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Music video by G Herbo performing 4 Minutes of Hell (Visualizer). © 2022 Machine Entertainment Group LLC, under exclusive license to Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




5 Eki 2022




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Diesel Clockwork
Diesel Clockwork 8 aylar önce
Herbo has a great knack for choosing his beats to compliment his flow and delivery seamlessly. He’s one of the illest in the game right now. I love seeing how far he’s come since he started, such an inspiration to a small artist like myself. I hope nothing but the best for you bro as you climb to the top where you belong 🔥💯
MYvette Beauty
MYvette Beauty 7 aylar önce
This comment.
Diesel Clockwork
Diesel Clockwork 7 aylar önce
@MYvette Beauty 🤙🏼
Kedo 8 aylar önce
Damn I can’t believe we haven’t gotten a 4 Mins of Hell since Humble Beast, I been wanting to hear another one of these for a minute and I’ll finally got one. Herb is one of the best lyricist in the game right now, I swear he doesn’t miss whenever he drops. This has to be one of my favorites off the album right now. ❤‍🩹🔥
jus 8 aylar önce
bro if they don’t give this man flowers after this album, something is wrong with the rap game
SKILLZZ 8 aylar önce
U know they wont
Montrell Southerland
Montrell Southerland 8 aylar önce
Last one better dis like a 6 or a 7
SKILLZZ 8 aylar önce
@Montrell Southerland this 6 this top 3 1 - pt2 2-pt3 3-this one
Vitandus EBK
Vitandus EBK 8 aylar önce
@SKILLZZ 😂😂😂😂part 5 was better than this
Marvin Grey
Marvin Grey 8 aylar önce
On meeeeeeee 🔥💯🌹🌹🌹
Fujihana 8 aylar önce
I can’t stop replaying, still ain’t finish the album yet 😂🔥🔥
Xavier Green
Xavier Green 8 aylar önce
Didn't even start it yet saw thus & was like oh yeah getting played first , played it about 5 times lol crazy how each time he gets better omg smh & that beat slap od
Lovelostcd13 8 aylar önce
He really dropping like 2015 omm
4600 BLK
4600 BLK 8 aylar önce
Kenna 8 aylar önce
Herb plans his drop strategically and never misses when he does! Great music take time and you can tell Herb is a very quality focused artist. Me as an underground artist, Herb is one of my biggest inspirations because of his work ethic and tenacity. Dude is constantly not satisfied and always looking to improve his craft which is one of the most valuable mindsets you can have in this game. It always encourages me to work harder on my own craft and the quality of my music as I learn more. If I keep that mindset, I may be able to blow up someday too!
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 8 aylar önce
This song is what I been waiting for .. another one I know it was coming just never knew when … g herbo thank you
TopSwindler 8 aylar önce
When we needed him the most…he dropped another 4 min of hell🖤🖤
Cactus Jac
Cactus Jac 6 aylar önce
This the best one
Chosen1 Juan
Chosen1 Juan 8 aylar önce
Man his whole tape is legendary he needs his props nie he’s literally taking ova the rap game ass we speaks🌟📈🐐
Coco 8 aylar önce
never fails to disappoint praise this man yo 👏🏾
jimena bird
jimena bird 7 aylar önce
One of the greatest rappers ever. Hebro go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them trappers and oppas who just be usin dat *AUTHENTIC views* dawwwt cawwwwm jawwwwn to get they hits up to go HAM... SMH seem like anyone can glow up these days... SMH
Carlos Clark
Carlos Clark 6 aylar önce
Skud Yousafudd
Skud Yousafudd 6 aylar önce
Skud Yousafudd
Skud Yousafudd 6 aylar önce
Skud Yousafudd
Skud Yousafudd 6 aylar önce
Kali Hump
Kali Hump 5 aylar önce
@Skud Yousafudd yea
Ralph 8 aylar önce
Been listening to herbo since 4 minutes of hell part 1 💯💯. Real fans know how legendary this is 🔥
DrugEuphoria 8 aylar önce
I just say 4 mins in hell part 6 oh damn
Ralph 8 aylar önce
@DrugEuphoria facts
Naz Gloglo
Naz Gloglo 8 aylar önce
Nah frfr
T O K E N 8 aylar önce
Stickin moves'
Stickin moves' 8 aylar önce
Bruh the real fans know “Lil Herb”
Hakeem Ture
Hakeem Ture 8 aylar önce
Bro a real MC. Insha Allah, we gonna be supporting things this man does in hip hop and beyond when we 60 plus ! if niggas make it that far. I appreciate him for taking his craft seriously and taking the time to give us consistent visual masterpieces and growth. No singing no gimmicks just straight bars and life experience. You can tell who really love hip hop and who real living the life and going through the emotions. I hope to see herbo Fighting for a grammy against freddie Gibbs and Pusha T... I just wish shy glizzy was on this album
Yakuri 8 aylar önce
G Herbo is a huge inspiration to me and I WILL produce a song for him one day.
