Game of Thrones Food Taste Test

Good Mythical Morning
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What better way to celebrate Game of Thrones than by eating food straight out of the GOT universe?! GMM #1523
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11 Apr 2019

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Good Mythical Morning
Good Mythical Morning 2 aylar önce
Wanna know what we did with all that extra goat? instagram.com/tv/BwHxcIgH58M/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=cc0n6n1yuxcb
Joselynne C
Joselynne C 2 aylar önce
Do shokugeki no soma next! Food Wars!!!
Bobban 2 aylar önce
good good. at least you didn't throw it away
Kevin O'Bill
Kevin O'Bill 2 aylar önce
5:48 why are those head looking like the head of a velociraptor Blue?
Ash Harding
Ash Harding 2 aylar önce
Brown is slang for heroine in the UK. Needless to say I founfmd that funny
LaurenTiare 2 aylar önce
Rhett and Link you guys are more savage than a bunch of dothraki on a hunt for sister kissers
Chance McDonald
Chance McDonald 2 gün önce
"Ribbing or Rimmimg" - Rhett Such an underwhelming response to an AMAZING joke
Grace Girl
Grace Girl 10 gün önce
Ummmm..... horse heart??
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi 11 gün önce
Boiled for safety has entered the chat
Caroline 12 gün önce
Why are those dragons actually velociraptors
Mr. Youtube
Mr. Youtube 15 gün önce
Ayeeee shoutout to Babish
Enji Osama
Enji Osama 18 gün önce
Silly enough to click on it expecting lemon cakes ..
Slimey Annihilation
Slimey Annihilation 20 gün önce
Zaldrisess busdari iksos daor Valyria muño engõs nuhys issa Anyone knows what does words means
Salmee ahmad suhaimy
Salmee ahmad suhaimy 20 gün önce
are you Hughes the real kitten
Brandon Dinh
Brandon Dinh 21 gün önce
Did the food taste better than the finale?
Heather Willis-Kershner
Does link remind anyone else of garth from waynes world?
Anthony Weise
Anthony Weise 21 gün önce
You let link play with a torch..... 😳😳😳
Whilom Forge
Whilom Forge 23 gün önce
GOT is ghey AF
Sable Rain
Sable Rain 24 gün önce
Good Mythical Morning is getting so edgy!
Chang Qi Yu
Chang Qi Yu 25 gün önce
they should’ve eaten a axe to the neck
Jonathan Bainz
Jonathan Bainz 26 gün önce
Disappointed. No "dracarys" when burning the sheep? Tsk.
zєllαяѕн TM
zєllαяѕн TM Aylar önce
Noah Di Filippo
Noah Di Filippo Aylar önce
U should wash that food down with Starbucks coffee like daenarys
P.T. Garrett
P.T. Garrett Aylar önce
Rhett reminds me of Tormund I’m shook no one ever noticed it
iOS Gamer
iOS Gamer Aylar önce
Rhett: "Valar Morghulis" Me and all my friends watching with me(in chorus) : "Valar dohaeris"
Rylin LaRue
Rylin LaRue Aylar önce
They wouldn't last. Lmao
Not My Rodrick
Not My Rodrick Aylar önce
**Has entire goat on table** Rhett and Link: **eats one bite**
Not My Rodrick
Not My Rodrick Aylar önce
6:36 Cardi.b’s friends
noah pozder
noah pozder Aylar önce
I Want to eat the Season 3 Joffreys Cake please.....End my Suffers XD
Radek Vosol
Radek Vosol Aylar önce
That laugh from crew is so fake
Jesse Jerome
Jesse Jerome Aylar önce
Rhett: “Ribbing or riming?” Link: o.O
Pratik Saha
Pratik Saha Aylar önce
Where's hound's chikin..??
J Johansson
J Johansson Aylar önce
What, "Västerås"?
