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MADHUKAR G Aylar önce
The spin off and the 4th season, 2023 is a banger for boys fans 🔥
MADHUKAR G 24 gün önce
@WhoCallinSimon! I am hoping for 2023 , at the start we will have the spin off and at the end we will have to Season 4 🔥
WhoCallinSimon! Aylar önce
I could see either 2023 or 2024 more likely 2024
Bootywolfe Aylar önce
That’s a hell of an assumption
Deep Sharan
Deep Sharan Aylar önce
@Alexx López they started filming around October or something bruv it's most likely gonna come out in 2024 or at the end of 2023
Dembot  strong in the force
And invincible season 2 would be cherry 🍒 on cake 2023 And the Mario movie
de_d4rk _3
de_d4rk _3 Aylar önce
if this series does not have one “oi”, this is not part of the boys universe😂
Drew Collins
Drew Collins 13 gün önce
😂😂 Lol I swear
TJMc87 TJMC87 13 gün önce
That would be diabolical
Vishal Jayaraman
Vishal Jayaraman 16 gün önce
Well said
Binit 26 gün önce
True eh!
xpress MusicWorld
xpress MusicWorld 28 gün önce
😂 or the c word 😂
Tavin Price
Tavin Price Aylar önce
This is so exciting! Crazy that it's being turned into a "cinematic universe" of sorts
Ken M. / A.D.
Ken M. / A.D. 11 gün önce
As it should
X 23 gün önce
@Chad Daddy Warden banger account the ps triple baby
X 23 gün önce
@Armend the amount of people personally bothered by she-hulk is the funniest shit shows how weak you people really are
Toxicity 25 gün önce
@Chad Daddy Warden I can't tell if this is a troll too much. This is an account named Chad Warden.. Damn it Chad, you're supposed to focus on the PS Triple! Not this gaylo shit!
STATEOFAHH 28 gün önce
@Armendbro this is predominantly female
Anthony Sanchez
Anthony Sanchez Aylar önce
I love the actress and actor who played Roz and Ambrose, respectively, in Netflix Sabrina! I can’t wait to see them in this show!
Chris Jennings
Chris Jennings Aylar önce
I knew the actress looked familiar she was on Sabrina that's right loved that show.
Lory3131 Aylar önce
@Chidimma Ibe He edited the comment, wasn't there before
Ptolémée Sélénion
Chidimma Ibe
Chidimma Ibe Aylar önce
@Lory3131 yeh he already mentioned his name in Sabrina, which was Ambrose
Aaron Ray Jr
Aaron Ray Jr Aylar önce
Jaz Sinclair who dates Ross Lynch irl
Avo4Film Aylar önce
I hope this series will give the boys' vibe, at least 20% 'cause you can't beat The Boys legacy
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena 11 gün önce
But not the comic. The show is better.
Juan Guirales
Juan Guirales Aylar önce
Love how they used the same song from The Boys Teaser for Season 1 🔥🔥
Ian R. Nava Huber
Ian R. Nava Huber Aylar önce
@DJ PH4NTØM thanks
DJ PH4NTØM Aylar önce
@MysticPav probably that
MysticPav Aylar önce
@ZuckleyPlays yeah I tried shazam too , couldn't find the particular version, maybe its because its only made for the trailer by prime. I dont know.
ZuckleyPlays Aylar önce
@MysticPav I tried using the iPhone Shazam music recognition it couldn’t even find out the song 🤔. I know it’s the song listed above but I thought it’d be able to find the cover
MysticPav Aylar önce
@DJ PH4NTØM it's not the same version , any idea who's singing this one in the trailer ?
Haydon_J Aylar önce
Clancy Brown is always an instant win
COOLPEAK Aylar önce
Bisexual Alcoholic
Bisexual Alcoholic Aylar önce
Freezing Jazzy
Freezing Jazzy Aylar önce
@Ammar Khan Oh fuck. This changes everything.
marius kristensen
marius kristensen Aylar önce
hes dope
The KB117
The KB117 Aylar önce
@Ammar Khan you don't say.... hahahaha
Dante F
Dante F Aylar önce
Helllll yeah!!!!! I hope it is good and hope it gives me the same nerve wracking what is going to happen next feeling that the Boys does. And I hope that it has a storyline that can keep going longer than just 2-4 seasons if the show is good.
