Game Recap: Lakers 101, Knicks 99

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The Lakers defeated the Knicks in overtime, 101-99. Anthony Davis recorded 20 points, six rebounds and four assists for the Lakers, while Talen Horton-Tucker added 13 points, five rebounds and 10 assists in the victory, including the go-ahead 3pt FG with 20.3 seconds remaining in overtime. Julius Randle led all scorers with 31 points, eight rebounds and five assists for the Knicks, while Derrick Rose added a season-high 27 points, along with six rebounds and six assists in the losing effort. The Lakers improve to 39-30 on the season, while the Knicks fall to 38-31.



11 May 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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康朗朗 Aylar önce
How come that 14 FGA but 2 FGM guy could have confidence to shot the last deep three?? Haiyaa
King Higgins
King Higgins Aylar önce
Great Buzzer beater THT
King Higgins
King Higgins Aylar önce
Great job by the Prince and The royal court
King Higgins
King Higgins Aylar önce
Millennium lakers basketball
MMA30001 Aylar önce
That's an awful lot of excitement for the guy *before* the score. "Kentaaaaaavious! Caldwell! Pope! ... Gets it to Kyle Kuzma for the layup." "Third quarter, it's Kentaaaaaavious! Caldwell! Pope! ... Finding Anthony Davis."
The Truth
The Truth Aylar önce
NBA Champion Kyle Kuzma
Turgut Genelioğlu
Turgut Genelioğlu Aylar önce
Lakeswin 💜💛
MH Aylar önce
2:47 Randle "What the hell is this kid doing?"
2endsformacircle Aylar önce
Lakers fans be like. "We're back!!!"
Lucky45 April Diamond
Yahoo! Congrats my #LakersBronTeam👋👋👋💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🌈🌈🌈💓💓💓
Çağatay Çetinkol
what are you doing Barrett ??
Isaac Pass
Isaac Pass Aylar önce
Davis lead the team like a boss
Nikola Prahov
Nikola Prahov Aylar önce
audio is delayed
Jzzzr sssh
Jzzzr sssh Aylar önce
I love how randle celebrated lmfao stupid
potty Aylar önce
Everyone beware ‼️Thunderstorm is coming ‼️🔥💥⚡️☠️😆
Skinny Pippen
Skinny Pippen Aylar önce
Knicks should have won that game no disrespect to Davis but Lebron nor Schroder was playing! Rose should have taken that shot or been a decoy to break down the defense!
potty Aylar önce
Ahmed Shabib
Ahmed Shabib Aylar önce
Kuzma going on 2-3 business days droughts
OvidiuZ Aylar önce
Lakers playing in purple which used to be the "away" jerseys and Knicks in white which are the "home" jerseys..on the Lakers home court...they don't seem to care about those small details anymore don't they?
Jodi Zemrau
Jodi Zemrau Aylar önce
They just do whatever jerseys they want now ya.
Thanks Me Later
Thanks Me Later Aylar önce
They had 20secs and throw a bad shot wtf?
noureddine chehaib
noureddine chehaib Aylar önce
Dayem unbelievable match good win Lakers
Karate kingla
Karate kingla Aylar önce
When is James back?
James Bennett
James Bennett Aylar önce
ken fausto
ken fausto Aylar önce
New York Bulls
Don Erick Angeles
Don Erick Angeles Aylar önce
Good job Lakers for another win
Chapin Pride
Chapin Pride Aylar önce
Asımcan Çalışkan
Nice play from both teams man
Christian Ramos
Christian Ramos Aylar önce
First round exit knicks
D Starsnz
D Starsnz Aylar önce
Why did R.J have the ball last 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Sava Dob
Sava Dob Aylar önce
fckn spike lee is killing me
Christian Kit
Christian Kit Aylar önce
I got Julius Randle for Most Improved Player this year.
Alice dela merced
Alice dela merced Aylar önce
some day its gonna make sense
Álvaro Cervera
Álvaro Cervera Aylar önce
1:52 Rose and Barrett should have boxed out
Max Alonzo Misericordia Flores
The refs are sold out. They helped the LAKERS
Kev. Mill
Kev. Mill Aylar önce
Who were selling them? Smh
at yfrtcdtgg siyuut
Lakers are to be a 7th seed So AD should have take a rest His playtime is now too much
Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams Aylar önce
Nice clutch 3 THT..👏👏👏
Amazing A The Dreamer
Nice. Close one too. 😁 Wesley Matthews just got a nod of respect for keeping the Lakers in that one.
Nestor Frias
Nestor Frias Aylar önce
Bossfather Aylar önce
So Anthony Edwards was right about RJ Barrett?? Lmao
Jean Michel
Jean Michel Aylar önce
Lakers struggling for power
ANGELO Aylar önce
Wtf rj barrett
Noah gattringer
Noah gattringer Aylar önce
Los Angeles lakers
Los Angeles lakers Aylar önce
Terrific Lakers 💯🔥💜💛
erbeth paleyan
erbeth paleyan Aylar önce
Damn why. rose and randle did a very nice game damn whyyyyyyy.
康朗朗 Aylar önce
@erbeth paleyan ??Can't understand what u mean.I mean the RJ hold the ball and shoot the three himself at last is too foolish.He had three ways to prevent the game lose,pass to rose/randle/gibson, especially to gibson 'cause he is running inside and no defenders, but must not shoot that kind of three...he totally shot 14 times but just got 2 times in that game!
erbeth paleyan
erbeth paleyan Aylar önce
@康朗朗 you realy think 5seconds is enough even other stars lose a close game.
