Game of Thrones - How to Ruin a Great Show

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20 May 2019




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henry mutitit
henry mutitit 15 saatler önce
is n"t jamie supposed to be blond
Federico Mazandarani
I am so pleased that this narcissist stormborn woman was killed at the end and did not succeed to rule the world. The fact that she claimed to get what was HERS disgusts me. Of course nothing was hers, apart from an overblown and overbearing ambition she had nothing to offer the world. Just like Cersei, but not even as pretty, but good in nude. No one deserved to rule the new world better than the visionary boy who never killed anyone throughout the series, the purest of all characters in the story and a temperament as well as historical perspective to rule with benevolence and establish justice. Those who don't like the last series and the ending are simply not intelligent enough to understand the true message of the whole epic..
mysteryman2024 Gün önce
You really didn't see all the signs that Dany was bad? They were given off constantly, I knew she was going to be evil in season 2 or 3. She's completely fixated on the iron throne, and is all "I'm the breaker of chains" and whatnot until someone is standing in her way, could be a problem for her, or she just doesn't like them. Then she'll have them killed no problem. She's a hypocrite. Every other ruler in the show is bad (for the most part), but they know what they are and don't try to hide it. Dany is so hypocritical, that my biggest problem with season 8 is that she died way too quickly.
Alex Zawacki
Alex Zawacki Gün önce
cosmonaught, you and i are the only people on earth that don't like the Arya character. we stand alone
Cameron Harmon
Cameron Harmon Gün önce
Winter is coming and we are still waiting............
Travis S
Travis S 2 gün önce
Dany is NOT boring.
Travis S
Travis S 2 gün önce
I just rewatched the series again...last season such a disaster smh
ezechi Ikpe
ezechi Ikpe 3 gün önce
That is why i'll never watch the finale
A Quite Delicate But Bad Brain
Why game of thrones season 8 sucks to many people: their ships and hopes and dreams didn't come true and now you're salty about it so you shit on season 8
CrazyCougar 2 gün önce
No it was objectively terrible in every way
Rejoy Panakkal
Rejoy Panakkal 4 gün önce
When Game of Thrones GOT red-weddinged
EffB.O'94 4 gün önce
23:00 i like Brienne too, probably the best and most consistent character in season 8, BUT that one scene with Jamie leaveing Winterfell to go back to Cersei and she's just standing there crying was just pure cringe, Brienne would sooner kick Jamie's ass for wanting to go back to his psychotic sister than cry her eyes out and beg him not to leave her...even taking out the romantic side of it; everyone knows that she is absolutely a knight at heart who also happens to be Sansa' Stark's personal bodyguard and protector as she swore she'd do to Sansa's mother; as if she'd let Jamie go back to her sworn enemy Cersei Lannister with all the intel he has on them now he's fought the Battle of Winterfell alongside them... she'd feel conflicted about it for sure yeah but the Brienne I know would at the very least fight to capture Jamie, maybe even kill him(how about THAT for subverting expectations huh...) she would NOT just watch him walk off!!...so yeah, prob a nitpick but that scene pissed me the hell off lol they did Brienne so dirty there imo
Propheon 5 gün önce
They should have send thoros into the future revive walter white. Bring him back to westeros and name Eisenberg king of the 7 kingdoms. Bronn named master cook. At this point why not.
Tim Didehvar
Tim Didehvar 5 gün önce
I felt like the fact that bran was the *only* person in the world who could control people with his warg ability was wasted on just controlling Hodor. I fully thought this was what was going to kill the night king, I thought Bran would take control of the night king's body and kill himself. I was waiting for such a moment the entire series ut was disappointed.
Osvath97 5 gün önce
I actually do not agree on Daenerys, I thought her fall to the dark side was hinted at very early on. Her story arc was one of the few that actually made sense to me in Seaon 8.
Paul B
Paul B 7 gün önce
It's 2020 and I have been in quarantine for months and all I have been doing is sitting on my anger, resentment and disappointment at what happened to this show.
Seze93 7 gün önce
Wathing this makes me kind of sad....again...
swithin egwuchim
swithin egwuchim 7 gün önce
I love your video but how dare you say Daenerys’ chapters are boring🤬😡😡.
Alex Arviso
Alex Arviso 7 gün önce
what if GRRM gave D&D a made up outline? that would be crazy if nothing in the show happens in the books. I honestly liked the baelor scene. see was desperate, they had too much power and influence.