Ultimate-X Aylar önce
I can’t wait to see more! Anything from the boys is an absolute must watch 💯
Carlos Neto
Carlos Neto Aylar önce
Se tem Marco Pigossi, eu assisto, baita ator nacional
keen Aylar önce
finally Jaz can shine bright! I am excited to see Chance here too!!
bharitylyn Aylar önce
Chance Aylar önce
excited to see you too 😂
EmpireZz Aylar önce
Anything the boys related will be amazing no matter what
Maximum Prime
Maximum Prime Aylar önce
Not the Comics
EmpireZz Aylar önce
@Linh Nguyễn last ep was good
Linh Nguyễn
Linh Nguyễn Aylar önce
Except the last episode of Season 3 LOL :V
JackDManheim Aylar önce
It's made by Amazon Studios, the same people who made Rings of Power. The high quality of The Boys is an anomaly on their resume, thus far. Gen V could definitely suck.
Anonamous Core
Anonamous Core Aylar önce
Wait till disney buys it
Jose Blanco
Jose Blanco Aylar önce
I think like many other people we heard about the spin-off and had major doubts, but after I watched the trailer I realized this is a spin off of the “The boys” and it opened my eyes knowing this is in safe hands and may I say diabolical.
Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold Aylar önce
Clancy friggin Brown! Did we know he was up in this? That’s instant buy in from me…
Pizza Dragon
Pizza Dragon Aylar önce
Rustbone Aylar önce
@Shviin he was great in dexter
MedevialPuppet Aylar önce
Ahoy sp-
Shviin Aylar önce
He's a great actor, especially for villain roles.
Toledo Toledo
Toledo Toledo Aylar önce
If The Boys reach its 2nd to last final season then it should have crossover with Gen V where they will investigate the school
TVA Loki Batman
TVA Loki Batman Aylar önce
I just finished watching trailer of the boys and now this is release Looks insane
Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers Aylar önce
Looks awesome, can't wait to watch it
Sarvesh baadkar
Sarvesh baadkar 28 gün önce
Breakdown please
Mahad Aylar önce
Do a breakdown video on this please!
It's time to watch it in 0.25x
MedevialPuppet Aylar önce
Agree. Very good opportunities with this!
FRANK JB Aylar önce
Can I get a breakdown
Irishooligan MMA
Irishooligan MMA Aylar önce
F ing amazing ! Keep these bangers coming, can't wait. These are the types of shows we need more of, to much soft nonsense these days. Thank you Prime !
mingostar Aylar önce
If it's half as good as The Boys it would still be better than most out there.
Ariel Plaza
Ariel Plaza Aylar önce
Amazon has improved on the Boys so much I can't wait to see their approach to the G-Men. Let's be real the comic may be iconic but it really suffered from Garth Ennis' spiteful hatred of superheroes.
Darren Leslie Jr.
Darren Leslie Jr. Aylar önce
A lot more crossover than I was expecting. Can't wait for this!
Matias player one
Matias player one Aylar önce
@Буйный Какита read
marius kristensen
marius kristensen Aylar önce
soldier boy needs a spinoff tooo
Буйный Какита
Ummmm, you mean spin-off? Because it's literally an adaptation of the G-Men acr from The Boys comic. This is not a standalone work.
Darren Leslie Jr.
Darren Leslie Jr. Aylar önce
@Rick King 22 oooo I didn't notice that! Thanks
Rick King 22
Rick King 22 Aylar önce
@Darren Leslie Jr. and the blonde reporter that was bullied by Ashley.
Rad Callum
Rad Callum Aylar önce
This show is like Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters in X-Men but violent, no rules, and extremely bloody. And Homelander is their Charles Xavier. It would be awesome if either Patrick Stewart or James Mcavoy could have a cameo in it.
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena 11 gün önce
Why though? Wrong franchise.
