FULL INNING! Aaron Judge's 60th homer then Giancarlo Stanton's walk-off grand slam for Yankees win!

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One of the wildest innings ever!! Aaron Judge smashed his 60th homer, and then Giancarlo Stanton followed up with a walk-off grand slam to give the Yankees an insane win!

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20 Eyl 2022




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Chris Praz
Chris Praz 6 aylar önce
Love how Judge was way happier about the win than his 60th. That says it all.
Abby Rundle
Abby Rundle Aylar önce
It’s not really worth it all the stupid reason this happens I’m getting back here because they get stuck working here too far my grandma got in their apartment but still love it because everything will still hurt like right but she needs another girl today I feel the better for us anymore love and have great kids but it’ll keep coming all of those nights
John Jones
John Jones Aylar önce
I remember him saying he was pushing the media to make it about Stanton then himself, true class act! 🙏 so freaking happy he resigned! 🙏❤️❤️🙏
Jaba 619
Jaba 619 2 aylar önce
@baller cry more sad pirates fan hahaha 🤣
baller 3 aylar önce
@The Dragon no
The Dragon
The Dragon 3 aylar önce
@balleryou just a sad pirates fan
ᬍͧ๏ᷢᬍ 6 aylar önce
As a pirates fan, I can confirm I nearly punched a hole in my wall after watching this game 👍
HF 16 gün önce
Yeah, sounds like something a sportsball man-baby would do.
Bailey Wayne
Bailey Wayne 28 gün önce
I figured you'd be used to this by now?
Joseph Kroll
Joseph Kroll Aylar önce
Must happen every game
Billy Bones
Billy Bones 2 aylar önce
As a Yankee fan that makes me laugh 😂
Stupid Person
Stupid Person 2 aylar önce
@Stanley Masterson As a Yankee fan, you should hide your identity and pretend you didnt throw beer cans at players. -Josh Naylor #ClevelandBombers
Paul Massa
Paul Massa 6 aylar önce
Aaron Judge is a class act! No obnoxious bat flips, no 'hey look at me'. Just ran the bases as he has done 217 times before. Very embarrassed to take the curtain call. He was more happy with Stanton's walk off grand slam because the Yankees won. During the post game press conference he placed more emphasis on the team's win then on his 60th. I remember the M&M boys back in 1961, and I am enjoying this season tremendously. Will never see another season like this, at least in my lifetime
Margaret Jiantonio
Margaret Jiantonio Aylar önce
How could he show off. They were losing the game. Judge is a class act. The only thing Babe did was tip his hat ti the fans. Another class act.
R. M.
R. M. 2 aylar önce
Yeah ... he flips the bat for all his strikeouts 🤣
steve wixom
steve wixom 3 aylar önce
my exact same thoughts... i'm 68, i'll never see another season like this again.
Pitt State Gorillas Slots
@T Rivera Absolutely Overrated 💯
MAFIA TRUTH 5 aylar önce
I couldn't agree more Paul.✌🏻💯
William Lavely
William Lavely 6 aylar önce
As a Mariners fan who HATES the Yankees, I admit this was a very special moment in baseball history and goddamn what a way to end the game. What a gem and seeing the Yankees players with all their smiles at the end just warmed my heart. Long live baseball, long live America and long live happiness for all. What a game!
K M 2 aylar önce
If it makes you feel better, I'm still hurting from that 1995 "Sweepless in Seattle" wild card series.
Save the Earth
Save the Earth 4 aylar önce
Word bro, This is what being American is all about
Luis Gutierrez-Florez
Luis Gutierrez-Florez 5 aylar önce
God Bless you brother.
William Lavely
William Lavely 5 aylar önce
@Anthony S Red Sox Yankees rivalry is legendary! Someday I really want to go to a game in Boston or New York when they are playing each other.
William Lavely
William Lavely 5 aylar önce
@Anthony S Cheers brother
Anthony Morelli
Anthony Morelli 6 aylar önce
avtorhan 4 gün önce
If this is greatest memory of your life I feel sad for you. You haven't lived much it seems
PLTR LONG 4 aylar önce
@Anthony Morelli I wish I saw a Mickey!!!
PLTR LONG 4 aylar önce
@Anthony Morelli I wish it happened brother. We need big change. I don't think it's going to happen for a couple years and I don't think we're going to pay up for Aaron judge
Byron Gutierrez CR
Byron Gutierrez CR 6 aylar önce
This is going to be remembered as one of the best 9th innings of all MLB's moments!
