Free Busted Garden Tractor, But Can We Save It?

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I went to a garage sale and this 1991 craftsman gt tractor was broken down in the yard with no takers, lets load it up and see if we can bring it back to life.



13 Ağu 2022




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Love older garden tractors
Snot Bubbles
Neighbor threw out a small push mower the other day, asked him if he wanted it. He replied no, said it doesnt run. Pulled it up my driveway, emptied the bowl with a 1/2 drive socket and started it right up with some starter fluid while he watched me. Once I knew it ran I cleaned out the bowl of the carb, gave it the Mustie pressure wash, sharpened the blade and then reassembled the stop start cable to the handle. I gave the neighbor a free mow with it then I gave it away to a friend for his daughter. I was able to accomplish all of this by just watching these Mustie videos over the last few years. I feel very confident when I see any mower that doesnt run any more. I can usually fire one up in under 5 minutes. Thanks for the knowledge.
Can't say what I'm more envious of, your shop/workspace or the seemingly never-ending "stash" of goodies... nice vid!
I have fought the battle of Resurrecting a Craftsman riding lawn mower myself. While Mustie1 makes it look fun and entertaining it was a little less than that for me. End result I got it going and functioning and it lasted me about 15 years before I sold it. The new owner still uses it. As always, I look forward to spending Sunday morning watching old stuff come back to life with Mustie1.
Ray Voorhies
Machine dates back to when Craftsman was very well made and durable.
Dominick Serignese
I really enjoy the long mustie1 videos.i have learned a lot from watching you. The time seems to fly by so quickly. Your content is very interesting and I enjoy it. You are always into something different. Great variety of tinkering. Wouldn't mind seeing a midweek shorter video also.Mustie1 videos have become part of my Sunday morning routine.Have a great week D and thank you!
Bill Dyke
Mustie's stash never fails to amaze...
Richard Thomas
WOW! That was a good find! In todays messed up world that is a rugged tractor and well worth fixing!
I think we can all agree that if you put out a 5 hour long video we would binge watch it
Lawrence Engel
Love watching these old abandoned machines come back to life 👌
Ken Sherwood
Fine tractor it seems to me. Well worth a 2nd video and a further work. Still surprised how people let such valuable equipment lounge about unused and unloved. Fortunately it's found a good home and rather than being scrapped it gets to live a 2nd productive life, which is a real bonus
Tom Raider
Amazing the battery still had life in it.
Robert Jean
Looks like a well built mower, good find. 🇦🇺🇦🇺👍👍
Wayne Stefinashen
Now that was an awesome find, rarely you pick up a machine like that and things actually work on it right of the bat. Way to go Mustie another one saved! The OLD MAN at EP over and out.
Brian Stroud
I bought a craftsman gt exactly like the one u stole the steering arm off of. I payed 200. Had been sitting 2 years. Took a few days got it running and cutting great! Tour videos really helped! Ive been watching your work for a few years. Thank you! Keep up the great work my friend.
Shadowsoul 2701
The hitch in the back is a sleeve hitch, it uses single pin garden attachments, most of them made by brinly. Very common for lighter duty machines with or without hydraulics.
Bob Cooke
Nice that it started pretty easy for you Darren, so, it definitely has potential to be a neat little working tractor 👍🚜
White Sapphire
That chassis frame looks very reminiscent of our little old John Deere. A lot of the smaller machines use a pressed steel sheet chassis, so this is way better. Those Kohler engines are good if you look after them, and yours sounds nice.
Cogburn CG
My grandpa has the exact same mower, he’s had it for around 20 years and me (the grandson) use it around his house for everything outdoors. Hauling brush, mowing,etc. very easy to maintain and such a durable model. Craftsman knew how to do it
I have one of those! The rear fender flares are SUPER rare. Truly a heavy duty machine! Mine has a winch mounted on the rear sleeve hitch. Comes in handy when you get stuck.
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