Apollo VOS
Apollo VOS 7 aylar önce
No lie, this probably one of my favorite “4mins of hell” herb has dropped in a while. 🔥🔥🔥
Official_hecticc 8 aylar önce
Whoever been here since Lil Herb days you know how big this project is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This that talk we all need ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Dee S.
Dee S. 8 aylar önce
Old days, they gon’ make Lil Herb go back to his old ways.-G Herbo 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
Jay DS
Jay DS 8 aylar önce
I been waiting for a album drop all year god bless your soul herbo listening to yo music to the end of 2022 on repeat 🔥💯
Shizzo DaRapper
Shizzo DaRapper 8 aylar önce
4 minutes worth my time🔥🙌🏽
Islam Kr
Islam Kr 8 aylar önce
Haneefah Son
Haneefah Son 8 aylar önce
Yeah Herbo deserve his flowers he has consistently been giving us classics.. And yeah I've been a fan since part 1
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 7 aylar önce
I recently started listening to G Herbo, started with this album, Herbo a G.O.A.T!!!
Tweeks 7 aylar önce
Gotta go back to welcome 2 fazoland n balling like im kobe hood classics
Kako Deniro
Kako Deniro 8 aylar önce
This song is what I been waiting for .. another one I know it was coming just never knew when ❤💯😵… g herbo thank you 🙏
Shauka Hodan
Shauka Hodan 8 aylar önce
I saw this shit and couldn’t believe my eyes I been waiting straight drop never fails me! My favorite rap artist since you hopped in the game
Brenden Wright
Brenden Wright 8 aylar önce
One of the greatest rappers ever.
Chrystyl Walton
Chrystyl Walton 8 aylar önce
Bleeding out his heart 🔥🔥🔥💙
Rjayy2Live 8 aylar önce
The real voice of the streets lil herb just tapped in right fast 💨
Ma$ter spo0KY
Ma$ter spo0KY 8 aylar önce
Thank u Lord Herb for blessing my ears once again🔥🔥
Jozzygee11 hernandez
Jozzygee11 hernandez 8 aylar önce
I saw this shit and couldn’t believe my eyes I been waiting straight 🔥🔥🔥 drop never fails me! My favorite rap artist since you hopped in the game 💯💯💪🏽
Outtasight 8 aylar önce
SINCE PART 1 he been lit i always dreamed for this 💯💯💯 HE FINALLY DROPPED PART 6 i thought i a neva be alive to see the day 🐐🐐
Ballout babyy
Ballout babyy 8 aylar önce
I remember herb sayin he wasn’t makin no more
DeedySpeedy 8 aylar önce
Came a really long way from part 1, your success is my motivation.🔥
KDKBo 8 aylar önce
True Inspiration 🔥🔥🔥
mari 8 aylar önce
Top 1 NO DEBATE ❤️‍🩹🚦
Young Prince
Young Prince 8 aylar önce
NO DEBATE at and there is NO LIMIT for HERBO
jayanna scott
jayanna scott 8 aylar önce
Big swervvvvv🌟❤️
Isaiah Ali
Isaiah Ali 8 aylar önce
Big facts
wilmer silverio
wilmer silverio 8 aylar önce
big facts 🐐🔥🔥🔥
The Seniormen
The Seniormen 8 aylar önce
Let’s gooo 🔥 been excited af for this album
Kev Sosa
Kev Sosa 8 aylar önce
I knew you wasn’t gone stop this 4mins shit😮‍💨🐐🔥
Aaron Love
Aaron Love 8 aylar önce
6 years In n he’s still going hard as ever🔥🔥
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 8 aylar önce
10 years in
Trench baby
Trench baby 8 aylar önce
Yo Mazi
Yo Mazi 8 aylar önce
Nigga been rapping way longer then 6 years 🤣
Al B Smooth
Al B Smooth 8 aylar önce
Reality rap forever winning 🔥🔥🔥🔥
JumpMan Jumpin
JumpMan Jumpin 8 aylar önce
Damn I'll give anything to make a song with herbo. Bro underrated. Felt this so much I got goosebumps. If ya see this check my page out. Keep pushing
Sarah Eubanks
Sarah Eubanks 8 aylar önce
G Herbo go in sooo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them goofies and oppas who just be usin dat *AUTHENTIC* *VIEWS* dawwwwt cawwwwm jawwwwn to get they hits up to go HAM... SMH seem like anyone can glow up these days...
