Forging a SWORD out of Rusted Iron REBAR 

Almost Perfect Restoration
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Well, This Sword took me almost two month to make and this was not easy to make it such perfect. A lot of people asked me to make Sword so i tried to make most perfect Sword that i can.
Blade Length: 35 Inches
Handle Length: 12 Inches
Overall Length: 47 Inches
All the Processes are below of making this beautiful Sword:
It took me almost two days to prepare and hand forge Rebar piece into a long iron Strip and this was my most Hard forging ever. I don't have any power hammers so all the forging i did with my hands as well as other metal processes and turned a rebar piece into an 50 inch long metal strip.
I make most of grindings of steel strip with my Angle grinder and turned the strip into a well ballanced workpiece. I also
did a lot of hand sanding with a help of abrasive to remove the edges and almost all the roughness of the blank.
v. I made diamod blade type by hand sanding.
v. Hand Sanded the Blade to remove roughness.
v. The Hollow Ground was done manually which makes all the counstruction more lighter and stronger.
There is a proven and professional way to harden a Sword and that is
Heating the whole surface placed into a Fire evenly to a critical temperature. After that Quench the heated detail in oil. Now the steel is hard but fragile. Tempering is the best way to increase Toughness of the sword.
The Handle contains of three parts.
v. POMMEL: Purpose of pommel is to ballance all the counstruction and to force more energy during a hit.
v. Cross Guard: A nice brass piece which protects hands, it is also needs to be sealed by Spacer.
v. Wood: Any piece of light wood would be nice for the handle which could be wrapped with some soft leather strips.
Forging a SWORD out of Rusted Iron REBAR
Always wear eye protection while working with grinders.
Always wear gloves while sanding blade.
Stay Focused.
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12 Ağu 2022




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This is the most Hard forging i have ever done, Here is some of the Best moments of this Sword video. 01:34 forging 03:01 shaping 05:05 hardening 06:28 making handle 08:16 making cross guard 10:52 making pommel 09:49 making handle 12:31 assembling Final product
@CJ_7519 Yıl önce
I can't believe it took you 2 days just to forge the thing. Nevertheless, it came out nice and shiny👍🗡️!
Armature cannot be hardened. Because hardenable reinforcement cannot be welded. Who needs fragile places in rebar? Hello from Russia p.s Try to make it from a spring, torsion bar or a powerful spring (for example, from a railway carriage). Just do not forget to release after hardening - it can burst)))
In theory, the pommel balances the blade. Therefore, it should not be made of light metal)))
@marxel6231 Yıl önce
Pastor please pray for the release of curses and magic. Please pray to facilitate the brain and be given intelligence. Please pray to get rid of the disease in the body. Please pray for smooth finances and be given wealth.
@Bahamuttone Yıl önce
Hmm the handle is round. That is a problem. It makes difficult to keep the blade aligned with the direction of the cut.
@boondogglet132 Yıl önce
the fact you made a beautiful blade with hand tools and no fancy workshop makes this sword even more special. Beautiful workmanship, elegantly simple and a timeless design.
@Donglehut 2 aylar önce
Wdym he used a buzz saw
@SkyForgeGears 28 gün önce
@@Donglehutone tool
@RedVRCC 4 gün önce
​@@Donglehuta single modern tool doesn't equate to a fancy workshop.
@XXX3RX0 Yıl önce
Absolutely stunning for the amount stuff you had access to. However, there's something I think you missed and it's a small part, easy to fix. It looked like you made the handle circular. Usually, bladed weapons in general have oval handles so that one can feel the edge alignment in the hand.
