Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 3 | Preview (HBO)

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The Dead are already here.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9PM on HBO.



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Tasty Marwa
Tasty Marwa Saatler önce
Game of thrones : Darker
Rust 2 gün önce
Jon snow should have faced off with NK, then gets killed, NK resurrects the dead inside winterfell, Jon is reanimated but free willed like Benjen stark and suprises the NK instead of Arya, but in a twist killed NK and himself...
Burak Öztürk
Burak Öztürk 3 gün önce
whole season they said WINTER IS COMING WINTER IS COMING afterward he died in one episode, when he was middle of his army.. they heard sound of blood but they couldn't hear arya's running
Rizwan Ahmed
Rizwan Ahmed 4 gün önce
The night is dark and... nope, just dark.
Dr.Stam! •
Dr.Stam! • 4 gün önce
Anyone here after the finale?
fares marina
fares marina 4 gün önce
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Mathias Jensen
Mathias Jensen 4 gün önce
You better call saul !!
samtemdo8 5 gün önce
After Episode 5. This Episode is not that bad compared to what came after.
فاتن اتاسي
فاتن اتاسي 6 gün önce
ريم بدعة حبيبتي تنوع رائع
Rebusu 6 gün önce
8 seasons of all of the "winter is coming" hype just to see my ugly face as a reflection from the black screen. Disappointed
Retro MouseX
Retro MouseX 6 gün önce
I'm still trying to figure out...What the hell happen. The show so dark I though I still had my sunglasses on.
No_one 8 gün önce
We thought that Bran's gonna be Important character in killing Night King 😂
Slim Jones
Slim Jones 8 gün önce
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Chrysa Tsolakidou
Chrysa Tsolakidou 9 gün önce
For me this episode was one of the most unexpecting episodes tha I have ever seen and I'm so dissapointed that I am reading so many hate comments!!!
FiveofHearts1 9 gün önce
*teleports behind the Night King* Arya: Heh. Nothing personnel kid.
John Saw
John Saw 10 gün önce
episode 3 Preview 188M likes 5.8M unlikes, episode 6 Preview 131M likes 69M unlikes, at 05-14-19 and I like it
Umang Sharma
Umang Sharma 10 gün önce
I bought 1 yr hotstar subscription for GOT ...I want my money back....and more ...u wasted my 8yrs....hate u
Umang Sharma
Umang Sharma 10 gün önce
Can someone plsss plsss tell me...y and for what night king came for....???writers forgot to mention it....he just wanted to kill 3 eyed Raven...just that....I have never loved and hated a series this much as I hate got right now.....
Old School_27
Old School_27 11 gün önce
They destroyed s08. S0 sad.. 😡
jensen280273 11 gün önce
This was it, the beginning of a painful end of what could have become one of the greatest shows. The rest is just a follow-up, this was the point of no return.
samtemdo8 5 gün önce
And yet somehow the follow up was even worse then this.
Vlad Ostrovsky
Vlad Ostrovsky 11 gün önce
Theon: (reads his script) ah so i die protecting a guy who can turn into some birds, great.
Rex Mundi
Rex Mundi 12 gün önce
Thanks D&D for this surprising episode...you really did subvert my expectations. Bravo! Just like Emilia said "Best season ever!". Love from r/gameofthrones 😘😘😘😘😘 (I'm being sarcastic)
FootOf Blut
FootOf Blut 12 gün önce
Nice audio
Aaron Valenzuela
Aaron Valenzuela 12 gün önce
What happen to the prince that was promise ? Sword pulled out the Fire? All the wait for this
Lùtra Lake
Lùtra Lake 12 gün önce
SPOILER ALERT. To all those bemoaning the death-toll of The (not-so-)Long Night, you're wrong. Case in point: Thousands of Dothraki, Unsullied, Northern Folk, Free Folk and Knights of The Vale. Four major characters and three minor characters. The battle tactics, however, are up for debate.
Lou Dozer241
Lou Dozer241 12 gün önce
I missed episode 3, because I couldn't see SHIT!!!.
RRRanTV / German德国德语学习 - 华桥之声
General Winter was shorter than expected
hubris hound
hubris hound 12 gün önce
Ahhh the one episode that shows every flaw on my TV screen
vasilis gri
vasilis gri 13 gün önce
I think Arya kill night King
Codes&Shoots 13 gün önce
Well, to be honest, the episode was darker no doubt but makes sense as perhaps they wanted us to focus more on those creepy voices rather than visuals. Secondly, the death of Night King was like plugging off the electricity cable at once that turns off the whole stuff immediately. I mean the whole episode was not that bad at all, there was enough suspense and action in the episode, but the main villain being killed by crystal dagger ( glass or whatever) that quickly was embarrassing. We wanted to see one on one action at the end. I also couldn't figure out where the hell Arya came from when everywhere were dead, also those three to four dead that accompany the night king.
