Game of Thrones: Season 8 Episode 2 - Review

Jeremy Jahns
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2 Episodes into the final season, and Winterfell prepares for battle. Here's my review of GAME OF THRONES: SEASON 8 EPISODE 2!
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Jack Nil
Jack Nil 4 gün önce
Best episode of the season
SantianoBe 5 gün önce
I just LOVED your comparison with twitter! XD
Lj 17
Lj 17 5 gün önce
@2:10 👌
Blasteon 8 gün önce
Jamie still raped his sister over the corpse of their eldest son ... and impregnated her a 4th time. I was starting to back him, till then. And best line, when Bran said to Jamie, the last thing Jamie said, before pushing Bran out the window.
Gul A. Zehra
Gul A. Zehra 9 gün önce
“I’ve always liked the dynamic between Brienne and Jaime Lannister... I hope I didn’t jinx it” YOU JINXED IT, JEREMY!
DavesWorld 11 gün önce
At this point I would settle for uuuh the wrap up was ok.
Bigsexy 716
Bigsexy 716 14 gün önce
“Don’t want the show to feel rushed” To late ..😔😔really is heartbreaking..
Bigsexy 716
Bigsexy 716 14 gün önce
Love the Twitter reference.😂😂💯💯💯💯💯 facts
Miles Trombley
Miles Trombley 16 gün önce
Everybody gets laid in GOT.
Adalyn Montrose
Adalyn Montrose 17 gün önce
I love your reaction to Arya and Gendry ‘Well she’s over 18 fuck it, enjoy it’
Kashim 21 gün önce
Welp...he was certainly right about Arya sneaking in and stabbing SOMEONE! XD
Hélène Kuragina
Hélène Kuragina 23 gün önce
John Striker
John Striker 24 gün önce
Nah, "Perfect Strangers" is still a better TV show! ;-)
Eric Ellerbrock
Eric Ellerbrock 25 gün önce
While the Arya and gendry thing was going on I’m just like: “nooo she’s a kid. Nooo I can’t watch this. She was just a kid nooo” It’s like having to watch your sister who was a kid a few years ago doing it in front of you
Victor Pilavas
Victor Pilavas 25 gün önce
Why in the frick did we not talk about Pod's singing ???!!!!!!
Angela Reese
Angela Reese 26 gün önce
Episode 3 jas possed me off wtf
THE WATCHER 27 gün önce
season 8 episodes should be 90 minutes long
John Smith
John Smith 27 gün önce
Dany will finish telling Jon what she was trying to say about Sansa needing to respect her. He will want to claim the throne to keep Dany from killing her.
Jason Strom
Jason Strom 28 gün önce
I loved that comparison to the real world's unforgiving culture....lol! We're literally worse that Westeros😂 That's horrible.
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis 28 gün önce
Podrick's singing remind me of Pippin's in Return of the King... emotions too much to handle
Dorian L Maldonado
Dorian L Maldonado 28 gün önce
Where is the Red witch
Camacho Hensley
Camacho Hensley 28 gün önce
Ye oh little faith. It’s gonna get beyond intense. The set up was the calm before the hurricane.
StoryInSound 28 gün önce
THANK YOU! I'm glad I'm not the only one was concerned by this episode. We have 4 episodes left to wrap up what 7 seasons has built up too...and they're really gonna spend an entire episode just shooting the breeze for the most part? Yes, I loved being able to see everyone for the last time, but they better not just rush through the rest of the plot because they spent the entirety of episode 2 chatting in Winterfell.
luke rogers
luke rogers 28 gün önce
8 seasons, and "Sir say?"
Jayesh Ajitsaria
Jayesh Ajitsaria 29 gün önce
This was more of a summary than review really
Luke Narlee
Luke Narlee 29 gün önce
Spot on review Jeremy. My sentiments exactly. Great job! Thank you for doing these episode reviews!
