FULL CARD HIGHLIGHTS | Teófimo López vs. George Kambosos Jr.

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Full highlights of the Teófimo López vs. George Kambosos Jr. undercard and main card from the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York.

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27 Kas 2021




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Herman Aguilar
Herman Aguilar Aylar önce
Great fight! Kambosis’s chin was his secret weapon. He took some shots that normally knock people out and kept rolling. Great win!
Tony Furi
Tony Furi Aylar önce
@Spateri facts
Jason Evans
Jason Evans Aylar önce
@Victor Bravo He wasn't hurt that's why he dominated the 11th
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Aylar önce
And the real winners are the boxing fans.
Show Of Hands
Show Of Hands Aylar önce
@Victor Bravo almost only works in horseshoes and hand grenades
El pitó loko
El pitó loko Aylar önce
@HOLY WARRIOR he took teofemale best punch and was able to recover quickly.. His chin is definetely made of steal, or either teofemale hits like a girl 😖
Vin De Leon
Vin De Leon Aylar önce
Biggest upset of 2021! Hands down to Kambosos for that spectacular performance. I was on the edge of my seat the whole fight. That's how exciting the fight was. Glad to see Teo humbled big time haha!
Inversion 29 gün önce
@jose quintano Nope, Kambosos is just better. Besides Teo is left in the dust as Haney will be the next opponent instead.
jose quintano
jose quintano 29 gün önce
Watch and see the rematch, I am sure it will be a whole different story
Inversion Aylar önce
@Tru 1k How? He lost
Tru 1k
Tru 1k Aylar önce
@A to the Z are you his mom ??
A to the Z
A to the Z Aylar önce
@Tru 1k are you Teo's dad ???
Danuel Lima
Danuel Lima Aylar önce
That was definitely a great fight no doubt. Respect for both warriors.
Armando Topacio
Armando Topacio Aylar önce
I don't understand why you cut round 11 if you're showing the highlights. That's Kambosos' best round.
Pedro Fernandez Neri
Making Teofimo don’t look that bad perhaps?
Karrma Aylar önce
López got humbled! He’s dad lost him the fight kept telling him he was winning the whole time he believed it. Amazing fight I lost my voice watching this. Beautiful win for kambosos. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Inversion Aylar önce
@p Smith What did he do to have that possibility?
zack carillo
zack carillo Aylar önce
yeah exactly..broner be like 2.0....kambosos schooled that kid...it was amazing fight night
Luis Araujo
Luis Araujo Aylar önce
Nicolas Stelvik
Nicolas Stelvik Aylar önce
The worst part of most dad coaches needed to tell him truth the fight was to close and he lost
Scott Malcolm
Scott Malcolm Aylar önce
@Tony Furi I predicted it also
Aisadal Aylar önce
Glad that Teo got mega humbled! It was satisfying seeing that cocky egoist get taken down a couple of notches 👏😄💖
Barty Aylar önce
More than a few notches 😆 🤣
Tony Furi
Tony Furi Aylar önce
Yes I was screaming joy 🤩
Bruce Leroy Bell
Bruce Leroy Bell Aylar önce
When Teo and his dad run their foul mouths and ego runs wild like hes bulletproof after the Loma fight. Now he has to eat humble pie.
Roberto Molina
Roberto Molina Aylar önce
I agree with you
Pani Smith
Pani Smith Aylar önce
Round 10, could of been close for Kambosos, luckily he stayed in their regained his composure, but other than that, it was all his night to take the win.🥊🇦🇺 🇬🇷
TMPOUZI Aylar önce
When you descent from Sparta, anything is possible. True warrior mentality embeded into George's dna
vlad Aylar önce
Mfer walked out to Leonidas speech
HMatias BD
HMatias BD Aylar önce
Kambosos just tough as nails man, ate Teo's bests shots and still outworked him. Really shooked him, Lopez still can't believe it BIG upset
ZeroPointFiveKei Aylar önce
Really immature too, he should acknowledged his opponent's hard work, maybe he already did maybe he gave a bunch of excuses I don't know.
