Game Theory: The Bloody History of Poppy Playtime

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What would you do if you were trapped in a toy factory and the toys came to life? I'm not talking in a fun Toy Story way, I mean in a Five Nights At Freddy's you are trapped and they want to END you kind of way. This is Poppy Playtime and I think there is a lot of lore hiding in the depths of this toy nightmare. Today I'm going to explain how I think Poppy may NOT be our big bad and what may still be lurking in the shadows.

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



29 Eki 2021




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Just Some Guy without a Mustache
MatPat isn't making theories at this point, he's literally breaking down how to write the rest of the story of the game for the writers and developers. Literally helping them by brainstorming the ideas for them.
Grace Holbert
Poppy being a companion character would certainly be far more unique and interesting than just being another generic Creepy Evil Doll
The line "You opened my case" really feels like it has double meaning to me.
Amogh Shastry
Amogh Shastry 21 gün önce
I just want to point out how huggy wuggy never attacks you right until you CREATE A TOY. You see him through out the game with a lot of chances to hug u but does not.
akumarie K
I'm surprised that Mat didn't pick up on some of the other clues:
Joey Ginise
Joey Ginise 14 gün önce
Jesus this game is terrifying. I always found fnaf unnerving, to the point that when I watched Marks first playthrough of the first game, I actually found sleeping difficult and purposely distracted myself with other content so I wouldn't have nightmares. This game legitimately terrifies me, and I haven't even watched a playthrough yet.
JELLY Tae Rose29
Setting aside the whole toys are living creatures thing for a second, it’s actually really funny that everyone high-fives Huggy lol.
Patrizia Lynne Rivera
I also noticed that when you zoom into Poppy's eyes, you can see like the sides of her eyes are a bit bloody or in red like actual human eyes, so there's a chance that MatPat's theory about Stella being inside of Poppy is prolly true. Idk if its actually blood I just noticed it.
Kokichi Oma
It was already pretty obvious Huggy Wuggy at least had a semblance of being an organism. For example, its eyes and the fact it salivates. Eyes are something we usually take for granted in horror games; they're just to let the monsters see after all, right? But in order for eyes to work, you don't necessarily need a brain (take the box jellyfish, which has multiple sets of eyes and no brain), you just need to be alive. They can be excused as cameras, but take the saliva. If you are not alive, you almost definitely don't have a digestive system, but Huggy Wuggy can be seen salivating a lot, especially in the death scenes. Saliva is part of the digestive system, which allows one to acknowledge Huggy Wuggy at least has a digestive system without digging deep at all. Again, there is also the blood when Huggy Wuggy hits the pipe, yet another indicator of a living being, but that was covered in the video.
Coven 21 gün önce
Something tells me Poppy isn’t evil. Just the way she says “You opened my case”, I’m convinced she’s actually a sweet doll trapped.
Pretty surprised there was no mention of the orphans we hear about in one of the tapes and on a poster. I feel like the factory used them, not the employees, to create the living toys. There's nothing better than kids that "no one cares about", with perfect sized organs.
Indys Gün önce
I think maybe the scientist or creator is looking for immortality. He meets Stella, a very willing participant in his experiments and uses her to progress his knowledge on how to make an eternally young creature by creating Poppy.
Medic TF2
Fun Fact: if you get really close to Huggy when first seeing him you can notice him actually BREATHING
Pam Perez
“EVERYONE high fives Huggy”
“they’re gonna be more hungreier, more blood thirsty” they could’ve been feeding the employees to the prototypes just a theory i have
Kind of sad that he didn’t realize that Huggy Wuggy has human eyes behind his toy ones.
Eldyn van Dijk
it would be really cool if you just carry her around like a talking compainion through it all.
natthevilone 14 gün önce
The writers of the game probably had something else in mind, but after matpat's theory... they'll maybe get inspired lol
The fact that this game has very realistic graphics, VHS tapes, creepy "toys", AND THEORIES within hours, make it a whole lot better
Yeah, I also speculated that she's an imprisoned person waiting to be saved.
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