WinkDaMan07 21 gün önce
@James R I was on the field level in left field, just 8 rows up!!!!
Prince Gali
Prince Gali Aylar önce
@mpup54 Hence why he said “one of the best”
Joseph Toscano
Joseph Toscano Aylar önce
@James R same brother, same
WinkDaMan07 2 aylar önce
I was there!!! Most epic walk off I have ever seen!!!!
Carlz 4 aylar önce
이진용 6 aylar önce
Stanton's launch angle on those homers never fail to amaze me
Jonathan Chicorli
Jonathan Chicorli 14 gün önce
what launch angle 😂
Viable R
Viable R 6 aylar önce
Lifelong Yankee fan and this is by far the greatest inning I have ever seen. Tying Babe Ruth with 60 HRs and winning the game with a walk off grand slam. Unbelievable
Vaughn Mickelson
Vaughn Mickelson 6 aylar önce
I love that Judge is subdued after the 60th homer, and then happy and smiling after the Stanton walk off slam. The success of the team is more important than his individual milestone. That's the sign of a good teammate, and a good baseball player. Not a Yankees fan, but this was a pretty amazing game and ending.
Gelato 3 aylar önce
@Stupid Personbro forgot about Derek Jeter’s, Hideki Matsui’s, Mariano Rivera’s, Enrique Hernandez’s, and more’s existence
Stupid Person
Stupid Person 3 aylar önce
and thats why he shouldnt be a yankee,because he actually cares about the team instead of just himself
chris belos
chris belos 6 aylar önce
i will remember this inning for the rest of my life. pure magic from the yankees but i have to also share some of the pain from pirates fans, this one was brutal.
topgunsam 6 aylar önce
everytime i watch baseball clips having grown up with Cricket im so bored. Its a terrible sport. so slow.
ᬍͧ๏ᷢᬍ 6 aylar önce
Pirates fan here, I almost cried
Joey_BK_86 6 aylar önce
Our beloved Yankees always create magic if you’ve been a fan for long enough! unlike that other team in NY that has a whopping 2 wsc 😂 28 baby!!!! Let’s get it!!! Dodgers vs Yankees World Series!!
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
D. Smith
D. Smith 6 aylar önce
Judge and Stanton are those type of guys who have no haters. Seeing how they carry themselves and show up everyday, makes rooting for them and appreciating their success easy.
Syon 23 gün önce
@Atreus Why tf are you wishing on a player's injury?
J C 6 aylar önce
They're like Steph Curry. You want to hate em so bad, but you can't help but love em
D. Smith
D. Smith 6 aylar önce
@Atreus So let me get this straight: The way they carry themselves on the field as hard workers, good teammates and leaders, and off the field as humble, giving people, is somehow in your pea brain compromised, because they...get injured? I really need you to explain if this is how you think. Because if Im wrong, please tell us all how injuries has anothing remotely to do with my comment about their character. Actually...nevermind. Dont explain - as Im typing this, I realize I dont even care anymore LOL.
Atreus 6 aylar önce
@Steffrey Greenopane He's due next season for sure.
Steffrey Greenopane
Steffrey Greenopane 6 aylar önce
@Atreus How many games has Judge missed in the last 2 years?
Bille 6 aylar önce
Aaron Judge at the top step, down 3, cheering his teammates on and not reveling in his accomplishment. This is what legends are made of.
SoCloseToToast 6 aylar önce
I'm grinning so hard right now!
Hunter Tishler
Hunter Tishler 6 aylar önce
I'll remember this night forever. The most historic game I've watched.
WinkDaMan07 4 aylar önce
I was actually there in left field, field level, 8 rows up from the field and the grand slam ball landed just 2 sections over from me!!!!!
Juan Santiago
Juan Santiago 6 aylar önce
well if your young u will dozens of innings and games like this....I've been watching the yanks religiously since 1994...and just when I've think the yanks can't do anything greater the I've seen already...something like this happens ....and that's what I tell people that say how can u watch baseball...I say we'll with the yanks every game u can possibly see history
Andre Figgs
Andre Figgs 6 aylar önce
What a game. Judge and then Stanton. Boy did Stanton need that.
Save the Earth
Save the Earth 6 aylar önce
lots of people on the copium in this comment section lol, calm down babies
baller 6 aylar önce
All those HR record holders were on steroids lmao, now you know Judge must be
baller 6 aylar önce
Hearing Michael Kays voice is exactly why I don't watch many Yankee games, like do you not have anyone else to commentate a game??
