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What’s new? The new Galaxy S23 Ultra. Share the epic with our most powerful processor yet, a pro-grade camera that boasts epic Nightography, and the mighty embedded S Pen. Learn more: smsng.co/S23Ultra_Intro_yt

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31 Oca 2023




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Play on 🎮 with a super powerful processor and snap away 📷 in ultra-high resolution. What epic moments will you share? Learn more: smsng.co/S23Ultra_Intro_ytp
Eduard Quispe mamani
Eduard Quispe mamani 17 gün önce
I would like them to change the design now, not like the iPhone, stop repeating that, I say, that's boring
Pabashe Everisto Tizvione
Can you make a mini s23 ultra
Narcos Aylar önce
Samsung you need to make a gaming phone that give stable 120 FPS . the neads to be durable for at least 4 years. Its we want
Sarthak Singh
Sarthak Singh Aylar önce
Why it is so 10 year old style commercial
Watchin from my ol' pal, Note 20 Ultra. Haven't upgraded since then, coz I'm a bit worried about the Samsung GOS (Game Optimizing Service) thing, which hold back the epic performance. Sh..
Phil.K Aylar önce
Ok this is awesome. Im so happy that Samsung is upgrading it's night photography and giving some focus to astrophotography as well. One of my favorite things to do is mobile astrophotography and this is looking like a serious upgrade for me. Thank you Samsung, will definitely be upgrading from my 5 year old OnePlus this year!
Charles-David Bérubé
@the_flash_tv so every night, you go out to take a fake picture of moon? Oh but yes, look it up. Many youtubers just came out saying the samsung moon photo was tricked. So go on, take fake pictures of the moon :)
the_flash_tv 7 gün önce
@Charles-David Bérubé Oops of course.Thousands of people use it including me and it's just as good as pro cameras.
Charles-David Bérubé
@the_flash_tv English please
Mufeena Ck
Mufeena Ck 10 gün önce
And a fake moon
the_flash_tv 13 gün önce
​@Charles-David Bérubé ben dahil binlerce kişi kullanıyor ve profesyonel kameralar kadar iyi bir performansa sahio
KoolKat Aylar önce
Ever since the S22 Ultra, I've been the biggest fan of your smartphones! This year is going to be even better, and now with more steady video as well as a vastly improved night mode, I'm sure we will even beat Apple's recording capabilities!
Very Fundamental Name
@Angel Muñoz I’m not Indian ya’know?
Angel Muñoz
Angel Muñoz Aylar önce
@Very Fundamental Name Another Indian that complains about the taxes his government puts to a product.
Tomahawk51 Aylar önce
Some are talking about how the phone looks "cheap" But in actuality, everyone keeps their phones in cases most of the time... I recall friends & fam keeping their "beautifully crafted" iphones in ugly rubber/glitter cases. Let's be practical here.
Zeus Lightning
Zeus Lightning Aylar önce
They got rid of SD csrd
Alon Green
Alon Green Aylar önce
"Ever since the S22 Ultra..." Wow, that's a long time...
Brendon Jeffers
Brendon Jeffers Aylar önce
This is the best Samsung commercial in decades! Makes me really want to get the S23. Maybe I will UPDATE: The retailers are borderline scalpers. The phone costs double the price where I live in the Caribbean. I'll have to sit this one out. Ad is still sick
LZC561 14 gün önce
A commercial isn't a good reason to buy a phone. There's not any real difference between most phones today. Having owned from S7-S11 EVERY SINGLE ONE BROKE OR GLITCHED. Should be called Samsh*t
N.imantha de silva
N.imantha de silva Aylar önce
@Buddika Deshan why not bro.😹.ado ban😂 adahasa venas kara 600k veno ne🤣..eka nisa A74 5g phone eka venuvata🙂 ena phone eka ganno😂❤🖐🙂😹
Gta lovers
Gta lovers Aylar önce
@Lee Beal samsung fanboy kid Samsung did copy apple too kiddo
Gta lovers
Gta lovers Aylar önce
@Pasindu Nimshan rip your 1400$ just for fckin phone
Pasindu Nimshan
Pasindu Nimshan Aylar önce
Ikr! Got mine yesterday. The S23U to be more specific.