康朗朗 Aylar önce
Just see who was holding the ball at last 5 seconds......
A A Aylar önce
Good game by the lakers. But that last scene when ad jumped for the loose ball and came back limping I thought he got injured again
DrVince Aylar önce
That’s why we were never worried!!! Let’s go LAKESHOW!!!
Yasser Italy
Yasser Italy Aylar önce
I know it is just a hope , but i hope Kuzma can give us this performance on regular basis , because that can make a huge difference with the Lakers .
truth seeker chris
truth seeker chris Aylar önce
@David Darida he don't take his game seriously he focus on hair color
Floyd Alexander
Floyd Alexander Aylar önce
We been waiting for Kuzma to be consistent his entire career. It is what it is man. 1 good game in every 8 to 10. Don't get your hope up. Normally he follows up a big game with a single digit one. Lets see how it plays out tonight. Lets see if he can mk it 2 in a row.
FelaJean Gaitera
FelaJean Gaitera Aylar önce
@David Darida v
David Darida
David Darida Aylar önce
@Yasser Italy I said lucky....normally he'll do 5pts max, last year's playoffs,especially the finals,he was unusable
Yasser Italy
Yasser Italy Aylar önce
@David Darida I will take 10 pts in the playoffs if his FG% percentage is good .
Сантело Aylar önce
Молодцы 👍
Мартин Бранков
😱 ahhh Knicks come on down to 6th seed now…. 😡
ilikevideos Aylar önce
@Мартин Бранков Yes! Will be interesting to watch how the next 3 games for those 3 teams respectively will turn out.
Мартин Бранков
@ilikevideos epic battle ahead until the end of the season! Not sure about the tie-breakers but should avoid the 6th seed which would mean 1st round exit against the bucks!
ilikevideos Aylar önce
Heat, Hawks and Knicks all have the same Win Lose ratio now (4,5,6)
Hector Adamo
Hector Adamo Aylar önce
Randle NEEDS to be even more of a clutch player, he's already proved that he's terrific in tough games and is able to shoot from basically anywhere, so for me it's just a matter of time of him regularely making buzzer- beaters
he wants the ball but RJ wants to be a hero hahaha
Valentin Delieux
Valentin Delieux Aylar önce
Finally, this laker team is better without lechoke
A A Aylar önce
@Macky Morales correction not lebron AD won them
A A Aylar önce
Hahahahahahah. Exactly
Macky Morales
Macky Morales Aylar önce
Lechoke won them a championship. 😂
master 82575
master 82575 Aylar önce
Knicks dangerous team
master 82575
master 82575 Aylar önce
@A A but lakers without james are bad
A A Aylar önce
@master 82575 lakers are a good defence team as well but can’t win games if you lack in scoring
A A Aylar önce
@master 82575 huh ?
master 82575
master 82575 Aylar önce
@A A im.lakers and bulls fan .but i respect knicks .nba without strong knicks is poor.i want strong knicks
master 82575
master 82575 Aylar önce
@A A ?
hhn knnhy
hhn knnhy Aylar önce
Leolein Jean Pierre
Poor spacing on that last shot... I guess they all wanted to take it
Tarik Alibasic
Tarik Alibasic Aylar önce
@Leolein Jean Pierre at least it happened in a regular season game haha knicks will get past first round max
Leolein Jean Pierre
@Tarik Alibasic maybe, maybe not. If you play basketball you definitely can understand that stuff like these happen, that's just basketball 🤷🏾‍♂️
Tarik Alibasic
Tarik Alibasic Aylar önce
@Leolein Jean Pierre d rose had the ball initially but dribbled into traffic.. thought the coach could of come up with a better play for sure
Leolein Jean Pierre
@Tarik Alibasic time winding down man, ball in the wrong hands. Randle and D. Rose wanted the ball but they got too close. The only smart move on that play was Taj Gibson's... Came for a high pick, saw there was no spacing, moved out but it was already too late.
Tarik Alibasic
Tarik Alibasic Aylar önce
For real tho what were they doing ?!
Dorian Smith
Dorian Smith Aylar önce
goatmentator 😤
Sid Cabiles
Sid Cabiles Aylar önce
Sannel John Ayungao
13mins ago here.
Lacrosse Stations
Lacrosse Stations Aylar önce
500th viewer
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov Aylar önce
Ahhh Knicks found a way to lose the game 😠😡🤬!!!
A A Aylar önce
@Martin Brankov true he’s clutch
Martin Brankov
Martin Brankov Aylar önce
@A A don't know why don't let Rose close the games!
A A Aylar önce
Rj should of passed
Black Escobar
Black Escobar Aylar önce
Nice game both teams
Lou The Legend!!
Man what a game Stephen.A.Smith would be furious rn lol
Lou The Legend!!
@Lincoln Barton yessir haha
Lincoln Barton
Lincoln Barton Aylar önce
Jordan Estevez
Jordan Estevez Aylar önce
Lakers 😤😤🔥🔥🔥
jay ar arayan
jay ar arayan Aylar önce
sunny4ver Aylar önce
3rd viewer
Cn Lyca Lyca
Cn Lyca Lyca Aylar önce
2nd viewer
Chryster John Gomez
1st viewer! 😁😁
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