Game Theory: FNAF, The Origins Of EVIL 

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Theorists, today I'm taking you all the way back… before FNAF Security Breach, before Sister Location, before any of the games that we currently know and LOVE. We’re going back to the inception of Fazbear Entertainment. I’ve recently made a discovery that changes everything… not necessarily a great discovery, I’d maybe go as far as to call it… Mediocre.
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Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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16 Ara 2022




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@realistdemon7242 11 aylar önce
The fact that the timeline is now relying on small design elements like the functionality of the jaw makes me think we’ve come full circle back to the days of counting Foxy’s toes.
@aaronking2020 11 aylar önce
The days of what
@irionuchiha3823 11 aylar önce
@@aaronking2020 back in the day of early fnaf there were theories around foxy's toes and golden freddie's ankles showing an endo skeleton therefore not being a wearable suit etc
@Ghrathryn 11 aylar önce
@@aaronking2020 Early lore days of figuring out who was where and what happened when ala "are the withered animatronics really the same ones as the original crew?" or "is the Freddy in this minigame the main one we face?" often came down to counting fingers and toes on the bots.
@hotcoco2413 11 aylar önce
@@heyguys4571 wowza
@hak7800 11 aylar önce
Dont forget the Freddy buttons
@J0RD1N 11 aylar önce
I have a theory that could further explain Aftons motive. In the video, Mat Pat has concluded that Henry had his own style of making the animatronics using the up and down pistons in their mouths. There is one other animatronic that has this function, and that Animatronic is Fredbear. In fnaf 4’s pizzeria, When the crying child is about to be bitten, we see that Fredbears Jaw mechanism works and looks exactly like lefty’s, which we know is made by Henry. This could explain why Afton wants revenge on Henry, Henry’s creation took the life of Williams Child. And so William did the same thing to Henry. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below Pls like so MatPat can see this and we can leave the rest to him
I would definitely believe that is the starting motive before he descended to madness and started experiments.
@diorsse 9 aylar önce
i'd argue that this event actually inspired william, less so angered him. his son basically possessed fredbear which would give william the idea of eternal life
@artofdrawing5128 9 aylar önce
@tayloranderson7547 9 aylar önce
I have a theory that couldn't be further explain afton's motive. In the video map pack has consistently that Henry had his own stay or make animatronics you didn't look up and down pistons in their mouths . There is one other animatronic that has dysfunction and then metronics and is forbearance enough forge Pizzeria, when the crying child about to be bitten , we see the fredbear's jaw machinery works and looks exactly like the lyfties would Lefty's which known is made by Henry. This could explain FYI Afton wants revenge on Henry'. Could explain Afton wants revenge on Henry's creation took the life of Williams child . Also William did the same thing to Henry, and we leave the rest to him
@horseality6250 9 aylar önce
but..that is said in the video xD 15:45 and we also know that these pringlock animatronics are build from both of them. The electronic part coming from henry.
@d3Rm0Nk 11 aylar önce
"That's it, I've solved FNAF" ahh I never get tired of hearing Matpat say that
@sway-playz5318 10 aylar önce
It’s going to break our hearts when he really does solve it ❤
@davidmiller8160 9 aylar önce
I am watching every single FNAF theory video in reverse order because it becomes a series of videos where MatPat slowly gives up and accepts that the story is just about a security guard who killed kids.
@Rock0_ 5 aylar önce
Bro is a menace
minimalism is bliss 😭😭😭
@disturbed1013 5 aylar önce
@Natacrafts12 3 aylar önce
@AkiliClaireAmethyst 11 aylar önce
If Andrew is wearing an alligator mask, does that mean Monty is like a revamped Mediocre Melodies character?
@Pedro_The_Pedo 10 aylar önce
Thats actually kinda true
@tayloranderson7547 9 aylar önce
For real life that is so cool character?
@sidscoolreviews2195 5 aylar önce
I think that’s probably alluded to by this video’s thumbnail.
@ajcon3874 4 aylar önce
Yes. This is literally just canon. Shown through Mr. Hippo joining the main band when Freddy leaves in the car security breach ending
@shrilleth 3 aylar önce
that kinda makes sense with his backstory from Ruin
@TotallyTails 10 aylar önce
MatPat: the final Fnaf timeline is next week *One month later* Me: yeah about that
@Pedro_The_Pedo 10 aylar önce
Its 2023 so technically it’s been another year
@TotallyTails 10 aylar önce
@@Pedro_The_Pedo slow claps for that dad joke. Slow claps.
@9livesninja 10 aylar önce
@@TotallyTails clap… Clap… Clap… Clap.
