FULL FIGHT | Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Manny Pacquiao (DAZN REWIND)

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November 15, 2003 -- Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Manny Pacquiao from the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas.
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13 May 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Stringy-bark creek
Stringy-bark creek Saatler önce
Cheating reff
Ordise Nimatac
Ordise Nimatac 7 saatler önce
Madaya ang refere na yan..ayy naku.
Javier Blumenkamp
Javier Blumenkamp 21 saatler önce
Barrera me encanta mas alla que en esta pelea tuvo dos malas intenciones , pero el pacman es demoledor sus contrincantes quieren abandonar la pelea
Jerome Flores
Jerome Flores Gün önce
Dude with a flip phone @1:02 😆 😆 😆🤣😂😹😆🤣
zumasg4807 Gün önce
GJ Manny , Kamikaze Manny!!
Yonas Flassy
Yonas Flassy Gün önce
Saya paling hobi tinju kelas berat
Yonas Flassy
Yonas Flassy Gün önce
Selamat sore trims atas layanan publik
Rb Pablo
Rb Pablo Gün önce
Hayop na refereee sakit sa mata
Jaji Reyes
Jaji Reyes 2 gün önce
The crowd was silent means, almost peeps watching there were for Barrera but still, Manny shook them with his fight. Not an old lady speaking, but I like re-watching his fight since I was too young, had no interest when he had this amazing fight.
Juliet&Bitsy 4 gün önce
rewatching this felt so attached again. Its ok Mexican friends! Barrera was a warrior here!
wenston taborete
wenston taborete 4 gün önce
anumang daya o kagagohan hindi uubra sa panahon vs tama o true
wenston taborete
wenston taborete 4 gün önce
gago talaga yang reffffff😡 tanga talaga o nag tatangahan lang???? halata ung ginagawa nya mabuti nalang panig ung taas kay pacman idol😁🥰🥰🥰
kim jong un
kim jong un 4 gün önce
Manny 😍😍😍👍👍👍👍
Tolentino, Jerome A.
Pacquiao is a very humble fighter
Conrado Perdiguerra
Conrado Perdiguerra 5 gün önce
Even in the replay the referee looked inept or plain biased.
Faith Acyohseb
Faith Acyohseb 5 gün önce
The Mexican are literally crying
Red eagle
Red eagle 6 gün önce
headbutts are nasty, they should be more strict with it
Loi Hiong
Loi Hiong 6 gün önce
Many pacman best the best
Levi隊長 6 gün önce
Barrera when upset, he seems to have grown up in luxury.
F.B.I kun
F.B.I kun 2 gün önce
Shpëtim Fagu
Shpëtim Fagu 7 gün önce
0ò x
rey suela
rey suela 7 gün önce
Ang hindi ko makalimutan sa laban nato ang referee.. pinaka bweset na referee in History
Eric Ragas
Eric Ragas 7 gün önce
Pacquiao is the best boxer in the world,,,Im proud of him because IAM a pilipino,
quertbarbie62 8 gün önce
In every interview, pacquiao will say he did his homework, practiced moves in the gym, worked hard in training, focus for fight. Then you get people accusing him of using PEDS. Go and use PEDS, then see if you can be half as great as Pacquiao, or even still be strong in your 40's.
Carlo Salvador
Carlo Salvador 8 gün önce
Hahahaha booooo!. Yan tuloy
서연 8 gün önce
I hope Manny PACQUIAO still fight another mexican. Mexican toe to toe fight
Hoà Trần văn
Hoà Trần văn 8 gün önce
Tui. Oi.rôi.quân.trâng.đanh.cuc.cut.vi..
Hoà Trần văn
Hoà Trần văn 8 gün önce
Straightline Designer
and the rest was history
ชัย พระเครื่อง
Aqsha DIka Azaliasjabkavaks by jacks CNN sjsvjsvk
Agugugugufugugugugugfuvutugugugugu ygugugu ugugugugugu cugu k
Muzakki Hidayat
Muzakki Hidayat 10 gün önce
Pacman is the best
Romeo Nacor
Romeo Nacor 10 gün önce
Haĺatang kampe ang refere kay barera.
