FUNNIEST NBA Moments of the 2022 Season ! 😂🤣 

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This video features: LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jidion




20 Haz 2022




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Would you rather get paid the max contract to be on the worst team your entire career or paid average to be on an elite team that wins 4 championships in a row?
@DillonBRICKS Yıl önce
Small contract elite team
@jaspitv2 Yıl önce
Everything is Big
Average contract, elite team
I mean 5.1 million a year ain't that bad?
@blakeallen1956 Yıl önce
A elected team !! !!
@jayboog716 Yıl önce
We all can agree on one thing Klay was definitely the drunkest person at the parade that day 😂😂
@westcoastbabyyy Yıl önce
with his captain hat😭😭😭😭
@PedroSCP Yıl önce
3:42 klay giving his speech and them 2 laughing their ass off 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
@blakeallen1956 Yıl önce
When that guy got a haircut at the T Wolves game, Anthony Edwards face said it all. 😂😂
@WcoopW Yıl önce
@@kyrietallod8590 demarcus cousins
@BubbaPr Yıl önce
“That guy” LMAO
@ghosa.4434 Yıl önce
@@BubbaPr It's okay, I'd say he's around 35-40 based on his profile pic so ion blame him.
His name is JiDion
@pgfxrmula2181 Yıl önce
W TRvidr I appreciate your hard work and dedication you put in this channel and I hope your TRvid channel successfully grows more in the future
Thank you
@nigelsamson8715 Yıl önce
I am a fan of Golden Hoops NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENED ❤️❤️❤️
@jkn132 Yıl önce
Wut happened?
@nigelsamson8715 Yıl önce
@@jkn132 i just got a typo 😅😅😅😅
@uppanadam74 Yıl önce
When a team member from the other team help the fallen/injured team member from the opposite team!! You can't help but admire that sportsmanship!! :-)!!
@msc.editzz Yıl önce
When klay ran over the fan I heard Adam silver say “2 shots for harden”
@lilkayta00 Yıl önce
Winner of Best Comment of the 2022 NBA Season goes to...."Stephen Curry" 🤣👏🏽
@BabyGfrm Yıl önce
Nawl klay playin da wrong sport😂😂
Klay needs to be protected at ALL COSTS!
@zivuhz Yıl önce
funniest part from that dj pass was bro got traded the very next day 😭 💀
@TJ-ie9qo Yıl önce
"Good sportsmanship by Smart there.." No, Smart tackled him and Giannis wasn't having it.
@shabzone Yıl önce
Ultimate disrespect is when you are standing in front of lebron and he doesn't even realize you are there lol
@XO42X 5 aylar önce
Klay off that Hennessy will forever be funny
@emrysclips2346 Yıl önce
That thunder vs t wolves janitor thing was the worst non foul ever like t wolves should've got free throws
1:10 Jordan Poole what's all that movement back there??? 👀😂
@DrLorgood Yıl önce
Those were thybulle's only points that game
@tudor3623 Yıl önce
JiDion getting an haircut LOL
@bojax1n Yıl önce
how TF yall got KLAY knockn the lady over in a video already?!?! yall boys dont play no games💪🏾🤣
@pushover_ Yıl önce
JiDion was the best bro 1:29 what a funny and daring youtuber
@Killa_Hunt_2K Yıl önce
at 4:41 did anyone else see the kid booing 😂😂
@kevinwells4986 Yıl önce
Loved watching your videos. Just a comment to a successful TRvidr... I try to keep my TRvid download page cleared, only showing perhaps the lsat 6 months of content from my favorite channels. But if I add someone, like you, then I have so many listings it's unreal (congrats to you). The issue here is the way I used this space, and maybe you can glean something from it. I only want new content once I select a new source, not everything they have ever done. I can't make that suggestion to them, maybe you can. Users should be able to limit content based on a date range. Sorry to reach out to you like this, it's not your issue - but I really did not want to delete your channel which I have done now. Just way too many videos that show as 'current'. Sorry to post this here, but I hope you get my drift. I don't know where to begin to tell TRvid to give us more of a selection process. I'll probably add you back again, you are very good at this. We will see. Up late, health issues, and trying to find myself once again.
