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Age Of The Full Moon Episode 58

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Nazlı (Özge Gürel), who wants to become a professional cook, dreams of opening her own restaurant by learning Japanese cuisine. He becomes the private cook of his boss Ferit (Can Yaman), whom he has not met for additional work to support the student house. Rich businessmen Ferit and Nazli become close by various coincidences and open the door to an impossible love.

Ferit: Can Yaman
Nazlı: Özge Gürel
Deniz: Hakan Kurtaş
Hakan: Necip Memili
Fatoş: Öznur Serçeler
Asuman: İlayda Akdoğan
Alya: Türkü Turan
Nilüfer: Alara Bozbey
Engin: Balamir Emren
Tarık: Berk Yaygın
İkbal: Özlem Türay
Bulut: Alihan Türkdemir
Leman: Yeşim Gül



16 Eyl 2021




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Queenie Faith Dizon
Queenie Faith Dizon 6 saatler önce
onething ived noticed there caption is a bit messy using her and him sometimes it makes me confused
SS Gün önce
Asuman is not the crazy person but NAZLI is the psycho who does not confess her feelings to the man she is married to but wants him to apologize to the adult grown ass Asuman who is a criminal and ruined their life and already didnt get jail time because Ferit didnt file a police report because of Nazli.
Paris Black
Paris Black 2 gün önce
Nazli was being a bit unfair… why should ferit apologize to that brat? She was wrong form the beginning and she didn’t learn or even said sorry… even if she did it was genuine!!! She deserve some hard slaps 🙄 or to get out of there life’s for a while…. She should apologize first and maybe just maybe ferit should
Gary 4 gün önce
Fake or not, it’s still legal 😂 It’s Deniz’s words versus Legal marriage cert and in addition, they love each other 🤣
Ryco 4 gün önce
He, you know who, really likes asking childish questions which only results him looking small minded and foolish. He really thinks he can break down Ferit's calm and cool nature.
Yasmin Omar
Yasmin Omar 5 gün önce
Nazleh is a natural...love her and best friend Fatoş. Am I alone in thinking Deniz is a gentle, sincere and honest person..he genuinely does love Nazleh, and she appreciates his personality. Why is he perceived as a villain..?? Demet and Hakan deserve each other. Evil knievals.
arz 2 gün önce
@Yasmin Omar he's definitely not a villain in that sense and he's not bad at heart but he let's his emotions get the best of him. Yes he was gentle with nazli but he was equally mean and caniving to alya and ferit who only ever showed him kindness. That's what makes me give him the side eye being a two face yes ferit was a straight douchebag at times but least you knew he was being sincere at all times.
Yasmin Omar
Yasmin Omar 2 gün önce
@arz I don't see Deniz as a villain. Yes, he has his emotional issues which he admits, he's got a short fuse, but his love for Bulut, Nazleh is genuine. He also is honest with Alya, and Nazleh herself appreciates his personality. He's a real person with real emotional pain.
arz 4 gün önce
No he's a creep have you not watched what he's done?
Abe 6 gün önce
Nazli`s taste in clothes have changed... They`re not bad but he beauty shines more when she wears simpler ones.
Akanksha Thakur
Akanksha Thakur 7 gün önce
Which song 🎵is playing in the bar?
Charitha Gade
Charitha Gade 8 gün önce
I'm pretty sure the 81 dislikes are from people who are tired of seeing Deniz the creep still lurking around. I absolutely love this series but whenever Deniz appears I roll my eyes into oblivion. I hope he goes on some sort of vacation or better yet vanishes altogether.
Marianne Gonzaga
Marianne Gonzaga 11 gün önce
P-pektusan ko kayong dalawa nazli and ferit 😭 parehas kayong indenial
Kits Achumii
Kits Achumii 14 gün önce
This Deniz guy is getting on my nerves now...,..... Seriously I hate his character here.
A702 13 gün önce
@Kits Achumii I know 😆
Kits Achumii
Kits Achumii 13 gün önce
He is irritating u know.
