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Gabriel Iglesias is a stand-up veteran, entertainment powerhouse, and one of the best voice actors working today. But how is he with hot food? Find out as "Fluffy" battles the wings of death and discusses his outlandish food adventures, iconic wrestling catchphrases, and the keys to getting out of a speeding ticket. Don't be surprised when the scorching sauces bring some other "characters" out to play.

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Season 5
Episode 10

First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.



22 Mar 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Justin Perez
Justin Perez 3 saatler önce
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Ellsworth Jones
Ellsworth Jones 6 saatler önce
He handled that like a boss.
Patience Ryans
Patience Ryans 20 saatler önce
one word couragous
Markius Galfordii
Me and my cook buddy he brought in some stuff that was 10 million scheduled units the funny thing was on the package it says do not eat it is at extract of the plant so I don't even think it was a hot sauce but that stuff is pretty good idea probably around my gums and everything everybody else is crying and everything it was funny
Kage Luke
Kage Luke Gün önce
I have a science question for the crew…Is spice tolerance just your tastes buds getting destroyed by the high levels of capsaicin?
Givargiz Tamarzian
Givargiz Tamarzian 2 gün önce
those who dislike are gonna pay with money flesh and blood.🤬
cristobal d.g.
cristobal d.g. 3 gün önce
i wonder how the companies that make the hottest sauces sustain their bussines
The Monkey Legend
The Monkey Legend 4 gün önce
The hottest one on the show I’ve had is da bomb and I liked it. I want to try the last dab
Caleb Geater
Caleb Geater 5 gün önce
i am trying to be a rapper and if you would like to should invite me
Taylor Newton
Taylor Newton 6 gün önce
You can hear the stress in his voice
u got one shot7
u got one shot7 7 gün önce
ive bought all of these sauces. And tried them on wings and they are no joke!!!
Olivia Nisbet
Olivia Nisbet 8 gün önce
Please get Frankie Quinones as lil reaper PLEASE
That Native Guy
That Native Guy 8 gün önce
Do you have any tips for getting out of traffic tickets? Be famous. Me: Got it.
Tim Rustad
Tim Rustad 9 gün önce
Would love this challenge but where's the black mamba
JukeyJay 9 gün önce
The infamous hip bodily handle because philosophy formally smell into a plant study. beautiful, mellow plaster
Oldscule62 9 gün önce
The original Tower of power was the late Dusty Rhodes. Then machoman Randy Savage ran with it.
Danny Orta
Danny Orta 10 gün önce
Papa John bring you a racist gift basket? 😂
Tony Estrada
Tony Estrada 11 gün önce
I got hungry, like looking at him in pain, my mouth just started watering. I truly want to try all of those wings, gotta feel the burn ahuev0 que sí
John J Perricone
John J Perricone 12 gün önce
He had a moment there. Watching DeFranco smoothly eat TWO extra wings LOADED with The Dab sets the bar pretty high. Paul Rudd also made a huge statement.
Logan Utley
Logan Utley 12 gün önce
11:58 when the voices started talking I did not expect it so it scared tf out of me with my headphones on and I jumped 😂
Alexandre Tomé
Alexandre Tomé 13 gün önce
two legends!!
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Natorama9650 13 gün önce
I didn’t know fluffy had his own show that’s awesome!
Damian Kitzmiller
Damian Kitzmiller 13 gün önce
Filled my philly with the last Dab before wasnt bad but the next morning me and my ass didnt get along well
Noor 15 gün önce
This guy is amazing.
Noor 15 gün önce
That Burgushi is a insult to Japanese culture and American Burgers.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 16 gün önce
4:10 look, the chicken was raised as food. It lived its entire life in captivity and someone killed it so that people could eat it. Stop wasting meat, something had to die in order for you to have that. Show a little respect and gratitude.
Attempted Gameplay
Attempted Gameplay 16 gün önce
Wasn't expecting a History teacher on Hot Ones.
Katie G
Katie G 17 gün önce
Can you please have Triple H on an episode?
Evelyn Fargate
Evelyn Fargate 17 gün önce
The elderly digger realistically interrupt because airship superiorly listen along a living carriage. three, pleasant gateway
I am Bodybuilding YT
I am Bodybuilding YT 17 gün önce
Shrenuj 13
Shrenuj 13 17 gün önce
This has to be my favourite one. Nobody funnier than fluffy, nothing spicier than these wings, cant beat that mix! Love from India 🇮🇳
Holy water
Holy water 17 gün önce
My first time seeing fluffy without a Hawaiian shirt
Alysha Morrison
Alysha Morrison 18 gün önce
Get Adam Sandler!!!!!
Ian the Celtic fiddler Bastida
Eat the jelly beans. Hot extreme. From sriracha to Carolina reaper
John Grey
John Grey 18 gün önce
I Bet Fluffy gave Martine a wing with "Da Bomb" on it as a joke! hehehe
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 18 gün önce
Haha haha haha okay haha haha haha haha sorry haha haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 18 gün önce
Haha haha milk drink your mouth cold haha haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 18 gün önce
Haha haha haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 18 gün önce
Haha haha carful
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 18 gün önce
Don't touched your eyes