Cricket_48 Aylar önce
Probably one of the best smartphone trailers EVER!, the S23 is going to be huge this year!
Ioganstone 26 gün önce
@Gigachad Astrophotography (comets not included) 😆
True Colors
True Colors Aylar önce
@Hanna QuitorWhy you feel sorry about it? You can go 14 pro, I have it, and It is also great!
Hanna Quitor
Hanna Quitor Aylar önce
Yeah sorry iPhone 14 pro max 😂😂😂
True Colors
True Colors Aylar önce
The number of preorders already broke all the records. Samsung used to have Samsung Camera 📷 which once aimed to be as big as Cannon. So this ad totally makes sense.
Secret Aylar önce
Yeah and biggest expensive phone
Sakshi Joshi
Sakshi Joshi Aylar önce
By far the most creative and captivating introduction film of any product. Way to go, Samsung! 💫
Stefin Sunny
Stefin Sunny Aylar önce
Nah I disagree, it was super cringy to watch. It's not good as the S8, S9, S10, Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Note 20 intro vids
Omega Dan
Omega Dan Aylar önce
I have to admit that this focus on the camera including Astro photography and low light seems pretty great.
vinthegreat Aylar önce
Nostalgia to the times when smartphone introductions are fun like this Edit: thank you for the likes 🙏
11 1
11 1 Aylar önce
Npc comment
Aron Sabaj
Aron Sabaj Aylar önce
​@biebersixnine but then you wouldn't be able to pay $200 extra for each tier of storage capacity when a 1tb micro sd card might set you back $20
vinthegreat Aylar önce
@The Starfish I hope you really do. Wishing you a great day, too!
The Starfish
The Starfish Aylar önce
@vinthegreat i understand now, have a great day😀
vinthegreat Aylar önce
@The Starfish It's...rare...for me, to have this number of impressions. Like I know it's just a bunch of likes, but I'm happy to see that lots of people agree to what I made, like comments or contents.
Jerry Jose
Jerry Jose Aylar önce
Great one! Both intro film and the product looks absolutely promising.
Juice Aylar önce
This is actually such an elaborate and fun introduction film. Nice job. My s23 Ultra is already pre-ordered!
Ioganstone 26 gün önce
@Be Allay ✔️ Unelaborate and unfun individual right here.
Pasindu Nimshan
Pasindu Nimshan Aylar önce
@Puneet Maheshwari agreed
Puneet Maheshwari
Puneet Maheshwari Aylar önce
@Pasindu Nimshan ikr syamsingh did a good job in camera this time
Pasindu Nimshan
Pasindu Nimshan Aylar önce
@Puneet Maheshwari The S23U is not for everyone. Also, the S23U is not for someone coming from a S22U, its more for people coming from an older device like the S20, Note 20 Ultra, S9, S10 etc... For people wanting to upgrade to the S23U from an S22U, you will not see a huge design change. However, it packs a punch internally. Thats a given.
Rodk Jeoso
Rodk Jeoso Aylar önce
Chiemezie Okeke
Chiemezie Okeke Aylar önce
Never seen Samsung pull out an epic commercial better than this ❤
UnseenSpirit Aylar önce
As someone who has a S9 and loved taking photos on my phone. This is what I'll upgrade to
UnseenSpirit Aylar önce
@CoolBoss999 I pre ordered from Samsung and unfortunately some UK buyers are getting 3rd March for delivery now!!! People who go into the shops can get it from tomorrow I think :s ah well lol
CoolBoss999 Aylar önce
@UnseenSpirit Yeah I suggest you get the S23U maybe even the S23+ if u don't want a really big screen
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar Aylar önce
@vicvancen ok consoomer
BMC HD Videos
BMC HD Videos Aylar önce
@Katie Lengkong I am a youtuber and I need best of videography. I record 4K 60FPS or 1080p 60FPS videos mostly. S23 is good and compact but S23 ultra has more attractions but its way too big to carry but a beast of camera
Arjun Rad
Arjun Rad Aylar önce
Been so long since i saw a genuinely fun intro video for a smartphone launch. Way to go Samsung. I might upgrade from my old one plus this year!