Codes&Shoots 13 gün önce
+tarjih ali perhaps from sky lol
tarjih ali
tarjih ali 13 gün önce
Yeah, could someone please elaborate where the heck Arya came from when Night King was surrounded with dead from everywhere?
Shet Himanshu
Shet Himanshu 13 gün önce
So much hype.
Daniel Mihalev
Daniel Mihalev 14 gün önce
READ IF YOU'VE WATCHED THE EPISODE! What I was hoping for, was to learn more about the history and the lore of the white walkers and the children of the forest, the world and its magic, but instead in my opinion they rushed to conclude vital plot points and move on to the next thing. The show is not the same. From a show that had interesting developing characters, politics and some mysterious and magical fantasy lore, it became a cliched series that started recycling the most overused fantasy tropes and dialogue in modern fiction. I am disappointed. Yes, it is a technically well-made episode, beautifully shot and really well choreographed, but is there anything else to it, besides it being a service for the fans and the masses? Yes, people died it was heartbreaking, but what memorable substance did it bring to the table?
Jacki Sears
Jacki Sears 14 gün önce
I think Danaerys should tell Cersei, "I have one thing to say to you... Dracarys! 🔥🔥🐲🔥🔥
Nikolai Dmitriev
Nikolai Dmitriev 14 gün önce
تب ابب
تب ابب 16 gün önce
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เหนือสุด แดนสยาม
153 years 4 months and
Why would anyone want to watch this ungodly picture show? In my opinion a nice puppet play is much more entertaining.
YoungWolf 67
YoungWolf 67 16 gün önce
The most heroic thing we can do is...realise that Benioff and Weiss have ruined the show
RJ Arcayna
RJ Arcayna 4 gün önce
Overacting. Ew
Michael Smith
Michael Smith 12 gün önce
Black list season 3 14
MellowWriter703 13 gün önce
YoungWolf 67 all because they wanted to finish the show fastly and not hand it over to someone else who could make better twists than what’s been shown the last 4 weeks
MiGUEL Rodrigues
MiGUEL Rodrigues 16 gün önce
bagoesdiemas 16 gün önce
Now, may 09th 2019, at 03:14am, i put my comment here just to remind me next year , that this video is one of my favorite ...
Hr. Fannar
Hr. Fannar 16 gün önce
You ruined the greatest tv show in history good job
Victor Zheng
Victor Zheng 17 gün önce
When the trailer is better than the episode...
Harry Murphy
Harry Murphy 17 gün önce
All the hype for nothing
AXJ Creation
AXJ Creation 18 gün önce
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Amazing Mountains
Amazing Mountains 18 gün önce
Finally in 8th season, White walkers became Zombies, That's not a loop, That's a Trench
Talal Debiat
Talal Debiat 18 gün önce
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Tsm_Andro 18 gün önce
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Chop Stick
Chop Stick 19 gün önce
Dragons and the Night king. Said the most powerful. Dies random.
Adil FAKHIR 19 gün önce
張金妹 19 gün önce
Giulio Tota
Giulio Tota 19 gün önce
Addio Missandei
caro troy
caro troy 19 gün önce
Jon snow died in the new season
caro troy
caro troy 19 gün önce
Love dis move But they added Smith on the next season
TheDavidbeckham7 19 gün önce
Can anybody tell me what happened to that giant wall between the White Walkers and the living?
Zhang Ying
Zhang Ying 19 gün önce
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Ingles Sem Firula
Ingles Sem Firula 19 gün önce
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Jesus Rivas
Jesus Rivas 19 gün önce
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Down Play
Down Play 19 gün önce
Ok so an amazing work was done for this episode as we all know. But I felt that the producers treated the battle of winterfell as an inconvenience. Maybe they should’ve created 2 episodes instead of 1. And also it was a very ordinary storyline. Damn George Martin why aren’t you publishing those books! Maybe he wants to sell them big without being aired on HBO.
吴洋洋 20 gün önce
Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson 20 gün önce
way to dark boring
Rana La Ros
Rana La Ros 20 gün önce
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Jinil George 17 gün önce
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Shubham Vichare
Shubham Vichare 20 gün önce
Wow ! They use dark tone for episode 3
katrachö Salvajë
katrachö Salvajë 20 gün önce
Farewell Sir Jorah Mormont, you died protecting that dragon bitch and she didn't even sit on your face. Rip King of friend zone!!
Retro MouseX
Retro MouseX 6 gün önce
pluviophile I'm a girl btw
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Schenckel Films
Schenckel Films 20 gün önce
Made a review on this episode
جول مشترك Goal Moshtarak
Guilherme Koch
Guilherme Koch 20 gün önce
Brienne like: stormtrooper!!!!!
Conor Davies
Conor Davies 21 gün önce
Worst episode of the series.