Sergio Bowers
Sergio Bowers Aylar önce
This Teofimo Lopez vs Kambosos Jr fight is one of the biggest slug fests I've seen in a very long two. Both fighters won and I am only at the 10th round, the fans won big time, worth the wait. Love it!!
Mr.X Aylar önce
When you come out first round like you’re mayweather doing a exhibition fight, and against an elite title contender you deserve to get humiliated like that. So happy Kambo won and also glad to see he’s bringing the old school fighter that just wants to fight the best win or lose instead of this new generation fighters worried about their 0
Jason Evans
Jason Evans Aylar önce
That's all American fighters except Porter
A to the Z
A to the Z Aylar önce
Agreed mate. I hate the new skool protect the 0 mentality.
B P Aylar önce
Great fight. Both men deserved respect. Im happy for Kambosos.
Hummuna69 de Metz
Hummuna69 de Metz Aylar önce
18:23 got what was coming to him!👍 Throwing nothing but overhand bombs with a lad who could take it and then dish out his own style of punishment!💕
King King
King King Aylar önce
18:08 George took all those shots easily and made teo think he was gonna stand there and just take them until the round ends. 18:19 teo jabbed close and thats when he went in💯
Show Of Hands
Show Of Hands Aylar önce
man that right hand that put down Teo was lightning, He barely missed at the very end of the round with the same punch. If that knockdown happened earlier in the round it might have been a 1st round KO.
efil4saaggin Aylar önce
What a fricking warrior, Kambosos! Took that shot in round 10 and regained composure and fought back! That's legendary stuff! Well deserved
Sam Gilbert
Sam Gilbert Aylar önce
That referee slip at 19.42 proper tickled me! 😂. Great fight - absolute warriors!!
Andrew Bowen
Andrew Bowen Aylar önce
Felt like the Judges were the winners here too. So pleased for the challenger and that the judges went with what their eyes were telling em. Having only seen the highlights I was thinking a draw but Kambosa kept on in being relentless in the last thirty seconds of each round
Victor Ramos
Victor Ramos Aylar önce
That Kambosos Jr. is a Beast!! "The take over got taken over" and he still claims he won the fight for that reason I lost all respect for Teofimo sore looser! 😵‍💫😵😵🤛🤛
Sophia Azhiev
Sophia Azhiev Aylar önce
I woke up extra happy today, thank you Kambosos 😂✊🏾 Teofimo "the new Broner" lopez, has tasted the humble 🥧 🍰!
B P Aylar önce
Teofimo way better than AB. and i like AB (for his antics)
Alcantara Interior
Alcantara Interior Aylar önce
@The Shotgun Approach exactly
The Shotgun Approach
@Wilmer Duran then what fight?
Wilmer Duran
Wilmer Duran Aylar önce
Wrong fight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mr. Funk
Mr. Funk Aylar önce
George Kambosos is at the top where he always belonged. Haney can get it too. Everyone that counted him out can get it. So happy for him man.
Doroteo Garza
Doroteo Garza Aylar önce
@Mikasa Waifu you misunderstood little boy. I'm implying that Haney would eat Kambosas.
Tru 1k
Tru 1k Aylar önce
Don’t worry Tank gone stop all that talk
Fact In The Box
Fact In The Box Aylar önce
@Vic if you don't see it, u casual🤡
Vic Aylar önce
@Fact In The Box you talkin crazy ngl
George Gomez
George Gomez Aylar önce
Kambosos is the new Buster Douglas😂😂😂
Jorge Torres
Jorge Torres Aylar önce
Well deserved victory for George Kambossos 🥊🥊🇦🇺🏆🥇 Respect champion 🙏🏽
san juanero
san juanero Aylar önce
Ánimo López te la rifaste, le diste batalla carnal, y yo como siempre apoyándo ami raza guerrera 😎🇲🇽👍🏻🥊🥊
Damian Emmanuel Romero
Wawa Aylar önce
From under to main card.. beautiful event
Franz LoCco
Franz LoCco Aylar önce
When he has been in bright lights and enjoying his time having fun and laughing it up, no problem you’re the big celebrity, you’re in the bright lights, I’ve been in the dark, in the trenches in the gym the hard work, the blood, sweat and tears. I’m hungry! We are ready, we are ready for war! - George Kambosos Jr.
