Gar Fishing With Rope! No Hook Needed!

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How To Catch Gar With Rope! How To Make Homemade Rope Lure For Gar Fishing! Folk's today, I teach you how to use rope to catch Gar. I also share Gar Fishing tips and my Gar Fishing Rig! I hope you enjoy the video!

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31 Ağu 2019




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Mark Vejnar
Mark Vejnar 13 gün önce
Gar-sh. That was awesome - if not a bit garishly garish.
flyfisher66048 16 gün önce
We would do the same thing and make a “fly” we could throw with a fly rod. We would take a smaller rope twice as long, and fold it over, and add a split ring that we can tie the line. I would secure the split ring with red thread. Great video.
August on the Fly
August on the Fly 19 gün önce
I would caution folks who do this that if you plan on catch and release you must clear all the rope from the fishes mouth. If you don't the fish will starve to death.
Hector longoria
Hector longoria 21 gün önce
Sure would like to see you catch a 6 to 7 footer....share a video..thanks
Hector longoria
Hector longoria 21 gün önce
Wow I need to try it thanks for the video...awesome ...
michael byrne
michael byrne 25 gün önce
Oh wow! I've got try that method! I caught some good size gar or what I call bayou muskies in these Texas Bayous but with spinnerbaits, whopper stoppers, rapala minnows and buzzbaits! But getting the hooks to set in their hard mouths is a chore! But I like how the bait suspends! That just how they hunt! Suspended like a log and waits for bait swim by! Thanks for next Bayou Muskie Bait.
Christopher Campbell
The dog look at the dog, that is hilarious, I have always had and still have two dogs like them. I live in wetumpka,Al and I'm always on the coosa
Carole McConnell
Carole McConnell Aylar önce
That was a good-un.!!!!
BigMerkGee Aylar önce
That's the Ol'Snagg-a-tooth gar rig! That's why you see a whole bunch of bare mouth gar in Alabama!😅
Mason Starnes
Mason Starnes Aylar önce
my dad used to do that, he put a hook in it in just case a bass hit it.
Ervin Chafin
Ervin Chafin Aylar önce
I have made these, I cut a 10in piece of rope bend it in half around a key ring,wire it together next to the key ring then fray , put a latch pin on your line ,easy to put on and get off
Timothy Maynor
Timothy Maynor Aylar önce
Pannyhoes works good to
Chris Cosby
Chris Cosby Aylar önce
This is the greatest fishing hack I've ever seen thanks!
frank ribble
frank ribble 2 aylar önce
This might seem crazy but I would like to catch these new species in order: 1 Gar 2 Sturgeon 3 Muskie My Dad told me it could have been a Gar Pike that chewed through my line & I have wanted to catch one ever since then. The Michigan DNR planted Sturgeon in the big river I fish. Maybe, I'll get lucky someday?
Swampy 2 aylar önce
Shoo wee that stinks LOL
Dustin C Mills
Dustin C Mills 2 aylar önce
I am almost tempted to try this for musky.
Michael Sprague
Michael Sprague 2 aylar önce
Thanks for the video. I can’t wait to try this.
madjack821 2 aylar önce
let's just take the time to appreciate that this man caught a fish with a rope.
Michael Gilbert
Michael Gilbert 2 aylar önce
Love it!!!
Pablo Herrera
Pablo Herrera 3 aylar önce
Teach a man to 🐟 lol learn something new everyday thank you sir
Jaylen Locklear
Jaylen Locklear 3 aylar önce
no hook?
Bucket Mouth Inc
Bucket Mouth Inc 3 aylar önce
Do a Gar Catch N Cook! I’d love for you to do a whole series on how to catch different species and how you like to cook them. 😊
Rhett Smith RGS Pride Tile
I'm going to turn a nuisance into a game of fun now thank you
Sergey *
Sergey * 3 aylar önce
HEy, what is your camera?
Matt Ynn
Matt Ynn 4 aylar önce
God a mighty this man makes me miss my pops so much! Awesome video man.
SawDust Live Music
SawDust Live Music 4 aylar önce
what do they think it is Richard?