Josh Kitch
Josh Kitch Aylar önce
rimming means the licking and the eating of the human anus
Elaina Zimmerman
Elaina Zimmerman Aylar önce
6:08 dracarys
Sohaip Morad
Sohaip Morad Aylar önce
I didn't watch this video yet is there any spoilers for a guy in season 5?
A J Aylar önce
sohaip morad nah and lol went in with the same mindset when I was only in season 1 . Season 7 now tho
Mar Cruize
Mar Cruize Aylar önce
You guys should try all blood infused foods from around the world in one episode :)
Matt Horgan
Matt Horgan Aylar önce
Turnips are meant to be Orange btw
Fray Bentos
Fray Bentos Aylar önce
their boking and vomiting is so fake
Gamer4 Life
Gamer4 Life Aylar önce
Each pun is a stab to the gut
Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM
Rhett says: ahh this is definitely a medieval feast.
azrin yen
azrin yen Aylar önce
try to be funny..but not funny at all..
Reb Reynolds
Reb Reynolds Aylar önce
Well I've been living under said rock. I've not seen one episode of GoT. Nor read any books.
Benjamin Hanna
Benjamin Hanna Aylar önce
whenever i was on set they used real food. after a few hours it really stinks up the place.
Kyla's Life
Kyla's Life Aylar önce
isnt it such a coincidence that the game of thrones themed episode is episode *69*
Junaid Hashami
Junaid Hashami Aylar önce
I kinda don't want to break my fast anymore.
Chooong7 Aylar önce
So basically pagpag, crispy pata, dinuguan.
Aditya Yerunkar
Aditya Yerunkar Aylar önce
i hoped they would show some ducks made in honey
Phil A
Phil A Aylar önce
No pidgin pie?
Walter Keathley
Walter Keathley Aylar önce
"Stabbed right in the baby!" Oh, geez!
Icix Gnu Jr.
Icix Gnu Jr. Aylar önce
you need to include Piganus more :O that guy is fun
iphu3niax Aylar önce
Missing the Frey Pies, boys.
MasterGuy Gaming
MasterGuy Gaming Aylar önce
Uh correction for the beginning of the video it’s not king of the north it’s Kong’s to the north
MasterGuy Gaming
MasterGuy Gaming Aylar önce
Jasper Fox - FoxGamer39618
I sort of expected them to invite a Star from the show to be in this video.
TokeTooMuch 420
TokeTooMuch 420 Aylar önce
Made it as far as the first dish, I'm eating breakfast rn so I'll wait to watch this layer ty very much😂
Min Park
Min Park Aylar önce
Fun Fact: goat taste quite similar to dogs. Coming from a Korean...
Lewis Brady
Lewis Brady Aylar önce
Hello, I live in wester Ross 'prenounced as in the name Ross' great video though guys 👍🏻
Khilad Ibna Omer
Khilad Ibna Omer Aylar önce
*Giants milk?*
Joseph Kurey
Joseph Kurey Aylar önce
no pigeon pie?
Bob Marlon
Bob Marlon Aylar önce
I'm just gonna leave this here: 11:30
UR _0213
UR _0213 Aylar önce
Links reactions this whole video describes me in daily life
Francesca vh
Francesca vh Aylar önce
Anyone else see the resemblance between Rhett and Tormund???
Prithiv Kumar
Prithiv Kumar Aylar önce
I love how much of a superfan Link is...A+ puns
Ms. Orangutan
Ms. Orangutan Aylar önce
Didn’t even have to eat a whole raw horse heart smh
caleb hope
caleb hope Aylar önce
I was not prepared to relive the red wedding when I clicked on this video, I wont recover for quite some time.
Jason Phegley
Jason Phegley Aylar önce
You guys have barley watched the show! Come on dudes!! haha
Jensen Haines
Jensen Haines Aylar önce
Please do anotherrrr
Reese Holder
Reese Holder Aylar önce
"rIbBiNg Or RiMiMiNg"....that will make for some akward questions to parents.
Mike F.