@pissyjorts3993 10 aylar önce
@@9livesninja thats not how you do a slow clap
@JvMainStream 10 aylar önce
Exactly!!!! You're the only other person I've seen talking about it. Its like everyone's forgotten about it! Where is the timeline
@cameronshand8874 11 aylar önce
It's interesting that Matpat's very first fnaf theory was about comparing it to events that happened at a Chuck E Cheese. Now he's come full circle and is comparing the lore to the events that created Chuck E Cheese.
@Unknown-br1uf 11 aylar önce
Ahhh those were the days 👁😌
@michaelk1183 10 aylar önce
@@skyelattimore01 gay
@skyelattimore01 10 aylar önce
@@michaelk1183 I didn’t know they allowed children on this side of TRvid.
@angelachapman7769 10 aylar önce
The area he’s been I think this has become “fnaf theory”anyone else agree
@Random_Youtuber_Tracy 10 aylar önce
Has matpat theorized about who phone guy is? I don't remember all the videos
@gamewriteeye769 11 aylar önce
Matt descending into madness for 20 minutes straight 🔥
@thefirstpnr 11 aylar önce
No now Matt descending into madness for 1 h
@harrishromero6447 11 aylar önce
Wait when
@thefirstpnr 11 aylar önce
@@harrishromero6447 then what
@harrishromero6447 11 aylar önce
@@thefirstpnr Normal
@harrishromero6447 11 aylar önce
@@thefirstpnr I mean matpat never descend to madness
@lukethefluke7 11 aylar önce
The fact that Chica never appears at sister location, you know williams lair, gives credit to the idea she was originally a henry creation.
@disturbed1013 5 aylar önce
Don't know if I remember it correctly, but wasn't it in sister location, they had a schedule, and it was said chicka was on loan for a party or something like that? I'll have to check it out again
@haleymickle6340 10 aylar önce
Who's gonna tell Mat that he looked into the history of Chuck E Cheese back in his first theory episode?
@Lost_Dreemurr 7 aylar önce
Wow, that was so long ago, it's crazy to think how far we've come
@rivergaming2393 3 aylar önce
And he used it as a comparison in his FNAF 4 science video about how animatronics work
@kaazledazzle6891 11 aylar önce
the chance of Scott writing books on fnaf and prolly going “oh this will get mat going” or “this one is for mat” or having matpat in his mind is very high and very cool
@AlfaJuegaYT 8 aylar önce
Scott is also very high while writting the books
@nolongerhuman07 8 aylar önce
​@@AlfaJuegaYTfr I read the first 3 books and then the first 3 Fazbear frights little stories. He was def high
@AlfaJuegaYT 8 aylar önce
@@nolongerhuman07 Just as matpat's timelines, you can see Scott getting more insane as the books go on
@AlfaJuegaYT 8 aylar önce
@@nolongerhuman07 The first FF are fairly innocent in comparison woth what came after
@dmbyaz41 10 aylar önce
Just throwing this out there... could William have originally started killing to setup Henry? So he could take sole ownership of company? Maybe in FNAF 1 newspaper the guy that was arrested was Henry and not William? Hence why he was released?
@jakubgrono9070 10 aylar önce
That would also explain why he was gone for so long and suddenly appered in fnaf 6
@poppythedogofwonders 9 aylar önce
Oh yeah, maybe that's why Henry disappeared from the story for so long, he got successfully framed and arrested.
@tayloranderson7547 9 aylar önce
Just the way up there William have originally started killing to set up Henry? So he could take stool leadership of the company may be in front of one the newspaper guy that was arrested was Henry and not William ? Hence why he was released?
@tayloranderson7547 9 aylar önce
Yes he does
@alexoxo1 9 aylar önce
@@tayloranderson7547 what are you doing. Why are you copying comments
@Masqueraide 11 aylar önce
I honestly really love the connections Matt's making with William and Henry's backstory. The question of "Why did William Afton start killing" has ALWAYS bothered me and up until this point the best answer anyone could ever seem to find was that the crying child, his son, had died. And it didn't sit right with me that I had to feel such sympathy for someone who would proceed to kill SO many kids. Knowing it could have started with being jealous of Henry just sits with me better.
@sonicman9910 11 aylar önce
hope. 🤓
@redteeth4890 11 aylar önce
Has it not been known for ages now that William killed to harvest remnant and become immortal? I thought that was his entire gist.
@jeannel9739 11 aylar önce
@@redteeth4890 you're right
@minecraftwolves2472 11 aylar önce
You are 100% right
@tincung7056 11 aylar önce
*me having a stroke trying to understand anything with my small braiin*
@SpicyMapping 11 aylar önce
i also think it’s worth pointing out that chica being separate from the main cast could work to explain the “I was the first” not referring to the spirit possessing chica but rather just literally chica predating the other animatronics
@howardmurphy8019 11 aylar önce
I remember most vividly the first fnaf theory, all about the parallels between the first game and an unfortunate, real life crime. I find it incredibly fitting that we come back to it again on the road to wrapping things up again.
