Former President Trump says home raided by FBI

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On Monday afternoon, former President Donald Trump said that his Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach was being raided by the FBI.



7 Ağu 2022




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Ronald Cash
Ronald Cash Aylar önce
The laws are written to protect everyone and must obey these Laws.
Erma 🔥 𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
"It was beautiful, the most beautiful raid you've ever seen. There were people, lots of people. It was unbelievable how many people, and it was beautiful." - Donald Trump
All politicians in Washington need to be investigated. The corruption in both parties would be incredible.
Benard Makori
Benard Makori Aylar önce
"Beautiful home......Large group!"Trump's best words.
Dirk Squarejaw
Dirk Squarejaw Aylar önce
There are some really serious power moves taking place right now. This is unbelievable.
CivilDiscourse Aylar önce
@Jesus Is ImmanuelPlease describe how it is either "communist" or a takeover.
CivilDiscourse Aylar önce
@Wawa Santiago Lots of ways to interpret that response so I'll just say I'm glad you were entertained enough to break into emoji. 😁
Wawa Santiago
Wawa Santiago Aylar önce
@CivilDiscourse 😂😂😂
CivilDiscourse Aylar önce
@persico I wonder what % of Trump's base really believes his shtick vs the % who know he's a criminal but they're OK with it. I gotta think there's also a chunk who might be redeemable but they're in too deep to back out.
Copper Hoard
Copper Hoard Aylar önce
Remember when millions of people said "Lock her up... Lock her up... Lock her up..."? Guess what, we might actually get to see someone getting locked-up for mishandling classified documents.
Josh Aylar önce
All politicians in Washington need to be investigated. The corruption in both parties would be incredible.
Trumpie Aylar önce
The British had the answer in 1814.
lpg12338 Aylar önce
Term limits for EVERYONE.
nancy Peńarrieta
nancy Peńarrieta Aylar önce
Grazimoto1 Aylar önce
Really? Who else stole 15 boxes of classified documents from the White House?
Nathaniel Austin
Nathaniel Austin Aylar önce
He thought they was playing FBI was like what did you think this was, it's me.
Mike B
Mike B Aylar önce
When are they gonna raid Hunter Biden’s house 😂
L 29 gün önce
U mean bounty hunt on Biden? 😂
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts Aylar önce
@Bob Smith You should actually research who is putting these videos out
AMC1000 Aylar önce
Did the FBI check the documents hidden in the ceiling and behind the secret walls?
Ronald Cash
Ronald Cash Aylar önce
Take the 5th Amendment and let LAWYERS HANDLE the Rest.
AGB Aylar önce
"Law & Order except when I don't like it 😢"
J. Settle
J. Settle Aylar önce
This is bigger than what most people understand!!
Sören Rousseau
Sören Rousseau Aylar önce
@Completely nuts they sure are working on it if the rest of us don't do something about it.
lpg12338 Aylar önce
@Lone wolf It would be so much easier to wipe out the current tax code and implement a straight sales tax, that way you get everyone. But time will tell if this was a good move by the government.
Lone wolf
Lone wolf Aylar önce
@lpg12338 The agency estimated uncollected taxes to be $554 billion just in 2019. IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig thinks that number could be closer to $1 trillion. The majority of that tax gap (80%) is made up of those who underreport their incomes, or take too many deductions. So get ready to pay or not if you did the right thing.
lpg12338 Aylar önce
@Lone wolf I don’t work for CNN. 😁
lpg12338 Aylar önce
@Lone wolf True, but who pays for those 87 thousand new federal job salaries? The American tax payer. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of paying money to people, who add little value to my life.
Pee Jay
Pee Jay Aylar önce
Hi Donny I can answer your question, the break in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters was a crime, the searching of Mar A Lago wasn't because they had a warrant, not too bright old Donny is he?
Alex Lee
Alex Lee Aylar önce
If he's innocent then nothing to worry about 🤷‍♂️
matthew barclay
matthew barclay Aylar önce
10% for the big guy 👌
CivilDiscourse Aylar önce
@Gelatin Skeleton Horus. Pht. As every pastafarian knows, the flying spaghetti monster is the only invisible sky fairy that's real.
My account
My account Aylar önce
@Dark Brandon (Power Edition) your just a stone
TAB !!!
TAB !!! Aylar önce
@Gelatin Skeleton I think you spelled fictional wrong ;-)
First Last
First Last Aylar önce
Start looking for "defects in warrant" it will be start to defend. I guess intimidating tactics begin.
Unvaccinated Anticommunist
THIS is how democracy ends.
Synoptic 12
Synoptic 12 Aylar önce
This was a screen to plant devices inside the home.
BobTheBikerNY Aylar önce
@Future Global Why wouldn't they, the FBI had a valid warrant.