Samsung always innovates endlessly, I pray everyone can buy Samsung S23 Ultra. Love it
John De Leon
John De Leon Aylar önce
@Angel Muñoz I think features are softwares where both hardwares and softwares are innovation for me. So, their chips + optimization = innovation
Angel Muñoz
Angel Muñoz Aylar önce
@John De Leon those are called features, and they are cool, they protect the battery life.
John De Leon
John De Leon Aylar önce
@Angel Muñoz the one that Apple did with their chips for the iPhone. Imagine you don’t need a bigger battery mAh just to make your phones battery life even longer. That one is innovation for me. + Optimization. That’s amazing!
Angel Muñoz
Angel Muñoz Aylar önce
What does “innovation” mean to you?
Vincent Singh
Vincent Singh Aylar önce
Currently saving up for the galaxy cream colored S23 Ultra 12GB RAM+512GB storage along with accessories for it and a gaming laptop to replace my 2 year old gaming laptop with a broken left hinge that I still currently use.
GamerBoyVincent Aylar önce
I must say Samsung has the best video introduction of all time. Kind of disappointed with my trade in value for my s22 ultra, but I’ll hold unto it until next year 🎉
PigOnPCIn4K Aylar önce
@Jason_Mate at&t offering 1000$ for my cracked s20 ultra if I setup a 36 mo purchase for a new s23 ultra (5.55$/mo) plus cell service ofc
leslie cruz
leslie cruz Aylar önce
@hekickedmydog u are dead right.i d been buying phones from them since the s9 every 6 months with the trade in and rewards. from now on they can keep it. but wait and see how samsung sales drop to the floor. besides this year not even a charging cable.
marz neo
marz neo Aylar önce
@hekickedmydog Agreed. If I have the cash I'll get the phone straight from Samsung too. I have to wait September for my upgrade:( Definitely want the s23 ultra.
hekickedmydog Aylar önce
@marz neo I believe all carriers do. It's just that most of us here have been direct Samsung customers for a while and have expected to receive the most competitive prices for being early adopters of the product. It just kinda feels like a slap to the face to loyal early Samsung adopters to be forced to sign a multi-year contract with cell phone carriers to get the best deal possible for a phone you bought directly from them a year ago with no strings attached.
marz neo
marz neo Aylar önce
@hekickedmydog Don't they offer unlocking? I always do carrier upgrades so my samsung is locked to the network. But I always have the option to unclock my phone with easy steps provided by the carrier, takes a day or 2.
Ritwik Bitihotro
Ritwik Bitihotro Aylar önce
And I might upgrade from S22 Ultra to S23 Ultra just for that astrophotography. 😍
Sarvagya Sharma
Sarvagya Sharma Aylar önce
Its a gimmick
Someonenothereyet Aylar önce
They have astrophotography on the s22 ultra
TheGreatNeos Aylar önce
@Patrick Howie I wish I could buy the phone without the camera tbh. Seems very overkill
Patrick Howie
Patrick Howie Aylar önce
Or just buy a real camera dslr or mirrorless package deal and have everything better for the same cost pretty much
Antonio Cimota
Antonio Cimota Aylar önce
@leslie cruz I usually wait a few months to find out any issues or glitches on their new devices but didn't see their site offered an exchange for the s22 ultra?
Alon Green
Alon Green Aylar önce
Base S23 could now easily be recommended as the best compact phone; with S22, battery and thermal issues were big problems that held it back from getting that title and instead the Asus Zenfone 9 got it. Now, with bigger battery, more efficient chip, and better cooling system, S23 wins that title by FAR (Zenfone 9 doesn't have telephoto lens or wireless charging, lesser update commitment, and is missing all those QOL improvements that real flagships have). Of course there's still iPhone 14 pro to consider, but a) it's $200 dollars more, b) has weaker battery and charging, c) you can't really compare iOS and Android since no one is really switching from one to another no matter how many arguments you have either way...
