G-Eazy - Demons & Angels (Audio) ft. Miguel, The Game

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17 Oct 2019




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Lucas Wasdin
Lucas Wasdin Gün önce
Jesus Mejia
Jesus Mejia 10 gün önce
Ramin Mammoser
Ramin Mammoser 10 gün önce
Miguel is a pro
catia'sLyrics 24 gün önce
Gemini club here♊♊
Leandro M.
Leandro M. 26 gün önce
Please, murder my vagina.
Elijah Andrey
Elijah Andrey Aylar önce
Why ain't Rick Ross in this song? Well, it's good either way.
Barbara Galvan
Barbara Galvan Aylar önce
I know your last nigga beat you like he was your drummer That hits hard
tấn thành nguyễn
Yeah, you know? Uh I really thought my last girl would be my last girl Life changes quicker when you live inside a fast world She ain't want the last name, she just want the last word On everything I love, your middle name was all my passwords I ain't think our last fight would be our last fight I guess we couldn't chalk that up to just a bad night But life goes on, that's how it goes, you know that's right I'm thankin' God my last flight was not my last flight I really thought my last address would be my last address I really thought my last arrest would be my last arrest My heart breaks in half every time Suzanne is stressed I'm tryna make it up to mama, I don't plan for less She still correct me when I fuck up, when I'm feelin' pressed Said "I just bought a crib for you, come on now, Mom, we're blessed" I spoke it all into existence, watched it manifest She said "Don't hang that over my head", I said "You right" and I just let it rest Damn, I really put a roof over her head, that's facts They couldn't walk a block if we changed shoes Swear I kept my receipts, I really paid dues Life is heavy here, this not the everyday blues Publications, they just want to say what they choose If somethin' happens in my life it's front-page news It's from the heart for all my day ones, not my day twos It's by my demons and angels, yeah I'm just gettin' hotter and it's colder Demons and angels on my shoulders Every open door require closure Keep goin' 'til it's over The highs and lows can get exhaustin' Every option got it's cost Please don't judge me for my faults Through my wins and all my losses Don't lose your conscience Pay attention to your thoughts, yeah Just be cautious Make this shit just what you wanted Niggas out here think life is G-Eazy, I pray for 'em Cross my heart and let the Desert Eagle wait for 'em And I don't harbor hate, but, one must wonder You got that YSL concealer on, what's hidin' up under? I feel bad, 'cause I could have made you mine last summer I seen the James Harden in you, yeah, OKC Thunder I know your last nigga beat you like he was yo' drummer I know that life got better soon as we exchanged our numbers So here we go, Turks and Caicos, yeah, everything lit Everything packed, take the Gucci out so everything fit And we 'gon roll like a kickball, cross over like Chris Paul Get lost somewhere in Dubai, feet in the sand, gettin' these sticks off Wear my heart on a sleeve of this Off-White hoodie You need some time to grow up, I know, I drafted a rookie Yeah, I'm Phil Jackson in this ill jacket Pardon my head, yeah, I feel like I wrote Illmatic And Stillmatic, I should get 'Ill Will' tatted 39 a year after I said I wouldn't and I'm still at it Still hold my dick, yup, with the steel at it Hop out the Lambo like a dryer, yeah, it's still static I ain't 'gon lie, I still fuck bitches in my pastime I know I told you the last girl was the last time I gotta go, especially since this my last line 'Fore I do, smoke this last blunt for the last time (uh) 'Fore I do, smoke this last blunt for the last time I'm just gettin' hotter and it's colder Demons and angels on my shoulders Every open door require closure Keep goin' 'til it's over The highs and lows can get exhaustin' Every option got it's cost Please don't judge me for my faults Through my wins and all my losses Don't lose your conscience Pay attention to your thoughts, yeah Just be cautious Make this shit just what you wanted
Bito Aylar önce
D Z Aylar önce
The Game The Legend
D Z Aylar önce
Miguel (with) G Eazy always 🔥
Steve Enyeart
Steve Enyeart Aylar önce
Elijah Young
Elijah Young Aylar önce
Where in the actual fuck is the music video to this at tho. Don't get why they didn't make one
Edi Kremzer
Edi Kremzer 2 aylar önce
Lit 💥 every 💥time💥i💥listen to💥it
Daru C
Daru C 2 aylar önce
Te amo Geraldo Facil
Gemini Seoul Johnson
Gemini Seoul Johnson 2 aylar önce
Gemini gang AND my name is Suzanne😱😜😘😍💯
Mandie Booth
Mandie Booth 3 aylar önce
On everything I love.. your middle name was on my password. 🔥
Tyson Shinn
Tyson Shinn 3 aylar önce
every rapper kills it in this song
LEAF me Be TV 3 aylar önce
Mel Rod
Mel Rod 4 aylar önce
Evey one want the best for there family, respect 🖤✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼🖤
Serengeti Lion
Serengeti Lion 4 aylar önce
Miguel got the best verses.....to live by...