A702 14 gün önce
Kekuhingle Hau
Kekuhingle Hau 14 gün önce
Hi to all who is watching this episode 💅🇵🇹🙆💓 I'm getting more n more exciting as I go watching next episodes 💅
Namjoons expensive girl
I ship asuman and deniz lmfao they give off mafia chaotic crazy couple vibes
Apple 15 gün önce
I admire Asuman’s nerve asking Ferit to apologize to her😱
Hazel. B Rai
Hazel. B Rai 22 gün önce
Nazli is sometimes irritating
Verora Meshau
Verora Meshau 23 gün önce
Denis po luan me dy porta dhe per nje burre nuk eshte aspak mire se merr nofken mendere 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇮🇦🇮🇦🇮🇦🇮🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
jelizabeth warak
jelizabeth warak Aylar önce
Asuman and Deniz are real hypocritical and crazy in their characters. So immature.
Z. Naima
Z. Naima Aylar önce
Mandy Queen
Mandy Queen Aylar önce
I think Asuman and Deniz belongs to the same world
Mary Angmler
Mary Angmler Aylar önce
Assuman is soo annoying
Nebiyat Ketema
Nebiyat Ketema Aylar önce
Final please
This series is going dead end after another deaf end...
sandy mahinay
sandy mahinay Aylar önce
ep 60 to 70 plzz
Menyl Khan
Menyl Khan Aylar önce
Ferit's choice of music from Dolunay and Ozgür 's choice of music from Bay Yanlış is pôles apart: it seems they are two different persons.
RobAnybody Aylar önce
Have I caught up with this series. When will 59 and 60 be translated
j j
j j Aylar önce
Can any one suggest a site where i can watch from 59th episode
Etag Dube
Etag Dube Aylar önce
Super riki
Meri Fasil
Meri Fasil Aylar önce
Pils wer is 59 pils pils
wasikah Aylar önce
Plz baht oyonu!!!!!!
Fahmida Begum
Fahmida Begum Aylar önce
Both of them are listening the same song at the same time dreaming that sweet cuddling in bed and missing each other. 💞
Negesa King Phiona
Negesa King Phiona Aylar önce
Asuman why can you tell Dennis abt her bad sister
Negesa King Phiona
Negesa King Phiona Aylar önce
Ferit dosnt know how to run hahahahaha
LW Aylar önce
Keep watching, alot more twist and turns! Love this series ❤😍👏🏽
Tansee Lou
Tansee Lou Aylar önce
This episode was the least exciting…🥱🥱🥱🥱
Umairah Syafiqah
Umairah Syafiqah Aylar önce
Can you update More episodes please i really like watch this drama,
benf1 Aylar önce
Aminata Diallo
Aminata Diallo Aylar önce
Asuman over here asking for a apology from Ferit, did you apologize for stealing his gold cuff link 🙄
Charo Alvarez Orrbon
Yes that is right! Asuman did confess some bad things but she didn't say that she stole Ferit's tie gold cuff. I think Asuman will not say this and keep secret until her death in grave.
Jintan Manis
Jintan Manis Aylar önce
Demet now realised Hakan was the one who kill his brother, its never late to repent & report Hakan to the police
Shnai Royal
Shnai Royal Aylar önce
Episode 59 I need two episodes a day ugh
tarheel715 Aylar önce
Honestly at this point I think Deniz's behavior is Nazli's fault. You can't continue to be friends with someone who thinks they're in love with you when you don't have those kind of feelings for them. You just can't. Being friends with them invites them to stay close to you, to continue their obsession, to convince themselves that somehow, some way there's still a chance for them to be with you. She needs to distance herself from him, stop befriending him, not come to his house, or confide in him, etc... He is an overgrown child who has become obsessed with a toy he wants and can't have and has become fixated on blaming Ferit instead of acknowledging the reality that there's nothing Ferit or anyone else could do to keep him and Nazli apart if being together was in fact what she wanted. I'm sure Nazli has tried to be nice and or dance around this subject while trying not to hurt his feelings, but her doing so has only made matters worse where Deniz's obsession is concerned. Because she has not made it crystal clear without any room for excuse that she has NEVER been romantically attracted to him, he is obsessed with her and Ferit and never shuts up about something that's none of his fucking business. Honestly, he's long overdue for a punch to the face or two. I don't know how Ferit exercises so much patience with him.
