FULL BUILD: Restoring a '70 Chevy Camaro RS/SS

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A new MuscleCar project is started: transforming a 1970 Camaro RS into a stock-style RS/SS 396.
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30 Jun 2020




Yük bağlantısı.....


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dizzy borden
dizzy borden 7 saatler önce
the last great camaro until the 165mph 2002 SS.
El Hebreo
El Hebreo 22 saatler önce
Your knowledge of mechanics is top notch 👏🏿
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Gün önce
Great expertise, guys. But do you really need that loud music all of the time? I can keep my attention without it, you know.
marlon detorres
marlon detorres Gün önce
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marlon detorres
marlon detorres Gün önce
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Gabriela Carbajal
Gabriela Carbajal 2 gün önce
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simon lloyd
simon lloyd 2 gün önce
Restoring classic cars is SO easy...if you have an unlimited budget, unlimited tools, sponsored parts, limitless contacts, loads of skill and an even more skilled friend who works for free.
M Bot5
M Bot5 4 gün önce
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The Punisher MSF
The Punisher MSF 4 gün önce
Easy Life
Easy Life 5 gün önce
wow, you guys are very talented 👏👏👏
Тимур Николаев
Залипуха какая-то.
Katie Clelland
Katie Clelland 6 gün önce
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Katie Clelland
Katie Clelland 6 gün önce
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Ken Harty
Ken Harty 6 gün önce
Doesnt sound right. Somethings fucky
Alvin Jr Varquez
Alvin Jr Varquez 7 gün önce
Not bad for a 40 years old car!
Tamás Kápolnási
Tamás Kápolnási 7 gün önce
Thank You Guys, Congratulation. ;) From Hungary to Europe
Steve Holt
Steve Holt 8 gün önce
Awesome close up shots of the cylinders getting honed, the block getting decked and the piston ring gap getting filed.
Steve Holt
Steve Holt 8 gün önce
"how to get your bottom end into top shape". Excellent.
Simon Park
Simon Park 8 gün önce
Crazy me watched the whole 1 hour & 42 minute video! But it was worth and so satisfying! Keep coming with great videos, guys. Cheers!
Krazee Kracka MAN
Krazee Kracka MAN 8 gün önce
Excellent ! Another job well done.
Iman Noor Shamsuddin
i dont know what they mean to say but i liked it
Legends know the thumbnail was changes first it was a red car and then they made it green
Юрий Артеменко
Двигун більше всього получив.
Dmitr 9 gün önce
отлично выполненный проект! очень достойная и красивая машина получилась!
Armo45 Gaming
Armo45 Gaming 10 gün önce
is no one gonna talk about how fast he compressed that spring like whaaaattt i would be shitting bricks cuz i would be scared it would snap, especially that close to my legs.
FRoZeN Designs
FRoZeN Designs 10 gün önce
I thought I was looking at James hetfield....
Сергей Пронькин
Красавец Camaro)
Frazer Herewini
Frazer Herewini 10 gün önce
Ever thought of taking on an apprentice, they'd be amazing
Harold Gonzales
Harold Gonzales 10 gün önce
Chelley Fulljames
Chelley Fulljames 10 gün önce
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Braden Leonard
Braden Leonard 10 gün önce
Does anyone understand what he's saying about measuring bearing clearance? It's like rocket science or something.
Asep Tayo official
Asep Tayo official 10 gün önce
BakedSneaks 10 gün önce
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BakedSneaks 11 gün önce
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Mike Tubbman
Mike Tubbman 11 gün önce
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Kevin Sanchez
Kevin Sanchez 11 gün önce
5:17 slave owners on Black Friday
Wendell Harper
Wendell Harper 12 gün önce
Could you guys possibly show the install of the trunk key lock. On the limelight build
Michael R
Michael R 12 gün önce
That headliner looked horrible!
boomvadim 12 gün önce
Странно, я думал Ilon Mask занимается ракетами, жучара. Где Tesla?
Glenn 12 gün önce
38:48 don't install cylinder sleeves like this.
TheXXIII 12 gün önce
1:39:52 damn that paintwork looks awful close up 😂
Phantruong Quocthai
Phantruong Quocthai 13 gün önce
Poor dog I liked my own commet how sad.
Ethan's Profile
Ethan's Profile 13 gün önce
Phenomenal work guys love it. What no Crager SS wheels? I know they weren't OEM. No build is complete without some blood left behind!
Ethan's Profile
Ethan's Profile 13 gün önce
It's a 70's rebuild shouldn't Earl Scheib be painting it $19.95, you tape it off!
Katie Clelland
Katie Clelland 14 gün önce
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v1rgem 14 gün önce
47:49 very helpful
Richard Allgood
Richard Allgood 14 gün önce
My friends mom had a split bumper camaro back in the 80's when we were in high school. He traded it for a VW powered dune buggy. No need to say anything. He kicks himself in the ass every time he sees it in the peoples driveway that still own it to this day............
Shabaz Alam
Shabaz Alam 15 gün önce
Aad wheel cap it will look good
shane thornbury
shane thornbury 15 gün önce
my changes....carpet and color match the center console.
Bon Layman
Bon Layman 15 gün önce
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Scott Stumpf
Scott Stumpf 15 gün önce
I picked up a 72 from California I've had it done for about 15 years now I love that car
Stan 15 gün önce
ive watched entirety up to this point. i can honestly say you can ask for it to start better then that.
scrapplepig 17 gün önce
Just a little too scripted for my liking but good job.
Gabe Garino
Gabe Garino 17 gün önce