DJGamingSmash Aylar önce
I like Clancy Brown. Speaking of, when is Invincible Season 2 gonna be again? It feels like season 1 was years ago and I'm not sure if it actually was or not.
my maynee
my maynee Aylar önce
it came out in like march 2021, i think it drops next year sometime
Tom Otero
Tom Otero Aylar önce
The Boys universe, hell yes
Hammad Akbar
Hammad Akbar Aylar önce
They are making their own universe yayyyyyyyy 🤯🥳
Duby Aylar önce
Wow I love that every shot in the trailer was a split second and I couldn’t make anything out
Joel Stone
Joel Stone Aylar önce
Screen record it, there’s some interesting shots in there.
Jim Milton
Jim Milton Aylar önce
@BlaseCascade animation Oh no
BlaseCascade animation
@Jim Milton Jim Milton, hmmm, you look familiar, hey guys! It’s Dutch’s disowned adopted child! It’s JOHN MARSTON! Come say hi!
Carl Frazer-Lunn
Carl Frazer-Lunn Aylar önce
@Jim Milton pause it?
Jim Milton
Jim Milton Aylar önce
@Kevin Conway well technically on here it's called a first look. I feel like that even worse
Tequan Carter
Tequan Carter Aylar önce
I'm so glad both Chance Perdomo & Jaz Sinclair are in this series , they are booked & busy.......we love to see it .
Ptolémée Sélénion
Tristian Circa '89
Tristian Circa '89 Aylar önce
yes we do!
IllusiveBunny Aylar önce
Tilly Wilson
Tilly Wilson Aylar önce
I’m so excited for everyone to fall in love with jaz
Rollins Gamezone
Rollins Gamezone Aylar önce
The boys rocks 🔥
leoel Aylar önce
i already know it's going to be good, since it's related to the boys
gone fishing
gone fishing Aylar önce
Thing is, Homelander is the main point of conflict in The Boys. He is the one that brings tension and makes stuff interesting. I wonder how will they do this if he isn't as involved
CookiesOnToast Aylar önce
Personally I'd happily have a whole spinoff series of just Butcher, Hughie, Frenchie, Female and Mothers Milk just hanging out, chatting, going on a road trip... idk anything with those guys doing stuff together I love lol.
gone fishing
gone fishing Aylar önce
@Jayden Jones I mean, I get what you're saying, but we haven't even reached the peak of Homelander's insanity. It was clear he wouldn't be killed in the previous 3 seasons knowing what happens in the comics
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones Aylar önce
Thats kinda the only downfall of the boys to me. Homelander is great & Antony is a great actor but the show has written themselves into a hole with that character bcuz it’s lowkey starting to get a bit old you know? The whole trying to kill Homelander thing & failing… and no matter what the writers can come up with will fall flat to fans in terms of killing him so now the show just has to keep recycling itself every season with his character & characters wanting to kill him.
Edward Young Jr
Edward Young Jr Aylar önce
Nice! Hope it is good, and we can have a Boys streaming universe like old Marvel MCU.
Jared Dominguez
Jared Dominguez Aylar önce
Hasta que haces algo bien Amazon solo por eso pagaré la membresía 😁👍
Hassassinator Aylar önce
YOO, I remember when they shot this at UTM. It feels so unreal seeing my school in a TV show.
Hassassinator Aylar önce
@ali U good dude?
Hassassinator Aylar önce
@h3llboyyy Word was around, so we knew. Also, they shot a protest where some of the signs and chants were OBVIOUSLY from the Boys lol
h3llboyyy Aylar önce
@Hassassinator bruh that's awesome. Is there any way you might have known it was literally related to the boys tho?
ali Aylar önce
Ly 0 0 Y Y
Hassassinator Aylar önce
@Th3L3g3nd4ryPr0s I can't imagine they would have shot anything in the old Davis wing 💀
Rohit Nivdunge
Rohit Nivdunge Aylar önce
Slasher with funky comedy,type of genre gives a bit of excitement like 13 reasons why ,and also this teaser of Gen 5,looks same and promising...
The Loner Coder
The Loner Coder Aylar önce
wait this actually looks pretty good lol. Might me my new fav show on amazon right after The Boys
John Riddlebaugh
John Riddlebaugh Aylar önce
"Gen V" looks pretty awesome.