Maria Lizette
Maria Lizette Gün önce
I absolutely agree 👍
Paris Black
Paris Black 2 gün önce
Actually she has made it clear that she isn’t into him… she even told him before that she love ferit… what more does he need? It’s not her fault… she isn’t trying to hurt his feeling and she isn’t responsible for his feeling either…. She explicitly said she loved someone else… he should be able to take no for an answer… and move on… alya took his no… why can’t he take nazli’s?…..pathetic at this point 🙄
Nur Jannah
Nur Jannah 25 gün önce
I think same,in this case i dont like nazli's behaviour
Nolan Ragoobarsingh
🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏well said!!!
Fahmida Begum
Fahmida Begum Aylar önce
tarheel715 You are absolutely right. Nazli herself knows she is in love with Ferit. Since she knows about Deniz's obsession, she should strongly oppose him and keep fair distance. At Ferit's office, they were sitting quite close which was irritating. Ferit saw that and I don't know how this man always keeps his patience. This man..... I really like the way how Ferit said 'Yes ' replying Deniz's question that they will divorce after Hakan got prisoned.😀😀😀😀😀
Hiba ishtiaq
Hiba ishtiaq Aylar önce
Ughh! Asuman 😠
Ruth Gastner
Ruth Gastner Aylar önce
Doesn’t anyone think it’s strange that Acamen is living with Deniz?
Revania Azzahra
Revania Azzahra Aylar önce
can yaman and ozge gurel is my parents. i would like to think they are destined for each other. i mean, we never know what the future holds right? 😭🤞🏼
Asma Famau
Asma Famau Aylar önce
Why do demet and Deniz somehow look alike 😅😅
Michelle Folkes
Michelle Folkes Aylar önce
I wonder what demet will do as she learned how evil her husband is Will she protect him after he killed her family.
Aliya Aylar önce
Fatos is the prettiest and the best dressed is Demat. Engine has the pretty green eyes. Ferit's dressing sense is really nice here but he looks hotter in Mr. Wrong, where he has a nice tan and big guns lol
Aliya Aylar önce
@Fahmida Begum tan skin is considered exotic in western countries but I understand in Asia it's not. All skin colors are pretty eod
Fahmida Begum
Fahmida Begum Aylar önce
I like his fair looking skin in Dolunay than the tanned skin in Mr. Wrong.
Aliya Aylar önce
@zaol1 I thought she was annoying in this episode. But yeah Fatos and Ferit would be the best couple in the show.
zaol1 Aylar önce
If it was ferit and fatos together and not nazli I think it would be just your boring generic good looking couple like of course they end up together but with ferit and nazli it's sweet and cute.
Proms Ali
Proms Ali Aylar önce
Verry crazy asuman bad character how come Ferit apologies u asuman u did the big mistake to ferit when u take pictures on he’s file and send to demet
Panchatcharam p
Panchatcharam p Aylar önce
I understand Nazli's responses to Deniz regarding their marriage... Ferit keeps blowing hot nd cold...she is weary about his decision...understandable after that nightmarish proposal scene he threw for her...at least she keeps mum when Deniz asks about the end of the marriage while Ferit says Yes he will end the marriage by ending Hakan...poor girl... anyway its none of Deniz's business... idiot leave them alone
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
Exactly. She doesn't know what is in Ferit's mind and heart right now, as he still keeps bringing up the fake marriage.
pranjal dubey 125
pranjal dubey 125 Aylar önce
How many episodes are there in total??
Teesita S
Teesita S Aylar önce
I watched it when it was 2 hours long. They split one episode into 4.
abeera naveed
abeera naveed Aylar önce
I really miss alya 😳😳
faraz Ahmad
faraz Ahmad Aylar önce
Plz dubbed in urdu
Emmanuella Ugbah
Emmanuella Ugbah Aylar önce
I love the Turkey series, pls always subtitles in English. From Nigeria 🇳🇬 based in the USA
Salome Halavaokofe Tau
Asuman needs a slap in the face LOL she demands apology where all things happened just because of her greedy.