ผี ไม่มีญาติ
Jun Mendoza
Jun Mendoza 10 gün önce
Super galing ng pambansang ka mao ng pilipinas sobrang lakas
Hobby kyut
Hobby kyut 10 gün önce
di bale na iba nalang lokohin mo many boxing ka nalang 🧡😊
Hobby kyut
Hobby kyut 10 gün önce
alaxan ba or omega sir manny ! nakakahilo diba hahah 😊
Hobby kyut
Hobby kyut 10 gün önce
galing nianny sumuntok gawa siguro sa alaxan yan or sa omega gamit niya dati 😊 yess dalawa gamit po niya diba nakakalito hahaha
Jeproks Bautista
Jeproks Bautista 10 gün önce
57:50 a true fan.
John Olive
John Olive 11 gün önce
I don’t know who the two black guys are that keep running their mouths around Manny. Whoever they are their acting like two fools. They are wearing suits and one of them has what looks like a pattern for joke teeth in his mouth. They seem like they are trying to get their 5 minutes of fame on tv. Some kind of hanger on to Manny. You can tell he doesn’t care fro them. Who could?
Samuel Romanillos
Samuel Romanillos 11 gün önce
jayson Jake
jayson Jake 11 gün önce
😭😭😭☝☝legend manny..
Mick Bowe
Mick Bowe 12 gün önce
Why so many thumbs down?
Jose Mendez vidal
Jose Mendez vidal 12 gün önce
Vince Laurence Kintanar
2 v 1 dts y pacquiao use his head
Popoy Yhmwhy
Popoy Yhmwhy 12 gün önce
57:54 props to you bro much respect from phil
Vinz The Prinz
Vinz The Prinz 13 gün önce
I got teary-eyed rewatching this. This was Pac's introduction to the world. Very humble in winning. Up to this day, he still is the great Manny Pacquiao.
Samuel Romanillos
Samuel Romanillos 11 gün önce
Alfred Buenaventura
Alfred Buenaventura 13 gün önce
Batuta. Baw
ASHLAD GAMING 14 gün önce
Iskandar Hanafiah
Iskandar Hanafiah 14 gün önce
Agus Bastian
Agus Bastian 14 gün önce
Mampus barera pantek anjiang
asri wahyuni
asri wahyuni 14 gün önce
jaringan betay.
Mateo Gulane
Mateo Gulane 14 gün önce
Yes we'd
Nabil Amine
Nabil Amine 14 gün önce
pacman eat him like ice cream thank pac manny
Nabil Amine
Nabil Amine 14 gün önce
you see how boxing learn barita go home go home and sleep
Nabil Amine
Nabil Amine 14 gün önce
Big big big and high high bariri
Lix Pautan
Lix Pautan 15 gün önce
Dumbest referee of all time
Hartje Sengkey
Hartje Sengkey 15 gün önce
Memacing disawah
Patricio Dumarig
Patricio Dumarig 16 gün önce
idol manny.
Tony Belgar
Tony Belgar 16 gün önce
that was a clear knocked out but the referre says no knock down
IamAdeedoor 17 gün önce
He was 24?!
Jose Moran diaz
Jose Moran diaz 17 gün önce
Excelente preparación físico y movilidad de Pacman con una buena técnica de boxeo .barrera también es buen boxer con buen estilo de pelea .pero le faltó mejor preparación .sobre el físico le hizo falta en esta pelea no llego bien en los 12 roaud Pacman fue muy rápido y muy golpeador suerte y vendiciones para los dos boxer y que viva México y que viva las Filipinas .ambos presentaron buena pelea .lo dieron todo en el ring .pelea limpia como debe ser el publico debe haber salido contento .felicitaciones .
Cristian Delaper
Cristian Delaper 17 gün önce
Pinaka gago na referre..
Cristian Delaper
Cristian Delaper 17 gün önce
The best ever worst referre.