AUTO6 Aylar önce
Hope it will be good, crazy and gory like main series
Kid Red
Kid Red Aylar önce
I hope Expanse and Hanna were shown at the end because Amazon has plans for those 2 awesome shows.
JackDManheim Aylar önce
"Harry Potter school setting" is becoming it's own genre
Christina Racine
Christina Racine Aylar önce
Wow Season 3 of Euphoria is insane! 🤣
Gino France jr
Gino France jr Aylar önce
Awesome I cannot wait anything the boys I'm excited
Bounty Hunt
Bounty Hunt Aylar önce
Looks amazing 👏 😍 👌
Josh Loves Movies
Josh Loves Movies Aylar önce
Gen V is gonna be The Boys version of X-Men!
Equestria Guy
Equestria Guy Aylar önce
It's ironic how Amazon is trying to capitalize on The Boys as hard as they can. Real life Vought.
CookiesOnToast Aylar önce
Yeah lol, they're kinda turning into what they're making fun of. But I love The Boys so I'm not complaining too much, although this looks a lot less interesting.
Be Sarcastic
Be Sarcastic Aylar önce
This is some homelander stuff 🔥🔥
Andy Hudson
Andy Hudson Aylar önce
I'm live for it
alfredo maurer
alfredo maurer Aylar önce
felicitaciones por la serie , alguien puede decir cual es el nombre del tema que colocaron en la promocion? muy agradecido desde venezuela
Peter uwu
Peter uwu Aylar önce
I'm gonna do my thing (está del trailer es una versión distinta y no se ha encontrado en internet)
Jonas Petty
Jonas Petty Aylar önce
Marco Pigossi is in this show??? I must watch it!!
JohnColzzH Aylar önce
Bro this looks 🔥🔥🔥
PrinceoftheAbyss Aylar önce
I'd really hate to be the one in charge of cleaning the wardrobe of both The Boys and Gen V.
Mohammed Mukadam
Mohammed Mukadam Aylar önce
Looks exciting 🤩
MrGonzale09 Aylar önce
so this is what the sky high sequel should have been. a college full of powered people. hope is a good series.
I'm super pumped about this but also how receptive so many of these comments are to this universe getting cracked wide open. Fuck yeah
Stan Live
Stan Live Aylar önce
The Boys has been my favourite tv show ever since I finished the first season. So to the spin-off 'Gen V' Plz be good plz be good
larry holmes
larry holmes Aylar önce
Looks fun lol can't wait
BlackKnight Aylar önce
So Vought now has their own university specifically for any supes that they indirectly are responsible for creating? Yeah that's totally not suspicious. Hopefully we'll get more insight on how they conduct experiments on people with the compound V and how it was created.
Chammy B
Chammy B Aylar önce
Omooooooooo!! I'm hyped!!!
THE BATMAN Aylar önce
The series is definitely set in The Boys universe
Yt Abhay
Yt Abhay Aylar önce
The Boys 🔥🔥🔥
Tristan Ramones
Tristan Ramones Aylar önce
this is gonna be amazing😭😭
Hissoka Aylar önce
popped off with the casting DAMN im excited
David Vasko
David Vasko Aylar önce
2023 is looking amazing. The boys, Indiana Jones, transformers, and Bluebeetle
Slizzle. Aylar önce
Time for Prime Video to teach Disney and WB how to do live action superhero media.
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena 11 gün önce
There's still lots of great stuff out there.
Youssef Souayah
Youssef Souayah Aylar önce
It's not season 4 but I'll take what I can get at this point
HL♥️ Aylar önce
waiting for Tamil dub 🔥🔥🔥
*Boy's Let's Ready For Action 💥😈*
Vince Allen Yuan
Vince Allen Yuan Aylar önce
If I see Mr. Krabs then you already got me hooked.
Jupiter Aylar önce
wasn't expecting this to be connected to the boys. Looks very interesting
Legally Illegal
Legally Illegal Aylar önce
It's literally a spin off?