Future Global
Future Global Aylar önce
The Secret Service let the FBI
Future Global
Future Global Aylar önce
“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” -@RonDeSantisFL 🤣
Ernie H
Ernie H Aylar önce
u know they did
savemefromreligion Aylar önce
He’s smart enough and has enough connections still, that he knew when this was going to happen.
Brenda C
Brenda C Aylar önce
@Halie Louya and the Bidens are 😇
Halie Louya
Halie Louya Aylar önce
@Jack Mehoff They should search all Trump properties and pull the toilets also!!!
Name Hidden
Name Hidden Aylar önce
@Javier Hernandez I know . . . to lose to Biden is . . . wow. Just wow.
Matt Dias
Matt Dias Aylar önce
I don't know if you could be rated for documents that you stole? Is that called the raid at that point or like over travel of government assets?
Ricky Montijo
Ricky Montijo Aylar önce
We are literally witnessing history and I have no idea how it’s gonna end up…
ItsAJoeyBeat Aylar önce
@kevin richards summer 2020
Big Daddy Leroy
Big Daddy Leroy Aylar önce
@Lone wolf 😊😜 won't be the first time.
Lone wolf
Lone wolf Aylar önce
@Big Daddy Leroy You just won a referral; smile you are now on candid camera.
Éamonn Síoċáin
Éamonn Síoċáin Aylar önce
We were at Palm Beach Everybody had matching uniforms Somebody went through the gate And there they held a raid It wasn’t a raid It was a raid lobster 🤣
LaraLu Aylar önce
God Bless America
R A Aylar önce
The enemy is trying so hard But God is in Control.
BobTheBikerNY Aylar önce
If God was in control there would be no wars, no disease, no hunger, no crime. He's just sitting back and laughing his ass off.
What Aylar önce
@jed Tomczat hes embarassed for what the ppl did
What Aylar önce
Lone wolf
Lone wolf Aylar önce
@Space Cowboy Republican god? Nah
Future Global
Future Global Aylar önce
“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” -@RonDeSantisFL 🤣
David Phillips
David Phillips Aylar önce
Lock him up! Lock him up!
mrsmarvelous1 Aylar önce
We have a two tiered system of "justice" in this country.
The Phoenix
The Phoenix Aylar önce
No ,3! Bullets are like Patriots Hallmark. We want you to know it’s from our heart
TOM Pastian
TOM Pastian Aylar önce
Two tiered for sure. Not so sure about the "justice" part.
Rik Duva
Rik Duva Aylar önce
Lock him up 🤣
Matt Ruth
Matt Ruth Aylar önce
Its true they have no respect for.those who deserve it
Wing Lo
Wing Lo Aylar önce
If I was a crime suspect, the law has the right to search my home, too - tho my 2,000 sq. f.t home would not take days to search as in the case of a 200 acres home.
Zepha21 Aylar önce
Good times :D
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown Aylar önce
So many crimes, so little time.
Get your cards straight
I wonder what’s actually going on that’s making us all going to be focused and consumed by this that we’re going to be oblivious to something we should really be watching or finding out about
Diggs Aylar önce
@Jerry K. It's back! Democracy beat the haters!!
Get your cards straight
@The Fires of Mount Doom Yep and whatever else they have coming
The Fires of Mount Doom
It’s called the inflation “reduction” act. Hires 87,000 IRS employees to go after the middle class. They already have 4,500 AR15s and 6 million rounds. Not to mention the 15% tax on companies. Good buy raises and/or enjoy being let go.
Dwayne DaRock Johnson
Omg if you don't know what your seeing then I guess it's just too much for you
Jerry K.
Jerry K. Aylar önce
This is to keep you from thinking about the temporary demise of the Choco-Taco.
Rick Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez Aylar önce
Even Nixon was smart enough to exit before the s**t hit the fan.
Jamesetal Aylar önce
Vue Xiong
Vue Xiong Aylar önce
Haha, don the CON just can't get a break.
Peter Collie
Peter Collie Aylar önce
POWER 👁️💲Craftiness is patient and well designed, I hope they having planted anything there before he left the executive house. And if he beds for another race for office, perhaps they will pull a Demom👹crats out from there hat. And definitely they can't call him a racist anymore if his house was raided.
Ernes Ubaldo
Ernes Ubaldo Aylar önce
They trying to get him before he runs again for office
Brenda C
Brenda C Aylar önce
@UNbowed62 the same ‘they’ as the original post
MAUD_Est Aylar önce
Daniel Zuniga
Daniel Zuniga Aylar önce
Sounds like he’s hiding something
persico Aylar önce
I wonder if he is still winning 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rxgue Planet
Rxgue Planet Aylar önce
FBI showing their political bias 😂🤦🏾
Marco V
Marco V Aylar önce
“Don’t resist , let them do their job and take it up in court”
Jorge D Martinez Mayol
@Grazimoto1 if he stoled those documents he should be punished unless it’s to bring to light government corruption. I think we can all agree that we don’t need corrupt politicians in office.
