its own, this just isn't one of them.
Pat Aherne
Pat Aherne 11 aylar önce
@Gaudd 1888 the melody is Irish.. And from what i see i think you should get your troll unionist Irish hating ass out if here.
Stephen Nux
Stephen Nux Yıl önce
Joined the Navy at 18 with 7k in the bank. I did janitorial and smoked a lot of pot in high school. Left the Navy after months with 32k in the bank. Invested 29k in the S&P in late 90. Started working at UPS, Exide Battery and did concrete on Saturdays. Invested 12k a month every month into Blockchain Investments Firm doing bitcoin mining, Cashed out 250k from the S&P and invested with my Financial advisor Lyra Holt Dean(Look her up). Cashed out and Semi retired at 31. Took a year off. Traveled. Came home and started working part time for the insurance, entertainment and pocket change. Work isn't work when you don't have to work. Becoming wealthy can be done in few years. It feels like 60hr work weeks. Feel the pain of discipline early or feel the pain of regret later. I wish everyone well!
christian baxter
christian baxter Yıl önce
I've actually been looking to invest aggressively in index and ETFs, I live in San Francisco and I only have 85k to spend but I don't have any financial education for it and lack smart mentors. Btw, I've just googled Lyra Holt Dean. WOW! she has good qualifications, I wrote her on her webpage and I'm waiting on her reply. I'm excited to get started and see how far i go in 2-5 years time. Thanks for sharing
Melissa Duffy
Melissa Duffy 11 aylar önce
So touching! Love this song!
Mary Ford
Mary Ford 10 aylar önce
This is so beautiful. The singing gave me goosebumps and the video with those beautiful grandchildren brought a tear to my eyes. It is also the best rendition of the song I have so far found.
John Poster
John Poster Yıl önce
I love this guy 100%!. God bless his family.
Ed Murphy
Ed Murphy 6 yıl önce
A class act! God Bless. Thanks for all your service.
VMA225 6 yıl önce
One Word; BRILLIANT !!!
onlyhuman1954 3 yıl önce
That was just lovely. Lovely and very moving. ❤️
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 3 yıl önce
A beautiful send-off, lovely. Love the family occasion too.
Stevie Callaghan
Stevie Callaghan 10 aylar önce
As a veteran I salute you Sir for your service.
God bless.. You are a REAL Irishman. God Bless you.
JohninCT 3 yıl önce
Classy way to take one's leave. Thank you for your service to all of us and the country, General.
redher 2 yıl önce
this really adds something to the song. Well done, sir.
Suzanne Tamiesie
Suzanne Tamiesie 2 yıl önce
I love seeing his grandkids run up and hug him. Little kids don’t do that unless they feel loved by and safe with that person. So I’ll belatedly raise a parting glass and wish you, General, a retirement filled with joy and happiness. Here’s also a huge thank you for your service to our country.
Kdog Yıl önce
Love this video. Get teared up every time I watch it.
John O'Connor
John O'Connor 4 yıl önce
He sings it well and does good justice to the song. Wishing you many more years of happy retirement.
Neil Leslie
Neil Leslie 2 yıl önce
Well done, sir. Enjoy your retirement, General, and thank you for your service.
Rapha .El
Rapha .El 5 yıl önce
What a great man! And I love this song :)
speedyalice s
speedyalice s 2 aylar önce
6 years later, this is raising goosebumps, tears, and gratitude for General Dempsey, who serve the United States so honorably, and those like him. What an incredible ceremony; I loved the expressions on the faces of the soldiers as they listened to him sing. Duty, honor, country... an exemplary, distinguished soldier. Thank you for your service, and for the service and sacrifice of your family.
Sean Finnegan
Sean Finnegan 6 yıl önce
What a wonderful way to bow out , a touching rendition of a famous song , I can see the General with a new career ahead already !! great stuff really enjoyed that, Top of the morning to you and enjoy your time with the grand children.
Darren Mc
Darren Mc 4 yıl önce
Goosebumps man God bless great tune sang brilliantly
James Meier
James Meier 5 yıl önce
Thanks for your service, General and thanks for doing the Irish proud.
Terri Stevens
Terri Stevens 4 yıl önce
Absolutely wonderful!
Sam Gill
Sam Gill 4 yıl önce
Gave me the chills. That was beautiful.
ABonRMS Yıl önce
And he leaves with his children and Grand Children, Thank Your for your service Sir, and we wish you could stay but just one more day. A Job Well Done & God's Speed.
Eric Holt
Eric Holt 3 aylar önce
Let's just enjoy a fine performance and leave it at that. The reception he receives from his children and grandchildren speaks volumes about his merit.
Jerry Byrd
Jerry Byrd 3 yıl önce
Love this man, Gen. Martin Dempsey! Great heart and great soul. I however never served, i was 365 of 365 in the 2nd modern draft in the summer of 1970 (and I guess that I took that as a message when I was 19.) . I however, whatever my personal story, my family served in Viet Nam, Korea, WWII and WWI and though I don't claim any credit for what my father, my uncles and my grandfather did. I am so very proud of their service, the sacrifices and the choices they made. I'm a mutt from the British Isles (long in America since the 1600's) , with a little Cherokee thrown in. But the Irish and Sots-Irish is strong in me, and in my wife and my daughter. I would love to hear further of the his (Gen. Martin Dempsey) further adventures.
Rich Murphy
Rich Murphy Yıl önce
You crushed it General 🇺🇸👊🏼 ☘️
Margaret O'Hara
Margaret O'Hara 8 aylar önce
Beautiful. Hope the good General continues to sing more Irish songs. "Grace" is a beautiful song. God bless. USA and Sligo
David Tapp
David Tapp Yıl önce
Best version I have heard so far!
Kdog 6 yıl önce
God bless. Enjoy retirement sir. Well earned.
Joe Ormsby
Joe Ormsby 5 yıl önce
+Joe Ormsby love usa
Joe Ormsby
Joe Ormsby 6 yıl önce
as a irish man respect
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson Yıl önce
To you General Dempsey and all of your colleagues in harms way, thank you sir for your service.
Oliver Moynihan
Oliver Moynihan 3 yıl önce
Sung from the heart....mighty stuff
saoirse2011 6 yıl önce
Well done Sir, congrats from Ireland.
DonnaLynn Yıl önce
We need more such leaders to guide us through these trying times.
late fall chill
late fall chill 4 yıl önce
Thank you for your service, Sir. What a fitting send off !
Kamol Hengkiatisak
Sir, you have a golden voice.
Justin Johnson/Cornelius Smith in court
the High Kings perform the parting glass
The Parting Glass
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