@justarandomfnaffan 10 aylar önce
Matpat, it's like ripping off an old bandaid, the timeline, we need it.
@sakshamsushil7979 11 aylar önce
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="535">8:55</a> - it's completely believable that Chica would be a part of the Mediocre Melodies because chickens are also barnyard animals like the others.
@jakubgrono9070 11 aylar önce
What about a hippo or a elephant that doesn't fit but still i think she fits them more that the orginals becuse for me she always seemed out of place
@shrilleth 3 aylar önce
@@jakubgrono9070 Orville and Mr. Hippo are side attractions like Foxy was in FNAF 1. From what I can tell, Chica, happy Frog, Pigpatch, and maybe Neddbear were the main stage roster.
@gregarioustable224 10 aylar önce
W. Chica’s UCN line is iconic. “I was the first, I saw everything.” Many of us assumed that meant she was the first animatronic possessed-and maybe it still does. But what if that means she was the first animatronic built under Afton and Henry’s partnership? She saw their relationship, she saw Afton’s work, she saw it all. When the child comes to possess her, the memories of the robot are passed to the ghost. The ghost saw Afton’s descent and what led him to kill kids.
@islaythejabberwokky 9 aylar önce
The static-like robotic quality of Withered Chica's voice line (as opposed to the ghostly whispers behind the characters' voices that indicate Cassidy's speaking through them, or the way Marionette's voice is clearly Charlie's spirit-- reverb effects and all) would support this! It's so unique out of all the lore-heavy lines in that it's purposefully distorted and robotic and without any hint of a child's voice... it makes me think that line was meant to be interpreted differently, like it's less like "dialogue" and more of a hint towards a concept like NightMarione's
@duskLobber 8 aylar önce
How would Chica's possessor know that Chica was the first animatronic built though?
@jakubgrono9070 8 aylar önce
Accualy a valid theory considering the memories merging thing has been in fnaf becuse Elizabeth remembers her death from the pov of baby
@jakubgrono9070 8 aylar önce
​@@duskLobber well Elizabeth somehow remembered her death from the pov of baby (fnaf sl easter egg when you go to her room after the bidibabs or whatever thay are called try to kill you)
@duskLobber 8 aylar önce
@@jakubgrono9070 But how would Chica's possessor remember when Chica was built?
@kingkaiser95 11 aylar önce
There is a layer of abject hype and fear once I see a game theory FNAF video.
@tinycat1177 11 aylar önce
Indeed!! xD
@KingAuthurTheLast 11 aylar önce
So true
@themadscarecrow288 11 aylar önce
@jackwilliams8315 11 aylar önce
Especially after you finish catching up on the fnaf/fuhnaff stuff from literally a day ago and you think you’re done
@bibstfer 11 aylar önce
I could not agree and relate more my friend 🥲
@magnusrysjedal7147 11 aylar önce
In the silver eyes graphic novel, Dave puts Carlton in a blue bear suit, and says it's one of henry's earliest animatronics. Could that animatronic be an earlier mediocre melody, that was moved to fredbears familiy diner, and could the blue bear mask in the happiest day minigame be based on him?
@Rime_Thyme 9 aylar önce
That's actually a super interesting fact that may come into play if and/or when some new game is released. If there's a blue bear involved, i'm sure he'll be quick on that case.
@user-vt1cy9xm4m 5 aylar önce
The blue bear could have been turned to bonnie. Bonnies ears are just bear ears with an extra, smaller pair on top of them if you look at it. Could have been easily transformed from the blue bear. Would also explain why bonnie isnt golden like he originally was.
@aliciabates821 10 aylar önce
I love this timeline so far. Please finish it!
@Pedro_The_Pedo 10 aylar önce
I’m still waiting for him to do a full timeline of Nicocado avocados villain ark
@kidpixel4818 11 aylar önce
I don’t think every villain needs a reason to be evil ( sometimes it’s just fun watching someone be evil for the sake of evil, especially when they get beaten by the hero in the end) but you’re right in how it explains Afton’s motives for the series. Also makes Henry calling him ‘old friend’ at the end of Pizzeria Simulator actually kinda sad. Henry thought of them as actual friends but in the end they just ended up hurting each other. William more than Henry since most of the things that happened to him are his own fault.
@riuuzaki33 25 gün önce
True. Take Michael Myers, he is maybe the most iconic horror icon and dosnt have a motive. Every movie and continuity that tried giving him a motive was largely disliked.