Flávio Carvalho Machado
Meu Deus que perfeito, amei de mais! 😍❤️
Romulo Abdalla
Romulo Abdalla Aylar önce
As marcas sempre mexem na memória, processador e câmera, caíram numa grande mesmice. O próximo s24, s25, s26 … vão vir com os mesmos upgrades de sempre. Olha por exemplo as características do Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 (tem algumas inovações com o mínimo de ousadia). Ficou muito confortável para as marcas ficar neste ciclo padrão! Óbvio que essas grandes marcas estão visando somente lucro (ponto de equilíbrio financeiro) x lançamento x inovação. Encontraram os TRvidrs para apoiá-los patrocinando viagens e entregando dispositivos para “aceitar”. Resumo: “Faz parte do mercado!” Se todo consumidor ficar caladinho como sempre, este ciclo continuará perpétuo! Minhas ponderações são um ponto de reflexão, não a crítica para este vídeo! A Samsung pode ir mais longe!
Ja1 Aylar önce
Tá sabendo legal em fera? Mas pra minha humilde opinião tu só falou bosta. A evolução em estrutura, desenvolvimento e carga é visível, processadores mais rápidos e tempo de resposta insano.
Sai Teja
Sai Teja Aylar önce
I always wait for new Samsung introduction videos they are always fun to watch love it as always ❤️
Jaybian Films
Jaybian Films Aylar önce
They're really stepping up their game in their introduction videos. Instead of having some person narrate the things that are new, they show you with people having more of a conversation in more imaginative environments. Though I do like that commercial that shows how their SSD isn't made of soap lol
Joshua B
Joshua B Aylar önce
I haven't been this excited for a new phone in a while!
Oil Rhema
Oil Rhema Aylar önce
I must confess I love this commercial, beautifully done and fun too ❤
SportosgaminLMAO Aylar önce
Ok now this has got to be one of THE MOST epic introductions from Samsung ever like bruh this phone looks so fantastic and majestic just like the s22 ultra I'm inlove 😍
Great phone as always. Love the design. I wish if I had money to own this beauty
Sofá Stadium
Sofá Stadium Aylar önce
Que introdução linda faz a gente querer assistir até o último segundo , parabéns samsung vcs se superaram 🥰👏👏👏👏
José de Jesus
José de Jesus Aylar önce
Com certeza absoluta, vou passar meu 22 ultra e pegá-lo... Está melhor ainda 😍♥️👌
The editing is of next level to make s23 ultra feel like ultra
Pasindu Nimshan
Pasindu Nimshan Aylar önce
I got mine yesterday and as Samsung stated, "Ultra" is the best of the best and the S23 Ultra delivers. The device is so responsive that its unbelievable. My Note 20 Ultra wasnt this fast at all.
Diego Ubaldo
Diego Ubaldo Aylar önce
Me encanto! 😀✨
Xungnight Von Gousvelt
Me alegro de que te encantes.
Angshul Sana
Angshul Sana Aylar önce
Moi aussi
Qarah 15 gün önce
The introduction film is impecceable! Loooooved watching every second of it.
GΔT0X_648 シ
GΔT0X_648 シ Aylar önce
Este celular desde ya está mostrando mucho por desear a cualquier celular, será un éxito!
Jane sebasti
Jane sebasti Aylar önce
La marca que más amo de todas es Samsung 💖
Abhay Prabhakar
Abhay Prabhakar Aylar önce
This newly masterpiece gonna rule over people's hearts. ❤️
Thee Moonstar
Thee Moonstar Aylar önce
Love love love! This will be my next new phone. Haven't felt the need to upgrade my S10+ since release... I think now is the time and I'm EXCITED!!!!
Nejiglenna Neji
Nejiglenna Neji Aylar önce
I am one hundred percent keeping my S10e. This is just an upgrade on the camera. S22 was disappointing but this is actually just worse. I can`t believe they have removed the jack plug (which S10e got) completely. Such a turn-off. This phone is probably great if you like to take pictures, but I would invest the money in a camera if that is the case. If I want to call someone and have good access to the internet etc, then I am not interested in paying thousands more just because of the camera (which I won`t use). I hope they make a friendly phone next year, and not a camera. It`s all I beg for at this point. The S10e works fine so far, but I am a bit afraid that it will either die or become "unusable" because it won`t be able to update anymore.