The Blue Spirit
The Blue Spirit 8 gün önce
“And who has a better story... than Bosco the Bear?”
Tobi Rosiak
Tobi Rosiak 8 gün önce
fuck me this was so disappointing
TheToxicYoda 8 gün önce
Sum up the last season: wait hold on let me rewind so I can see what the fuck just happened
Kasak Chawla
Kasak Chawla 9 gün önce
Idc if it dropped in s8. It’s still the most epic show ever and nothing beats it.
Harley Ihrig
Harley Ihrig 9 gün önce
Bran has the dumbest story in the entire show when his story could have been the key to defeating the Night King. Instead, Bran is basically dead and the asshole known as the Three Eyed Raven emerges where he knows Dany is about to go nuts and does literally nothing about it. Then, they make him, a cripple, King. WTF? The guy who just got done saying he could never be lord of anything, becomes the lord of everything... Honestly, they should have just let Bran die when he fell out the window. I feel robbed by following his pointless story so closely for all those years. There is no way this world would be like "cool, we will have crippled king, yeah, that'll be totally fine." Ummm... no. Nobody would want that kid, who claims to not really be Bran anymore, the fucking king of Westeross. It just doesn't make sense for the 3eyed Raven to become the king. They didn't know how to end Brans story, so they just made him the fucking king?
Blaze Clan
Blaze Clan 9 gün önce
I love game of thrones but I just pretended that their was no such thing as a season 8
lee 9 gün önce
The seasons after season 5 were good honestly like they weren't completely trash there were moments, scenes and dialogue that were decent only season 8 was actually horrible
Rin 9 gün önce
I think the very reason I started watching game of thrones was because of all the hate videos... I just wanted to see if it really sucked, and it was around season 4 or 5 when I said "yeah its getting bad now" so I kinda skip-watched till the end cuz I wasn't gonna waste more time on smth I knew for a fact was going to disappoint me. Its good marketing for the books tho. You want to buy the new books to see what it would be like if it didnt completely suck
Jarrel Williams
Jarrel Williams 10 gün önce
I keep hearing people say Cersei is a great, smart character. I don't see it. Tyrion, Varys, Baelish, Ned, Sanza... all smarter than her. What Cersei is, is *desperate*. She's willing to do basically anything for her & the Lannisters to maintain absolute authoritarian power. And characters view her like people in real life view Donald Trump: Wildly incompetent, petty, selfish, and cruel. But also willing to do basically anything to maintain the status quo, and people keep underestimating the depths of their desperation.
Michael Piotto
Michael Piotto 10 gün önce
I liked it
Devil 10 gün önce
Ruined arya and no face god
Random Clone Trooper
Random Clone Trooper 11 gün önce
Ayra is supposed to be an assassin, not a super soldier.
C N 11 gün önce
It's easy to criticize with a mouth full of cheese burger...Have you ever wrote a book or anything fit for tv?...
Brain Eater
Brain Eater 11 gün önce
The most sad & disappointing scene: Jon stabbing Daenerys and Dragon taking her body away
Factory15 11 gün önce
Who the fuck hated Stanis over Joffrey???!??!......
Blastmasterism324 11 gün önce
Season 3 Jaime: "If your precious Really commanded you to kill your own father and stand by while thousands of innocent men, women and children burned alive, would you have done it? Would you have kept your oath then?" Season 8 Jaime: "Lol I never gave a fuck about them." If you look at those two lines and can't see the difference between them, something's wrong.
FistoftheNorthStar6 12 gün önce
Daenerys was the biggest miscast actor in the whole show. She looks like a little girl. It was weird. Reminded me of Jar Jar Binks.
mdbyt1 12 gün önce
Great point about Euron Greyjoy. It's as though The Asylum was filming a GoT knockoff called Game of Kings. They were using a nearby studio so they could steal GoT props and sets from the dumpster. Game of Kings cut Euron's character because he was too arch and the actor just wandered over to the GoT set and into scenes and D&D each thought that the other had written Euron in and didn't question it.
Liz Morrill
Liz Morrill 12 gün önce
I finally finished GOT like,, a month ago now? i said to myself I wouldn’t watch this video until I had finished the show, and now that I’ve done just that? I completely agree with everything said
The Rogue Magi
The Rogue Magi 12 gün önce
Been reading the books and, in A Feast for Crows, Cerci does begin developing a fascination/fetish for alchemist's fire. Wasn't in the show though, so you're points on it are still valid there.