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia 4 aylar önce
What kind of knot is used to secure the rope tight ?
daniel dukes
daniel dukes 4 aylar önce
Haha. My Dad used to fish them dogs the same way. 🤣
Aj Jackson
Aj Jackson 4 aylar önce
He's my new hero buddy🤣🤣🤣
Maxim 4 aylar önce
Can someone please explain Elmer/Ehhhhlmo? Is Elmer God?
Eric Boudreaux
Eric Boudreaux 4 aylar önce
This guy is a legend
Nate 4 aylar önce
Richard Gene is the fishing machine !
Pablo LC
Pablo LC 4 aylar önce
Lol...here I am on my way to Bass Pro to buy baits
Nerd Wolf
Nerd Wolf 5 aylar önce
Thank you soooooooo much! I just moved from the blackhills of south dakota to southern Illinois and I kept watching gar take my lures like a dog with a bone and then I couldn't set it... you are a life saver! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Ben Crocker
Ben Crocker 5 aylar önce
8:08 woooooo hahahaha
Marc Keller
Marc Keller 5 aylar önce
I can get some of them to follow the rope but they won’t strike! Writing from south FL in April. Pls comment. Thx.
Hunter Novak
Hunter Novak 5 aylar önce
WoooGene, does Momma Sue know you took her hair brush?
Manny Essex
Manny Essex 6 aylar önce
richard geene is a different breed
WayfaringMonk 6 aylar önce
I like to cut off a piece of chicken breast and use that as bait because it has a flowy presentation in the water. That always catches gar for me.
littleQ02 6 aylar önce
New way to play fetch with my dog haha doesn't matter if she doesn't bring it back.
Dee Money817
Dee Money817 7 aylar önce
😂😂😂 I’m going to dress just like this guy.
MediocreGuitarCovers 8 aylar önce
6 inches with a mushroom shaped end, got it.
Will Mallen
Will Mallen 8 aylar önce
It Works!!! I tried it last year and I caught a longnose gar.
Tom Race
Tom Race 9 aylar önce
Cute pup!
Team Gamers
Team Gamers 9 aylar önce
That’s so cool
Anh Vien
Anh Vien 10 aylar önce
Who is Elmo?
Ozark Lisa
Ozark Lisa 11 aylar önce
In dog circles we call that a flirt pole
aaron castro
aaron castro 11 aylar önce
Will it work on big gar though I like to fish for them 6 foot gar
grantorino2009 11 aylar önce
My home state of Arkansas has some gar that are unbelievably massive. 200+ pounders as long as a full grown man. I was bass fishing the Black River one day with white spinner baits and the gar ran me and my friend off the water. No matter where we went along the river, the gar were there, destroying our baits. A spooky, powerful fish. Love RGTFM!
Brian S. Davidson
we have a lot of spotted gar in Ohio creeks and rivers and I use this technique just to see if it work the only thing I did different was I use a black nylon rope instead of a white one. Mr Gene the fishing machine, it works! It was absolutely amazing! another good fishing that I can add to my book. I've been watching you for a few months now and I've learned so much and I've been sitting all my life. Thank you sir you have truly blessed me I caught more fish is summer then I have in a long time thank you
T C Yıl önce
This fucker caught a gar without a hook
Scott Name
Scott Name Yıl önce
Wish you'd show how to get the rope out of their mouth?
The Minimalist Fisherman
We are looking at moving to Arkansas, I cannot wait to try this. We saw some huge gar when we were above the dam at Bull Shoals!
"Now when he shook his head like that, he messed up." 😂😂😂😂😂
The Green.
The Green. Yıl önce
can you catch Pike like this?
Wesley Banks
Wesley Banks Yıl önce
what size boat you running Sir?
Plastic Bag
Plastic Bag Yıl önce
I recommend using a hard comb instead of a brush and then a comb, separates the hair better :)
slammerjax Yıl önce
dang thats awesome
alec rush
alec rush Yıl önce
These gar were just called pretty for the only time in their life 😂
Kaitlyn Briggs
Kaitlyn Briggs Yıl önce
Me and my dad don't fish for Gar until a family friend said how good they taste now we fish for Gar thank u for the tip gar are so hard to hook now I know what to use
Joecarl Gradidge
Joecarl Gradidge Yıl önce
I have a green light and tried this. Literally put the rope right on their damn snout. They didn't want to have anything to do with it.
goosehunt09 Yıl önce
This is an old trick my dad taught me when I was a kid but I evolved into bowfishing now I kill several 5 ft gar a year they have tenderloins like deer!!
