Full restoration ancient UAZ 469 | Restoring and repair antique uaz 469 cars

DT Restoration
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Full restoration ancient UAZ 469 | Restoring and repair antique uaz 469 cars
Hi . How are you . The covid pandemic affects people all over the world. It seriously affected the process of restoring and rebuilding the uaz 469. All the important parts that we found and ordered were not delivered as expected. We sincerely apologize to the audience who are interested and support this project of ours. We ask for permission to stop this important project. Hope the covid pandemic is overcome and life can be peaceful. In this video we share our entire uaz restoration process. Have a nice day full of health.
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4 Eyl 2021




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DT Restoration
DT Restoration 2 aylar önce
Yes. it's like that. It's the same as what's in the video and the video description. I am very sorry about this. But please sympathize with me and continue with me on new projects. thanks a lot !
Иван Иванов
Говно а не ремонт
William Booker
William Booker 8 gün önce
@Alexsander Miranda
Юрий Ортман
Юрий Ортман 14 gün önce
@Juan de Dios Rivas русский УАЗ
Mohammad Sarfaraj
Mohammad Sarfaraj 17 gün önce
@Alexsander Miranda jk
Chi Lee
Chi Lee 20 gün önce
I'd like to see the finished project
Oleg Lutovinov
Oleg Lutovinov Saatler önce
Забыл вкладыши и поршни покрасить в зелёный
Ramnik Pancholi
Ramnik Pancholi 2 saatler önce
munawaeat abw aleiz'منوعات
The great are the ones who are the reason for the success of others. Support us with a like and a subscription. It will not take much of your time, but you will be the reason for our success.
Rizal Robiansyah03
Rizal Robiansyah03 3 saatler önce
Am I the only Indonesian?
Almaz Keks
Almaz Keks 3 saatler önce
Daniel Cobb
Daniel Cobb 4 saatler önce
Really neat thanks
#KumaNgaing Video Jadul
#KumaNgaing Video Jadul 4 saatler önce
Amazing skill
Dat Lawai
Dat Lawai 6 saatler önce
Kumto keiñ khun rang bah I Mei I pa
All Top Things
All Top Things 7 saatler önce
Tarzan the wander car
Javier Fdez.
Javier Fdez. 7 saatler önce
Aparte de ser un mecánico profesional es todo un artista, sin banco de trabajo, toda la labor la realiza en el suelo. Su trabajo tiene mucho merito. Tiene todo mi respeto.
Mohmoud Farah
Mohmoud Farah 11 saatler önce
Part two, please.
konstantin barinov
konstantin barinov 11 saatler önce
Where does it happens?
Donny Odon
Donny Odon 15 saatler önce
Orangnya mahir s
stk music
stk music 23 saatler önce
mario bonanni
mario bonanni Gün önce
Questo è un motore Morris con testata rovesciata
Спутник Gün önce
Там котята пищали
Mechanical Culture
❤❤😍🤩💥💫🤩😍 Good work friend. I have chanel of watches for if you want see. You are welcome. Kind Regards.
Joao Batista de Jesus viana
Quando tiver bons profissionais como vocês vale a pena restaurar. E um grande veículo das antigas .mas é maravilhoso ver rodando nas grandes cidades valeu vocês e o máximo na categoria da restauração. Abraços
Robs Device Unknown
gasket material over paint is never a good idea. Just fyi.
Andy Rivas
Andy Rivas Gün önce
GneL Music
GneL Music Gün önce
dennis carreno
dennis carreno Gün önce
A true craftsman…well done!
daniel Pabon
daniel Pabon Gün önce
☝️JESÚS VIENE PRONTO.!! Apocalipsis22:12. Es tiempo de arrepentirse de los pecados. Hechos3:19. Dios te está llamando ahora. Apoc3:20...❤️
Quería verlo terminado ¿hay parte 2?
Asa Avs
Asa Avs 2 gün önce
Part 2 update TRvid please...I'm waiting part 2
oliver katzke
oliver katzke 2 gün önce
po xodu dvizhok tugo vertitsa.dinamo kliuch nado ispolzovat,a tak prikolno.a s mashinoy shto,pokraska budet?molotkom pomenshe.
Asef Sayyad
Asef Sayyad 2 gün önce
I need full video of this restoration please upload it.
Huzaifa Khan
Huzaifa Khan 2 gün önce
Where is end?
Ariya Skunvogn
Ariya Skunvogn 2 gün önce
It's not finnish the project. I hate to see the clip like this.
JuSuk Choi
JuSuk Choi 2 gün önce
Hi. I really enjoy your video. but I afraid you should have caution about your work can make water(tiny river around your work place) and earth pollution. Except that point, I really really thanks to your work. Have a nice day!
Anderson Araujo
Anderson Araujo 2 gün önce
riccardo santini
riccardo santini 2 gün önce
Games Only
Games Only 3 gün önce
Part 2 ?
บัณฑิตา คําตรี
เจ๋งคับ สุดยอดเลยคับ
gom ,แต้ gomสมาย
ISMAil BABAHIDA 3 gün önce
ماكملتش لينا حتى النهاية 🔚
ngatirah 973
ngatirah 973 3 gün önce
fares H
fares H 3 gün önce
DIY Family Channel
DIY Family Channel 3 gün önce
Matias 3 gün önce
No usa grasa?
TULUS SUBAGIO 3 gün önce
Good luck
Ausencio Moreno
Ausencio Moreno 3 gün önce
Excellent man for real , but where is the rest To see the All Car finish
Александр С.
Он даже головку не правельно затягивает
Александр С.
Интересно а где он запчасти наУАЗИК брал у них что авто магозин есть?