Thee Moonstar
Thee Moonstar Aylar önce
@Be Allay ✔️ a HUGE upgrade from an s10, though? The design was already flawless with the 22, but they made it even better. The more squared sides makes all the difference for me. Literally everything down to the specs is an upgrade from the s22 as well soooo, what are ya talking about 😂
Be Allay ✔️
Be Allay ✔️ Aylar önce
Yeah 😂 same design , same display to body ratio , even lower quality space zoom , same colours , 5-10% performance increase which is unnoticeable, same display, same cameras , and talking about saving planet by recycled materials 😂 , they invest 15 million for waste collection from ocean which amounts to 0.005% of the price they male from the device and also their device causes millions of tons of waste. Yeah one thing is upgraded , the price 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jacob Sollazzo
Jacob Sollazzo Aylar önce
Yeah same, trading in my s10 plus for a 450 dollar credit towards this bad boy
Señor Robbie
Señor Robbie Aylar önce
Same here....my Note 10+ is still performing wonderfully, but I think the S23 Ultra has my name on it!!!
Powell Roy Louis
Powell Roy Louis Aylar önce
Definitely worth the buy. Best features are enhanced cameras, upgraded s-pen, exclusive exterior, longer lasting battery and efficient on screen experience.
Sam Aylar önce
great stuff Samsung as always! doing my pre order now!
Ali E Khan
Ali E Khan Aylar önce
Now it is called performance booster in every thing ❤️😍
It was fun watching it. 😊 Awesome introduction 🔥❤️
Eminent Cars
Eminent Cars Aylar önce
Good thing they fixed this low light photo/video issue this was one of the reason I ditched S22 ultra. Definitely looking forward to upgrade from S10+ to S23 ultra.
Jhay's Vlog
Jhay's Vlog Aylar önce
The design is very similar to S22 Ultra, but I'm rooting for the camera upgrade
Ana Maria S.
Ana Maria S. Aylar önce
I have an S8 since 2017. I waited and waited, and raised some money for a new phone. I am thinking at S23U, not sure though due to its sizes. It seems so big, but with all the new specs and camera upgrades I do think it is a good deal. I use my phone for social media, email and a lot of photos (nature mostly and family photos). My S8 battery started to show signs of getting old a few months ago. I thought of other brands as well, but I am a Samsung fan. I am thinking about S23U also because of its battery (which is bigger than the on on S23+). A lot of you mention S22U as being a good phone (no doubt about that), but I cannot say the price makes a huge difference between both of them, and taking into account the upgrades S23U has, I think it is worth it. Any suggestions?
Optimus Gaming
Optimus Gaming Aylar önce
@Ana Maria S. Sorry Brother the note series got discontinued why don't you wait for the new iPhone 15 pro max it could be a better option otherwise if you're a fan of Samsung you can go for the ultra 23
Ana Maria S.
Ana Maria S. Aylar önce
@Optimus Gaming isn't the ultra replacing note ? I know the last one was note 20, since that there were only ultra models. Just asking
Optimus Gaming
Optimus Gaming Aylar önce
I'll suggest you to wait for Samsung Galaxy Note 23 ULTRA just wait a little longer.
Nikko Aylar önce
From fifth harmony to going solo, to letting us hear "i'll be home for QUISMOIS", to S23 ultra. Her influence is so different. Untouchable!!!
mont__ Aylar önce
That's not Camilla 😭😭
Deepesh Basnet
Deepesh Basnet Aylar önce
@INVICTUS I think bro is talking about Camila Cabello. I don't see any similarities and his comment doesn't even make sense. 😭😭😭
Grace Wang
Grace Wang Aylar önce
waittt, who???
Gaderz Lyrics
Gaderz Lyrics Aylar önce
she was in fifth\ harmony >?
INVICTUS Aylar önce
Who is she?
SM8855N Aylar önce
Seems great despite looking like iterative update. Anyway, one disappointed aspect is Samsung does not up the ante for Ultra Wide Angle Camera. Oppo able to fit same sensor as main sensor on Find X5 pro which have among the best ultra-wide camera (day and night). Wish Samsung put bigger and better sensor for Ultra-wide camera.