Serengeti Lion
Serengeti Lion 3 aylar önce
@Kristian Hodges true that but Miguels verses are what we all should live by everyday
Kristian Hodges
Kristian Hodges 4 aylar önce
G eazy's verse is pretty deep though especially if you just went through a break up
Claudiu-Alexandru Calugaru
I can't believe that my favourite song on his last album is so underrated, for real. Thanks G for this one. It keeps me pushing 💯🖤
Oregon State Productions
yo man id really love to start producing beats down there in holly wood and building video even featuring in them you think youd be down to use my beats maybe help me get some attention to get down there
Skateboarding art
Skateboarding art 4 aylar önce
This is actually flames! I think sometimes people listn too much to the beat on songs and tend to not focus on the lyrics, but if yo actually listen its fuego
Ian Santiago
Ian Santiago 4 aylar önce
this needs a music video
Ali Beast
Ali Beast 4 aylar önce
Lowesan Dune
Lowesan Dune 4 aylar önce
U righ on spot bout em meh good song btw 🔥🔥😀
Aura Salamon
Aura Salamon 4 aylar önce
Sebastian 4 aylar önce
BEST.SNARE.EVER. Must sample it. :D
Micah Whiteman
Micah Whiteman 4 aylar önce
🔥🎵 👌🏼
angel gabriel nizama
angel gabriel nizama 4 aylar önce
Una de mis preferidas
atzemarco 4 aylar önce
Very good Song 💥
Thank God
Thank God 5 aylar önce
Satan's bitch..death will chase you down..enjoy Nefi
shawny Strawberry
shawny Strawberry 5 aylar önce
keep making these beautiful songs :)
Ze big Guy
Ze big Guy 5 aylar önce
s/o to the peeps that remember fried rice or kinggs
Adv Vaibhav Vashisht
Adv Vaibhav Vashisht 5 aylar önce
Fucking bitch, finally found this mother fucking song. Damn, the chorus was repeating in my mind since last two fucking days. Can't express the happiness after finally finding it. 🙄😝
DaLaun Shields
DaLaun Shields 5 aylar önce
Can get the sample
Mason Montague
Mason Montague 5 aylar önce
Only decent song on the album
Kitzberger Soma
Kitzberger Soma 5 aylar önce
Eazy season!! ☠️
Lena Candelaria
Lena Candelaria 6 aylar önce
louay 6 aylar önce
‘ i aint think our last fight would be our last fight ‘ man i feel you 😔
Devon Zastre
Devon Zastre 6 aylar önce
Either way this is savage, It's fuckin savage.
MAkore 9194
MAkore 9194 6 aylar önce
SelenaCavinVEVO 6 aylar önce
Welcome back G... and The Game never left still gangster Now many singers are using Authentic views c o m to go viral
becker carl
becker carl 6 aylar önce
LiamJooste_ 6 aylar önce
"on everything I love your middle name was all my passwords" Felt that
Aravind Kannoly
Aravind Kannoly 6 aylar önce
I'm nominating Miguel for the decades best hooks
Justin S
Justin S 6 aylar önce
G-Eazy and The Game 👏🏼💯
kelsea settles
kelsea settles 6 aylar önce
Do you think Gerald knows that G-Eazy is going through ringer? If they had any inner critic conversations lately? Soooo sad cause i be doing the same shit, i have different versions of me who do different shit
Muhammad Arsalankhan
Muhammad Arsalankhan 6 aylar önce
GTA 6 Track.
Pedro 6 aylar önce
this needs a music video
Chinou Vue
Chinou Vue 6 aylar önce
G was better than the game... just saying...
LucyThe 9thArcher
LucyThe 9thArcher 6 aylar önce
Oooh G-eazy make me feel guddd. 🧐
Daniel Allan
Daniel Allan 6 aylar önce
Lovely Places To Visit
Good one! ✨💖✨
The Neurolect
The Neurolect 6 aylar önce
Whoa, listen to Game’s verse again... you’re welcome😏
SKR Films
SKR Films 6 aylar önce
We wanna make a video for this. Should we?
Victoria Sims
Victoria Sims 6 aylar önce
"I really thought my last arrest would be my last arrest"...lol...every time!
Deadz y
Deadz y 6 aylar önce
Dan Brown- my mom knows it. Smart style - I pray for you ☯️♌️♋️💗❤️🖤👁
Flip Beezy
Flip Beezy 6 aylar önce
Anthony Ballard
Anthony Ballard 6 aylar önce
Dude... he woooould do a good joker if he acted good. Dude was right.. juuuust imagine. Would be sick.
Wisam Alhamad
Wisam Alhamad 6 aylar önce
For real didn't expect to see G and Game on a track together.
kyle searsar
kyle searsar 6 aylar önce
Keep doing what you doing " you sound good and keep that confident's ti's refreshing" to know somebody is sure about there insights. On thier songs. That they sing".
Steven Aguilar
Steven Aguilar 6 aylar önce
I drafted a rookie 😦 Felt that...
Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace 6 aylar önce
You rap about real things
Adrian Grace
Adrian Grace 6 aylar önce
Was it hard to make this
humantorch50 6 aylar önce
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Jay Chonos
Jay Chonos 6 aylar önce
I really thought my last fap was a last fap
ur mom
ur mom 6 aylar önce
if blackbear and g-eazy collabed again i’d faint
SLOWEDdown SONGS 16 gün önce
Lucy 6 aylar önce
This one goes hard! ❤🙌❤🙌❤🙌❤
Sun Sun Sun
Sun Sun Sun 6 aylar önce
Geazy sad that I saw you not this year at frequenzy :( fuuuuck I will it that I see you there
princbul 6 aylar önce
Forest VVoods
Forest VVoods 6 aylar önce
this needs a music video
TaterHead CuHHH
TaterHead CuHHH 6 aylar önce
Pay attention
Jacqueline Castillo
Jacqueline Castillo 6 aylar önce
😍🤩 this 🔥
dezeray Rankin
dezeray Rankin 6 aylar önce
Beautiful Album G❤❤
gee 6 aylar önce
Been waiting for Game to drop a new track :)
Bimo Bim
Bimo Bim 6 aylar önce
Real fan of G!!🔥🔥🔥
Happyface615 6 aylar önce
Underrated song on this album and ya'll been done sleepin' on Miguel
5aban 2nv
5aban 2nv 6 aylar önce
Cabdirizaq Carab
Cabdirizaq Carab 6 aylar önce
Game fan forever
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