Marcohardie 7 aylar önce
best song on the album 🔥🔥🔥
Zayzulol  !
Zayzulol ! 8 aylar önce
whole album go crazy
Zhe Gaming
Zhe Gaming 8 aylar önce
REAL Herb fans know he will never stop making these!!
Olas Noah
Olas Noah 8 aylar önce
We all are here already, the shit is amazing niggga🤔🤬
Risky money
Risky money 8 aylar önce
Fa shid sho 💯
YS 8 aylar önce
Been a min doe
Tbone Gdk
Tbone Gdk 8 aylar önce
Ye this the last one 😂
Isaac Howard
Isaac Howard 8 aylar önce
I can say this man make some good music good song good album.
tunechiCS 8 aylar önce
RIP GREGG , ik it hit you hard but u gotta keep your head up you a real one .
Da Don BluntTalk
Da Don BluntTalk 8 aylar önce
Best Album Of 2022 no 🧢 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Keep Going Broski Chicago This For Us He Always Putting On For The City
CJ ROSE 8 aylar önce
Don’t Eva Stop Dropping These 4 Min. Of Hell Swervo 🔥💪🏽😈
That6oyMane 8 aylar önce
🐐 I said it a million times , The Real Voice 💯💯💯💯
Joshua James
Joshua James 8 aylar önce
TAYYDONTTALK 8 aylar önce
All facts 🐐✅
301 Made
301 Made 8 aylar önce
Best song on the album by far ‼️💯
NoSmoke Reggie
NoSmoke Reggie 8 aylar önce
Not even close lolllllll
Ernesto Ramos
Ernesto Ramos 8 aylar önce
Thank you G Herbo 🔥
Dizz Raw
Dizz Raw 6 aylar önce
Shit touch da streets🔥🔥🔥
FBMBenji 8 aylar önce
Never thought he'd keep the 4 min of hell going.. 🔥🔥🔥
Bug Celo
Bug Celo 7 aylar önce
As long as u got this on the album u well gang🎉
tris2crazy 7 aylar önce
My childhood CONTINUED 💯🤣🔥
Martin Guzman
Martin Guzman 8 aylar önce
Chills threw my body !!!!!!
makayla p
makayla p 7 aylar önce
never dissapoints💪
TvvPros 8 aylar önce
THE HEART OF CHI . Stay humble . Let’s all keep winning in ways 🍾
David Miller
David Miller 7 aylar önce
Damian Fleming
Damian Fleming 8 aylar önce
He one of my favorite artists Fr dude definitely goated ☝🏾
Zayy & Brii
Zayy & Brii 4 aylar önce
I was waiting for another one 💯🔥
Doggy World Boxing
Doggy World Boxing 8 aylar önce
man thank you needed this new album
Lul Redd
Lul Redd 7 aylar önce
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯 bro stay with the bars
RLMC Royal Lord
RLMC Royal Lord 15 gün önce
This the one 🎉 Pure Dedication In This One
Fenesia Gordon
Fenesia Gordon 7 aylar önce
🙏🏿🙌🏾💯 this beat sheesh
Alexander Argead
Alexander Argead 8 aylar önce
Herbo needs to tap into the hiphop vinyl market and drop this on wax.
purrp 8 aylar önce
Daaamn he put another one out never thought he would do it again
Sianai Browne
Sianai Browne 8 aylar önce
🔥🔥🔥 gonna do it every time
Brianna Avila
Brianna Avila 8 aylar önce
Had to listen to every part over again!
