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Gabriel Iglesias is a stand-up veteran, entertainment powerhouse, and one of the best voice actors working today. But how is he with hot food? Find out as "Fluffy" battles the wings of death and discusses his outlandish food adventures, iconic wrestling catchphrases, and the keys to getting out of a speeding ticket. Don't be surprised when the scorching sauces bring some other "characters" out to play.

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Season 5
Episode 10

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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22 Mar 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Wade Black
Wade Black 13 saatler önce
I just noticed, the red on fluffys face increases with each passing wing.
Sam 2 gün önce
RO und af cold wings XD
KJ Huey
KJ Huey 2 gün önce
I'm subscribed to this channel and I'm deaf. The auto generated craptions suck but I can scrape through each episode with them. Would you guys mind adding actual English captions to your videos, please? I'd be able to enjoy the videos a lot more that way since I'd be able to 100% understand what's being said. Thank you!!
Roy Klag
Roy Klag 3 gün önce
I can’t believe you’ve been doing comedy for over 20 years and I am just now seeing your work , Obviously I must’ve been living under some rock somewhere
Gabriel is Richard from San Antonio you think you can eat hot sauce you need to try my favorite Dave's gourmet Insanity hot sauce I Dare You carnal if you try this hot sauce you're my biggest fan brother
jodee shrock
jodee shrock 4 gün önce
“I think it-GAHOO” -Gabriel Iglesias
jodee shrock
jodee shrock 4 gün önce
Host:*eats ten hot wings Gabriel:”AHHHOWW MY TOUNGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Deborah Elizabeth
Deborah Elizabeth 4 gün önce
He’s so down to earth I love him
FullSendMike Performance
You think George Lopez can handle the heat of the hot ones
5T33PY 6 gün önce
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
The only people who give you a hard time for not finishing, are just ignorant children. And people with the mind of an ignorant child.
Tyler Goes Fishing
Tyler Goes Fishing 6 gün önce
Matt Ortega
Matt Ortega 7 gün önce
Ur welcome
yvette nino
yvette nino 8 gün önce
I am sooo impressed with Fluffy's resistance to hellish hot sauce. he is the man!!
NoMxrcy 2k
NoMxrcy 2k 8 gün önce
his impressions are so funny
Cristian Hernandez
Cristian Hernandez 9 gün önce
Fluffy is going puffy
Brock Abbott
Brock Abbott 10 gün önce
At least he didn't nibble on them like weird Ale. Fluffy you are the man.
TrapTurtl 10 gün önce
9:31 bro sound like a fruit cake ngl O_O
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
That's the idea.
Thepoliticalathiest 11 gün önce
I would just like a moment to appreciate Gabriels t-shirt. Would love to go to a metallica concert with you hmu!
M A R I N A 12 gün önce
Gabe is very funny in this
adakun13 12 gün önce
As someone who lives twenty minutes from Charlotte, Cowfish is absolutely one of the highest demand restaurants
Pepe Le Pew
Pepe Le Pew 12 gün önce
Everytime I see these I just think like everyone's stomach is gone the next day
JediPhoenix1976 13 gün önce
Couldn't help but laugh when he riffed on George Lopez. 😄
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
George Lopez is brilliant. I love him.
dawson rees
dawson rees 15 gün önce
I am very threatening
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
To what? An anthill.
soneelita 15 gün önce
Come on the sauces are not that hot.
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
Jenn_Tompouce 16 gün önce
Yhea well my first car was a Toyota Ecgo hb 2005 lol and i wouldn't buy 10 of them lol
Jenn_Tompouce 6 gün önce
@GigglesDoesStuff ... hes got 10 of his first car..because his car is dope... of course i wouldn't buy 10 of them... makes sense to me
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
Why would you buy ten anyway? Even if it was a great car. Your comment doesn't make sense.
Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez 17 gün önce
“Louis Vuitton don’t care about big people”. 😂😂😂
albertico 18 gün önce
If I got an application for a US citizenship I would die laughing
Susan Fenlator
Susan Fenlator 18 gün önce
Fluffy if you had a shot of tequila after the wings would turn into a fire breathing dragon??
IDontKnowWhoIAm 18 gün önce
That little guy is going to get an ulcer doing this as often as he does
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
There are safe ways to eat spice. You have to be smart. Meaning, don't get drunk with 19 year old boys who think that it isn't fun if your life isn't on the line.