@jeanladoire4141 Yıl önce
Well this guy did a great job at making a medium quality sword even tho he's not a blacksmith or a a wordsmith. But the fact that he's not knowledgeable about medieval weapons or just forging in general shows. I'm a blacksmith, i've made a few swords now, and he could tweak a thing or two. First of all, he shouldn't cover his steel with a layer of clay to "prevent carbon loss". This is irrelevant, we don't carry weighted vests in every day life to not get sucked up by tornadoes. Carbon loss can happen, except that's irrelevant in that case and the technique used is kinda dumb. He didn't temper his sword prior to quenching, wich is a mistake. He should have done a few cycles during the final steps of the forging, by hammering while at a low recristalisation temperature (but i mean he's not that great of a Smith so he just carved the shape out instead, wich would be a nonsense in a medieval setup, just beacause stock removal is so expensive compared to just forging the blade at the right shape directly). Then, the clay... At a quenching temperature, you're nowhere near the heat necessary to modify noticeably the carbon content of your edge, wich means... He put clay for nothing (and even then, keep in mind that decarburization can take hours at high temperatures, so basically you'd have to do it on purpose to lose carbon). Then, he quenched the blade... With the clay still on??? And too cold??? So basically the clay prevents the steel from properly hardening, that's why we'd use it foe making hamons, and the heat seemed way too low to even have quenched if it didn't have clay. So in short, the guy pretended to make a tempered blade when he just didn't temper his blade at all, he just did some shenanigans to pretend like he's changing the steel. But whatever, a sword doesn't HAVE to be hardened, in a medieval context it wouldn't be uncommon to see untempered weapons. Then, about the tempering, i don't exactly understand why he put the blade in a box and then put sand on top of it... Does he want to grow a sword tree? I suppose he saw a blacksmith put a hot blade in vermiculite once and thought he could do the same with sand, except his blade isn't hot, the sand isn't vermiculite, and, minor detail, you usually do that step to CANCEL HARDENING. (btw vermiculite is used to keep the heat in the blade, sand would just suck up the heat, but that doesn't matter on a cold blade). And, well, the handle is round, wich makes it very hard to feel the edge alignment. That just shows he doesn't use handled tools or weapons in general a whole lot, or at least didn't pay attention about why axe handles weren't round for exemple... Overall not a bad attempt at all for a beginner, just a lack of informations on a lot of aspects, be it forging or weaponry, but that's kind of a problem when you want to forge a weapon. If he studied the subject a bit more he'd have done a quite good job a making a sword tho! (oh and i have yet to feel the balancing of the blade tho) Last side note : he shouldn't have faked the cut maille at the end... Like he strikes it, and cuts to a photo of the cut maille... First of all even a good sword would have been stopped by that, just beacause you don't cut steel with steel that easily. Then, i'm pretty sure it's the maille that cut into the sword lmao, he probablement got a nice saw blade where the sword hit
@TschimmiCash Yıl önce
@@jeanladoire4141 thanks for pointing this out! The tempering part bothered me bit in the video(, too).
@RLee-we1fc Yıl önce
@@jeanladoire4141 6:16 if he didn't temper it, what's that?
@jeanladoire4141 Yıl önce
@@RLee-we1fc that's planting a sword for making a sword tree (what he did is pointless, the sword isn't tempered, and in no case should you bury it in sand)
@RLee-we1fc Yıl önce
@@jeanladoire4141 that's funny, a sword tree. 😂 😂
@rancholotl3384 11 aylar önce
We need more people like this guy. People like him make life a living RPG and that's what I want out of my time.
@birgir3399 5 aylar önce
It makes it a living rpg? How?
@JPPlayz1106 22 gün önce
I'm boutta break into his back yard
@pavelulyanov2061 22 gün önce
Swords weren't invented in RPGs 🤦
@rancholotl3384 22 gün önce
i do not remember making this comment lol
@jstaatzy5606 Yıl önce
Unbelievable! This is the definition of making do with what you have! I had my doubts when you started to forge but I stand corrected. What you accomplished with the tools you used is unreal. Well done 👏
@isaacgarcia117 Yıl önce
I was looking for this comment, there's always this comment
@abrorjumaboyev6051 11 aylar önce
@@isaacgarcia117 ²1йййй33111ф3кк0
i think this is very beautiful. i also enjoy, the semi primative proccess. i've seen the forging or making of much more complicated looking blades, but i honestly prefer this one. it's simplicity makes it beautiful
@clintonm2357 2 aylar önce
I have forged a few swords myself and I am quite impressed with your final product. The profile is great and the finish is beautiful!