@islaythejabberwokky 9 aylar önce
Afton's motive (for ANYTHING he did or made, not just the murders) has always been the biggest, muddiest piece of the puzzle for me that prevented FNAF lore theories from feeling like a believable story. This theory piece finally ties everything together really neatly, I feel.
@shandraws. 11 aylar önce
I'm happy that the Mediocre Melodies have a theory for themselves, I love them so much💗
@brianko8982 11 aylar önce
Matpat is going insane. And I'm loving every second of it.
He only descended further with this one.
@THEANIMALGUY 11 aylar önce
@Dan Southwell congratulations
@THEANIMALGUY 11 aylar önce
@Dan Southwell 🎊🎉
@A_Viewer 11 aylar önce
He was already insane; he’s just getting even more insane now
@Casey_Jonesirl 11 aylar önce
Same here lol
@bkzander1622 11 aylar önce
I think it’s important to bring up one thing in regards to William’s motive. Wouldn’t it make more sense that he would kill Henry’s daughter after Fredbear bites his son? After all of this built up tension between the two, one of Henry’s own animatronics kills his son, causing William to become enraged and kill Henry’s daughter as an eye for an eye. It doesnt make much sense just saying William was so extremely jealous that he just killed Henry’s daughter over some animatronic designs.
@berniebare371 11 aylar önce
The Crying Child has to die after Charlie since she’s the one talking to him through the Fredbear plush (alongside William)
@stuck_in_orbit1634 10 aylar önce
Consider this, the battery packs was Henry, but afton wanted them to be smaller . so he made them like a disk, something smaller to fit into the animatronic itself. While he was at it he put in a device that would lure children from there family's . I believe that holodisks were around much longer than we realize. Anyway, Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
@Squint-SFM 10 aylar önce
Moral of the story: Don't go into a chuck e cheese like restaurant and kill five children in a bunny suit and gradually stuffing them into suits.
@Alec11_43 11 aylar önce
I could have sworn MatPat once made a theory about one of the animatronics being a hidden member of the Musical Melodies, I just forget which one exactly. Edit: So it was Chica. I sort of figured as much, but assumed it was a separate option.
@venusm4909 11 aylar önce
I think your talking about Chica indeed, a while ago he made a video explain about the Chica is a MM, idk the name of the video but I know it’s something like “follow the missing Chica”, there are 3 mini theories in the video
i think its from fnaf the rejects
@@BadEggOnTheTRvids254 is that a Mischa Bachinski pfp?
@yalikejazz.... 10 aylar önce
@strange17 10 aylar önce
It was Chica, he mentioned it at 8:43
@joshuacroll8534 21 gün önce
cassidy speaking through the animatronics that william hated, the once henry made at his restaurant (which william blames for his first restaurant failing) is a peice of poetry as well
@salt8688 11 aylar önce
This makes so much sense. Charlie’s death was a rage filled accident with unforeseen consequences. Once Afton realized that Charlie was in the puppet is when things changed. This was his ticket to finally bring “life” into his creations
@ReklessTW 11 aylar önce
BOOM! Remnant was the one thing that could replace Henry’s magic.
@inluvwtheblues 11 aylar önce
The motive for the continued killing! Yeah hope Matpat does see this^^
@CrazyKId955 11 aylar önce
@alogarfen9 11 aylar önce
Also we all assumed that Chica was the first to be killed because she says "I am the first I have seen everything" but what if she wasn't the first to be killed but the first to be build.
@bonnieita7154 11 aylar önce
Btw didn't chica come from chica's party world and not from the mediocre melodies?
@victoryninja40 11 aylar önce
I feel like the entirety of the lore of fnaf is just mass hysteria and we're all collectively hallucinating plot
@shadowwatcher3957 10 aylar önce
So it's a month later and we still do not have the "final" FNAF lore video... why do I get the feeling that this just means that Matpat will be making a CA-RAY-ZY video when it finally does come out?
@justinthompson3754 10 aylar önce
Love how he says “the rest of this will be released in another video in a week or 2, promise” and then a whole month goes by without any news. But releasing other game, movie, food theories instead. 😬
@pastelxenon 10 aylar önce
but dude among us is still relevant right guys
@benjaminoechsli1941 10 aylar önce
Shows how big/complicated the video is, I guess.