Mr Z
Mr Z 29 gün önce
Game of Thrones is pure cinematic trash! Fuck GOT! I’m glad it’s nearly over!
sarrjel 29 gün önce
I can wait.
Bitchslapper316 29 gün önce
Totally agree, she is throne hungry and everything else is a sidenote. If King Robert was still alive, if no civil wars happened and the seven kingdoms were at peace she would still be invading and fighting against people like Ned Stark.
brandoniannn Aylar önce
Theon quietly sliding underneath everyone's radar, gonna slay the night king and take that throne. Reek shall be born again a King. Bran knows, why else would he accept Theon being his defender. That is a massive responsibility given the importance of Bran and what is coming. Or he dies defending raven boy.
eros727 Aylar önce
What I find very interesting about John and Danny, is that neither of them flinched at the thought of incest. They were both more concerned about his true lineage and her claim to the throne .
Rossriver31 Aylar önce
All I want is to be SURPRISED with a few nasty twists. Battles are cool but we also need betrayals and revelations.
Nathaniel David
Nathaniel David Aylar önce
What's the most interesting ending, two lovers have to fight over the throne, it doesn't have an ending because that's how humanity is it's endless fighting, or the Night King actually winning because humanity is kind of fucked in this world, I mean honestly all the rape and murder and torture is insane. The obvious and hollywood ending is Jon Snow gets the throne, they beat the white walkers and cersei, I haven't watched Game of Thrones for a second but I think that the nice way isn't the Game of Thrones way. I'd like Tyrion to get it but he can't get up on the throne
Gaming Mansion
Gaming Mansion Aylar önce
Game of Thrones changed into High School drama because they are dry on the source material. Deaneris and John Snow's force relationship and their romantic trip to the waterfall. Aria awkwardly harassing the blacksmith. Sansa jealous over John. The stupidity of the script since season 7 is sucking all the fun out of it. They have only one plot point: defeat the night king and Cersei so they will stretch the boring romances as fillers in the early episodes just as we get to the battle at the climax, and they will kill someone secondary characters off just to remind us it's Game of Thrones - they won't have balls to kill the main heroes.
mad titan
mad titan Aylar önce
Mk11 review?
ruben e delgado
ruben e delgado Aylar önce
No, just do your recap show JJ. No one asked for this.
Ridley Rage
Ridley Rage Aylar önce
I had no complaints. I couldn't care less how "it ends"....everyone's obsessed with that, I don't really give a f, I just love the journey. This season shows how...far everyone's come, its remarkable, really.
DuGStp Aylar önce
The last two episodes have been just a bunch of fan service. Stop with the boring chit chat and get to the battles.
Bjørn Thorlaksen
Bjørn Thorlaksen Aylar önce
Female empowerment? Brienne of fucking Tharth
outlawstars100 Aylar önce
What happened to that single hair strand, no one knows, except for Jeremy
J. M. Stein
J. M. Stein Aylar önce
Am I the only Bramie shipper down here?
Halz Aylar önce
Episode 2 can be described as “the calm before the storm”.
sakin heart
sakin heart Aylar önce
If everyone died in the next episode..it is going to be boring especially that everyone we know is he in winterfil Who is going to fight the white walker next..cersei 😒 I don't think so
Akmal Ahmad
Akmal Ahmad Aylar önce
First 2 episode of this season kinda sucks. The dialogue felt so dull and no wit. What happened to GOT dialogue? They used to be smart and witty. Now it's trying to be witty but end up something that I can write by myself
Trustworthy McLegitimate
Jon will surely yield any claim to the Iron Throne to Danaerys. But Gendry the last Baratheon might be considered a threat by Danaerys. What if Cersei got wind of Gendry being alive through one of her spies... and SHE legitimizes Gendry, just to mess with Danaerys' paranoid mind... maybe even tell a lie about how Gendry is Cersei and Robbert Baratheon's kidnapped son or such nonsense, fake news and sht. The people will get behind the last Baratheon, whether he likes it or not. Gendry will no doubt yield to Danaerys... buuut, crazy runs in the family... Almost a reflection of the beginning of the story, dont you think??? Robert Baratheon wanted Danaerys dead just because she got pregnant. And now, Danaerys will want Arya dead because of her Baratheon baby. And Jon will NOT allow someone to threaten his baby sister.