Jorge D Martinez Mayol
@Marco V I agree 100% but just like many people in the United States, they would be very upset if law enforcement “infringe” on their Constitutional Rights.
Jorge D Martinez Mayol
@Grazimoto1 I don’t keep up with much now a days. I’m more busy ensuring my affairs are in order.
Grazimoto1 Aylar önce
How did those last 62 cases that Trump brought to court work out for him?
William A Perrow
William A Perrow Aylar önce
Probable cause is a requirement found in the Fourth Amendment that must usually be met before police make an arrest, conduct a search, or receive a warrant. Courts usually find probable cause when there is a reasonable basis for believing that a crime may have been committed (for an arrest) or when evidence of the crime is present in the place to be searched (for a search). Under exigent circumstances, probable cause can also justify a warrant-less search or seizure. Persons arrested without a warrant are required to be brought before a competent authority shortly after the arrest for a prompt judicial determination of probable cause.
William A Perrow
William A Perrow Aylar önce
@Supersidecar Allegedly.
dialopascal Aylar önce
The evil that men do lives after them 🤪
TOM Pastian
TOM Pastian Aylar önce
You're referring to the FBI I assume.
bob orilee
bob orilee Aylar önce
Hey by the way how's that for January 6th committee thing coming along? You guys still going to get them on that? Any hope of that happening now? Maybe?
Julio Aylar önce
A search warrant is a legal law enforcement activity.
Copper Hoard
Copper Hoard Aylar önce
@AngelWings How was this search warrant misused? Details... What? Nothing? HaHa... "misused"... what a joke. Next you will complain about Trump's arrest...
Jim Crawford
Jim Crawford Aylar önce
@The Fires of Mount Doom Actually, l had a chance to read it and it said "Orange man VERY bad"
The Fires of Mount Doom
And the probable cause statement was “orange man bad.”
AfricaN FuFu
AfricaN FuFu Aylar önce
😂😂😂😂😂😂🙏😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 this thief will go to jail
Gizmokitt Aylar önce
It’s finally happening
mugwump242 Aylar önce
"It was a perfect phone call... I mean raid. Everybody says so." "And I alone can fix it... I mean, I alone can clumsily leak probable cause to prompt a Federal Magistrate to sign off on a search warrant that requires surpassing a very high constitutional hurdle to begin with, let alone that it's an unprecedented action against an ex-president. It's like nothing anybody has ever seen before. It's so tremendous, bigly and beautiful, someone should look into the oranges of my greatness."
The Best Life
The Best Life Aylar önce
That thumbnail 🤣
a secret one
a secret one Aylar önce
That screengrab is goofy as hell 😆
M L Aylar önce
Raided or lawfully searched by federal officers in possession of a judge approved search warrant given probable cause of possible evidence of a crime or criminal activity potentially being found at address specified in said warrant?
H. Mtz.
H. Mtz. Aylar önce
Operation drain the swamp lol
VFX Pro Aylar önce
It's about time... the archives/boxes have been missing for 6 months for Chris' sake.
Susan Connolly
Susan Connolly Aylar önce
Lycan247 Aylar önce
They also found a large case of orange body paint
Theresa Turner
Theresa Turner Aylar önce
And they didn’t break into his safe they could get into a world of trouble they had a search warrant and believe u his lawyers where there they needed a warrant just to come into his home
Lucky Star
Lucky Star Aylar önce
Go through the luggage.
Dom Aylar önce
At least in us you have weapons to protect yourself from government. Here in Canada, we have nothing.
Dom Aylar önce
@Debbie Preston Concordia, Dawson , polytechnic, Denis lorti yes we had ones of the worst ever but CNN doesn't show that
SpicyPotato Aylar önce
@Jordan E hey hows your handgun thing going btw
hiker64 Aylar önce
@MrMajikman1 Also wrong
hiker64 Aylar önce
@Clutch Boi - Wrong
mrsmarvelous1 Aylar önce
This administration reminds me of the House of Cards.
Jed Clampett
Jed Clampett Aylar önce
Wow! we have a pole dancer attempting to broadcast real news!... nice job.
Brigadier General
Brigadier General Aylar önce
Nice 😊 lock him up
Jon Jaeden
Jon Jaeden Aylar önce
The FBI has learned Trump was in possession of a Betsy Ross flag ...
Future Global
Future Global Aylar önce
“Lock him up! Lock him up! Lock him up!” -@RonDeSantisFL 🤣
Jon Jaeden
Jon Jaeden Aylar önce
@Nelson Perez Who's burned? You're just blowing smoke ...