SM_ Powered
SM_ Powered 6 aylar önce
Doesn't matter, he hit humerus!
Francis Leahy
Francis Leahy 6 aylar önce
Judge at the top step, down 3, cheering his teammates on and not reveling in his accomplishment. This is what legends are made of
Black League
Black League 5 aylar önce
im having Judges kids and I am a straight man. He has turned me to the other side cause I love him and he is so damn cute with this solid face. Yas girl, and slay queens!
katherine skrzynecki
katherine skrzynecki 5 aylar önce
Yup, they are a TEAM this year for sure!! Yay!!
Steve B
Steve B 6 aylar önce
Aaron James JUDGE ought to be made the team captain. Every bit worthy of the honor.
Marc Paul
Marc Paul 6 aylar önce
This game was so emotional. I had tears. Best game Yankee game of the year
Paul Nadolny
Paul Nadolny 6 aylar önce
Been watching this team since the 80s and this is one of the greatest single innings of baseball I've ever seen. I will never forget the people that left this game early. Bless their hearts.
Mike E
Mike E 6 aylar önce
I wish that my grandfather was alive to see this. He loved the Yankees and so do I.
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
Jason Boullosa
Jason Boullosa 6 aylar önce
Couldn’t agree more with you. I loved watching the Yankee games with my grandfather.
DICK WEED 6 aylar önce
hes smiling down watching the ballgames with my grandfathers all of em smoking cigars
Uncle Jack Luminous
Uncle Jack Luminous 6 aylar önce
I wish Babe Ruth was alive to see THIS
stayuppb 6 aylar önce
rest in peace to your grandfather man, he wouldve loved witnessing greatness with you
daguado87 6 aylar önce
It's hard not to like the Yankees with a guy like Judge playing for them and doing what he's doing. Hit his 60th and went around the bases like if it was his his 1st of the season. What class!
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
UNITED38Heavy 5 aylar önce
Evening knowing what will happen per the title, Judge and Stanton gave me goosebumps. Truly an amazing experience this year.
Titantanic 6 aylar önce
This inning was absolutely magical! Aaron Judge making history with his 60th home run and then Stanton with a walk-off Grand Slam!! This moment will go down in history through generations in MLB! And I feel bad for any Yankees fans that were there watching the game and then left in the 7th inning, I feel bad for them haha.
Zonga Axor
Zonga Axor 6 aylar önce
Just as a fan of baseball. Respect to Nr. 60. What a game. Love from Germany
Big Nov
Big Nov 6 aylar önce
Same. I'll never root for the Yankees but I'm also not missing a Yankee game because I want to see Judge make history. If I get to watch him hit 62 home runs AND win the triple crown I'll have memories that will last a life time.
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
Kenny Ruiz
Kenny Ruiz 6 aylar önce
I'm not a Yankees fans, but you can't deny the energy in that stadium last night.
hueler huelin
hueler huelin 6 aylar önce
Are you a robot?
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
Eric 6 aylar önce
One of the best all-time Yankee classics.
Wayne J
Wayne J 6 aylar önce
Ty for posting this. Sooooo gratifying to re-live this half inning. As a life-long Yankees' fan, it ranks at the very top, esp for a regular season game. Pure Magic! Go Yankees!
A Nutcracker Named Cosmo's Nickel
"If you left early tonight, I'm really sorry." Cone with the line of the night. 😆
Robert Szekely
Robert Szekely 6 aylar önce
If anyone left early, they are kicking themselves right now.
Daniel G
Daniel G 6 aylar önce
I can just keep rewatching this over and over. Insane
Baroque Guitarist
Baroque Guitarist 6 aylar önce
It’s magical innings and comebacks like this that can turn a struggling team back into a juggernaut. Now Is the perfect time for the team to get hot.
Jordan Maxwell
Jordan Maxwell 6 aylar önce
🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 I love being a Yankee fan. Win or lose There’s nothing like the roar of the stadium when something special happens ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sam Puccio
Sam Puccio 6 aylar önce
Is fans just know when they hit one out I love it
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
John Riehl
John Riehl 6 aylar önce
BOO YANKEES! Sincerely, a Red Sox fan.
M H 6 aylar önce
@Anthony S a winnipeg jets fan ..