Deuce 7 aylar önce
J 8 aylar önce
🔥🔥🔥 go ahead herb❤
Tre Johnson
Tre Johnson 6 aylar önce
the way he hit dem no drum pockets is crazy 🔥
Gloe Wiild
Gloe Wiild 8 aylar önce
I don’t even feel like hell I felt like I just listen to 4mins of heaven 💯
Tweeks 8 aylar önce
Shoulda been the name of the song tbh
Michelle Arroyo
Michelle Arroyo 5 aylar önce
This whole album is fuckin fire yes sirrrr
RapShortss 8 aylar önce
Going Crazy 🔥
niko 12 gün önce
Herb still so underrated
DJAYYY 8 aylar önce
This shii hard asf🔥, ppl who say Herbo is 🗑️ just needs to listen to what he say💯
Muhammad Arsalan
Muhammad Arsalan 8 aylar önce
[Intro] Uh (Yeah) Haze call me back Yeah, yeah I beat the odds Niggas act like I wasn't thuggin', for real Like (Come on man), I ain't been doin' and seein' everythin' (G Herbo) there is to see in this shit (No Limit Herbo, Lil' Herby, EBK) I'm a product of it (Haha Lil' Herb) I really just want you niggas to overcome this shit, like I did (It's Lil' Heron) But, look, uh, yeah, yeah [Verse] They say thou shall not kill, but that's bullshit Kobe never killed shit, they hit him with a full clip I was in this shit, for real, you don't know how it feel Foenem doin' sentences still, you ever been on a drill? First I blew through one mill', then I blew through two mill' (Two mill') Then I ran up four mill', I'm still stackin' new mill's (Phew) I'ma do what I do, still, fuck I care how you feel Fell out with my closest cous', I ain't talk to him in two years This shit do get hectic, believe me, really be stressin', make it look easy What is too many niggas on ten toes? I'ma always have respect for Jay Deezy G Herbo, I've been that nigga they know, can't never say I ain't stick to the code Late nights, opps used to come through, blow, next day, we on the search for they soul I lost friends, that's how it go, I lost M's, that's how it go Pray to God, we reach our goals, wake up seein' that's how it go The fire on my lap, they want me to die, but once you in, that's how it go I'm signed with rap 'til the day I die, but that's my twin, that's how it go I remember one day we was high off pills I was ridin' through the opps, it was me and Greg They was poppin' out cuts, had to stop the car Reverse up the block, he wasn't even scared Since a kid, I've been seein' red, since a kid, I've been seein' dead Remember the last conversation we had? Ayy, lil' nigga, don't forget what I said I land in the 'Raq and get right back to it Lay a nigga flat, I let that strap do it, I used to let 'Cap do it (No cap) Made a route, we had influence Killers with straps, they ridin' congruent Eight of Ac', we was pourin' up deuces Used to get Mally and Maxx into it Old days, they gon' make Lil' Herb go back to his old ways From the mud, I emerged, but I miss them old days And they be funny with words, but we was on that all day Middle of war, I slept in hallways, for real Now I got money, for real, but I miss all them days, still And I ain't even in the field, but I can still call plays, for real My first hundred K, I seen the range of gettin' a million My first time flamin', I stopped, ain't wanna hit a civilian I'ma always rep for Roc, died for his block Back when we was slidin' on opps, you couldn't even get in the car Wish I could get my gun card, I can't, 'cause I was armed Tryna be low-key without my charms, I can't, 'cause I'm a star (Phew) Can't believe I did this, I'm really livin' large (Swerv') Keep niggas out my business, yeah, 'cause I'm in charge Street life left me scarred (Scarred), this shit broke my heart (Heart) I ain't gettin' nothin' back in return, feel like I gave my all Spent the bag on my ice, spent it on my cars Spent a bag on my bitch, spent it on my dawgs Gotta spend that bag to get rich, spent it, now I'm rich (Rich) Been spent a bag, all