Nelson Perez
Nelson Perez Aylar önce
@Jon Jaeden So you got burnt and you cry Im paper yur glue. Lay off disinfectants.
Patricia Wade
Patricia Wade Aylar önce
Welcome to the real world we're we are not above the law
Zapata vive
Zapata vive Aylar önce
Don't do the crime and you can't do the time.
jody courtney
jody courtney Aylar önce
They broke into his safe it’s a raid 😱 yanks
Leong WaiMeng
Leong WaiMeng Aylar önce
OMG thought this happen only in Africa and Asia
Gus & Jess
Gus & Jess Aylar önce
Wow. If he didn’t need another reason to run for re election.
Stephanie Persin
Stephanie Persin Aylar önce
Orange clown would lose bigly.
Fuc Ker
Fuc Ker Aylar önce
@P L silence, child. The adults are talking.
Mr.M Wis
Mr.M Wis Aylar önce
🤔The difference is "Under Cover" of the "LAW Enforcement OFFICERS" As a voter it's about time! And as a voter I didn't want eather one of the WING NUTS Trump Pince or Biden Harris!!
Koeun Aylar önce
Lock them Jan6 all up, Please.
Slim Pickins
Slim Pickins Aylar önce
Donald....you should have got rid of Barr and put a real attorney General in there and drain that massive swamp
AMC1000 Aylar önce
@Brad Smith No longer three branches of government.
MoonShadeStuff Aylar önce
Trump is the swamp monster.
United Federation of KFC
Kinda funny that most of the people he put in power betrayed him. Almost like he's done so much sketchy stuff that even conservatives that worked for him cringed.
Eagle C’s ALL
Eagle C’s ALL Aylar önce
Welcome to our lives !!!
Jacky Drywater
Jacky Drywater Aylar önce
Like he didn't know it was coming weeks ago
Lucas Dos Santos Silva
E aí Donald. Boa noite 😴😘🌙
kanasta A
kanasta A Aylar önce
This wont save you the 1st of September when the hellfire starts raining down from north, east and south. Lets see how "chosen" you are then. XD
Russ Aylar önce
He should of pardon himself. Lol
T-Virus Terrance
T-Virus Terrance Aylar önce
Hello, Humans Imagine being born in darkness...alone. Never being able to connect with anyone around you. Moving through crowds, as if they're not there. You make a choice to be mentally strong, as your past, present and future keep you in the dark. Life is great, isn't it?😀 TERRANCE OUT
Krystin Grant
Krystin Grant Aylar önce
Lock him tf up
Anna At home
Anna At home Aylar önce
This is not the USA I know & came to love & respect
Diego Montecristo
Diego Montecristo Aylar önce
Then you can leave, bye bye
Spurs_ Aylar önce
This video has twice as many comments than likes. This means it probably has like 10x more dislikes lmao
L̴en̴a̴ C̴h̴a̴tT ̴ -m̴e̴- 👉t@p
"It was beautiful, the most beautiful raid you've ever seen. There were people, lots of people. It was unbelievable how many people, and it was beautiful." - Donald Trump
Jack Pinewood
Jack Pinewood Aylar önce
FBI is very good at Planting Material...... Keep that in mind.
Double O Seven
Double O Seven Aylar önce
We got em boys! Finally! For real! Oh wait...what? Hilarious
mrbozo Aylar önce
Oh boohoo! They "raided" me! Oh boohoo!
Q S Aylar önce
FBI raided speed too, tf they doin over there?
DJ Change
DJ Change Aylar önce
This news reporter needs to get her stuff straight and quit misleading the public he's not the president anymore..
Geneva J
Geneva J Aylar önce
What are they looking for What did they find
gf301062 Aylar önce
All right bring it in. Can't wait for the Trial...
jaleel appleseed
jaleel appleseed Aylar önce
Merovingian Aylar önce
Was it a no knock warrant? Was he in his boxer when they kicked the door off the hinges?
rose fiend
rose fiend Aylar önce
Supreme Court!
RA Aylar önce
And he was y’all savior 🤣😂🤣
dog shorts India asia
Biden turning into modi by doing these things 😂
Tim P
Tim P Aylar önce
Outrages. They go after him again.
Q Pee
Q Pee Aylar önce
How did this happen 😆
Dyn O Mite
Dyn O Mite Aylar önce
ᛊᚲᚨᛞᛁ Dalesen
what reality am i living in...?
Fipsh Aylar önce
Joan Frellburg
Joan Frellburg Aylar önce
Dark times for only YOU donnyboy.
Profit Stock Alerts dot Com
This is the kind of stuff regimes in the 3rd world do but the country has been turning into the 3rd world for a while now.
brettofil Aylar önce
I hope Hunters laptop was in the safe.
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