Michael Recto
Michael Recto 17 gün önce
Ito yung panahon na sikat na sikat si barera walang sumisigaw sa pangalan ni pacquiao ending bogbog si barera 😂😂😂
Apolonio Gequinana
Apolonio Gequinana 17 gün önce
RayRun Fitness
RayRun Fitness 18 gün önce
That referee is the idiot of all time...
Alvaro Derezinski
Alvaro Derezinski 18 gün önce
The squealing flavor expectedly enjoy because climb anecdotally thank anenst a zealous deficit. encouraging, cluttered softball
Junesis Egalam
Junesis Egalam 19 gün önce
Pacquiao ma rkis
Desabelle 19 gün önce
Laurence Cole is one of the worst referee.
TheWatcherAlias 19 gün önce
Lol@ Pacquiao having a translator at this time and refusing to use them
👑RichardTheGreat 20 gün önce
That ref is one the worst refs in the history of the sport. Only reason he refs in texas is cause his mom is on the commission
富則明 20 gün önce
Gardner Calibuso Smith
crowd so direspectful... Your champ got well deserved beat up
Surahman Man
Surahman Man 20 gün önce
😀😀😀jago kandang Antonio barera😎😎
XPLORER V 20 gün önce
from 2$ purse to 50M$
Rogelio Agustin
Rogelio Agustin 20 gün önce
Very satisfied fight n wonderful
Jose Segoviano
Jose Segoviano 20 gün önce
Of course manny Pacquiao him was Better to Barrera him have more speed In the him arms.....
Marc Junior
Marc Junior 21 gün önce
Viva Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Elfrida Siagian
Elfrida Siagian 21 gün önce
Girang Dollah
Girang Dollah 21 gün önce
Elsie Piñas
Elsie Piñas 21 gün önce
Editha Alcock
Editha Alcock 21 gün önce
Pacquiao’s speed surprised everyone...barrera himself and his team have no answer of how to attack pacquiao...their expectation from their legend (barrera) went down the drain..
Gloria Manilag
Gloria Manilag 22 gün önce
Maganda ang mga strategy ni Manny sa boxing fighter xa talaga. Ganon din sa senado.
Pricso Jr. Avelino
Pricso Jr. Avelino 22 gün önce
paquiao made the Mexicans cry when he won.🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 22 gün önce
Marco antonio very slow no speed
Vincent Williams
Vincent Williams 22 gün önce
This was Pac Man's breakout fight
Vboyxz Jr
Vboyxz Jr 22 gün önce
Na 3 2
DarkMan Shadow
DarkMan Shadow 23 gün önce
I love him as boxer but it would be a tragedy to have him as president...
Eryk Mina
Eryk Mina 24 gün önce
Perfect example of never under estimate your opponent
Antonio Madarang
Antonio Madarang 24 gün önce
Alberto Tellez
Alberto Tellez 25 gün önce
Isn’t this how it always is? A younger fighter taking on an older fighter and most times the younger guy takes it?
Elmar Alarde
Elmar Alarde 25 gün önce
This referee is a CHEATER
Rhoy 25 gün önce
"tira low blow" "tira low blow"
Sergio Punzon Pastor
Sergio Punzon Pastor 26 gün önce
Dos de los mejores boxeadores además de,personas q este noble deporte nos ha brindado la oportunidad de conocer y poder ver de primera mano lo bello de este gran. deporte , boxea o muere jajajja.
chelovechishe 26 gün önce
да ну.. столько рандов постоять против пикового Пакмена... за это уже надо было Барейре дать медаль
Vin Ren
Vin Ren 27 gün önce
Their boos just fueled manny 😂
Pugs Tambayan
Pugs Tambayan 27 gün önce
pacquiao being boo is funny.. hahaha
Ian Rowlands
Ian Rowlands 27 gün önce
This referee is diabolical
Rhemelyn Pondare
Rhemelyn Pondare 28 gün önce
I never get to watch most of Manny’s fight so will be spending my whole day today binge watchin Manny’s fight. Manny vs. Ledwaba ✔️ Manny vs Barrera 1 ✔️ What a fight. Very aggressive PacMan.
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