on sticks, and we was lettin' 'em off None of my problems is small, but this K keep fallin' (Fallin') Too much pressure on my own, I don't even pick up calls (Hello) I can't break, I got too much at stake, so I'ma solve 'em It's in my nature to eat up all that steak, 'cause I'm a dawg I'm a boss, I can look up just how much I make, sign-in, login Chillin' with my kids, I'm makin' four-hundred K, sittin' in the house And my bitch like, "You don't ever be in the house, you should be in the house" Them all facts, I ain't talkin' to stunt, all my bills, a hundred a month I'm on the road, runnin' it up, pull up, froze, trunk in the front Liquor straight, I'm drunk as fuck, foenem smokin' a hundred a blunt That's how I'm livin', this my life now, I don't give a fuck what you don't like now Still ridin' with thirties, you play with Lil Herbie and still will get wiped down, like, right now I'm locked in with niggas out of town, them my mans and them, pipe down (Pipe down) 'Cause they fuck with me, ain't grow up with me, but they sprayin' for me, right now (Right now) Got exhausted, my sauce, I lost it, but I found it Say he changin', can't blame him, he overcame it, that's astoundin' All the pain and the fears and the tears and the frownin' He was broke, in the rain, bought chains, now he drownin' All the love and the hate on his name, how it soundin'? He got love for the game, can't play, but he around it (What up?)
Zay Smoove
Zay Smoove 8 aylar önce
LL Greg This Definitely That Song That Imma Bump On Repeat
Devin Favale
Devin Favale 8 aylar önce
absolute heat!!!!!
FamTiesEnt 8 aylar önce
My favorite rapper I’m proud 🔥🔥🔥
Wavygang23 7 aylar önce
Herb got the best beats🔥🔥🔥
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 8 aylar önce
Right to called these tracks 4 minutes of hell every one he did is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
NB4LZipp 8 aylar önce
RickRude 8 aylar önce
Only real “LIL HERB” fans appreciate this 💯
Ace Peso
Ace Peso 7 aylar önce
Felt the last two bars on another level 🤦🏾‍♂️
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez 8 aylar önce
Classic 🔥🔥
Capotosixk 8 aylar önce
Been waiting for this frfr🔥 herb don't miss
boy wonder
boy wonder 3 aylar önce
Gooo goo go...... Fireworks... Bars......... True rap
boogie lewis
boogie lewis 8 aylar önce
Jus gotta go through sum of tha shit he did so wen u listen u will relate to it shit pressure 🔥🔥🔥
Tarik McCarthy
Tarik McCarthy 8 aylar önce
the real fans done bumped all parts been bumping this shit since 6th grade yelling pastooooo
Zachariah Brewer
Zachariah Brewer 8 aylar önce
Damn G this shit so hard 🔥🔥💯💯
B1998 7 aylar önce
Been here since kill shit man I’m happy asl for herb I got chills listening to this shit 💪💯😂😂😂😂
ThatBoy _FatmackB071
ThatBoy _FatmackB071 7 aylar önce
4 minutes a hell a never die💯
Luis Polanco
Luis Polanco 8 aylar önce
150 DT....keep up the hard work swervo.. lil herbo fans appreciate the growth 📈 AND THE DEDICATION ..#DAY1FAN
tunechiCS 8 aylar önce
I swear to god herbo is underrated af ..
Nawfside Productions
Nawfside Productions 8 aylar önce
Back at it again 🔥🔥🔥
El Compa Smokkey
El Compa Smokkey Aylar önce
My Shit, Herbo Snapped🔊🍻🎶🤘🌬 #Chi Town
willie wilson
willie wilson 8 aylar önce
herbo don't make that weak industry shit he release his shit strictly for da fans 🔥
Cashmere Witt
Cashmere Witt 7 aylar önce
He keep getting better
Reese Gwaupo
Reese Gwaupo 8 aylar önce
pure excellence
Nature nyquil
Nature nyquil 4 aylar önce
Play this at the gym, thank me later
Atteri 8 aylar önce
G herbo on top💯
The Exclusive artist SA
G herbo don't miss 🔥 Lil herbo bring us old days Chiraq to the world 🌍 🔥
Nesha 8 aylar önce
This what I came for 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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