Mike F. Aylar önce
ive never watched a single episode of Game of Thrones... and I never plan to.
Michael Deak
Michael Deak Aylar önce
Do a rick and morty episode
Alice in Wonderland
Oh...god!! When he poured the blood on the food oh and everything else I almost gagged... First time on GMM
Rafadoodle9912 Aylar önce
Valar Dohaeris
Jessica Baez
Jessica Baez 2 aylar önce
comment control
comment control 2 aylar önce
I’ve never watched Game Of Thrones... have I sinned dad?
comment control
comment control 2 aylar önce
3:01 Link didn’t get the reference XD
Megan Roderick
Megan Roderick 2 aylar önce
“It’s PIGANUS”😂😂😂😂😂
EpicUndead 2 aylar önce
Now do delicious versions?
Wolfang 57
Wolfang 57 2 aylar önce
Rhett - "tastes like a barnyard" Me - "Because he would know"
Wolfang 57
Wolfang 57 2 aylar önce
"The good news is, it only gets worse from here. "-- motto of gmm since season 5
Wolfang 57
Wolfang 57 2 aylar önce
Josh : We're cleaning out the fridge. Rhett & Link : oh god no!!
Nevaeh Givens
Nevaeh Givens 2 aylar önce
Hunger games food please!!!!
cannedcatfood 2 aylar önce
LOL when Link dinked the goat leg 😂
J B 2 aylar önce
Rhett on fire with the dirty dad jokes in this one!!
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat 2 aylar önce
Rhett's shirt looks very Jet Set Radioy
Catduardo 2 aylar önce
after Rhett said Rimming and Link looked at him like *did you forget this was a family show*
underturd 2 aylar önce
undertale editon pls
Kierstin Sliwa
Kierstin Sliwa 2 aylar önce
Rhett just talking with his arm up like that.....I'm broken 😂
Underscore Galore
Underscore Galore 2 aylar önce
Lyla Cin
Lyla Cin 2 aylar önce
The brown looks like dinuguan of the Philippines. But dinuguan for sure tastes so much better. 😊
VPagon 2 aylar önce
sir piganus was the best part of this entire episode lmao.
Nymeria Stark
Nymeria Stark 2 aylar önce
I hate when they eat blood.
Nasim Khan
Nasim Khan 2 aylar önce
Britiana .R.
Britiana .R. 2 aylar önce
How come hot pie’s pie wasn’t in it?
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed 2 aylar önce
Omg. The majority of this episode makes me want to throw up 🤮
Nicki Reed
Nicki Reed 2 aylar önce
The Bowl of Brown looks like actual vomit and I almost threw up just watching it...
Intended Viewer
Intended Viewer 2 aylar önce
Jordan haha
jerden 808
jerden 808 2 aylar önce
I wonder if Josh is Hannibal
Systems Failure
Systems Failure 2 aylar önce
I like the show, but its definitely not family friendly anymore
fate_clotho 2 aylar önce
I understand what you're saying. To be fair, though? When they, or anyone for that matter, discuss Game of Thrones, it's not going to be family friendly. GoT isn't family friendly, not the books, graphic novels or show. BTW, Thank you, Link! For saying more books!! I've been saying that for over a decade! lol
Andrew Wood
Andrew Wood 2 aylar önce
Nexus Akayuki
Nexus Akayuki 2 aylar önce
Make Lord of the Rings food next......!!!
FutuRE 2 aylar önce
6:52 If Link had hit Rhett in the nose it probably would've straightened it out
Yugis Grandpa
Yugis Grandpa 2 aylar önce
Watches red wedding clip *falls on the floor with ptsd
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah 2 aylar önce
I don’t know if this show is becoming more relevant or less relevant
Triest Wright
Triest Wright 2 aylar önce
Gmm plus GOT equals extra disgusting highly suggestive episode lol.
dragonborn 2 aylar önce
Yoursoloud if you are watching not down to also not give link a goat leg
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