@Pedro_The_Pedo 10 aylar önce
It’s 2023 now so it’s another year and he still hasn’t made it
@deadbear4710 10 aylar önce
Their is an encyclopedia of fnaf characters and lore coming out soon. He dosnt want to release the video just to have everything destroyed by 1 book. He said in a recent video he is gonna wait for the book before putting anything out
@braedenclundgren 10 aylar önce
I mean I respect it, I'd rather a well thought out and researched video take a lot longer than expected, then a rushed video
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="720">12:00</a> who knew an animatronic could roast so delicately😂😂
This…….. actually makes sense. How did we not notice this? It took us this long to figure it out. really!? I won’t be surprised if we see this part of the story in the first bit of the five nights at Freddy’s movie
@josselynruiz2009 11 aylar önce
So funny to see MatPat return to Chuck E Cheese, since it was referenced for the very first FNAF theory episode. What a way to come full circle 👏👏👏
@CoolllamaTMM 11 aylar önce
@Kjf365 11 aylar önce
Yeah this turned out to be a really cut and dry comparison to make. Imagine where we'd be if he thought to look up the background of Chuck E Cheese years ago lol.
@zachariahwhite2050 9 aylar önce
I love how we've gone from Scott not really planning a story, to us now looking at every small thing for story
@oscarmarek7746 19 gün önce
I like how MatPat is beating himself up for not looking at the history of Chuck E Cheese to figure out FNAF lore, but that was literally the first ever FNAF episode he did!
@lames177 10 aylar önce
"that episode will be coming out in a week or two" *five weeks later*
@Totaldramaemi Aylar önce
MatPat has already helped me Make my own characters and his theories have helped me make lore for it!
@BigLion-qj4tb 8 aylar önce
I feel like using the FNAF Ultimate Guide for lore is a step in the right direction.
@colekiesler6218 11 aylar önce
MatPat 2014: William Afton is the true villain of FNAF. MatPat 2022 and possibly onwards: “Mr Hippo was the true mastermind all along.”
@Sivanot 11 aylar önce
@seeingstar. My dude, if you're an actual person and not just a bot yourself, you're only contributing to the problem.
@3bodYking99 11 aylar önce
​@@Sivanot it's a bot, they're evolving
@deforestfamily9330 11 aylar önce
@venomfan2020 11 aylar önce
MatPat just can't stop accusing random characters in purple...
@Skuffalugs 11 aylar önce
Just a thought. But Cassidy's certain colour scheme looks like a mix of the colours of the mediocre melody animatronics. Coincidence? Great video as always!!
@tillie-tmb4808 10 aylar önce
This theory blew my mind! The different angle with Afton and William makes SO MUCH SENSE
@KB65YT 9 aylar önce
To be honest I was always intrigued about the animatronic designs, especially the jaws, but I never thought it actually had a bigger significance in terms of lore
@HowlinnWolf 11 aylar önce
After all those years, new FNAF theories finally start to make sense again. Let's hope Matt is on the right track and whatever is awaiting us in the future of the franchise won't ruin it like usual. I want Matt to be right again for a change.
@jmanzplan2074 10 aylar önce
“It will be coming in the next week or two” 😭
@psychelocks9298 11 aylar önce
That... actually makes a lot of sense and explains a part of Midnight Motorist. "He's off to that place again," would fit the context of Crying Child running off to a rival restaurant, only driving his father further into jealousy and revenge obsession.
@20keys50 11 aylar önce
meaning Midnight Motorist is in the beginning
@covereye5731 11 aylar önce
If Orange guy is Afton. We could assume him not being purple means he hasn't become full evil and killed yet. Making Midnight the earliest point in the timeline we have seen in the games. Only thing that's weird with that scene, is the animatronic footprint outside where the kid supposedly ran off.
@tumblingstarmoonchild 11 aylar önce
Dude I read this comment and literally gasped out loud. I hope Matt sees your comment because it Makes Sense
@eliaslisikh985 11 aylar önce
Jr's is the rival restaurant ...?
@Larucos 11 aylar önce
you're so right, bestie, you just changed my life
@nglish6905 11 aylar önce
this is one of the coolest episodes. I love looking at designs. and YES! this is the most linkable video ever. So easy to understand, too.
@toddsmith2718 11 aylar önce
So excited for the new and improved timeline
@KingZombie40487 10 aylar önce
Has he made the video yet?
@snek529 10 aylar önce
Did someone say CRIIIINGE?!?! Cos thats just insane in the membrane brah!
@snek529 10 aylar önce
i hate myself for doing that
@tayloranderson7547 9 aylar önce
That is so awesome and amazing thing
@lettuce6006 10 aylar önce
Uh matpat, where’s the timeline?
@ishallcallhersquishy 11 aylar önce
it’s videos like this that make me appreciate how far matpat is willing to go to get these theories right. that’s why he’s the GOAT, the GOAT!
@ori2301 9 aylar önce
i think it'd be a nice thing for Scott to do to at least comment on the final timeline cause mattpatt has been carrying this fandom for years and we need a win
@carolynfavaloro1436 11 aylar önce
It honestly makes the most sense. The mediocre melodies would absolutely be used by Cassidy to torment Afton by hitting him where it hurts, hitting him where it all started. I like this theory.