Andrew Mc kenna
Andrew Mc kenna 21 gün önce
So dark I thought I was blind
PTCHANAL Tv 21 gün önce
SKT T1八神
SKT T1八神 21 gün önce
Sara Bibi
Sara Bibi 21 gün önce
Everyone is talking about how got gave characters plot armor bc main characters didn’t die in this battle. But tell me when was the last time a main character died in a battle? Ned stark was betrayed, robb stark was betrayed, little fingers truth was out, joffrey was poisoned and so on. They probably made them survive this to give them even sadder death.
Tecnology media
Tecnology media 21 gün önce
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A JJ 21 gün önce
David: “Man, I cant wait until we write our own Star Wars stories.” Dan: “Dude, we’re still working on GOT.” David: ‘’Nah, fuck this show. Well just have Arya kill everyone. Women power.” Night King: “You fucking assholes.”
romefox 21 gün önce
People saying "ItS CallED GamEof ThronSes" are retarded, that was only the title of book 1. A song of ice and fire is the whole story. the whole over arching story was that the throne doesnt mean shit. ITts an unending cycle of tyrant after tyrant. When faced with the threat of annihilation, it creates unity but IT DIDNT CREATE UNITY. Humanity failed. Cersei chose the throne, this has to bite everyone in the ass. ITs not about one over zealous leader attempting to conquer the 7 kingdoms as has been done countless times before, this looming threat, the end of all things was the true meaning behind the story. Does anyone really give a shit who sits on the throne anyway? GRRM himself said that the WW is an allegory for climate change and how people and more importantly the leaders are too preoccupied with greed and power to do anything. Politics and climate change aside, the point is, THE THRONE IS NOT WHAT MATTERS. That is the whole over arching premise.
Prabhakar G
Prabhakar G 21 gün önce
Please switch on the lights.
Seth Walker
Seth Walker 21 gün önce
MATCH WORLD 21 gün önce
I haven't yet patient to watch this movie
李善德 21 gün önce
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I Like thaaat
Anime Family
Anime Family 21 gün önce
Richard Schloss
Richard Schloss 21 gün önce
I have a GOT theory...there's a Burlington coat factory nearby...there's always one where you least expect it! I mean, where did Sam Tarly get that coat??
Anna Cloutier
Anna Cloutier 21 gün önce
Can we turn the lights on, please?
der rote shanks
der rote shanks 21 gün önce
wow so nice end of the war in episode 3 om my god aria killed the knight king WOW
Martin Vyleta
Martin Vyleta 21 gün önce
GOT is dead.
PanDaA MrÓwaA
PanDaA MrÓwaA 22 gün önce
Ramadan Aboubakr
Ramadan Aboubakr 22 gün önce
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John Amissah
John Amissah 22 gün önce
Best episode ever❤️❤️❤️I loved it
One Brick to Rule them All
This is the best game of thrones episode after the Battle of the Bastards!!!
Marco Cappelli
Marco Cappelli 21 gün önce
+One Brick to Rule them All Let's not even mention the fact that the tactics in the battle were non-existant. Like, why charge into the dark with light cavalry against the undead? Why have the trebuchets be outside the defences, in front of the infantry? Why have the infantry outside the castle, in front of the defences? Why have no archers? Why have so few of the wooden defences? You should watch Shadiversity, he explains what was wrong with the strategy in the episode.
One Brick to Rule them All
+Kamil Żeleźniak Well, I agree with you about the plot armour. However, we should keep in mind that the show is called "Game of Thrones" and not "A Song of Ice and Fire" so the whole Night King thing should be considered as an epic side-quest, since the real matter of the whole story is who will finally seat on the iron-throne. Anyways i undestand your dissapointment for the episode, but you should not think that it is a bad episode only beacause it did not reach the high expectations that we all had. To close with, I suggest that you dont lose your faith in the show, since it is the best tv-series ever made and stay ready for the next three episodes in which we will see who will be the true winner and best player in the GAME OF THRONES!!!
Kamil Żeleźniak
Kamil Żeleźniak 22 gün önce
Well, definitely different. While I really liked most of the cinematic aspects, that's about it what was good about the episode. The plot armour for characters was infuriating where you can clearly see a character surrounded, definitely going to die and then they cut away so he's fine. Plus the winter that had been coming for the last 7 seasons ended in 90 minutes, so what was the point?
One Brick to Rule them All
+Kamil Żeleźniak No, it is okay. Tell what is your opinion about this epic episode!!!
Kamil Żeleźniak
Kamil Żeleźniak 22 gün önce
Alright, I'm not gonna try and take your enjoyment away! Have fun with the last three episodes!
Roshan Sundram
Roshan Sundram 22 gün önce
This single episode ruined the whole series
SilentOcalypz 22 gün önce
Utter garbage.
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