Carolina Bass Hunter
I tried this and it was a great time! I made a video out of it. Thanks for the tips Richard Gene!
Scott Barr
Scott Barr Yıl önce
So what happens when the fish that bites your rope breaks off? The Gar's mouth is basically tied closed and it dies. It can eat with a hook but not with a rope in its mouth.
Cameron Young
Cameron Young Yıl önce
Comic value 8/10 great job
jvhernandez2010 Yıl önce
😂 awesome video man. I had to look for techniques after I lost a gar using a circle hook the other day. First time ever coming in contact with one. I knew I had to figure something out. I won't be satisfied up until I catch one of them suckers. Thanks
Joe Darden
Joe Darden Yıl önce
Handle Your Business.!!! We Fishing.!!!
Joecarl Gradidge
Joecarl Gradidge Yıl önce
How did he tie his line to the "lure"
R R Yıl önce
Does it matter if the rope is not white color...can you use blue or green?
Lucas Mills
Lucas Mills Yıl önce
Come to Carolina boss! We have giant ones in the cape fear
Leowolf *
Leowolf * Yıl önce
Thank you so much our lake is over run with gar now I know how to catch them
david avina
david avina Yıl önce
Rio grande valley has some big ones
Pot Head
Pot Head Yıl önce
I hung up on a 9 ft alligator gar yesterday but didnt get em in almost
Caleb Reymann
Caleb Reymann Yıl önce
This man is the most entertaining on all of TRvid
Terry Eastep
Terry Eastep Yıl önce
You sir are truly amazing.
Crappie Junkie Outdoors
Always great videos!
Jacob Yıl önce
This is awesome
YNB tnasty
YNB tnasty Yıl önce
CIA _ Yıl önce
How op would that bait be if it had the rope and a small hook
Tide16nc Yıl önce
I saw some monsters below the dam before. 5ft plus
S4DG Yıl önce
I do the same thing but with my cat lol
Cam CashOut
Cam CashOut Yıl önce
You think I could use a shoe lace ?
Luke the grifter
Luke the grifter Yıl önce
Thanks for making this!
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Yıl önce
Dustin Reid
Dustin Reid Yıl önce
What kind of camera 📷 do you use? I enjoy watching your videos
Corey Arnold
Corey Arnold Yıl önce
Good video brotha love it 👊🏻👊🏻
Jeffrey Jordan
Jeffrey Jordan Yıl önce
Amazing! What Lake/river is that, it looks beautiful.
Barbecued Deer
Barbecued Deer Yıl önce
How many different type of fish can you catch just gar
Junior Cortes
Junior Cortes Yıl önce
I love watching your videos because I learn something new but I watch some more because of your personality and how much you enjoy fishing
Eric Raplinger
Eric Raplinger Yıl önce
What kind of gloves do you wear to handle the gar?
The Logan 5858
The Logan 5858 Yıl önce
This is awesome lol
Mascotal Yıl önce
You need a hat , a shirt, and three sheets to the wind.
Mendelivium Yıl önce
Man you are one great fisherman. You can catch anything. I have used rope before to catch gar. Put rope on a hook along with a large minnow but I like this all rope technique much better! Way to go as usual. ROPE is GOOD and REMEMBER its good for YOU!
American Pride
American Pride Yıl önce
You sound like Early Cuyler. I love it. Good vid
Drew Amasterpiece
Yer' wairn a pair o' Chuck's!😂🤣
Johnny 555-666
Johnny 555-666 Yıl önce
I have caught a lot of spotted gar on rope... i think it’s a lot more easier than hooking them
David V
David V Yıl önce
That's a cool boat you should do a boat tour video
Up The Creek
Up The Creek Yıl önce
I've never saw an albino gar 😂
Rick Baquera
Rick Baquera Yıl önce
What river are you in Elmo?
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