@NoSleepMan 2 aylar önce
U should make a video of ur own. ( making a sword
@FloatingPhyzzxx Aylar önce
I am in awe, this is just beautiful, all in your backyard with not too much fancy equipment just a simple forgery, but created such a majestic piece i love it
@araelthewise Yıl önce
Un trabajo increíble!! He estado pensando en hacer un espada, en mi caso solo como adorno ya que no tengo tanto conocimiento del oficio de herrería, y por falta tiempo no podría trabajarla para darle tanto nivel de detalle , pero ahora me entra la duda, y justo tengo una viga de hierro de ese exacto grosor 😋😋
@CoreniaBug 11 aylar önce
So much goes into what you do. What an amazing job!! Well done!! :)
@elefantspidsmus 11 aylar önce
Not only is this piece of craft / art perfect. The video is so well made, that you can almost touch the artwork. Actually you could make one, if you dared to, just out of this video. Thank You!
@albertcastillo6669 8 aylar önce
I really appreciate how you showed how to forge the pommel and cross guard your video has shed light on so many questions about forging those 2 items What really appreciate is that you showed how long some of those steps took to negotiate those task .Very beautiful craftsmanship the mirror finish you put on that blade and how you did it by hand sanding is admirable Thank you for sharing your video it really helps me out a lot.
@LukeBiology30 2 aylar önce
Hello Almost Perfect Restoration! Just had a few questions. I'm making a sword just like yours and had a few questions. First off, what type of blade did you use for your angle grinder when you shaped the blade into the diamond shape? And what blade did you use when you took the top layer of black char of? And how long did you leave the sword in the sand to temper? And finally what putty did you use? Thank you for everything you do!
@had1223 3 aylar önce
This was so awesome to watch! Thanks. And excellent work!!
@JesseCaine 11 aylar önce
Absolutely fascnating to see such skill and the beauty of creating something so special. Thank you!
It looks very elegant and aesthetically pleasing! Nice work 👍
@4hedgesfamily Yıl önce
I'm impressed. I was under the impression that rebar was always a milder steel. I have a friend who is forging a blade out of rebar. Since we were using my forge, I gave him the two-handed sledge hammer and I got to hold the steel. It still took us 2 days.
@goldenagenut Yıl önce
I've been hammering out knives for more than 20 years - regular rebar is soft, usually a mixture of lesser steels, it generally won't temper, will not hold an edge and rusts at the drop of a hat. This gentleman did a fantastic job hammering out a sword blade, beautiful work! Doing it the hard way too 👍 f yeah. Much better than i could do!!! That high polish is downright snazzy. 👌 ( If you want a real beast, forge one out of one of those coil springs! Talk about tough(!), some of my favorite blade steel but it is hard stuff. It holds a great edge, will take a good bend and spring right back but hammering out a sword will take a lot longer - when you start hammering it just looks at you, it moves slow until you flatten it out some, but man it makes a rugged, sharp blade!
@mrrberger 6 aylar önce
Yes you had to use a sledge as you didn't use the power of the video jump cut. With jump cuts you can achieve perfect thickness with a small hammer and crowned rail track, with jump cuts you can hollow grind the blade and apply a scalloped grind patina to the tang covering up the very much perfect face finish, you achieve after 2 days tapping on the rail anvil. My fakedar was ringing loud from the opening scene and got so loud I had to stop watching in honor of those blacksmiths that present nose to tail videos without massive progress jump cuts.
@brianfalls5038 Yıl önce
Very nice job on the sword forging sir!!! You now have a new subscriber. Well done!!! That is a beautiful sword to say the least and you have shown that you don't need a bunch of fancy tools to make it happen. Just some perseverance, imagination and determination along with some scrap metal. Amazing work.
@faselfasel2864 Yıl önce
Also a hell of a lot of smelting and metalworking expertise + still a lot of tools.
@brianfalls5038 Yıl önce
@@faselfasel2864 Agreed
Very useful! I really enjoy watching your channel! Hope that it will develop strikingly in the future!
@oneshotme Yıl önce
Great looking sword and you did an excellent job making it also! Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up
@guitaradrian07 Yıl önce
Great vid. Years ago i saw a 3 part saxon sword making vid and it was the best. You've come very close. Would love to see some notes on how you got this tempered. Great job!!
Man that is a VERY nice hollow grind. Looks very clean
@djvelocity Yıl önce
This is one of the coolest things I have run across on TRvid in a long time! *I just found your channel but it is incredible* 😳🤯📚🙌
@InsongWhang Yıl önce
Looks stunning! Handle might be a bit too round, but I'm sure that a good grip helps with that.