Reece d
Reece d Aylar önce
I think lot of people missed the relevance of Jenny's song in this episode and this part of the story. The ghost of high heart told Aegon V that the prince who was promised would be born of the line of his grandchildren Aerys and Rhaella. This made Aegon force them to marry despite their mutual dislike of one another. Ghost of high heart was believed to have a descendant who was a child of the forest due to her tiny stature as well as her greenseer abilities Now we know that the children created The WW to destroy mankind, i believe that with their greensight the greenseers saw that Danaerys would bring dragons back into the world and the night king could kill and turn one or all of them for his army of the dead. The ghost of high heart always got the brotherhood without banners to sing Jenny's song in payment of her prophecies and would cry every time because she loved Jenny and Jenny died in the fire at summerhall. Long and short I think Jenny of oldstones was a total plant to get The Prince of dragonflies to abdicate paving way for Aerys and Rhaella to marry and birth Dany to set in motion the events we are now seeing. So the song was an awesome nod to that theory. Lot of history and prophecy in that song Thoughts?
Montesquie Inc.
Montesquie Inc. Aylar önce
Men! Lady Mormoth still rocks... don forget her please :D :D :D
GusM1973 Aylar önce
My sacrilegious comment: The episode was boring. Calm before the storm. Just man up about it. The remaining episodes have an average runtime of 80 minutes, so hopefully more will happen.
osirousfrost85 Aylar önce
If I don't see White Walkers spilling over the walls of King's Landing fuckin World War Z style... all 8 seasons were a waste of time 😂
TheLucianoDavid Aylar önce
This felt like the titanic band sinking with the ship
Tyson Wheeler
Tyson Wheeler Aylar önce
Queen Sansa! People follow her because of her kindness. She has been through hell and back!!! Dany rules by fear and manipulation, kinda like... Cercie!?! Sansa is the only on to sit on the throne with integrity. Mark it. Write it. So let it be written, so let it be done!
Jared Bardar
Jared Bardar Aylar önce
Jeremy! Watch and review season 1 of Barry on HBO. It’s so good!
Dude... Everything you just said has been in my mind for 2 weeks.
Jesamba Aylar önce
Lol ur comments always crack me up
Goldenboy617 Aylar önce
where the hell is Edmere Tully?!?
Shannon Grover
Shannon Grover Aylar önce
"I don't want the show to feel rushed" said by the guy with the frenetic way of talking. HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Gotta love it.
sole Aylar önce
Daenerys tells Sam Tully she killed his father and brother for no reason... Jamie lannister killed her psycho father the "mad king" a long time ago and has a fit.
Gilbert 5452
Gilbert 5452 Aylar önce
I need a 1 on 1 between Danny and Jamie before all is said and done.
Jack Coulson
Jack Coulson Aylar önce
Jon: * hides women and children in the crypts knowing full well the night king can raise the dead * *Winterfell hurt itself in its confusion!*
Christian Potter
Christian Potter Aylar önce
Wasn't brienne technically already a knight? She was a kingsguard for that one guy that died, does that make you a knight or no?
christopher Barham
christopher Barham Aylar önce
This episode sucked lol. Too short, shit needs to hit the fan. On top of that they only have six episodes and a lot to cover in those
Clothy22 Aylar önce
Brienne killed Stannis. She is the worst character in the show.
J Wallace
J Wallace Aylar önce
Arya..will kill Cersei , she will use Jamie's Face...yes he will die
Baron Thomas
Baron Thomas Aylar önce
I do miss when your videos were about the content. We are of an age, both from WA, and have similar views. Now it seems like 50% of your videos are about your sponsors .