Sans2domicilefix roberts
👍 ❤️ 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
zaol1 Aylar önce
These two clearly miss and think about each other but they continue with their stubborn ways.😐😆
Eve Green
Eve Green Aylar önce
Bro deniz just went inside to the room with ferit and nazli .. no boundaries 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ datos looks so pretty In this episode 😍
indhay Magbanua
indhay Magbanua Aylar önce
Deniz is over confidence that nazli like him hahaha idiot!!!
indhay Magbanua
indhay Magbanua Aylar önce
Asuman and deniz scene(fast forward)
Fahmida Begum
Fahmida Begum Aylar önce
Me too 👎👎👎👎
Charo Alvarez Orrbon
Asuman, if you want Ferit to apologies then how about return tie cuff to Ferit?
Winfrida Mbuya
Winfrida Mbuya 17 gün önce
😀😀😀 u still remember
Charo Alvarez Orrbon
@Rose Greco Episode 2 at timing: 36:16 to 36:46. Did you watch and forget about it at Full Moon Episode 2?
Rose Greco
Rose Greco Aylar önce
I’m waiting for a scene “Ferit’s tie cuff is missing.” Hello to writer???
Charo Alvarez Orrbon
@Mayur Palande Yes it is true. Asuman's consciousness should make her feel guilty that she did bad things included stole Ferit's tie cuff. Asuman thinks she has no problem since she did confess some bad things and didn't mention that she stole Ferit's tie cuff. I guess Asuman kept this one secret (stole tie cuff) to grave when she is dead.
Mayur Palande
Mayur Palande Aylar önce
She Forgot All That Long Ago...Because No One Caught Her...
M S Yasemin
M S Yasemin Aylar önce
thanks again
Ntokozo Mabaso
Ntokozo Mabaso Aylar önce
Fatos has beautiful smile😘
Harrshaa Aylar önce
11:00 Deniz you didnt help Ferit ...but you were aware of its repurcussions . Firstly , You cant prove that this marriage is fake ...as if they made any legal contract on it ..they stated those terms to each other a proper ARRANGE MARRIAGE it is ...an early stage of marriage Second you know that Ferit doesnt need you to get Bulut ....even if you have favoured Demet ,one day or other Ferit will find about illegal work of Hakan ..and he eventually gets Bulut . But what Ferit would have done is to throw you out of their life and there will be nooo turning back . And first one turning will be Nazli !! She hate those jerk who hurts Ferit . Engin , Fatos ,Tarik , Manami and Asuman also would never be there for you . You just saved urself to find excuses to see Nazli otherwise if Ferit had said all ur truth, Nazli would never ever had see you again . Such a JERK IDIOT. Waiting for the next episode when Ferit will show u UR PLACE.
Mayur Palande
Mayur Palande Aylar önce
Nazli, If Asuman Is Showing You So Much Attitude & Self-Pride... Then Call Your Father & Tell Them Asuman's Truth... & Get rid Of Asuman's Responsibility... Let Father Decide For Her Goodness...
Nolan Ragoobarsingh
She has some nerve to ask Ferit for apology..She is the one who mess every one has to clean up!🤔😠
L Aylar önce
I hate firet he is annoying person …..
Ehirim Chinyere Joy
I actually hates as ferit aslan has feelings for nazli and is not telling her😡😡
Animefan13 Aylar önce
It feels weird to hear English song in Turkish drama lol
Nebula Aylar önce
It is so fascinating to watch series/dramas form all over the world. Jdrama,Cdrama,Kdrama,Lakorn,Bollywood,Hollywood,Aussie,Nollywood,Europe etc. They all have the same main storylines involving beauty wealth and family, but it's the directors who show us the diffrences in culture. In these Turkish series i see a lot less involvement ore punishment from authorities, and a lot more acceptance of crazy behavior from relaltives, in comparison to cdrama and kdrama. But that's just my observation.