Marco Lopez
Marco Lopez Aylar önce
Felt like I was watching a Rocky movie what a fight 👏
Ángeles Martinez
Ángeles Martinez Aylar önce
Wow wow wow felicidades esos si son campeones, que se la rifan, no los que negocian facilidades
Jahanzeb Hussain
Jahanzeb Hussain Aylar önce
Kambasos is a great fighter!! He need to work on his defence. If he works on defence, nobody can stop this guy.
THE HIPPO Aylar önce
Teo’s face is great with Defence.
Eddie Rivera
Eddie Rivera Aylar önce
Great fight! Kambosos is a tough guy.
Josh D
Josh D Aylar önce
Teofimo ‘s father fooled me I thought he was winning 2 😂
Eddie Eteuati
Eddie Eteuati Aylar önce
Great fight 👊💪👌 both monster's !!
Respect to Kambosos Congrats Dazn 🔥
Damian Emmanuel Romero
alfredo gonzalez
alfredo gonzalez Aylar önce
mvv "ansioso"😝
Paul Aylar önce
That was a close fight. It deserves a rematch!
Michael Gutierrez
Michael Gutierrez Aylar önce
"Everyone knows I won the fight!" -Adrian Broner- Teófimo López
Untz Aylar önce
The fighting spirit of Kambosos is remarkable. I don't think the belts will stay too long but he'll always have this moment.
Iconoclasticnation Aylar önce
@GodSlayer He trained in Pac-Mans camp with Freddy Roach in the Philippines for years as Manny’s sparring partner. He’s extremely disciplined with his training, he’s humble and he’s just coming in to his peak maturity as a fighter. With these qualities he can develop and improve beyond what he is now imo.
jamiejosh Aylar önce
@GodSlayer okay so for 1 he won based on compubox numbers. Not that boxing is decided on that, he was more effective, and landed more scoring punches. He outboxed Lopez in the majority of rounds who’s the unified champion. And you don’t think he is champion Caliber 😂😂 You haven’t got a clue, he showed incredible reflexes and timing. He was beating Lopez to the punch and landing different counter combinations at will, all whilst working his way around never letting him get caught up on the ropes
GodSlayer Aylar önce
@jamiejosh He's not champion caliber, even in this fight he lost on compubox, and this fight alone was a close decision Guys got a chin, but there's nothing scary about a guy with a chin There's nothing exceptional about him like other boxers like canelo, manny, inoue, Loma, usyk , floyd, Julio Caesar Chavez etc... That's why so many people are trying to get a fight with him Teo lost this fight because of his arrogance and getting mad/angry not because kamboso was exceptional
Kim Mads
Kim Mads Aylar önce
@Zeseanis art just stating my observation
Zeseanis art
Zeseanis art Aylar önce
@Kim Mads never underestimate kambosos
dasein avex trax
dasein avex trax Aylar önce
Temachyotl Aylar önce
Great fight, both Lopez and Kambosos gave a great fight. Kambosos is a technically limited fighter but was able to outthink Lopez and took the fight. Lopez had a bad strategy of trying to force a knockout, he got outboxed because of that. This fight showed that Lopez is still too green, his fight against Loma was at the right time, Loma was one step away from the Nursing home.
Jahanzeb Hussain
Jahanzeb Hussain Aylar önce
Kambasos is a great fighter!! He need to work on his defence. If he works on defence, nobody can stop this guy.