Dr Holiday
Dr Holiday Aylar önce
Sooooo!!!! You guys all just going to ignore the fact that arya got laid on episode 69????. Also why was jaqen h'ghar's theme playing in the background??.
H 19
H 19 Aylar önce
there was a lot of talking in this episode and yet nothing memorable or worthy has been said
T Wolf
T Wolf Aylar önce
Smh... There wasn’t too much talking
Ay-esem Com
Ay-esem Com Aylar önce
please stop moving your hand to much
ThatWel5hMan Aylar önce
It was one of my favourite episodes in the entire series, didn’t even need a giant fight 😂🤷‍♂️
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Aylar önce
Even better than the premiere.
an idea. Say that the app you talk about is only for the us so we outside the us donset try to get it....
Expr55 Aylar önce
They just sat there talking shit by the fireplace.
Extremeredfox Aylar önce
I always find it strange that people think the culture is "messed up" if they feel bothered about viewing others having sex. If anything that should be pretty normal since sex usually is a private thing that's for the consenting adults involved, not the viewers. I don't have an eagerness to watch my neighbors or friends have sex so I don't understand why people frown on others who see sex as a sacred private action. In regards to the Aria scene, I can see people being bothered by it for a few reasons. 1. She's been depicted as a minor for quite sometime and although the show has taken 8+ years to pass in real time, not nearly that amount of time has passed in the show timeline. As result it's hard for the audience to be convinced that this is an 18+ girl, and this is the closest thing to minor sex we are viewing. Reasonably most feeling this would find it unsettling. 2. Aria and Gendry weren't publicly having sex. They were doing it an intimate environment, not wanting to be seen or bothered, so as viewers invested in the show and the characters, Aria and Gendry feel like friends we know. Therefore it's not strange for said viewers to want to have a desire to give them privacy, as most of us would do for others in real life. Unfortunately the cameras keep rolling, and we're at their mercy. 3. The actual sex scene wasn't necessary. Aria and Gendry could have easily had the deed done with passionate kissing and then the camera cuts to them in bed. The statement is more subtle, intelligent, and less distracting. It also still conveys all the necessary emotions for the viewer. Unfortunately, many sex scenes are used as cheap emotional thrills instead of putting in the work to make a more genuine experience. It's similar to how it's easier to insult someone by calling them a "piece of crap" verses referring to them as "An insignificant, piece of festering, feculent scum." The 1st comment is easier and simpler to understand but it's no way near as powerful, effective, and memorable as the 2nd comment. 4. The sex scene felt more like clever filler that wasn't adding to the story in any meaningful way. It's kind of like how last week Jon and Dany flew on the dragon, which was cool but then when they went to the waterfall to talk about how they could hide their for thousands of years and no one would find them, it felt like they were stretching that scene out unnecessarily so that the show could get enough screen time so fans wouldn't complain about it being to short. If you want to make this not clever filler, display that "running away" moment as something the characters are genuinely interested in. It doesn't have to be long, but brief enough to show a higher degree of complexity and humanism in the characters. Sadly the show missed it's mark there and it missed it's mark with Aria and Gendry. Actually, for Aria and Gendry instead of showing the sex scene you could have replayed earlier moments in the series where the 2 interreacted and fans started to pickup that the 2 of them being together was something noticed since back then. It would have been a nod that this series has been on for so long and all the memories made and cherished during the 8 year run.
Bilal Khan
Bilal Khan Aylar önce
2:08, lmao, that!! :D
Myles Aylar önce
5:27 totally agree!
SunzOffski Aylar önce
Why would Jon tell Danenerys just before battle? Seems out of character. He would have shrugged it off and just moved on without saying anything. He also knows how obsessed she is with the throne and that it would be a problem.
Mark Ryan
Mark Ryan Aylar önce
Angry joe just done stardust too.......... what ye up to lads
SunzOffski Aylar önce
The dialogue is flat and shallow. The comedy parts, it's like a sitcom now.