Westville Aylar önce
That's funny deniz thinks if he helps ferit trap hakan he'll end up divorcing nazli. Hes a big dummy 🤣
Westville Aylar önce
@Fahmida Begum I know he sounded annoyed 😆
Fahmida Begum
Fahmida Begum Aylar önce
I like the way Ferit said 'YES' in replying Deniz's question that he will divorce her when he will get rid of Hakan 😀😀
Maisha Khan
Maisha Khan Aylar önce
How many total episode are there in doulnay?? And please upload more frequently
Karthick Jayaraman
Karthick Jayaraman Aylar önce
@Maisha Khan it’s ok sister
Maisha Khan
Maisha Khan Aylar önce
@Karthick Jayaraman ohh thanks
Karthick Jayaraman
Karthick Jayaraman Aylar önce
Nichelle Yinugtamag
I love it when truth comes up. Especially about Hakan. Next please
Nantume shadia
Nantume shadia Aylar önce
Good demet taste the medicine of your husband
SilverCat Aylar önce
Thanks!!! Please more episodes per day!!!!
Phoenix Archer
Phoenix Archer Aylar önce
The Leather Gang..!! I mean Asuman has the ability to piss anybody right of the bat. Deniz has not yet come to his senses after losing Nazli, & Asuman started taking years of his life already. Most surprising part was not Asuman asking Nazli to have Ferit apologize to her, but Nazli asking Ferit the same, and as expected she got a blunt nay. If Ferit hasn't forgiven Nazli for remaining silent, why would Ferit apologize to a person who he expects a apology from. Deniz has now begun to ask directly if he will give up the fake marriage once Hakan is proved guilty, so he is badly after Nazli, & Nazli on other hand keeps smiling and glorifying their fake marriage... Why Nazli can't tell about Asuman to her father. For fake marriage Nazli consulted her father, but she is not telling the truth that Asuman is the reason that she had to go for fake marriage in the first place. Nazli can't be mother of Asuman, instead she must tell her father to handle Asuman. N&F are like inseparable idiots ...
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
@Westville True. I don't know if Ferit also wonders whether Nazli will immediately agree if he were to propose making the marriage real, or if that would also involve some discussion and persuasion. I can't believe he hasn't ever thought of this possibility yet, even if he still calls it a fake marriage when talking to others (including Nazli).
Westville Aylar önce
@Dr. Pomita Ghoshal yes it seems like nazlis ready for something more there's been instances but she's not totally comfortable or open around him yet, but she doesn't reject his advances towards her either like when he's tried to kiss her or when he reaches for her hands or gets close. The feelings are mutual but she's not gonna force anything he has to make the first move.
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
@Phoenix Archer Doesn't Deniz already know everything about the Demet-Asuman incident? He was the one who sent the usb to Ferit, and Demet had given him the usb.
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
@Phoenix Archer I think he's just being stubborn now. I don't know if he realizes that he's already forgiven Nazli, but he can't seem to get out of the 'fake marriage' story. Even when Bulut came back he told Nazli they have to continue with the game, so till now she has no indication that he might be reconsidering to make the marriage real. This is after they have had so many affectionate moments lately. Talk about being clueless of his own feelings.
Westville Aylar önce
@Phoenix Archer I get what your saying but nazli can't say that to deniz until her and ferit confess their feelings she not entirely sure how he feels so her response to deniz about their marriage makes sense at the moment. And yes it seems like it's in nazlis nature to worry about people even ones that don't deserve it like deniz and assuman.
Virginia Gatrost
Virginia Gatrost Aylar önce
Melissa MR
Melissa MR Aylar önce
fatos and tarik fits together too 😂
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
Yes.. their scenes together are so enjoyable. They have a comfort level.
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
So Asuman has the nerve to demand an apology from Ferit, and Nazli actually goes and tells that to Ferit? I mean she doesn't even know yet whether Ferit has forgiven her. How can he have forgiven Asuman, who was the real culprit?
yvette archer
yvette archer Aylar önce
I think assuman and asli should go take a flying leap off ferit office building
Phoenix Archer
Phoenix Archer Aylar önce
After messing things up entirely, she thinks she's the victim here. Ohh Asuman!!!