Notorious1503 13 gün önce
He's not lazy imagine having 40 something pov characters and Gavin to balance them out
Notorious1503 13 gün önce
1:11 u can tell she is a bitch
Metsarebuff 22
Metsarebuff 22 13 gün önce
Wow, going from A Game of Thrones to A Feast for Crows must have been wierd. Would have been like "Hey, wasn't there a giant war going on? Why is there a new king? Where did Robb go? Who is this Brienne lady and why is she following some zombie?"
Retsila47 13 gün önce
Honestly I think it was just rushed. They had to end it in one season and ended up forgetting about a lot of things and rushing the character development. If they had another season of breathing room, I’m sure they could have made everything wrap up well. Imagine if Daenerys didn’t kill everyone and took the iron throne, then in the next season there is a big plot with here becoming a tyrant. That would have worked, but honestly if I only had one season, I would have just let the white walkers wipe everyone out.
M K 14 gün önce
you lost me when you said daenerys was the most boring to follow
MT1120 14 gün önce
Just realized D&D also wrote the script for X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which is widely regarded as one of the worst comic book movies ever made.
Dre Lou
Dre Lou 15 gün önce
WHY DOES EVERY SHOW’S ENDING SUCK??? Game of Thrones, Lost, The Office, How I met you mother, Dexter, Gilmore Girls: A year in the life, the list goes on... Like cmon we dedicate sooo much time watching these shows, trying to make up theories and predictions.. and they end like this?? I’m gonna start looking up & only watching shows have good endings so I can stop being majorly disappointed.
dagger 1 2
dagger 1 2 15 gün önce
People are blaming dan and dave and I agree there writing was absolutely shit from season 7 onwards but George rr Martin is just as guilty the fact he allowed d&d to use that shitty ending I wouldn't be surprised if he Ever finishes his books which at this point is probably never hell probably use the same ending as they did in the show
Fanasi Ufoh
Fanasi Ufoh 16 gün önce
I lost it at 21:05 😂😂😂
Ed Greenwood
Ed Greenwood 16 gün önce
You know what they could have done better with season 8? Nothing. You're a nation of spoiled brats for whom nothing is good enough. You just want a cliche ending because of your mainstream, pedestrian sensibilities. You may have heard this before, but apparently it doesn't sink in, so let me reiterate: you're certain that you can do better? Sod the fuck off and write your own scripts. Put up or shut the fuck up.
Benedict Mannheim
Benedict Mannheim 14 gün önce
Well the try do it better argument is stupid because if a sniper can hit a bottle at the carnival he is shit even if you don't know how to use a gun the sniper speciallizes in accuracy and should be accurate and just because a ending is not clichè it doesnt need logic it needs logic and needs to make sense
The Boredman
The Boredman 16 gün önce
Honestly, I kinda expected Bran to become the king’s advisor or something like that because of his spooky magic stuff.
halcyon5zippo 17 gün önce
When you’re rooting for Dany and the dragons from season one on... this fucking ending REALLY rips you a new one... ugh. You hit it right on the crown though. It isn’t THAT she went bad, it’s HOW she went bad, and the fucking weakness of the script leading up to that turn.
halcyon5zippo 17 gün önce
Plinkett esc, and thats a compliment. 😊
hugo brutus
hugo brutus 17 gün önce
The ending went over everyone's head. They killed the greatest show in the world, ultimate plot twist. No one is safe.
Razvan Strinu
Razvan Strinu 17 gün önce
And they had the audacity to make that shit music stuff after season 8.....
Jake Pridgeon
Jake Pridgeon 17 gün önce
The only time I've watched is on pornhub
Brooklyn 18 gün önce
Still mad
Bad Apple Pie
Bad Apple Pie 18 gün önce
Like the whole point of Sandor's story arc was he has moved on from his past and no longer has hatred towards his brother. But like they brought him right back by having him fight his brother. 😂
J. Van Halen
J. Van Halen 18 gün önce
that lightsaber sound effect with Beric cracked me up
Chaoxide 19 gün önce
Only thing with Danny is that every problem she faces just gets solved instantly, Locked up by magic shamin? Dragons get 10x stronger and kills him due to him not using a fake him this time for no reason, then theres the hypocrital self morals, wants to break the wheel but only if whats left obeys her, thats been a thing since like Season 2 or 3, maybe even the first when she became Khalesi.
KelsaRavenlock 19 gün önce
I always viewed Sansa as a non character as see spends the majority of the show being just standing there looking pissy or emotionless and is just mainly used as an object in others stories. If she was removed from the first few seasons I'm not sure anyone would even notice.