It's not a matter of grip. The reason a swords handle is oblong shaped is so you get more effectively align the blade with your cut. A round handle offers no tactile feedback on where the blade edge is facing.
@InsongWhang Yıl önce
@@FinalFantasyIXIIII I know, I worded that poorly. What I meant was that good grip helps with controlling the spinning, so you'll have atleast a chance of having the blade somewhat aligned.
Ficou top demais 👏👏👏👏👍
@cidoribeiro5751 Yıl önce
sensacional; você é um artista 👍 👏👏👏
That sword is beautiful! Really nice job man.
@billyfoster3223 Aylar önce
Awesome sword and artistic work!!😁👍🛠️🔧
@Suncoo353 8 aylar önce
we should apriceate how much time and work he puts into these videos
Superbly made sword, what skills! Outstanding work.👍😊
@ebsaeed4578 Yıl önce
Honestly I love that you and other guys are doing this. Making stuff out of old metals etc. Literally if you didnt recycle these theyd just be left to sit there. Props brother!
Beautiful sword, fantastically crafted!
Sensacional 😍
@petaghgfhf Yıl önce
Very impressive how you did a nice hollow grind with an angle grinder
Very beautiful! Heads up, the handle of a sword is traditionally less of a perfect cylinder, more oval in cross section, for ease of grip and control of the sword. Super cool sword though, major chops!
A forge for dummies! You make it look so easy. I do want to create my own sword one day. Thanks for the vid. It’s actually a very nice piece. I bet you been doing this for a while.
@shaqjuice420 Yıl önce
The opposite, if you start forging don't do what this guy does lmao
@@shaqjuice420 yeep shaping and tempering would make this sword break pretty easily+ its rebar
@NoahPopejoy 2 aylar önce
I would love to be able to do something like this one day. Where do you learn how to do stuff like this...?
@falcofalconidae5478 7 aylar önce
Linda!!! Perfeita! Parabéns!
Sensacional 👏
Excelente!! Muy buen trabajo!
@svt_mike66 Yıl önce
I can only imagine how sore your arm must be after flattening 1" of solid rebar, love the final product!
Imagina os do ferreiros da idade média
@Throku Yıl önce
Yeah couldnt help thinking that he should have drilled holes in that rail bit and bolted it down to something that didnt move
@goldenagenut Yıl önce
Rebar is actually soft, you can see how fast its moving.
@tommywhite625 Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful. I would be so proud if I made that.
🤩✌🏻Good Work, My Young Man!🤩✌🏻 🤩✌🏻Try To Make One Of These Too For You To Play With!🤩✌🏻
@jimmy5034 Yıl önce
I enjoyed this more then the other sword making channels no fancy expensive equipment very impressive
@yhchung7794 11 aylar önce
@Boots_McScoots 10 aylar önce
It's nice to see something with a mirror finish, and not a damascus pattern. Looks great :)
@Merrlin Yıl önce
This is so cool! No massive fancy forge with heavy duty equipment, just pure craftsmanship… and some power tools lol
@mrrberger 6 aylar önce
you forgot the power of the video jump cut.
@Merrlin 6 aylar önce
@@mrrberger were you actually going to watch 2 days worth of shaping the rebar?? hahahahahahaha
Nicely done, beautiful sword!
@sjhenkes7900 7 aylar önce
Beautiful work a true craftsman .. If it means anything you have my RESPECT !!
@latteguy0345 Yıl önce
Very well done! Congratulations to your new creation :). But i do wonder what that paste you put on in the hardening process was. Rebar from my understanding is mild steel so did you case-harden the whole sword with that paste or how did you manage to harden the sword with such a low carbon content? I’m asking partly because I’d like to try this out myself with the rebar I have at home!
@adam-bf8li Yıl önce
There are many types of rebar, maybe this one is an alloyed one. Either way, he just showed us that we don't need a lot of things to create something beautiful. Hehe
@nom6758 Yıl önce
He didnt harden in, its mild steel. He just went through the processes of forging a high-carbon steel sword, with mild steel.
@tybertimus Yıl önce
Rebar generally does not have a lot of carbon, so I wouldn't swing it at stuff, but it turned out very clean. I think if you take some of the good recommendations from the comments you can make some good improvements next time very easily! Personally I'd suggest just a few for now: 1) Better steel. Like I said, rebar just doesn't usually have much carbon and it's very inconsistent, since it is a structural steel. 2) Make the handle more oval or squashed round. If it's hard to tell which way the blade edge is just by feel, it will roll too much. I hope you keep going!