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
@Westville But she's upset with him for refusing. I feel Nazli needs to get over wanting Ferit to be supportive of Asuman, it's too much to expect.
Wandering Fattie
Wandering Fattie Aylar önce
Yup, nazli enables her sister’s entitled, bad attitude.
Westville Aylar önce
Probably just a last ditch effort by nazli I think she knew he would refuse but tried anyways she's running out of options.
cherdel rose acanto
Ferit and Nazli Asuman and Deniz ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aleykutty George
Aleykutty George Aylar önce
Oh ! I miss Alya 😭😔! Anyway Deniz definitely didn't deserve her.
Paris Black
Paris Black 2 gün önce
She was annoying
Mayur Palande
Mayur Palande Aylar önce
True, Aliya Deserve Better Than Deniz...
Deniz and Asuman ( perfect couple ) 🤭🤭
JN Baptiste Emma
JN Baptiste Emma Aylar önce
Finally demet no the truth
Gabri Aylar önce
pls 2 serial a day
Gabri Aylar önce
Demet is always with the pile of money after her. I guess they have so many that Hakan doesn't miss them whenever his wife takes to bribe people.
Dolores Ursua
Dolores Ursua Aylar önce
At long last demet found out the truth that her husband was behind the accident
Cris Tine
Cris Tine Aylar önce
Thank you for uploading.
Jenna Lud
Jenna Lud Aylar önce
I don't get it, Demet finally finds out that her husband played a part in her brother's and wife's death and she says nothing?! What's going on here??
L 26 gün önce
@Magrita Thabah oh really I didn’t know ….
Magrita Thabah
Magrita Thabah 26 gün önce
Demet is not the main character
Ella 72
Ella 72 Aylar önce
@L Yeah she scared but remember she closed the door to the ice house on Nezil! Hakan could always tell if he goes to jail! Then she would be in prison too! Lol! Not that she would have it coming to her!
Hiba ishtiaq
Hiba ishtiaq Aylar önce
@Christine Peace Pikisa exactly 😩😂😭
L Aylar önce
@Queenie Anderson yes but she will put the proof in a strange place in Daniz house…..
Helios Phawa
Helios Phawa Aylar önce
Can you please upload the series of Wounded bird in english subtitles the whole episodes please from India
Liza Mendoza
Liza Mendoza Aylar önce
More episodes please…..
Diya Susan
Diya Susan Aylar önce
Can anyone please tell me the song they are both listening to at the end?
Anna Tsoumi
Anna Tsoumi Aylar önce
It's "Happy Jack" - Dick Walter.
Toni-Ann Leach
Toni-Ann Leach Aylar önce
Does deniz think nazli will run to him if her marriage is over? 😂he is more delusional than I thought 🤣🤣
Anne Berette
Anne Berette 4 gün önce
Fatuma Chillo
Fatuma Chillo 5 gün önce
Queenie Anderson
Queenie Anderson Aylar önce
The marriage will not be over sef, it now that dey will make it real😃😃
Rosi Baycheva
Rosi Baycheva Aylar önce
Sure,he thinks so!
Etag Dube
Etag Dube Aylar önce
He has been day dreaming for a while now
Sharmaine Kruger
Sharmaine Kruger Aylar önce
Ah Denis gave me a head ec still want to now if the married will continue
Dolores Ursua
Dolores Ursua Aylar önce
Am I the only who read first the comments before watching ☺️☺️😁😁😁😁
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
@Maryland Girl Well I've already watched the series so I'm not afraid of spoilers. :)
Maryland Girl
Maryland Girl Aylar önce
I did that one time on one of the earlier episodes. People were talking about how sad it was that Bulut's parents died. I was like wait what?! No! I love them, they're so sweet. Why did they kill them? That was a major spoiler, so I stopped reading them first.