Mr. Punisher
Mr. Punisher Aylar önce
0:07 They killed Noir and recasted him with a sign. How could they do this 😭😭😭
Abdiel Pecina Music
It’s like A dark version of the X-men
edenworld Aylar önce
It's goin to fucked up !! And marvelous !! 😈🔥🔥
മായാ സുരൻ
We need a BCU Boys cinematic universe*..I will be invested 💯 if they do so..will quit DC & that stupid M-she-U shit asap👍🏼💥
Madhan Kannaih
Madhan Kannaih Aylar önce
Waiting 🤩💥
This is call crazy😂😂🤘 I am excited !
BlueMusicful Aylar önce
Should I watch The Boys before I watch this? It’s on my waitlist, but I just never got around to starting it. Now I’m 3 seasons behind...
BlueMusicful Aylar önce
@victor mendep ok cool, thank you
victor mendep
victor mendep Aylar önce
Maybe not, but you'll enjoy more if you watch the show. Otherwise you may be a little lost and wont catch the references
Gavin 0123
Gavin 0123 Aylar önce
Yeah probably
noah toy mobile
noah toy mobile Aylar önce
This is 🔥🔥
24gaijin Aylar önce
Euphoria with lots of blood ✅️
Grand Master
Grand Master Aylar önce
Здесь тоже будет транс?
Grand Master
Grand Master Aylar önce
@Davidth perhaps
Davidth Aylar önce
So it'll be shit?
William SLO
William SLO Aylar önce
Impresionante 👍👍👍👍
Rajveer kori 😉
Rajveer kori 😉 Aylar önce
I can't waiting dude for this madness 😎
Make 21- hour long episodes per season
Vijaya Pandiyan
Vijaya Pandiyan Aylar önce
Homelander cameo...we needed
JTReviewsPlus Aylar önce
The fact that this teaser was made just like The Boys season 1 teaser with the same song and everything elevates the hype for me personally! Diabolical was insane so I can’t wait to check this out 💯
JTReviewsPlus Aylar önce
@José Antonio M. np!
José Antonio M.
José Antonio M. Aylar önce
@JTReviewsPlus thanks man
JTReviewsPlus Aylar önce
@José Antonio M. I’m Gonna Do My Thing - Royal Deluxe
Kabuki uchiha
Kabuki uchiha Aylar önce
@José Antonio M. I'm gonna do my thing by the Royal deluxe, but it's different from the one in this trailer, I don't know where to find that
José Antonio M.
José Antonio M. Aylar önce
what is the name of the song?
Master of Masters’ Master
The Boys are back in town!
Avieshek Aylar önce
No wonder Amazon Prime is winning, continuing where Netflix left off.
Kiarash Mamaghani
Kiarash Mamaghani Aylar önce
0:17 With Clancy Brown I'm all in 🔥💯💥😈
Likehat Aylar önce
2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague
I wish the expanse had 2 more seasons wasn't going to end.
Andrew Aylar önce
“You're Just a Cheap Fucking Knock-off” 😂 looks really good actually. Anything the boys related is going to be brilliant
SeñorTortas Developments
Don't know what Clancy Brown is doing here but he has a gun and I like it!
Sandesh Aylar önce
oh this is gonna be epic
Guardian Prime
Guardian Prime Aylar önce
Sort of makes me think of the boys version of the x-men
Fl Han
Fl Han Aylar önce
Ryan needs to at least have a cameo in this. Like him overpowering all of the super powered teenagers will be so fun to watch. Mini Homelander at its finest.
Vortex BBX
Vortex BBX Aylar önce
So basically American My Hero Academia , just bloodier 💀
Levi Aylar önce
Seems like it
2020 YouTube Purge: the black plague
Generation V - Gen V, otherwise known as the Visual Generation, is a consumer category that brings together a unique cross-section of young Gen Xers, Millennials, and older members of Gen Z (people born between 1978 and 2008) and all of whom are united by one driving force: visual communication.Mar 10, 2022
narcis_ist 17 gün önce
nah, i think its about the generation who took compound V
Great to watch in 2x speed! Like A-Train! #faster #InvincibleSeason2
SummerTime678 Aylar önce
College students with superpowers… this can only end well.
He Turns Himself Into A Pickle
The class session will be diabolical!!
It's Sam
It's Sam Aylar önce
The Boys Got its own Universe
Abdulla Aylar önce
This madness looks so cool
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