@conorhudson1486 Yıl önce
rebar is probably a good analogue for medieval steel, as alot of blades made in the day had massively inconsistent hardness across them.
@tybertimus Yıl önce
@@conorhudson1486 That can be true depending on the area and time period, but anything in Europe past the 13th century was likely to be more on the *too hard* side than not hard enough. Rebar simply does not have enough carbon to get very hard. Besides, we have easy and cheap access to far superior materials. Good blade-quality steel can be under $20 for several feet of bar, and even if you want to go the free route you can find springs and old saw blades and worn out files.
@conorhudson1486 Yıl önce
@@tybertimus I usually use leaf springs
​@@conorhudson1486 false, the medieval steel was a bloom or bloomery steel, all the contemporany steel come from an a insdustrial process and is a form of molten and liquid steel. so we have different propieties: decarbuzation, low templability, etc. The steel has used in the video is a low carbon steel, you cant hardening this material, ussualy the medieval steel use a medium or high carbon steel for the cuting adge and iron or low carbon steel for the general corp. We have different cualities of steels in different moments of this period, but exist many blades that we know has made whit a very high culitie steel.
@Yo-mv6py 11 aylar önce
whats the composition of the carbon loss material you spread over the blade to harden it? does it matter what you cover it in?
@migstorm689 Yıl önce
Rebar is tricky because it is usually a mixture of different steel so you never know if your using a hard or soft bit
@ccolton9 10 aylar önce
Man id pay for a sword like that. Awesome work
Beautiful blade. Nice job. Congrats.
@alexglaras5090 Yıl önce
A beautiful blade you forged there! I'm curious how well it'll hold an edge, as rebar is a fairly mild steel compared to the tool steel most blades are made of. Once again, excellent work!
@geniceka Yıl önce
If you quenche the rebar in oil it becomes real good and it wont take any warps or crack
@alexglaras5090 Yıl önce
@@geniceka Tempering will make the blade stronger but a tool steel will be harder than mild after both have been quenched.
@geniceka Yıl önce
@@alexglaras5090 if it's only mild steel with low carbon then it cannot be hard after quenching
@alexglaras5090 Yıl önce
@@geniceka Never knew that! Thanks!
Different grades of rebar, sort of a hot dog metal lol. I have a few pieces that will harden, but most is mild steel
At the end, absolutely amazing how effective it is against attacking squashes. Does it work as well against attacking killer tomatoes?
@aapkipharmacy 4 aylar önce
It's very beautiful and your Hard work so appreciated 👍
@tiago.ramos. Yıl önce
This is the most beautiful Sword 🗡 done with the least Tools I’ve seen! Congratulations! Hope someday I can do one like this
@wladius Yıl önce
Awesome. I'd be seriously interested in seeing a tour of the workshop. Most of the youtube blacksmiths have elaborate workshops with expensive tools, yet here we see how great results can be achieved with "minimal" equipment. I would really like to see the forge and how could I set up something like that in my own backyard.
Great results for a wall hanger yeah. Rebar is an absolutely atrocious material for a blade.
@AP500yd Yıl önce
@@dustinstiner3057 ok? It's not like he's going to be taking it into battle🤓🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
@fielkeiseedmet Yıl önce
Aesthetic purposes sword only.
The sword you made is totally giving me Highlander vibes. A beautiful sword.
Amazing job! Keep going :)
@thinhsuynhuoc Yıl önce
I feel like a roughed up or un finished rustic element running along the middle of the spine couldnt be super cool to contrast the mirror polish. Likewise for pommel and hilt as well. It could be like roughed an rustic from the center and going outwards is more and more refined until mirror. That would be so cool. Altho the shiny mirror is so elegant not much else could top it. Beautiful build
@iicompany6376 6 aylar önce
What an absolute Skill!!! I LOVE IT.
@user-bb3jq1wd2l Yıl önce
It's so amazing, I like this sword 😍
@ryandutton5039 Yıl önce
Wonderful work hope for more sword videos and what do you do with the finished product
@reginaldorobson Yıl önce
Ficou maravilhosa 👏👏👏👏👏👏
@thephoenix6363 Yıl önce
above & beyond such piece of art with no challenge.thank you
@afwalker1921 Yıl önce
Awesome work! This shows the difference between a real fighting sword and the cold-pressed stainless junk available everywhere. It also shows why real swords are so expensive and so dear. I want one for my end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it survivalist fantasies... I just don't think I can afford it! Bravo!!!