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
I read them just after watching. :)
Dolores Ursua
Dolores Ursua Aylar önce
@Etag Dube it's ok 😁😁 I am like that watching while reading ☺️☺️☺️
M S Yasemin
M S Yasemin Aylar önce
me too read comments first
Mayur Palande
Mayur Palande Aylar önce
Deniz Is Such an Ungrateful Person, Even He Forgot That Ferit Was Protected Him At The Time Of Usb Truth ( Which Deniz Send To Ferit )...& Requested Ferit Not To Tell Anyone... Now He Learns Ferit One Secret & He Started Threatening Him...
Queenie Anderson
Queenie Anderson Aylar önce
@L deniz doesn't love nazli he's just obesses with nazli, n secondly nazli love Denis as friends but her heart goes for ferit.
L Aylar önce
If u see the first person which is love nazli he was Deniz that time ferit had no attention to Nazli … some time I feel sorry for Deniz like he say ferit want to control every one I hate ferit sometimes he is a stubborn person ….
D Ebonair
D Ebonair Aylar önce
At least he's trimmed his unibrow for this show 😳
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
I like the Deniz-Asuman scenes, they have a certain energy. Leather jacket gang sounds good. :) They're better together than with anyone else, anyway.. they should just stay away from Ferit and Nazli!
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
@Westville Yes.. and I'd say their parents are also to be blamed for bringing up Asuman the way she is and then leaving her entirely on Nazli to manage!
Westville Aylar önce
@Dr. Pomita Ghoshal what a bad nature her and nazli are complete opposites
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
@Phoenix Archer Well, being unapologetic and unaccountable for her actions is part of her nature.
Phoenix Archer
Phoenix Archer Aylar önce
Did u notice the part where Deniz says he will apologize and bear the expenses of damage they inflicted, and Asuman says she want to scale up the game and do more... She definitely suffering from Schadenfreude ...
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
@Jenna Lud Yes, but imagine them marrying other people who would be the victims of their machinations!
Mukta Shukla
Mukta Shukla Aylar önce
All girls r soo stylish except nazil 😂😂😂 asuman is soo pretty too.
L Aylar önce
Asuman is not pretty in my think 🤔
Jenna Lud
Jenna Lud Aylar önce
Demet is the best dresser hands down! Love her style.
Tanya Potterhead
Tanya Potterhead Aylar önce
Why is Deniz lecturing ferit about not caring about bulut and just playing games when it's the opposite? Ferit cares the most about Bulut. Deniz has played so many dirty games to separate nazli and ferit. I feel like punching him every time I see him.
Tanya Potterhead
Tanya Potterhead Aylar önce
@Dr. Pomita Ghoshal yeah 🤣
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal
Dr. Pomita Ghoshal Aylar önce
Wishing good luck to your computer screen. :)
Harrshaa Aylar önce
Go ahead
Westville Aylar önce
He's such a hypocrite 🙄
TheMJPhoenix Aylar önce
Yessss!!! He gets on my nerves 😒
monicah muthoni
monicah muthoni Aylar önce
As we are waiting for the next try watching heart beat
Nabwami Eva Nakityo
The song is so wow ❤️ 😂😂 Good bye sorrow, good bye pain 👋😂😂😂😂😂
Nassozi Florence
Nassozi Florence Aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣I stay nolonger with you💃🕺
Judie Gibson
Judie Gibson Aylar önce
Thank you from Australia 😘🇦🇺 I wait for this every night.
Teesita S
Teesita S Aylar önce
I am not into drama, but Dolunay watch it 3rd time around. Only this series . I like the story; it has all the ingredients of life; love, hate, diceit, greed, sacrifices for love ones and big gap between rich and poor.
Shaneeza Khan
Shaneeza Khan Aylar önce
I wait for it every morning at 7am. From where I live. 🙂🙂🙂
Eufemia Diolosa
Eufemia Diolosa Aylar önce
Thanks for upload this series...from philippines
Priyadarshika chaurasia
Oh ... Deniz, such a cheap man... always interfere in Ferit and Nazli love relationship ❣️ He always provoke Ferit with his words for his fake marriage..but Ferit always prove himself A man with lots of patience 🤍💜
Laura Amanda
Laura Amanda Aylar önce
Another crazy couple to be😂 Asuman and Deniz..they belong to the same world 😂😂
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