Miguel Avilés
Miguel Avilés Aylar önce
Teo no es invendible como se creía él y su padre, cayó como el rayo Valenzuela lo tiró en un sparring ⚡⚡
Madman X
Madman X Aylar önce
What did you learn today kids 🤣 ! ? Be humble 😵‍💫 Stay humble 😵‍💫 And keep working hard 🥊
Jason Evans
Jason Evans Aylar önce
Pretty simple One's Australian and One's a loud mouth American!
GreatMewtwo Aylar önce
And stay hungry, and eat with your hands.
Kamelody 23
Kamelody 23 Aylar önce
@♏️ignee Le Robaron la Pelea ? Tu ta ciego bro. Tu no viste porque ganó George ? El tumbó a Teo. Teo lo tumbó a el,. Pero George termino' arriba en puntos y termino' la Pelea tirando y abusando a Teo y tirando golpes Hasta el final. En este caso. El tumbó primero . Se vio mal . Pero se recuperó bien Además el estaba arriba en puntos . Tu eres de honduras ? Entiendo tu dolor. Pero el tipo ese ganó .caso cerrado.
♏️ignee Aylar önce
Pues george hablo mucha mierda.. y le robaron la pelea a López 🤷🏽‍♀️
Aitor Lopez
Aitor Lopez Aylar önce
Scarry how those guys stand those punches, they are in another level. So, the Kambosos dude may did spar with Kangaroos on the outback in Australia, he is terrible strong.
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Aylar önce
I knew this Day would Come 💪
SkyWalker Aylar önce
Even the ref thought they was gonna rob the real winner lol Great fight. I think Teo would of won If he had a game plan. Silly move thinking your just gonna KO everyone. Kambosos just changed his and his families lives 4eva
w!1d3r Aylar önce
Yeah. Teofimo couldn't pay enough this time
kev Gaming
kev Gaming Aylar önce
Real warrior George kambosos Congrats ❤️
Jonathan Ang
Jonathan Ang Aylar önce
George was so confidence of his footwork. most of the time he fought with his hands down. As if not respecting Teo power. We saw some movements of manny pacquiao in George. A star in boxing was born.
You Tube
You Tube Aylar önce
"Manila Ice"
Josef Bendaoud
Josef Bendaoud Aylar önce
Andres Maurer
Andres Maurer Aylar önce
19:39 even the ref got a knock down
Andres Maurer
Andres Maurer Aylar önce
@Ben 😂😂😂😂
Ben Aylar önce
Someone get him a towel ASAP floor lil wet over here 😂😂
SvendBosanvovski Aylar önce
Ferocious George had it all against him: fighting in Teo's backyard (he was born in Brooklyn) with the crowd behind their local boy cheering "Teo, Teo". George was a 13/1 underdog with Teo predicting a first round knock out. "If he comes at me guns blazing I will clip him". True to his word, that's what George did. Teo can't say he wasn't warned. It takes more than pretty teeth to beat a hungry fighter from Sydney. Gutsy performances by both fighters.
Business Innovations - Soluciones Integrales
Si el padre de Teofimo lo aprecia debe de soltarlo para que un coach profesional del boxeo🥊 lo entrene y lo asesore adecuadamente. Es increíble que durante toda la pelea no hayan hecho ningún ajuste y más increíble el descubrir que de nada sirvió todo el tiempo posponiendo la pelea, que carajos hicieron? No sé vio estudio del rival, no se vio técnica aplicada, no plan B, C nada... después del knockdown en 1er round se le apagó la chispa. Vergüenza debe sentir López padre de su inútil trabajo y obsoleta asistencia, no tiene nada que hacer aquí.