Treytonland Playz
Treytonland Playz 6 aylar önce
@Anthony S sorry if I offend you, but what is the Islanders? Is it the hockey team or smth?
t22c 6 aylar önce
I'm no Yankee fan. But there's magic in them uniforms right now.
husndY mabjr
husndY mabjr 6 aylar önce
@J. Rams its all about the pitchers. Astros dont hit againts good pitching. i made alot of money betting a combo Astros under 2.5 runs and Angels -1.5 runs. angels scored 6 runs Astros scored 1 runs. its all about who is the pitcher for the game.
rangers94ism 6 aylar önce
@Lance Northcutt Screw that. In a perfect world it would be NY vs NY
rangers94ism 6 aylar önce
@J. Rams I love your faith. Lol
No Hope
No Hope 6 aylar önce
@J. Rams you sure? 100% sure? Positive? You just KNOW?
Lance Northcutt
Lance Northcutt 6 aylar önce
@HeavyMetal 2000 in a perfect world itll be LA vs NY
kirsch1616 6 aylar önce
Judge has more class than many professional sports teams combined. Congrats to the young man
MKF30 6 aylar önce
One of the best comebacks this year!
MKF30 6 aylar önce
@Juan Santiago Definitely
Juan Santiago
Juan Santiago 6 aylar önce
MKF30 6 aylar önce
@ChariotManGaming 👍🏻
ChariotManGaming 6 aylar önce
Andrew Maxwell
Andrew Maxwell 6 aylar önce
I'm a Red Sox fan and I'm honored to have been able to witness this. Truly amazing!
BK STAR 6 aylar önce
It's the very next day & am still watching the highlights of the so very impressive night for A.Judge & Stanton & my NY YANKEES. Unbelievable.And am saving it. LET'S GO YANKEES BABY!!?
rickey green
rickey green 6 aylar önce
And then the guy who hit 59 in a season before walks it off in grand fashion. Special night.
poisoninlethaldoses 5 aylar önce
@baller I am out of the tri-state area and YES is actually not available at all because of some kind of weird sports agreement, but I still catch their calls via Prime and some of the ESPN telecasts. We're, hopefully, about to hear new people during the postseason. I'd rather hear a fresh perspective or absolute silence. We see everything on the screen; Kay and Cone are driving me batty.
baller 5 aylar önce
@poisoninlethaldoses it's cuz of the monopoly of the yes station, they need to be on regular stations so we can hear different announcers it's severly annoying
poisoninlethaldoses 5 aylar önce
@baller I'd like him and Cone to take a backseat for a while. It's nauseating.
baller 6 aylar önce
Hearing Michael Kays voice is exactly why I don't watch many Yankee games, like do you not have anyone else to commentate a game??
The Stuport
The Stuport 6 aylar önce
REDS Fan here living in COW-lumbus, Ohio... home of the Triple A Team The Clippers which for many years was the Triple A Team of The Yankees so I hold a spot in my heart for The Bronx Bombers. Strictly as a Baseball Fan, I've been rooting for both Judge and Pujos to reach their individual goals of breaking the records they were each after! Such a Monster WIN for The Yankees.....they really needed this too! Cheers To ALL
The Stuport
The Stuport 6 aylar önce
@Aki 53 Salute Aki!
Aki 53
Aki 53 6 aylar önce
Tip my cap 🧢 to you my friend Yankee fan here
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
The Stuport
The Stuport 6 aylar önce
@Boy1Da I have ALWAYS loved hearing Tom Hamilton call The Cleveland Games! Salute from I-71 in the middle of Buckeye Country!
Boy1Da 6 aylar önce
Cleveland guy here, from cleveland. Hate the Yankees, but also excited to see history.
Greg Lee
Greg Lee 6 aylar önce
The most underrated duo in baseball history.
gioele mantovani
gioele mantovani 6 aylar önce
My first yankees game at the stadium... no words I LOVE THIS SPORT!!
409 Edits
409 Edits 6 aylar önce
One of the greatest innings you'll ever see.
Jonathan Vasquez
Jonathan Vasquez 6 aylar önce
One of the best 9th innings ive ever seen...probably the best in terms of the scenario and "script like" drama. So awesome
jayden_ 2 aylar önce
I'm so glad that my father and I were able to share this moment in Yankee and baseball history live!
Mitrick Roth
Mitrick Roth 6 aylar önce
He seems like such a humble dude. He and Rizzo have made me a Yankees fan. Good luck the rest of the way Bombers from an old Cubs fan.