KelsaRavenlock 19 gün önce
Do you call him Tyrone Lancaster instead of Tyrion Lannister because of the influence of the Lancasters in England and the various succession wars there that inspired parts of the series? Or was it accidental?
dannytheman1313 19 gün önce
1. Not only remove the bells but have a scene where she sees men and women picking up swords to be used against her forces, in that moment she realizes that the people will never see her as a liberator, they will see her as another mad usurper and decides if they won't accept her as a savior then let it all burn so something can be built in its place. It no only cements her fall to the dark side but helps to emphasis that try as you might the wheel can never be broken. 2. Jamie should have been the one to kill the Night King this time everyone knows that his actions were done for the benefit of mankind 3. Cersei should have actually sent a battalion of troops to the north but for the most part they don't really do anything until the battle is over then as the armies try to rest have her forces try to kill them really drive home the fact that she is nothing but walking treachery. 4. Aria should have been the one to kill Cersei but have her die as a result of it maybe the zombie mountain kills her and both he and the hound are killed proving once and for all that revenge is a fools game. 5.Jon still should have killed Daenerys but in the end he as the last survivor of the blood line have him mounted the dragon, had the dragon burn down the Iron Throne returning the seven kingdoms to their original state before the throne created this mad lust for power. He then rides off with her body to places unknown so that his bloodline may finally be a thing of the past. 6. But he is not alone as Bran can use his powers to see through the eyes of the dragon and allow him to keep and eye on him.
AR Ramos
AR Ramos 20 gün önce
I've never watched Games of Thrones (yes, we exist). Just here for a good laugh😂😂
Livo otherworld
Livo otherworld 21 gün önce
Do the Spy kids "Trilogy".
lacobus 21 gün önce
I come back to rewatch this video more than I do the actual show.
sirlouie 22 gün önce
+1 for the use of Castlevania Symphony of the Night's song, Wandering Ghosts
Eternaldarkness3166 22 gün önce
Mom: What do you want for Christmas? Me: Seasons 1-7 of Game of Thrones Mom: Aren't there 8 Seasons? Me: Nope.
Kaveh Safarzadeh
Kaveh Safarzadeh 22 gün önce
game of thrones is a show about idiots commiting genocide on the daily basis.
Yosef Saad
Yosef Saad 24 gün önce
I didn't watch the show and I won't
C Rizzy
C Rizzy 24 gün önce
In hindsight, Game of Thrones started getting really stupid in Season 7. It was just saved by a few epic moments. Season 8 is the biggest collapse in TV history... even worse than the Dexter final episode just because it was horrible the entire season.
LP 24 gün önce
I stopped watching on season 5
General F
General F 24 gün önce
Honestly, I would have made a better season 8! First, we would need at least 4 more episodes, the fight for the Throne should take place since episode 1 and end up as soon as possible, then center all about the white walkers, make them WIN THE BATTLE OF WINTERFELL AND KILL JAMMIE THERE LIKE A FREAKING TRAGIC HEROE, and maybe Sam too and more. Then, in episode 7 or even 8 kill the White King near King's Landing, but this time it's Bran and Jon who kill him, one with his powers and Jon delivers the final blow with his valyrian sword. As all ended, make Cercei not surrender the city and make Daenerys attack the capital but trying to minimize the civilian casualties and let her be queen!
Dimmysimmy123 24 gün önce
I am still mad!
Brando Flemmington
Brando Flemmington 25 gün önce
I'm convinced Dany only burned down the city because they thought it would look cool
Zachary Pheonix
Zachary Pheonix 25 gün önce
thanks mate for the spoiler warning
whynottalklikeapirat 25 gün önce
Season 8: Sphincter Is Bombing
The Berb
The Berb 25 gün önce
This show was fucking amazing, they managed to spark that global interest in fantasy again, just like LotR and Harry Potter did. It's such a goddamn shame that they threw that all in the bin with the final 1.5 seasons. Literally the reason that nobody is talking about rewatching it during the corona lockdown.
Terrance Hall
Terrance Hall 26 gün önce
you are wrong about dany. she was a narcissist since season 2. her fall was expected
Terrance Hall
Terrance Hall 26 gün önce
i honestly like the ending. the execution hould've been better
Slavic 26 gün önce
Gregor Clegane
Gregor Clegane 26 gün önce
Season 8 is like a fan made. Game of thrones ended in season 7
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