Filiberto Ortiz
Filiberto Ortiz Aylar önce
El golpe fue ariva de la kijada donde se lo pege en la quijada lo tambalea ateo el putazo
Saul Noriega
Saul Noriega Aylar önce
Teófimo salio demasiado confiado en el primer round
vVarpath Freak
vVarpath Freak Aylar önce
Kambosos thanks the Pacman they always spar and he repect him. He is already prepared for this fight 🙌
Muliadi Barbir
Muliadi Barbir Aylar önce
Glad to see Kambosos won the fight. Australia must be happy... I'm happy too because as a tour guide i had many clients from Australia 😀
GrindKing 0mega
GrindKing 0mega Aylar önce
What a great title fight! These guys boxed the entire time and put on one helluva show. Really enjoyed this one. I'm not a huge fan of Lopez because of the arrogance and the way he acted in the post fight interview...just really unprofessional imo. His dad filled his head with BS and costed him this fight. Maybe this loss will humble him a little and the next time we see Lopez, he'll be the champ he believes he is.
Mhavie&Blacky Aylar önce
congratulation George you deserve it, stay humble
Patricio Lopez
Patricio Lopez Aylar önce
López,fue una serpiente, tirando mordiscos,solo que el Sr K,traía el antídoto en su quijada. Creo que hasta López se sorprendió del aguante de kambosos, tanto que terminó yendo hacía atrás. Creo lo subestimo, esa pelea me gustó para empate con firma de revancha,pagaría por verla.
clearlyalunhead Aylar önce
Teofimo ego got the better of him Great job by Kambosos
Larrypint Aylar önce
There was some karma involved. Lopez didn't gave a fully recovered Lomachenko the rematch cause there was no clause, then underestimated Kambosos and lost his titles in a mandatory fight without a rematch clause.
Wilmer Duran
Wilmer Duran Aylar önce
@Jonathon Parks its Jonathan not jonothon 🐴
Jonathon Parks
Jonathon Parks Aylar önce
Beautiful irony. He deserves it after being a duck of a champ.
Wilmer Duran
Wilmer Duran Aylar önce
GO OlSEN Aylar önce
Ya not too bright.
Wilmer Duran
Wilmer Duran Aylar önce
Rob Marion
Rob Marion Aylar önce
This fight shoulda had the hype the Loma fight did cuz this fight delivered!
CoCA 4twenty
CoCA 4twenty Aylar önce
Great video like always DAZN🥊
Scott Malcolm
Scott Malcolm Aylar önce
The ref raised Teos hand ✋ 🤡🤡😂
ima BEASTrider
ima BEASTrider Aylar önce
Coz Kambo dropped him on 3rd
Marilyn Canindo
Marilyn Canindo Aylar önce
walked in the park with swollen and bloody face for teofimo 😂😂😂
Jesús francisco Cruz piñuelas
Mi pregunta es , que le sorprende a Teófimo la decisión ?
Only Me!
Only Me! Aylar önce
The ref clearly doesn't know right from wrong! He lifted teos hand! 🤪🤕🤣
Karma K
Karma K Aylar önce
27:22 two paths here, you take the blue pill and learn from this humbling experience and become a legend or you take the red pill and join Broner and the rest of the "you had it all" crew.
S n M Global
S n M Global Aylar önce
After looking at it again I felt like this fight could’ve went either way. Neither of them is ready for Haney and definitely not ready for Shakur…
Antonio soliz
Antonio soliz Aylar önce
26:32 referee says it all
Hiram Diaz
Hiram Diaz Aylar önce
Lampros Tzam
Lampros Tzam Aylar önce
Μπράβο ρε παιχτούρα Kambosos, το άξιζες...αναμένουμε ανάλογη συνέχεια !!!
Deimos Aylar önce
Oscar Armando
Oscar Armando Aylar önce
Está pelea fue de esos gallos sangrienta a los 2 que pelea tan buena yo la miro una pelea muy cerrada
Marco Carrasco
Marco Carrasco Aylar önce
That referee made a very bad move when he raised Teofimo's arm before the real winner's name was announce ! Same as Teofimo and his team , you can not celebrate until the fight is over.