Luis Ojeda
Luis Ojeda 6 aylar önce
Special night in Yankee stadium. Wow!!! What an epic ending, congratulations to Aaron Judge 👏🏼
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
Glenn Halila
Glenn Halila 6 aylar önce
This is why I love the Yankees! This is such a Beautiful game ending! Congratulations Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton and All of the Yankees organization!
youcanttunafish 6 aylar önce
Gotta love those Yankees!! And Judge is so humble. When it was his 60th home run, he seemed so shy and then when the team won, he was all smiles! No steroids, no cheating. THIS is baseball.
Raptor Blue
Raptor Blue 6 aylar önce
One of the greatest 9th innings I have ever seen!
jarell parker
jarell parker 6 aylar önce
when the yanks went down 8-4 i said there is still hope and boy was i right. best comeback of the year
Kevin B
Kevin B 6 aylar önce
I love these un-cut innings/plays MLB has been putting out. I can't watch all the games/teams I want to, especially with the playoffs right around the corner. It is a welcome addition to their regular highlight content.
Jack Wein
Jack Wein 6 aylar önce
This was legendary🎉 inning to remember for decades!
Anduril Designs
Anduril Designs 6 aylar önce
These moments are what baseball is capable of producing every once in a while that no other sport can match. I remember Koufax' perfect game on my birthday and Gibson's homer.
Zenix Saxzon
Zenix Saxzon 6 aylar önce
This may have been the greatest inning in the last 10 years for Yankees. Might just propel them to a world series
Alfredo: Acosta, Beneficiary aka DJ Bugnhard
Been a Yankee fan since the early 70s. This is no question the best inning I've ever seen.
Juan Arriaga González
Este señor es un excelente jugador y tiene conque llegar muy alto🇲🇽
Jack Maverick
Jack Maverick 6 aylar önce
G-man walk off! That ball was in the seats before the pitcher finished turning around to watch it go. :) Let's hope this portends the Yankees finishing the season playing like they did starting the season.
Jacob Roseman
Jacob Roseman 6 aylar önce
Easily the most magical inning of baseball I’ve ever watched
PilcrowDesigns 6 aylar önce
Crazy, history making inning. Fun to watch regardless of what team is your favorite.
By Grace Through Faith
What a special moment watching this inning live with my 2 kids right before going to bed. We were all in disbelief after what these 2 monsters did last night. And we are Astros fans... but who cares, this inning was special!!! Judge is having one of the most memorable seasons in history. Good for him.
Chris M
Chris M 6 aylar önce
This team has been special all year. Finally getting healthy when we need to make a run.
wellsure folks
wellsure folks 6 aylar önce
This game is a truly magical and historical game. It’s a, “I was there game”. Many people, for a long time will remember this game. It’s not possible to not see how special this game was-
Jason Luna
Jason Luna 6 aylar önce
This just so happened to be the first baseball game I’ve been too. Good thing I didn’t leave early! Electric!
jeff leaf
jeff leaf 6 aylar önce
I'm not a Yankees fan, but Aaron Judge is having a historic season. What a moment tying Babe Ruth's record at Yankee Stadium.
Michael Miranda
Michael Miranda 6 aylar önce
All baseball fans have to appreciate this ! Insane what a great sport
Mr. Palabras
Mr. Palabras 6 aylar önce
I love Aaron... he's so humble and powerful at the same time. God bless him... So sad, Yankee has lasted so long to pay him what he deserves...
Man Rod
Man Rod 6 aylar önce
I've watch this at least bout 100 times.Got a hater friend just laughing when the score went up 8-4. What a come back back, My goodness. That was sweet.
Jay Goonetilleke
Jay Goonetilleke 6 aylar önce
What an inspiring game Mr. Judge hit 60 and Mr. Stanton hit walk-off grand slam. We Yankee fans will be talking for next 100 years. Judge and Stanton practicing sportsmanship. Yanks shows courage, sacrifice, determination, commitment to till last at bat. Cheers
nomedigaasi 6 aylar önce
I’m a Mets fan but this Yankees game victory was one for the ages! Judge hitting his 60 homer and Giancarlo’s grand salami for the capper was a game where fans got their money’s worth!
Eddie Quing
Eddie Quing 2 aylar önce
Aaron has many years to give to his fans, and this game showed his fans how much he is into it.
Rich Strobel
Rich Strobel 6 aylar önce
Congratulation Yankees fans. That was a great game and an awesome ending.
NewYork Yankees
NewYork Yankees 6 aylar önce
Thank you for posting this. Thank you. Really wanted to feel that moment through whole 9th inning.
Michael Shaffer
Michael Shaffer 6 aylar önce
Judge is absolutely incredible. What a season.
