Fortnite Chapter 4 | 21 Secrets & Easter Eggs You Need To See

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4 Ara 2022




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Hello there!
Honestly this whole season feels like a refresh, it adds new guns, new poi’s, new everything, genuinely so much fun
Something I’ve seen no one mention is how this map is separated into time periods. Autumn areas are all medieval, normal grassy areas are modern, and the ice areas are more futuristic with everything that looks like the bunker poi. And the 3 areas that are more crossover areas are destroyed locations. A futuristic IO drill destroyed in the modern area, a modern tower from tilted destroyed in the ice, and a modern home ruined from the island merge in the past area
Theory: I think the floating locations from last season are going to slowly make their way back onto the island
i love this new chapter!!! the mobility feels so fun, you can troll friends with impulses again, the map is a lot smaller which makes for more third parties and fights (which i approve of) and the lootpool might be a bit overpowered, but still really fun!
I actually saw the Rippley spawn with lots of slurp barrels! It was unexpected but very helpful lol
The Diamond Sisters
This Season is a Nice Refresh to what we all use to play and changed the flow alot with the hammers and alot of other things. Also I was surprised you didn't mention the Peace Syndicate Agent "Evie" is on the island. She is found in a House on the Far Bottom Left of the island
Random Theory: Surrounding the island there are chunks of land. I think that the zerio point could bring those parts in and create more POI's, like it did in the live event.
Jan Bernat
I think the citadel resembles the agency from chapter 2 - even the lake below it is incredibly similar. Maybe we get Midas this season?
One event is when the summer version of crystal spawns in with a blue bench that always had a gas tank next to it. Crystal will check the time for a few seconds and walk around the area.
Pizza time
Feels like a whole new game, I like the new destruction physics
This season feels different ,new mechanics that actually change the game quite a lot ..i hope this continues
My predictions for the place which you reckon has the zero point is that yes, the zero point is there, the new boss or the "ageless" whatever you called them will find this out and send troops there however upon their arrival and capture of it eventually down the line something will go wrong, either, IO return and attack and take control (maybe join forces) or when Gerald joins mosters will start spawning and reek havoc across the island started from there.
Keegan Plays
Mini rift wise, the only one I really remember was just a large rock.
Parker McGeorge
I’m sure other people pointed it out already, but the final pickaxe in the battle pass is literally just called the Eternal Edge. 100% Infinity Blade. And just to add in, Infinity Blade had 3 books attached to the series and people who have read the third one should know that that’s where the idea of the snapshots first started. With all the connections, if Geno is revealed to be a Deathless, I would be shocked
The Patrolman gaming
Actually she might not be in the tree anymore, look at the back of it, something or, someone, broke out. There’s a few theories going around but a recent survey skin might the key to this storyline. The herald is still alive, and is much stronger after fusing with the tree, and has evolved into a tree like being. The survey skin in question is a herald looking character with amber and bark like textures, amber is associated with the sap that comes from trees, my guess is it is her and she’s somewhere on the island, plotting her next move for the nothing.
If you look at the trailer for the Chapter from the event, you can see that the circular rock in the ground is the resting spot of the zero point!
I believe that the zero point will just continue to fetch more things to the map.
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