@little_miss_red1192 11 aylar önce
I really like it too it’s such a nice way for them to be looped into the story!!
@micu8942 11 aylar önce
also all the mediocre melodies have a second voice overlayed with ther normal voice, similar to a child's voice
@rockyharmon2468 11 aylar önce
No it’s doesn’t stop thinking his theories always make sense
@pennynukenarc 11 aylar önce
Yeah, since they were the crappy animatronics of his rival, it reminds William of how he helped Henry succeed.
@kentytofficiald4129 10 aylar önce
I like how he put so much effort to make videos to make us know everything that seems normal (except fnaf)
@lyonniebohannon9044 11 aylar önce
I just can’t wait for the day where we get a definitive clear timeline of this whole franchise, seven years and we’re still putting bits and pieces together
@brianalderman7350 10 aylar önce
Okay matpat it’s been a month where’s my theory lol
@factual-fantasy2762 10 aylar önce
I'm watching this video as I'm building my own FNAF AU. And the fact that I was going to add the Mediocre Melody's as an important part of the story, and this video is *all about* that exact thing is great XD
@Caroline-ik9ww 10 aylar önce
Can’t wait for the full timeline ❤️
@thx4chrckingin 11 aylar önce
This is probably the most satisfying theory yet. Giving William Afton a motive is the single greatest thing ever accomplished on this channel. Purple Guys identity was revealed through the books, the community more or less solves Fnaf3 singlehandedly, FuhNaff was the one to finally make sense of Security Breach, but this is a Game Theory accomplishment! I love it!
@071V3R 11 aylar önce
@fantasysquad8425 11 aylar önce
As a writer, I’ve been in pain there was no sure motive.
@leia8254 11 aylar önce
this is one of the best theories u made! everything fits and makes a lot of sense!
@Forpus888 9 aylar önce
This is really interesting, i have woundering around about about the reasons of william afton actions for a while, amazing job mat!
@michaelkelly8956 10 aylar önce
"Next week" has turned into over a month lol
@dr.coomerclone146 11 aylar önce
Matpat mentions how chica might have originated from the Melodies but forgets the rental log from sister location saying something along the lines of “chica’s party world”
@aiwianxiety426 10 aylar önce
Yes, but consider that after Henry's disappearance, Afton had full control over all the animatronics. While he may have hated Henry's creations, he could have used Chica's popularity to create a side location called "Chica's Party World" so he could gain more money and have another murder den. It is perfectly plausible that Chica originated within the Melodies and then Afton later uses her design to create his own version of her, like we see he does with the toy animatronics and the design shown in Ultimate Custom Night. In this theory, Afton hated and loved his rival, so it makes sense that he pays homage to his idol by recreating and using his creation. That's my take on it.
@dr.coomerclone146 10 aylar önce
@@aiwianxiety426 what are you talking about? Henry doesn’t die until after FNaF pizza sim that doesn’t make sense
@aiwianxiety426 10 aylar önce
@@dr.coomerclone146 Apologies, I just realized that I was thinking about the books. Afton basically took over and Henry disappeared- then the rest of that theory lol TwT
@Pepeutra 10 aylar önce
"About in a week" Said Mathew Pathew one month prior
Mr. Hippo: Sometimes a story is just a story you try to read into every little thing and find meaning in everything anyone says, you'll just drive yourself crazy. Matpat: *points* yes and no
@yes_and_so_what 11 aylar önce
Oof, 475 likes and only 2 bot comments
@JamesDavy2009 11 aylar önce
That line from Mr. Hippo could be something akin to a red herring character or a whodunnit villain trying to mislead the detective character.
@Llamastudioofficial 2 aylar önce
Norrmal person: My goal is to travel. Matpats goal: Solving the fnaf timeline
@BlacksheepSwing 11 aylar önce
I fully agree, I like that Aston finally has a motive and I knew that the Mediocre Melodies were more I felt like Scott was understating them for them not to be important at least a little bit.
@daniellewaites1465 10 aylar önce
hey Matpat, when are you going to release the next video?
@SleepyLuigi 10 aylar önce
I really hope that the lore actually has something to connect with the mediocre Melodies. But i feel there could be A LOT more to this.
@czikyagi 10 aylar önce
“Itll come out in a week or so i swear!” - MatPat 1 month ago
@maxithalo7796 11 aylar önce
I've never noticed this jaw detail, it makes me really appreciate this series even more
@reeapurr1795 11 aylar önce
mm yeah its like full circle
@jonahboris6681 11 aylar önce
@finallyotshere6800 The video is cute and all, but will you please stop spamming? I'm assuming you're a bot...