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Westburn5 18 gün önce
What happen with all the cars yall build
pete _www
pete _www 18 gün önce
I'm just grateful you didn't put some stupid modern wheels on it. Nice job fellas
Bill The Cat
Bill The Cat 18 gün önce
I think Camaros (and Firebirds) looked like crap when they changed the look in the 70's. I liked the 67, 68 and 69 body styles a lot more.
lebon plaza
lebon plaza 18 gün önce
100% black for the basic colour and maybe 20% black for the strip(line motif) ..must be more elegant and muscle and look more beast..sorry for bad english..😁😁..
Iva Nichols
Iva Nichols 18 gün önce
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knight0334 18 gün önce
I'm a Mopar guy, but I've always loved the looks of the split bumper Camaro.
PrincessTS01 19 gün önce
Robert Cone
Robert Cone 19 gün önce
I want my '74 Camaro LT back !!!
Miami Watches
Miami Watches 19 gün önce
The advertisers missed out, again. Opportunity is where you find it. Some vision may be required in that search.
Larry Nichols
Larry Nichols 20 gün önce
Beautiful, brings back memories of 1971
Lieuhuyen Thuthao
Lieuhuyen Thuthao 20 gün önce
I need boy friend
ru kinja
ru kinja 20 gün önce
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D.M.E. B.M.F
D.M.E. B.M.F 20 gün önce
I'm glad to see you keep that motor instead of throwing it out. I'm sure original motors from that time are starting to get harder to find especially ones that are usable.
Will Deeny
Will Deeny 20 gün önce
You had me at “we’re swapping it with a manual”
Will Deeny
Will Deeny 20 gün önce
Self imposed deadlines are not that scary or pumping
Thomas o'sullivan
Thomas o'sullivan 21 gün önce
Tommy on the RS build did I see you using air to cool your weld?
Shinzuiii 21 gün önce
The transition between the two guys feels like watching a 90s music video of a boyband lol
Nelson grante
Nelson grante 21 gün önce
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dohya tokar
dohya tokar 21 gün önce
Жаль что без перевода...
ProtoH15 21 gün önce
"Rick Bacon" nice name!!
Francisco Toscano
Francisco Toscano 21 gün önce
Self imposed deadlines are not that scary or pumping
Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
First muscle car was a #s matching 73 Z28. Big block 4 speed..same same..electric blue..funny they call me mime z still 2 this day
Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
Injun troubble. Is that probs w US NATIVE AMERICANS?
Luz Hamilton
Luz Hamilton 22 gün önce
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Богдан Коваль
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Oscar Dumalo
Oscar Dumalo 22 gün önce
Amazing job, I wish i can have the same car you just restored. Excellent job.
Enoch 11:11
Enoch 11:11 22 gün önce
Great looking car!
Omar Bueno
Omar Bueno 22 gün önce
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Concern Citizen
Concern Citizen 22 gün önce
why it's garbage like everything else USA tries to make. Always a failure and hires someone else to build it..
Ho Lee Fuk ツ
Ho Lee Fuk ツ 22 gün önce
Bored and sleeved cylinders = $100...Are they in China
Anto Zimmer
Anto Zimmer 22 gün önce
Storm 22 gün önce
lata velha versão gringa
scott mcbride
scott mcbride 22 gün önce
Beautiful car but a very ugly color. WOW
Gabe Garino
Gabe Garino 23 gün önce
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nerk23 23 gün önce
.. Watching from Italy...❤️👍..
Wick Vaporub
Wick Vaporub 23 gün önce
1970: us cars are the worst on the earth 2021: us cars are still the worst on the earth
Bob Comment
Bob Comment 23 gün önce
Good work but i don't like the color .they could have painted the wheels with epoxy. the headliner is very poorly fitted
Desantos123 23 gün önce
Im watching this from the UK, how old is this TV show? Is it something from like 10 years ago reuploaded onto TRvid, or is it quite recent?
JamesK10turbo 21 gün önce
Ya, around 2010 if I’m not mistaken.
Azooz Saoud
Azooz Saoud 23 gün önce
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Edward Law
Edward Law 24 gün önce
Rick thanks for the comments, amazing w/o any extra help in 90 days Grew up in muscle cars w my father and all his friends and workers buying muscle and moving up the car dream ladder. These old shows are still great My skills set wrenching limited me to a VW bug
alex hebert
alex hebert 24 gün önce
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monmixer 24 gün önce
Could have been a bird that hit her in the head. I got in the head with something on a motorcycle one day. It was on a state route but in the sticks. there was nothing or nobody around that i could see. I was going about 60 and some thing wrecked me hard on the right hand side of my head and about knocked me off of the bike. I had a full helmet on and still jarred my head pretty good and the whack was loud. there were some scuffs on the side of my helmet but not enough of anything to give me the slightest clue of what it was. I would liken it it to that of being wrecked with golf ball that was flying at a good speed and it's double that because of the speed that you are travelling also. I sure hope some one didn't throw something over the fence. How could they live with themselves it if was?
Harry Jones
Harry Jones 24 gün önce
springs that supported a small block used to hold up a big block?
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Marshall 25 gün önce
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CHAD WILLIAMS 25 gün önce
i can not believe you guys painted the inside after the car was painted.. wow
PaPa R1C3
PaPa R1C3 25 gün önce
Got a 1981 granada nothing special she's has had a hard life.
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