@Hyrdo_ Yıl önce
Whoever’s reading this, I pray that whatever you’re going through gets better and whatever you’re struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen
@Nxteedits Yıl önce
Thank you so much this made my day
Klay 💀💀💀😂😂😂😂
@jdcursed4800 Yıl önce
Klay tripped on the lady 🤣🤣🤣🤣
5:40 biggest double dribble
THE haircut one tho 😂
@fanatix1795 Yıl önce
I dunno what frank vogel thought after that pass of dj but im really curious 😂😂
@Dummytest123 Yıl önce
1:46 We not gonna talk about the Thunders Court that they were playing in?
@steverevers Yıl önce
4:25 That man should have check if something in his pocket got stolen right away!!!
Mano foi muito engraçado
@omidsafavi760 Yıl önce
in that moment hardens muscle was spasmed and thats why he left ball
@vibin6991 Yıl önce
The last one I hate so much cuz when one of the warriors guy did that to Joick in the playoffs he got so mad
@aftermath20 Yıl önce
For a second I thought I was watching Shaqtin' A Fool.
@nrafenne1925 Yıl önce
so nobody gonna talk about what jordan poole did and gary payton
@jjsincbarry9967 Yıl önce
Harden Controller disconnected and Now in Philadelphia all his 2k stats got reset
I am a fan of golden hoops always
Bengü Kırca ??
Great quality vid my guy
@austinhooks9120 Yıl önce
most of these are like “what’s if…?” like miles bridges almost made that shot on the bucks
The NBAs got to nerf steph
@Zak_Bone Yıl önce
Jidion bruhhhh 😭
@msc.editzz Yıl önce
I am a fan or Golden Hoops 2022 Champs! 💍💍💍💍
@jinnieeeeeee Yıl önce
4:42 that lil boy one in the back
@NaruBrilu Yıl önce
Why... why would u pump fake a free throw lol
steve kerr's face
@rohanrawat5740 Yıl önce
@tomk4984 Yıl önce
How is the roof leaking a funny moment?
@clintxander1973 Yıl önce
1:58 lmao
@patrickdery285 Yıl önce
I am a fan of golden hoops
@mula7264 Yıl önce
5:41 a double
Thought I was the only one that noticed
@elijahk3534 Yıl önce
nice content
@egbowonjohn7448 10 aylar önce
Those officials are worst
@austynwyd Yıl önce
jigong 💀
@Games-js1zh Yıl önce
@Faxishim Yıl önce
That’s my boy achuiwa
@aliclen252 Yıl önce
@jjsincbarry9967 Yıl önce
Where was Embids pass going
@Swished275 Yıl önce
Are u not gonna post for a while bc the season is over?
@mula7264 Yıl önce
1:42 JiGong
Christian wood though
@TheRach2711 Yıl önce
Average and on an elite team because I don’t care about the money I just care about having fun
@Simsalabim114 Yıl önce
Missing buzzer beater is funny for you now? Geez..
the second one cus id get 4 rings
@jaquesb9360 Yıl önce
If you are good max contract if you are bad average pay
@vnm5740 Yıl önce
Is it too much to ask you to not add the music in these videos?
@fw.jefferson15 7 aylar önce
Paid average win the nba champions for 4 times hell yeah
@Celtics13568 Yıl önce
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Golden hoops better than Golden state Warriors
@sadsloppy9515 Yıl önce
@damoney2992 Yıl önce
@Hyrdo_ Yıl önce
“Only people who didn’t come from TikTok are worthy of liking this”
@emrysclips2346 Yıl önce
This wasn't on TikTok 🗿
❤Search miracles of the holy "Quran" / "Qadir khutba"
@Lissylulu Yıl önce
I’m not a fan of golden hoops
@maplesyrup7482 Yıl önce
Y not
@allinonekhgg Yıl önce
Basketball is trash 🤢🤢
@Souittie Yıl önce
Why are you here then? Let's go to your favorite makeup vlogs
@allinonekhgg Yıl önce
@@Souittie don't cry 🤣🤣
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