@loInani 11 aylar önce
@@jonahboris6681 you talk like thats gonna do anything lol
@Thomas90012 11 aylar önce
i realized the jaw thing but thought it was just damaged, didnt think much about it
@lewisnothamilton5615 11 aylar önce
Chica being part of the mediocre melodys gives a whole new meaning to the line "i was the first i have seen everything." Also Matpat i honestly dont know how you you think up these theories but when you tell us your theories they always make so much sense. Well done.
@bonezarebroken 11 aylar önce
And, yet...we still don't have the answer to the biggest question of FNAF. Why does Toy Chica wear knickers? Seriously, am I the only one creeped out by that?
@f4z-b0i81 10 aylar önce
“The next video on fnaf is next week” its the 18th of january
@axo5569 11 aylar önce
This is a major turn around for the series! I knew FNAF was inspired by Chuck E. Cheese, but I didn’t know the beginning was based off of it. This theory is so crazy that it might actually be correct. I mean, hey, it’s Scott Cawthon were talking about here!
@jaydenmichael5188 10 aylar önce
"I think we'll have it ready for next week" *-Matpat, one month ago as of writing this comment*
@brenno90721 11 aylar önce
I love how FuhNaff helped the FNAF team igniting some lights in places they weren't looking at. When Mat starts talking about Lefty and brings up the "schematics" made me open a big smile.
@ajkcool 11 aylar önce
"Schematics." "Mmmmm."
@unrelatablecontent629 11 aylar önce
It's extremely funny hearing matpat talking about actual animatronic history now
@jacksonjeffcoat6279 10 aylar önce
Great theory 👌 can't wait for the timeline theory next week
@turniptheshade4439 10 aylar önce
Matpat: "i think we're going to have it ready for next week?" Me Almost 4 weeks Later: *Waiting for the timeline still*😅
@Rismose 10 aylar önce
Stillll waiting
@Kate-ex1df 10 aylar önce
I came here just to find this comment, the wait is killing me
@tayloranderson7547 9 aylar önce
Yes we are
@Cauntgoku 11 aylar önce
Another great video mat pat!😁
@Aurorasgachaanimatics 10 aylar önce
Matpat: The full timeline should be here by next week *One month later* Me: Yeaah about that
@curlycoconutty 11 aylar önce
I’m so glad that Chica being a Mediocre Melodie is finally being addressed. I think the fact that in Sister Location they call out that Funtime Chica is somewhere else or came from somewhere else (I can’t remember which one it is) it’s referencing that Chica came from the Mediocre Melodies to the official FNAF 1 Group.
@lindahamilton2996 11 aylar önce
if Matt is looking for the inspiration of five nights at Freddy’s then why don’t they see the inspiration for Chuck E. Cheese which would be there Walt Disney animaTronic at Disneyland
@Takejiro24 11 aylar önce
Do you mean Chica's Party World?
@aiwianxiety426 10 aylar önce
Aiwi Anxiety 0 seconds ago Yes! You're speaking about Chica's Party World, which was a separate location likely created after Henry's disappearance. I wanna say that Afton had full control over all the animatronics. While he may have hated Henry's creations(because he hated Henry and GF for takin Crying Child lol), he could have used Chica's popularity to create a side location called "Chica's Party World" so he could gain more money and have another murder den. It is perfectly plausible that Chica originated within the Melodies and then Afton later uses her design to create his own version of her, like we see he does with the design shown in Ultimate Custom Night. In this theory, Afton hated and loved his rival, so it makes sense that he pays homage to his idol by recreating and using his creation and giving it her own location.
@bobaparadise9419 9 aylar önce
@@aiwianxiety426 your thinking about Henry in the books. Henry didn’t die in the games until FNAF 6 which is WAYY after Willam died and places like Chica’s party world had closed
@aiwianxiety426 9 aylar önce
@@bobaparadise9419 Yeah i realize the typo i made. I meant to say after he kinda disappeared from the face of tbe earth
@ArouDragons 11 aylar önce
I'm starting to question whether or not Security Breach is actually a separate timeline that's supposed to support the canonicity of the original FNAF timeline. Which is upheld by the books. Just what it seems like to me
@hannahzarnstorff4797 11 aylar önce
that image of chica used for portraying her as one of the mediocre melodies is unnerving, i love it
@jaimeecostello6893 9 aylar önce
I’m convinced that scott just gos along with any thing that Matpat comes up with
@ashleybenjamin8706 11 aylar önce
The mediocre melodies are not the only ones who get spoken through Cassidy. Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare also speak with her voice.
@leahs4775 8 aylar önce
MatPat needs to do a food theory on AirUp if he really wants us to buy some.. I would if he did😂
@vann.E 11 aylar önce
I know nobody is going to see this but I wanted to thank everyone for coming on this journey. It’s been seven years of theories and animatronics and I have enjoyed every second of it. I can’t wait to see what 2023 holds for the FNaF franchise.