Ammar Shaikh
Ammar Shaikh Aylar önce
Being an S22 Ultra user i thought there couldn't be any better phone and the S23 ultra will jst have some extra stuff and nothing more but these huge internal upgrades are making me want the s23 ultra now😭😂❤️
M J Aylar önce
I will tell you a secret: not only s23u could be better than your s22u, but >=s24u too)
N.imantha de silva
N.imantha de silva Aylar önce
Yes you are right 😬😂😹🙂🤙💜❤
Adam Paul
Adam Paul Aylar önce
I have the note 20 ultra 5g and don't think there could possibly be a better phone. However, I might actually get this for an upgrade
Sohail Ashraf
Sohail Ashraf Aylar önce
Already using S22 Ultra for year. But didn't notice much difference in S23 Ultra. Decided to keep for another year. May b next year Samsung will come with new much more better features and design.
Hruaitea Ralte
Hruaitea Ralte Aylar önce
envious of the SD 8 gen 2, from my s22+. though the battery here is also very doable, can't imagine how stressfree it would be with the s23 series in terms of power backup
U can trade in my dude
André Lourenço
André Lourenço Aylar önce
Ótimo aparelho, mas a preços impraticável aqui no Brasil poucas pessoas tem acesso!! E agora pra completar sem fones!!
Марат Кучаев
я когда вижу новый Samsung, я его сразу же хочу купить!
Omar Aylar önce
I just love how the sync or union everything with each other ❤ I have been using Samsung specially the Note "Ultra" line for more than 12 years. They only need to make the charging time as fast as the chines phones. I have the tab S8 Ultra, S22 Ultra, Smart watch4 and I'm thinking now for the Samsung Book Ultra but I can't afford the price now 😔 wonderful Unpack show ❤
Sohail Ashraf
Sohail Ashraf Aylar önce
S22 Ultra charges 0 to 85 in 25 mins. Am satisfied.
Suprxmefire Aylar önce
This was way better then I was expecting! I might upgrade from 13 pro max to S23U just because I prefer Samsung
Suprxmefire Aylar önce
@Giovanni Galvez battery pretty much is the main reason I was thinking about switching(my bad) not upgrading. Battery on my 13 pro max isn’t the best
Suprxmefire Aylar önce
@Giovanni Galvez you could be right but I’ll let time pass and see if I still want to keep this phone or switch
Giovanni Galvez
Giovanni Galvez Aylar önce
The iPhone 13 Pro still has better apps, better security, better longevity, better battery life, and a better display than the Galaxy s23 Ultra. Those are facts. But then my opinion is that iPhone just has a better user interface, is much more organized and straight forward. iPhone’s operating system is what keeps me on iPhone’s side. Camera is interesting on the Galaxy though. That’s a good reason alone to switch.
Jazz ProX
Jazz ProX Aylar önce
@Be Allay ✔️ cringe af
Be Allay ✔️
Be Allay ✔️ Aylar önce
Down grade maybe 😂 same design as s22 , same display to body ratio , even lower quality space zoom , same colours , 5-10% performance increase which is unnoticeable, same display, same cameras , and talking about saving planet by recycled materials 😂 , they invest 15 million for waste collection from ocean which amounts to 0.005% of the price they male from the device and also their device causes millions of tons of waste. Yeah one thing is upgraded , the price 😂😂😂😂😂😂
sameh makram
sameh makram Aylar önce
Thank you very much for the excellent and distinctive explanation. Is the device available for call recording?
AutomotiveCNC Aylar önce
The best way to shoot quality photos with the new Samsung Galaxy S32 Ultra is to use the 50MP mode and then scale down the size to 4000 x 3000 pixels (12MP, 4:3 aspect ratio) or crop the latter to 4000 x 2250 pixels (9MP, 16:9 ratio). This results into extremely detailed photos with small file size. I'm wondering, why the "Samsung" engineers were not smart enough to include those two options in the phone's camera app? I used to have S21 and did the same trick with its 64MP photos that I scaled down to incredibly natural looking 9MP ones with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The default 12MP photos of S23 Ultra are oversharpened and unnatural.