Robert Strait
Robert Strait 6 aylar önce
What a great athlete. Also a humble and model citizen. Never hear anything about him off the field except that's suspicious, derogatory or questionable. Kudos to his parents!
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
Edward Vélez
Edward Vélez 6 aylar önce
Christopher Austin
Christopher Austin 6 aylar önce
There’s players that learn how to do this. Then there are players who were BORN to do this. Happy 60th ⚾️
John F. Rivera
John F. Rivera Aylar önce
Mad respect. He didn't care about the home run because they were losing at that time.
Sean Lee
Sean Lee 6 aylar önce
This 9th inning... I probably woke up ALL my neighbors with the shouting and jumping... I must've watched this video 30 times. It will definitely go down as one of the greatest Yankee moments in history!
Hilda Díaz
Hilda Díaz 6 aylar önce
QUE JUEGAZO,EL DE MIS YANKEES!!!!FELICIDADES!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ricardo Caceres
Ricardo Caceres 6 aylar önce
The best feeling ever go YANKEES , congratulations to Jugde & Stanton 👍👍
Goony Tunes
Goony Tunes 6 aylar önce
Wow even as a Jays fan this is special to watch!! Congrats Judge!!
Vincent Chang
Vincent Chang 6 aylar önce
People are gonna come back to this video years later to remember Judge and Stanton
Jon Henke
Jon Henke 6 aylar önce
A season to remember with Aaron judge hitting his 60th Homer and Albert Pujols hitting his 700th!!
Jony Guy
Jony Guy 6 aylar önce
one of the greatest innings in baseball history
I like to comment
I like to comment 6 aylar önce
knux 3 aylar önce
"If you left early tonight, I'm really sorry." Quote of the year from Coney there
Striljr 6 aylar önce
I was at this game, and after the dreadful outings from the bullpen, the place fell silent with some people even leaving. Me, I stayed in the hall near the exit thinking it was over, but when Judge hit that HR...BOOM! The place just exploded! Went from silent to ecstatic! Walked back to witness it all. That grand salami... couldn't ask for a more epic finish! I almost lost my voice with how excited everyone was!
Benjamin Monessa
Benjamin Monessa 6 aylar önce
One of the best innings of all time.
alexdotdash 6 aylar önce
Wish I was at this game! I watched it on TV...what an insane ending!
GodzillaMane 6 aylar önce
Not even a Yankee fan. But games like this is why we love baseball.
Ryan Levin
Ryan Levin 6 aylar önce
One of the greatest innings ever
Jean Bruning
Jean Bruning 6 aylar önce
WOW!!! Missing Bader here in STL but wish him lots of success. Miss Carp too. Have fun. LOVE BASEBALL!!!
Juan Santiago
Juan Santiago 6 aylar önce
I bet he will be telling his grandkids about his 1st nite he became a Yankee
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
Salt and Sandals
Salt and Sandals 6 aylar önce
Truly an amazing game. Following Judge's amazing season from India and then this happens.
Craig Jensen
Craig Jensen 6 aylar önce
As a life long Dodgers fan and Yankee's hater, I will graciously admit that AJ and GS's drives were things of beauty. Baseball is such a great game, isn't it. I like Aaron Judge.
CJ Cable
CJ Cable 6 aylar önce
Nestor and his gum bucket! Such a key part of this season for me is Nestor tossing gum every walk off. He makes it his mission! Such an incredible inning and win!
Lucas Halwen
Lucas Halwen 6 aylar önce
Probably the greatest inning I've watched in baseball!
Tony Anello
Tony Anello 4 aylar önce
This has to be one of the best games of the season. At least one of the best endings.
Teresa Newcomb
Teresa Newcomb 6 aylar önce
Robert here, it's a 9 innings game. Yankees do it like no other. Judge record ties the babe. Stanton walks it off, thank-you, life's .
Joey203 6 aylar önce
#28 💍 🗽
Jae H Lee
Jae H Lee 6 aylar önce
Could watch this inning over and over.
jb Yesterday
jb Yesterday 6 aylar önce
.....and I get the feeling it's just what The Bombers needed to take them down the homestretch, right on through to the playoffs & to the big dance ! Congratulations Aaron & Giancarlo !!!
Anthony Saponaro
Anthony Saponaro 6 aylar önce
Would you just take a moment to just watch Judge's excitement for the game ! That is absolutely genuine !
mikedmoon2 6 aylar önce
This is pretty exciting for Boston fans, knowing that such a machine is coming their way next season
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