Fortnite CHAPTER 4 is HERE! (New Map, Bikes, New Weapons)

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3 Ara 2022




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Absolutely love the map
anthony caban
a quick tip for you guys, if you are using a scar and you hit someone you can see the hit marker it should be a blue circle. bloom will always be in that circle. so, use that if you guys didn't know that yet :)
I feel Sypher on this one I jumped into solo's which I rarely do and absolutely loved my first game and got myself a solo win which once in a blue moon happens can't wait to see what else is planned for just this season alone keep up the good work on vids Sypher!!
Sypher, there is also these blue stones found in shattered slabs bottom left of the map the point is u hit them in the direction u want multiple times and then when there are circles coming out of it u stop and jump on it and it will launch.
Sluggish Gamer
I love that there is no set play style, there r so many combos that work just as effectively as others. It truly makes fortnite completely fun again
briggston childress
#3 on trending this is a HUGE feat! Congrats!
This Chapter is AMAZING!!!!
Cody Animation
after a month of waiting yet another masterpiece is finally here, great to see you back
Little Heck
I love how he let's his friends post the videos first so that they get more attention
Captain Cookie72
I just wish the scar had the old texture for common uncommon and rare
Hey Sypher or everyone seeing this comment, I'm still testing it out but you can "double pump" the ex-caliber rifle dealing twice the explosion damage in rapid succession if landed properly
Little Heck
I love the “lost in space” feel of this season but it is soooo laggy
Little Heck
Love you're content
Hype Taco
I love chapter 4! I found out that if you get the balloons perk and the shockwave hammer you can fly forever.
Connor Schultz
Well, there’s one thing you guys forgot. If you want to make a snowball hit the snow with your pickax.
Rafael Calderon
The perks and the guns are the best thing in the chapter 4 tbh
Ian-Carlo Pruett
Absolutely love the map. Feels really good
So far I’ve had the most amount of fun on this chapter 🎉
This new map + no build has been the most fun I've had with Fortnite in a long time! Props to Epic for this new chapter feeling like an actual chapter, and not just a new season! <3
Little Heck
The hammer, dmr, twin, mist and shield kegs will def be this seasons meta
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