Yatharth Hadke
Yatharth Hadke Aylar önce
Now I want this even more... 😍
Leo Francis
Leo Francis Aylar önce
Es espectacular, que buen dispositivo, Viéndolo desde mi galaxy note 8 😍
Silvia Ruiz
Silvia Ruiz Aylar önce
Super padrísimo
S. Roy
S. Roy Aylar önce
Finally Samsung has shed some light on videography. Upto the S22 series, this was the only problem. Looks like they've solved it in it's predecessor
xihua12370 Aylar önce
Back to old school. Informative and fun 👍
Rafiq ID
Rafiq ID Aylar önce
Love this next level commercial, looks like we are in the future right now! ❤❤
Be Allay ✔️
Be Allay ✔️ Aylar önce
@fa$il its monthly, i do go for a job unlike many others
fa$il Aylar önce
@Be Allay ✔️ Do yo get paid monthly or daily😑
Be Allay ✔️
Be Allay ✔️ Aylar önce
Yeah 😂 same design , same display to body ratio , even lower quality space zoom , same colours , 5-10% performance increase which is unnoticeable, same display, same cameras , and talking about saving planet by recycled materials 😂 , they invest 15 million for waste collection from ocean which amounts to 0.005% of the price they male from the device and also their device causes millions of tons of waste. Yeah one thing is upgraded , the price 😂😂😂😂😂😂
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Aylar önce
now give me a free one
M7sn Aylar önce
this comercial makes me want to buy it right now, i loved everything about it and i loved the phone as well.
mpeYT Aylar önce
Watching this in my Galaxy Note 8. Would consider this year's release if I can get it cheaper. S22 Ultra last year has a New Year's promo reducing the retail price by around 17%. My phone is a bit slow now so I am aiming for a new Phone with S-Pen.
mpeYT Aylar önce
@Solun I am not planning on trading my old Note 8 cause it has already a sentimental value to me. 🙂. I hope I would see a price drop this year for S23 Ultra so I could purchase this bad boy.
Solun Aylar önce
You can get a lot of money back if you trade your Note8 for the new phone.
I am pagol BRO. BOXED LIKE FISH BRO? bro.
Absolutely incredible introduction video
Maheesha Chathuranga
love it ❤️
Gwen Gerber
Gwen Gerber Aylar önce
This is so awesome!! I've ordered my S23 Ultra, can't wait to get it!!
Akshay 17 gün önce
Bruh, how's it 😍
vofff Aylar önce
You gonna love it 😍
Talib Hussain
Talib Hussain Aylar önce
Very good design and awesome features.
Sac City Gaming
Sac City Gaming Aylar önce
I've been with Samsung since the Galaxy S6, which I still own. Just pre ordered mine. I'm upgrading from the S20 Plus 5G to S23 Galaxy Ultra.
ADI.365 Aylar önce
Dude I'm impressed by those front and rear cameras❤️‍🔥❤️, I really want one i will start saving money but till then s24 ultra will be launched😐
ADI.365 Aylar önce
@Vishal Makwana Dude why are you even predicting?😂😂
Vishal Makwana
Vishal Makwana Aylar önce
Jehan Munasinghe
Jehan Munasinghe Aylar önce
Now I want this even more ..... !! 😍
Was waiting for samsung to release S23 for a long time n finally s23 is out n it's crazy man... Hope I can afford to buy my dream phone one day...
Sujan Kavinda
Sujan Kavinda 29 gün önce
Got the deviyek few days ago , lovin it ❤️
Saketh T
Saketh T Aylar önce
Literally goosebumps when she introduces a feature to him
Heratunessa Tultul
Heratunessa Tultul Aylar önce
Im gonna buy it 🥰
Tinofara Tinashe Mukakaso
Now that's how you do an introduction film. Kudos Samsung
Michael C
Michael C Aylar önce
Solid amount of effort put into making this one
Freelancer Nayem Bangla edition
oh apple kudo i think it will take 2050 to make iphone Camara for filming and 200mp Camara 🙄
Polisi Gadget
Polisi Gadget Aylar önce
Best phone productivity hands down 🔥🔥
ZAWENA B Aylar önce
It makes me think the S24 Ultra will be completely different. The fact they've basically kept the same design and just changed the camera quality and storage capacity makes me think hmmm what will the S24 Ultra look like? I'm keeping my S22 Ultra love it. Still have my S10+ and S20 Ultra
Sebastian Mosqueda
Sebastian Mosqueda Aylar önce
Did you find it hard to get used to the Note style form factor in your hand?