HEYDER Memmedov
HEYDER Memmedov 4 gün önce
Kitayda uaz nə sihtirir ala
Samuel Emaus
Samuel Emaus 4 gün önce
『ʜʀɪ』 Ꭺɪʙᴀ
Бұл деген еңбек қой Әрбір адамның қолынан келе бермейді (Казахский)
Hiền KTK Vlog
Hiền KTK Vlog 4 gün önce
Hay quá bạn ơi
Herbet Mabikah
Herbet Mabikah 4 gün önce
Show us the finished work 47 minutes no finished work ? When is the part 2 with the finished product
Francisco Paulo
Francisco Paulo 4 gün önce
É bom também fazer uma limpeza no ambiente de trabalho com o Jeep. Dá pra ver embaixo tudo sujo.
Павел Атеист
Красавцы, что сказать!
김현철 4 gün önce
가스켓에 접착제를 하나도 안바르네요
كيان التميمي
جميل جداً
Go Clunker
Go Clunker 4 gün önce
Lol. People who don’t know crap about cars watch this and are amazed. Mechanics cringe at all the ridiculous mistakes
SATANI6KA 4 gün önce
Смазка? Не, не слышал.
M RESTORATION 4 gün önce
Realmente muito bom!!!👏👏👏
Hello from Greece!! Where is part 2??
Hernan Zapata
Hernan Zapata 5 gün önce
Los que si sabemos como hacerlo La Vieja Escuela..
Vikash Kumar
Vikash Kumar 5 gün önce
Nice 👍
Ang Pilosopo
Ang Pilosopo 5 gün önce
this is not a full restorationnidiots!
vetru 5 gün önce
tay nghề cao wa, chỉnh cò cũng giấu,, 1,3,2,4 , chứ có cạc gì đâu mà giấu.
Auge um Auge Zahn um Zahn
We‘ll see the part 2 ?
Törp Mörp
Törp Mörp 5 gün önce
Why restore that piece of sh..? It’s not suitable for the roads.
Md Anamul
Md Anamul 6 gün önce
Ahh PUBG miss you🤒
LOVE MUSIC 6 gün önce
Anh người Việt Nam phải ko, rep cmt em đi
LOVE MUSIC 6 gün önce
:v hehe
kawinda kawinda
kawinda kawinda 6 gün önce
Vítor Lobo
Vítor Lobo 6 gün önce
01:12 I think this is important, the action of payment, ok, howhever here do lack of image of vehicle papers, only rest think if police ask by them 41:48 The motor head joint, it looks new, all right 42:00 say western mechanics, who tighten the bolts of the engine head without using a push key, which stretches the clamping bolts, or that the joint can burn easily. Who knows more, anyway?
Егерь 6 gün önce
А где продолжение?
Егерь 6 gün önce
Молодец, знает своё дело
Falcon Taie
Falcon Taie 6 gün önce
Why you didn't show the car after restoration
jullay aphatis
jullay aphatis 6 gün önce
Mantaap luar biasa kawan jadi bisa di pake lagi mobil nya 🤝
Pepito Sapitula
Pepito Sapitula 6 gün önce
It's interesting and educating and I wish you should show all the way to the body restored too and running.
Mike Barnes
Mike Barnes 6 gün önce
Mdsafi Seek
Mdsafi Seek 6 gün önce
Very well done! Will be looking forward to seeing next part. Bodywork and assembling.
Gonzalo Navarro
Gonzalo Navarro 6 gün önce
Esta remodelacion queda inconclusa
Валера Крылович
Каской можешь поляпоть
Валера Крылович
469 вакуума нет 1 469 очень простой
Валера Крылович
Диферционал 6 болтов крепятся проволкой
Валера Крылович
Ребята я этот 469 с закрытыми глазами разберу кто дал технику китайцу(ен яе пачыстить и ей хана
Elaadouli Abdelilah
Elaadouli Abdelilah 7 gün önce
Tres bon travail
морячок Илья
hi, I have the same UAZ, please post a video with the repair of the body. I really like your work, I'm from Russia.
Антонио Бандерос
24 млн посмотрело... Слов нет
Антонио Бандерос
Смазку в подшипники не надо набить после их монтажа?
Андрей z
Андрей z 7 gün önce
Что характерно, все болты открутились сами...😀
Daniel Ribera
Daniel Ribera 7 gün önce
Tens moltes virtuts, però hi ha dues coses que no estàn bé. No has rectificat les camises dels pistons, i la segona, i més important, mai toquis benzina ni dissolvents amb les mans, perquè entra directament al torrent sanguini a través de la pell i intoxica el cos.
Josias Alves
Josias Alves 7 gün önce
Gostei muito bacana parabéns pra vc
Pete Murphy
Pete Murphy 7 gün önce
stick with the jeep my friend they are worth a lot when restored trust me!!
Boby Art
Boby Art 8 gün önce
Это какая то блядь шутка?
GRAND CANYON 8 gün önce
Incredible 🤗🤗🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪
Harry 8 gün önce
Hard work and Giggles.
Roman Ko
Roman Ko 8 gün önce
hello, where are You located? there an information that shipment from Russia can be made by CDEK logistics. You can ask them, it might be enough to finish this project
Master One
Master One 8 gün önce
Bikin habis kuota, gak ada hasilnya... 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Lok Dogg
Lok Dogg 9 gün önce
Только урка это гавно восстанавливать будет 🤣
وائل الزنتاني الزنتاني
سيارة ببجي😍😂😂😁
kong guychun
kong guychun 9 gün önce
끝내지도 못하는 映像, 시간만 浪費혔네!!!
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