@Azure_Zy 11 aylar önce
Same. I grew up with it, and would always play the FnaF 3 demo with my cousin when we met. I'm an adult now, and I look back fondly at all the memories, new FnaF releases and Game Theory making theory after theory on this franchise.
@bigdaddybryan7918 11 aylar önce
@bigdaddybryan7918 11 aylar önce
get a job
@vann.E 11 aylar önce
@@Azure_Zy same. It’s kinda a shame that the franchise is probably coming to an end. I have a feeling there’s only going to be 2-3 games left which sucks cuz this franchise was my childhood.
@creeper_was_here 11 aylar önce
same,goodbye fnaf,for now
@wetsocks9884 11 aylar önce
Imagine they finally release the lore and it’s completely different
This will probably never happen. But i would love to see a lore book about the franchise like Scott really intended it.
@mr.glitch6781 10 aylar önce
After this I will have finally watched all FNAF theories dear god there’s so many
@paulettelara3227 11 aylar önce
Love this series 🥰
@kindabrokenmangle4976 10 aylar önce
Hey Matpat! 8 years of FNAF theories, I hope the Diet Coke is keeping you somewhat mentally stable through out these games. I have a question, is it possible to release a FNAF video that's just a summary of all your theories? 8 years can get pretty confusing at times and a nice summary of the entire lore that is STILL happening and changing would be nice!
@colekiesler6218 11 aylar önce
MatPat 2014: A man in a suit murdered five children and stuffed them into animatronic suits. MatPat 2099: “To this day I still haven’t seen to figure out if Mr. Hippo is actually a hippo.”
Matpat in 2145: “Are the animatronics actually based off animals or the alien species remnant that kept William Afton alive in Freddy in Space 69”
@man_noplan 11 aylar önce
MatPat in 2200 : 💀
@timothyhannon4078 11 aylar önce
Matpat 2030: Faze-goo is made out of the same material as Gromethius from The Owl House because FNAF and Grom were released on the same date!!!!
@mannamoth918 11 aylar önce
@@man_noplan matpat in 4999 : ☠️
@pok3pals 11 aylar önce
Hey Mat, this theory sort of had me thinking of something that was mentioned within the game that might have a connection? So you mentioned how the melody group was sort of the first/their own thing before Freddy and the gang were developed. And with William's jealousy happening, could it be related to the 5 missing children event? As I was thinking maybe William murdered the first 5 as an attempt to get Henry's restaurant closed down by shoving the bodies into the melody gang. As in the books you've mentioned, Cassidy had an alligator mask and was tied to a battery pack. Could that be the case with the other children killed? They were shoved into those suits, causing the place to shut down and then William and Henry get together and create Fazbear Entertainment? As another thing that made me think this is I'm not sure if it was specified, if it was then ignore this. But, was it ever specified that it was Bonny, Chica, Freddy, and Foxy that were the ones producing the stench? Or could it be the melody gang creating the stench, resulting in them getting closed down, to then get with William and resulting in the events that were to come.
@aiwianxiety426 10 aylar önce
This is a really interesting idea, but if we go with the basis of the theory Mat already made, saying Afton went into bankruptcy and merged with Henry, who saved him, it may be better to say that Afton wanted to get rid of Henry's creations and so he sabotaged them, so his animatronics would remain at the forefront of the Freddy Fazbear's Entertainment stage. I think that it would be perfectly plausible. Afton fueled by rage and guilt for killing Charlie, kills five other children, stuffs them in the Melodies, and then tries to divert the attention away from himself so that Henry doesn't find out he killed Charlie. I thought that it would be an interesting idea to add on to your theory. What do you think?
@tayloranderson7547 9 aylar önce
Resulting in the getting close down, to get with William and releasing in the events that were to come.
@protagonistical 11 aylar önce
Chuck E Cheese's? Well, we've come a full circle. I remember when MatPat thought FNAF was inspired by the 1993 Nathan Dunlap case. Aaaaall the way back in the very first episode.
@aiwianxiety426 10 aylar önce
That episode feels like it was waaaaay too long ago lmao
@danny_jh1373 10 aylar önce
Matpat a month ago:"The timeline will come out next week" Matpat now:"the timeline will be... soon...."
@PhantomGato-v- 10 aylar önce
It’s here. Literally. Today or yesterday haha
@danny_jh1373 10 aylar önce
@@PhantomGato-v- my comment was over a week ago my dude???
@PhantomGato-v- 9 aylar önce
@@danny_jh1373 yep. Just telling u tho
@danny_jh1373 9 aylar önce
@@PhantomGato-v- Aight, my bad 🤙
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