Strawberry Latte
Strawberry Latte Aylar önce
Love this commercial !, hope that i can have that S23 ultra
Pandu A I
Pandu A I Aylar önce
Its durability increase on every S generation, I'm using S20FE now and its still working like miracle (the last OS updates were game changer)
Pandu A I
Pandu A I Aylar önce
@M J hmmm eventho S20FE got heat and battery problem in the last 2 years, after I updated the OS on Jan 2023, I saw significant differences to solve the issues. But still considering whether to stay in Samsung Ecos or move to iOS
M J Aylar önce
And what about speed and stability?Battery? The last Samsung phone I had was s9 and it was very freezzzzing😂 I was tired to wait until Samsung made up something stable and switched to IPhone 12
🅱️ox Aylar önce
Looks amazing
scfr Aylar önce
This was truly epic
Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends
refreshing to see video like this,, fun and informative! love it...
Edson Dos Reis Carvalho
McCarthy Brampah
McCarthy Brampah Aylar önce
I'm just in love with Samsung wow, this introduction alone is so special
luckytyler28 Aylar önce
Looks so awesome 👌 Got the S22U, it's AMAZING... I'll be back 4 the S24U 😎😎😎
Syed Gilani
Syed Gilani Aylar önce
I have the s22 ultra for the past 8 months and it's awesome
Robert Esensee
Robert Esensee Aylar önce
Already preordered. Wanted to be among the first to get my hands on this one!
Kah Hor Ng
Kah Hor Ng Aylar önce
Impressive introduction video, how about the battery ? Is that any improvement and not overheating easily? Not a sarcastic post, am a S series user from S2, S6, S9+ and now S21 Ultra, all functions are good just battery easily dropping and sometimes might overheat and need shutdown for cold down.
Kim Sujeong
Kim Sujeong Aylar önce
Love it😍
sanveer khanuja
sanveer khanuja Aylar önce
i have already ordered s23u in graphite colour, can't wait to get my hands on❤️😍
Sean McClelland
Sean McClelland Aylar önce
their putting a huge push on taking pictures and videos in the dark and stable videos and stuff thats great but im not big on the camera features at all like in general, but i am happy that the cooling vapor chamber is bigger and more efficent. but thats it, its gunna be a good phone but ill wait. happy with my s22 ultra.
Kelvin Moses
Kelvin Moses Aylar önce
Just pre-booked in India. Should be getting delivered by 20 Feb. So long waiting to buy a S23
Shubham Borkar
Shubham Borkar Aylar önce
S23 ultra - the best smartphone in the world. Samsung will rule year 2023 with S23 🔥🔥
The Terminator
The Terminator Aylar önce
Excellent! Fantastic! What a beautiful phone ad! And a brilliant phone too!
SmoKeYJoE024 Aylar önce
Would really like to see Samsung Galaxy go back to the S6 Active / metal or even renewed plastic designs for the back plate. Guess I'll just have to keep wishing.
T Aylar önce
Watching this on old Galaxy Note 10 Plus & loving it!
diYchante Aylar önce
I like this ad, now I know what I can use the features for. I'm using S21 and probably want to upgrade to S23
GaMeR EgY Aylar önce
Is there improvement in the heating to the phone with 5g?
The Slayer
The Slayer Aylar önce
Still using my Note 9, but I might finally upgrade 💯
Gadgets Arise
Gadgets Arise Aylar önce
Bruh, I expected a better official introduction video for the S23 Ultra. The Galaxy S21 and S22 Ultra introductions were so amazing!
Febby Himawan
Febby Himawan Aylar önce
I immediately Wanted to have s21, when they just introduced it
Sean McClelland
Sean McClelland Aylar önce
s22 ultra intro was really nice
Grace Wang
Grace Wang Aylar önce
S22ult is a BOOM last year so many ppl expecting much for this! will be there any significant upgrade..?
can’t wait for mine!
Gianfranco Melean
Gianfranco Melean Aylar önce
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