Hannibal 18 gün önce
Would it be possible to bring serial killer or someone at that nature to taste these wings?
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
Grow up.
Danny Estrada
Danny Estrada 18 gün önce
Let's get Booker T on the show
james ridler
james ridler 18 gün önce
fluffy giving NC a shout out made me prouder I live in NC
Daw Gosa
Daw Gosa 18 gün önce
I WAS one of the "If you don't clean it, you don't mean it " ppl. UNTIL my daughter got me the 3 pack for my birthday. Clasic, Los C, and 3x. 1st 2 where just lovely. 3X i always put 5 dashes in my Ramin and warned ppl... smell it 1st. I LOVED 3X,but today im all good if a person only nibbles. If you make it through your a BOSS. I only wish i could afford 3X cause its ALL I would eat
mobulugends 123
mobulugends 123 19 gün önce
Lezz goo i hear fluffy swear
GigglesDoesStuff 6 gün önce
Learn some English and grammar.
Juana Sita
Juana Sita 19 gün önce
Love this show...the guests just keep gettin better. Also, props to your sound effects team when each time the hotness gets real .. “sh- gonna hit the fan” 😂 in that voice and the combo of the echo then the slow mo lmao
Foul Dawn_Outcast
Foul Dawn_Outcast 21 gün önce
Why is nobody laughing at his jokes and impressions I'm dying XD
josh mcgee
josh mcgee 23 gün önce
This is my 100th time watching this one.... i like when he said " my gf is a little ghetto. Its kinda hot."
Anthony Corn Nose
Anthony Corn Nose 23 gün önce
Alternate title:Fat crazy Mexican guy eats chicken wings with mr clean
chris markin
chris markin 24 gün önce
out stading sorry it took to long to watch
Hugo Perez
Hugo Perez 25 gün önce
Gabriel polished the last one with authority! Lol instant diarrhea
Krystal Durrbeck
Krystal Durrbeck 25 gün önce
I love that he doesn’t say “please subscribe” and draws his followers in after the video. I appreciate not hearing the same thing after every TRvid video haha thanks. Earned another subscriber
Lupinranger Thành
Lupinranger Thành 25 gün önce
*Und take care of Fluffy*
fullthrottlewrx 25 gün önce
Randy Thomas
Randy Thomas 27 gün önce
We need a "common man/man off the street" episode...
Bojidar Stanchev
Bojidar Stanchev 27 gün önce
you wanna turn this into a youtube friggin chicken show? :D Lets do it!
Eric 27 gün önce
I wish I could be a part of this show, for whatever reason I can handle spicy I ate a raw reaper once and it just felt like a habanero
Munyaradzi Mushuku
Munyaradzi Mushuku 27 gün önce
Please get ant and dec on the show. It would be special
L. Scott Music
L. Scott Music 28 gün önce
Trust me, the other side is nothing you want to see! Fluffy rocks!
Sonic 28 gün önce
I want some wings and hot sauce. please.
Gabrielle Collier
Gabrielle Collier 28 gün önce
Can we just acknowledge that he’s a champ he ate every bite of those wings 🤷🏻‍♀️
DiCat Ego
DiCat Ego 28 gün önce
Gabriel is one of the best people alive dude, I love that guy
Bee Boo 2
Bee Boo 2 28 gün önce
*NOBODY knows the source of FLUFFY, that's funny to me*
Enrique Gonzalez 3D OG
Ouroboros Armory
Ouroboros Armory 29 gün önce
Yea.. but do they taste good?
Ronin Comedy Productions
Until i saw this, Gordon Ramsay was my favourite, ow this one is my favourite...
Steve Boyer
Steve Boyer 29 gün önce
Just think ....That's gonna burn on the way out!
Taylor Schweizer
Taylor Schweizer 29 gün önce
Michael Tame Heperi
Dude we need Danny Trejo on the show
Randy Edwards
Randy Edwards Aylar önce
How do you not have Hogan's catchphrase in the trivia???