That Guy on the Left
I cant be the only one that didnt really like this episode
The Man The Man
The Man The Man Aylar önce
Despodiekun Aylar önce
I agree - I didn’t really like how they just talked for the first two episodes. I also thought the Arya sex scene was icky cause she started as a kid on the show... idk
ArcticZurite Aylar önce
I almost couldn’t watch Arya and Gendry do it it made me think about when she was just a little girl and now doing it with a adult
Jon B
Jon B Aylar önce
Jamie will turn bad again after the battle I reckon, shouldn't trust him
Darrian Padilla
Darrian Padilla Aylar önce
Lmao once (if) they win the battle, Jaime will kill Danny to protect Cerci. I’m calling it 🙌🏻
Jordy Aylar önce
Nah, he'll kill Cersie once she decides to burn it all like the Mad King said.
dannof3000 Aylar önce
Ghost better not fucking dieee!!!! Kill turmond but not ghost Better yet kill sansaaaa
Hux Aylar önce
Your reaction to the last guy made me lol Love zis channel
poppaDehorn Aylar önce
in 5000 yrs we went from pharaohs and stonehenge to our current civilization. in 5000 yrs they went from westeros to... westeros. why no progression? also jamie and theon can go fuck themselves. hope the wights run a train on em for eternity.
DeadlyBacon Aylar önce
In all seriousness though, Daenerys is not that type of character who is "drunk for the throne" and who would try to converse with Sansa like that ONLY so she can manipulate her - or at least she _shouldn't_ be. If D&D are writing Daenerys as some malevolent character that cares more about the throne than anything else (when in fact, that's completely far from the truth), than that is *bad writing* on their part. That has never been the case throughout both the show or the book series, so far the show to be making her out as such is such a far cry and disrespect of the character she has always been. I'm seriously tired of people not understanding Daenerys' character, especially since the show writers apparently have no clue either...
Loreaiga PrimeGaming
DeadlyBacon Aylar önce
When you realize the medieval people of Westeroes are more forgiving and tolerant than most people on Twitter lmao
Jimmy B
Jimmy B Aylar önce
next episode is supposedly 75+ minute Winterfell War...and, the scene when Jamie Knights Brienne...is that the first time ICE has been reunited since it was reforged? I love that the sword is reunited on the battlefield and being wielded by Jamie and Brienne...god damn show has me caring about a sword..ah jeez..
St1mp0 Aylar önce
Hope they brought butter. As fuckery is about to be spread!
Rex Longfellow
Rex Longfellow Aylar önce
This was such a great episode. It felt like a final goodbye to all the fans before shit hits the fan next week.
Julian Sen
Julian Sen Aylar önce
The twitter part is the truth man, people can forgive these characters in a fictional show, but wouldn't even give a chance for real people to redeem themselves for a joke they made a decade ago. Fantastic.
Bishop Bowie
Bishop Bowie Aylar önce
Surprised JJ didn't mention the glaring problem that kept coming up during this episode. Not a story problem, but a problem for the characters. There were multiple mentions that the women and children will be hiding in the crypt. Have they not noticed that the Night King raises the dead to join his army? Won't this be a problem for all those women and children hiding in a basement filled with dead Starks? I guess we will find out next week...
Luís Matos
Luís Matos Aylar önce
2 filler episodes... What a waste
TheRocco96 Aylar önce
Considering this season will have only 6 episodes, I'm disappointed they spent 2 entire episodes on people gathering in Winterfell.
colkrakers1987 Aylar önce
I feel like they should have taken care of Cersei last season had the battle for the throne then focused on the white walkers.... this just feels backwards because the whole series it was about Winter is coming, and beware the white walkers. Now they feel like appetizer before the meal.
John Bradly VI
John Bradly VI Aylar önce
The premier of Avengers Endgame ended so I'm waiting for Jeremy to post his day ahead review video.
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