Mithun Nair
Mithun Nair Aylar önce
King of Australia George kamboses jr👑🔥
A to the Z
A to the Z Aylar önce
@Solodolo are you Teo's dad ???
MysticA Aylar önce
Solodolo you are as delusional as his dad if you think lopez won
Solodolo Aylar önce
All 3 white judges robbed Lopez so a white guy Can finally win a fight in boxing 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Jonathan Bey
Jonathan Bey Aylar önce
Zhang knocked the snot out of big bro. I want to see more of him.
Jesus Santos martin
Queremos segunda parte
James hill
James hill Aylar önce
that over hand right that caught tefimo was the same punch luke cambell droped ryan with
Ferguson Aylar önce
Kambosos 👑👑👑
Leo Noyola
Leo Noyola Aylar önce
No sea chillón teofimo,no sabes reconocer tu derrota ,por hablador te callaron la.boca 💪💪
Joey Ortiz
Joey Ortiz Aylar önce
Gotta see this!!🥊🥊👍
David Israel
David Israel Aylar önce
Teofimo knew that Kambosos will beat him thats why he wanted to drop the I BF belt.
Arvin Casupanan
Arvin Casupanan Aylar önce
that's the fight of the year!
His chin was hardened by pacman imagine hundreds of round going toe to toe wt pacman as a sparmate and now he is the new face of boxing
Vivek Khatri
Vivek Khatri Aylar önce
gangstalking simulation
did yall see how the ref held up lopez arm because he thought he won when they said undefeated, but man the look of surprise was written on that mans face when they said and NEW 😆😆😕😕
Roy Bayona
Roy Bayona Aylar önce
Kambosso vs Lopez wow a classic fight
Руслан Шамардин
Камбосос красавец. Наказал Теофимо за заносчивость.
Marjorie Mora
Marjorie Mora Aylar önce
The real fight boos🤙🏽🥊
Michael Aylar önce
take over , NO GAME OVER.... great fight kambosos won that fight clearly , he took lopezes best punches hard punches that would have knocked out anyone else. lopezes face was bad from the many punches he was coping throughtout the entire fight from george. well done you said it all along and you did it in his back yard. so hard to go overseas and take the belts away , shows who the better man was on the night ,
You Tube
You Tube Aylar önce
I can see that "Manila Ice" from Kambosos. He has learned from Pacman.
Олег Литвинов
Хорошую плюху Лопес получил. Надо боксировать , а не бросаться вот и проиграл. Зазнался подумал что самый самый, оказался мыльный пузырь
Lorenzo Romero
Lorenzo Romero Aylar önce
Revancha teofimo pero que te entrene otro que tenga mejor desempeño que tu papá y eras que vences
Wilson Eusebio777
Wilson Eusebio777 Aylar önce
Kambosos did Great... Congratulations ✊🏻👍🏻🖐🏻🙏🏻🙌🏻✝️
A Rod
A Rod Aylar önce
So many round Working with The legend Manny Pacquiao pay off for sure His motivation and the nobody believe on him a big underdog Is just amazing Teo really need this learning lesson Father is not a trainer at all ....he want to be a celebrity....so bad At the end he was taking pictures with Kamboso team laughing....old men took so much drugs at early ages the he still high 🤣
Jose RIVERA Aylar önce
Creo q Teófimo peleo bien es q cambios fue a ganar
Jim17735 Aylar önce
26.32 that point when you don't realise your opponent is also undefeated
gadget00 Aylar önce
That just showed he really had no respect whatsoever of Kambo, not even to knew who he was fighting against. Lopez had a terrible night, hope he learns something
Reynaldo Javier
Reynaldo Javier Aylar önce
Congrats George Kambosos Jr.
Juvenile Delinquet
Juvenile Delinquet Aylar önce
Now, Vasyle Lomachenko will HUMBLE Teofimo Lopez... 😂
Michael Melocoton
Michael Melocoton Aylar önce
Super great fight..
OVK Music
OVK Music Aylar önce
It was a great fight from both Teo and kam
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