Josh Garcia
Josh Garcia Aylar önce
Everything fluffy does is funny asf😂💯💯
Mohammad Reza Ahmadi
Fluffy I love you bro! You made all your fans proud.
katie mikesell
katie mikesell Aylar önce
I didn't want to like this show when my brother showed it to me. I hate spicy food. But now I'm just addicted to every one of them even guests I don't know
alex nunez
alex nunez Aylar önce
Why i have to spend so much for a sauce that isnt that hot 😩 i expected more from the last dab
Cesar Abraham
Cesar Abraham Aylar önce
I love how fluffy tried to eat the last one fast in hopes of it not burning 😂😂
Yes Yes
Yes Yes Aylar önce
I like how Gabriel mentions & answers most our questions about "Are the wings hot as in temp?" or "Are the wings hot as in spice?" Thankful he answered the questions i've been wondering haha
THAT98SCAB Aylar önce
Lmao 25 year anniversary
Adam J King
Adam J King Aylar önce
Man I'd love it if I got a handful of those Papa John's cards. Feels like a good thing to have in the car to be able to hand out to the homeless when you don't have cash on you.
Angelina Elias
Angelina Elias Aylar önce
Fluffy!!!!! :) :>
fazewolf7771 Aylar önce
bro we got mad dog and I put it in my rice lol im hispanic to and I can confirm we are way better at eating spicy stuff
Ruin Ragnarson
Ruin Ragnarson Aylar önce
Sean just cheats,the real spicy is in the wings already and the sauces are nothing. Thats the secret to keep himself together That or either he has an iron stomach😂😂
Daniel Valencia
Daniel Valencia Aylar önce
Hey! Muster! I could use some hot ones with corona, or Guiness!!
Donald Bubba McFarland Jr
Drink milk n the burn INSTANTLY stops
Daniel Valencia
Daniel Valencia Aylar önce
Bryon Lippert
Bryon Lippert Aylar önce
Calling pork rinds ghetto is redundant.
podriguez123 Aylar önce
LMAOO somebody give me a lawnmower ; you best believe ima cut my grassss thank you
Dylan Rhodes
Dylan Rhodes Aylar önce
Nice choices in hot sauces if I were to help set up some hot sauces I would include Blaine's Ultra Death sauce, maybe rooster Sriracha, and bend the rules with bhut jolokia puree but these hot sauces are all pretty good and I have had most of them.
Fiery Nessa
Fiery Nessa Aylar önce
I have a deep love for the nickname "fluffy" ..was my dad's... He had the same personality...miss him so much...
M.D. Customs
M.D. Customs Aylar önce
He's in so much pain 😫 😩 😢
Eight BALL
Eight BALL Aylar önce
76 Malibu
Llama Dhali G
Llama Dhali G Aylar önce
Wavyy Aylar önce
Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon
Wavyy Aylar önce
Matthew 3:2……
Robster Lobster
Robster Lobster Aylar önce
Puke all over the table! That'll leave an impression
Nina Allan
Nina Allan Aylar önce
Personally, my peeve with not eating the whole wing, or nibblers, is the food waste. I enjoy watching these but dread to think how much food has been tossed 😔
milkamn no
milkamn no Aylar önce
you know it hurts when you start stuttering
Aimee Flores
Aimee Flores Aylar önce
This video is boring you talk too much just eat
Ryan T
Ryan T Aylar önce
LOL the application for US citizenship in the gift basket is messed up
Vintage Vitamin J
Vintage Vitamin J Aylar önce
Please get Larry The Cable Guy
Jazmin Vazquez
Jazmin Vazquez Aylar önce
The best on TRvid ❤️❤️❤️gotta love fluffy and the zac efron episode was also awsome ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Life as I know it
Life as I know it Aylar önce
Fluffy was warm and friendly, but I did not like the way the host's every remark was backhanded, not even a backhanded compliment. Just backhanded. I was shocked when he finally complimented Gabriel at the end.
Blueboy272 Aylar önce
Gabe ATTACKED that last wing
F1esh Aylar önce
Two amazing bald people
J L Aylar önce
The courageous exhaust terminally try because doctor overwhelmingly instruct vice a complete area. elfin, boiling engine
Gone Aylar önce
And a ride the lightning shirt..hell yeah
mylesfinch Aylar önce
Lol the editing on this episode
The Passenger
The Passenger 2 aylar önce
Wow...okay..from now on everything badass will be called "fluffy"! ^^
Prod. C Sounds
Prod. C Sounds 2 aylar önce
Late as hell but I scrolled through the comments and no one said anything about them using a pic of Nate Figgs when talking about the heart attack grill
bibney 2 aylar önce
i hate him
Twisted Budha93
Twisted Budha93 2 aylar önce
I wouldve loved to have seen Martine come out and have a go at these wings lol
Imagine vaping 🤡 😂
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