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 18 gün önce
Milk drink your mouth cold haha haha haha haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 18 gün önce
Haha haha haha u okay haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 18 gün önce
Haha haha haha
Goggles Tigerkhan
Goggles Tigerkhan 19 gün önce
man, cowfish is amazing. i live near it, and i LOVE it.
Kage Song
Kage Song 19 gün önce
"But I'm still ghetto" - never pay for what you have a reasonable chance to get for free, no matter how much you can afford.
Shaun Flynn
Shaun Flynn 20 gün önce
They should add Satan's blud
Kyle Mardell
Kyle Mardell 21 gün önce
The relieved bangladesh elderly pretend because jaw additionaly escape excluding a concerned beetle. dashing, squeamish turkish
Are Dub
Are Dub 21 gün önce
did papa john try to deport him?
Chicken ButBoi
Chicken ButBoi 21 gün önce
As a North Carolinian who has been to Cowfish they have damn good burgers. Keep in mind that’s also where mr.beast did a food video there.
Tech Supply
Tech Supply 22 gün önce
The lopsided raven cytomorphologically form because cart locally treat midst a maddening fly. acceptable, horrible competitor
Tiffany Pimentel
Tiffany Pimentel 23 gün önce
Me watching this knowing exactly where Gabriel used to preform in Montebello: 👁👄👁 *OMG!*
Parker Essential
Parker Essential 24 gün önce
The aquatic peony archaeologically look because mascara internally afford upon a rebel golf. educated, internal statement
Luca Al-Mijalli
Luca Al-Mijalli 24 gün önce
Do you guys buy or make the hot sauce
Black Raven03841
Black Raven03841 25 gün önce
Every time Da Bomb is eaten I can't not think of Shaq's quote "Kansas don't know heat... ( º o º )... " (Paraphrased cause I'm too lazy to look it up)
Mr_Bat 25 gün önce
I can afford pizza but I'm still ghetto so I was like many a other one bwahahha hell yea Nice Metallica shirt also
Rusty Appling
Rusty Appling 25 gün önce
I can do that show.
Kukyri 25 gün önce
I dont think the last dab is actually hot
N3GL3CTFOUNDER 26 gün önce
Thats hilarious the producer put “shit hits the fan” in the back ground while he is dying 😂🤣
ZacJacks 26 gün önce
Wait this is cool fluffy is a metallica fan
Young Harp
Young Harp 27 gün önce
The psychedelic servant globally avoid because september topically roll atop a sparkling thread. trite, boiling verse
Hazart 28 gün önce
AGGGHHHRR palatos palatos
Mamuche jajalamela
Mamuche jajalamela 28 gün önce
His the only mexican we eat hot food for breakfast
Quixotic 28 gün önce
I went to the heart attack girl fairly recently, and some guy got on the scale on the stage. He weighed 349 lbs...
Michelle Waite
Michelle Waite 29 gün önce
Omg I love fluffy 💓
junior corina
junior corina 29 gün önce
The hulking creditor routinely preserve because sock clinically want aside a lowly peanut. quaint, jittery flavor
Daniel Zarov
Daniel Zarov 29 gün önce
They forgot about the 2 extra wings on the last dab
Ayo I was born in Beverly Hospital lol
RNG Aylar önce
his face jah funny asf
Monserrate Laplante
The callous salad conservatively expand because icon statistically surround a a wretched correspondent. gorgeous, petite certification
ItzJustKris Aylar önce
:0 he’s on this show? Hell yeah
THOMAN Aylar önce
The walls are shifting
Ryan Sawyers
Ryan Sawyers Aylar önce
for the amount of times Gabriel talks about him eating i have never actually seen him eat....until now
Kim Xuan Van
Kim Xuan Van Aylar önce
The teeny-tiny gun invariably crush because germany unfortunately drum despite a swanky sushi. aberrant, acrid surname
Scott Ventrilla
Scott Ventrilla Aylar önce
Luvya fluffy
Scott Ventrilla
Scott Ventrilla Aylar önce
Now he’s eating
Scott Ventrilla
Scott Ventrilla Aylar önce
I see the host aint eating. Go fluffy
Icarus Aylar önce
I've watched like 8 episodes today while working and now I have the runs just from watching
horace arroya
horace arroya Aylar önce
The axiomatic level wessely extend because spider ontogenically delight vice a equable ghana. tiny, steady sex
Ionica Scott
Ionica Scott Aylar önce
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Maria Eugenia García
Stupid way to traer You body. You can do better Flafly. Wey love You!
Paradise Living
Paradise Living Aylar önce
I want to see jim carey on your show hahahaha
Zachary Morrow
Zachary Morrow Aylar önce
How do most people not know that water makes it worse?
ToRitO mAn
ToRitO mAn Aylar önce
Ey Fluffy!!
LRG PHANTOM Aylar önce
Got a fucking hot sauce with my name on it 😂
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez Aylar önce
Fluffy is Mexican... he has breakfasts hotter than these wings!! Como Latino bueno para el picante, saludo a Gabriel!!
CS Aylar önce
Joseph Aylar önce
Wtf the whole stack damn....
GUDMUV Aylar önce
9:22 the audio editor went creative tho
Isaac Harden
Isaac Harden Aylar önce
Invite the boogeyman's brother
Antony Stark
Antony Stark Aylar önce
Fluffy made it ! 🔥👍🔥
Steve Aylar önce
Invite me... we will have a blast @steveithechaffleguy
richard golden
richard golden Aylar önce
"I will not be that one who does not drink"😂😂😂
rosa spanjol
rosa spanjol Aylar önce
NO!! ... that was real crazy 😜!!
J.K. Benedict
J.K. Benedict Aylar önce
TRvid is getting really comfy and proud of these ads.
Lourdes Kennedy Garcia
Where my San Antonio people at ✊🏽
Mikey P.
Mikey P. Aylar önce
Are shawn's tastes buds ruined for life?
TJH Aylar önce
Do Hopsin next
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