@rdn1089 Yıl önce
Hey man....amazing work, you are a genius, and have you a wonderful talent...congratulations from Brazil!
That sword is beautiful and awesome job making that.
@walleve7924 5 aylar önce
This was an amazing video! I can't imagine how much work this took. Two questions,-How did you get the fire hot enough for the forging? Will only wood not work?
@ieatcaribou7852 5 aylar önce
Hard wood will work, you just need a source of blowing air. The easiest method when using coal or hard wood is to grab a hairdryer and attach a 3-4' black iron pipe to it so the hairdryer can stay out of the heat. The pipe can lay next to the fire and blow. Only have the hairdryer on when you've got steel in the forge or you'll go through your wood pretty fast. You'd be amazed how hot a coal/hard wood fire can get with some moving air, you could burn the steel in no time. Blacksmiths that use forges like this on the regular use electric or hand cranked blowers instead of a hairdryer, but it'll do the same work for ya.
@walleve7924 5 aylar önce
@ieatcaribou7852 Hey, thanks for the advice, I'm going to try that. Thanks!
@MartyG1957 Yıl önce
another fantastic creation. That's very impressive
@user-br1bt3cs1k Yıl önce
Мастерство НЕВЕРОЯТНОЕ!😃 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
@Lina-nz5np Yıl önce
love how strongly this feels of indie forgework. no power hammer, no fancy tongs, just a guy with a hole in the ground, an iron brick, and a hammer.
@marcweltzer776 Yıl önce
Gorgeous, fantastic value, great work. I'm impressed. "Forged in Fire" at home ;-) Would love to do it too. thanks for the good video!
@_masti_ Yıl önce
Super impressive! Wonder how much it weighs 🤔
@weswes4187 6 aylar önce
3:34 is a awesome shot. You tell a great visual story.
@billyfoster3223 Yıl önce
Great work! Amazing sword!👍👍😁😁🛠️🛠️⚒️⚒️
@JustCheckingln 3 aylar önce
I love this and its something i really want to try! I'm curioius what did you use as the "carbon loss prevention paste" 5:10
Nice work with minimum tools. I am curious about the tempering
Beautiful work, beautiful video!
Eres increíble hermano 👍🏻 Saludos desde 🇦🇷💚😄
@Maestro7228 Yıl önce
The handle should be sort of oval shape rather than completely rounded, for proper hand placement and thus edge alignment on strike Marvelous work anyway
@user-lo2tm1qm8d Yıl önce
So beautiful 🤩!!!!!!Very nice job!!!!
I was skeptical at first but wow amazing craftsmanship for sure
@massteel7483 Yıl önce
Que bello trabajo ,sensacional ,me encantó la espada muy bien realizado 👏 👍 👌 con buen gusto 😊🥰👏😊👍🧠👏👏👏ok
@jsnmarch Yıl önce
Really gorgeous work on that sword sir.
the final result is absolutely stunning
@eggstu Yıl önce
Amazing work, nice sword
Потрясающая работа 😎👍👍👍
@Excavenger 10 aylar önce
you deserve way more subscribers than 418k for that hard and tiring work
@juancaceres7011 10 aylar önce
Un gran maestro una obra de arte .
@murfdog2216 Yıl önce
Absolutely Stunning 😍
@RedVRCC 4 gün önce
piece of rebar, pit in the ground for a furnace, anvil made from structural beams. this guy's resourcefulness is unmatched beautiful sword too, the ones made by hand by these youtubers are arguably better quality than the factory made reproductions like what I have.
@saadammar6473 Yıl önce
Excellent work 👍👍
@valerionapoli1763 6 aylar önce
I wish I was good half of you in this! That sword is really beautiful! Even more thinking how it appeared when it was just scrap metal pieces! 😲
Amazing bro, beautiful work!👍
@yavuzbudur8629 24 gün önce
Amazing I love it Bravo 👏🏻
@dixonbeejay 11 aylar önce
I absolutely love this ♥️
@tsubasauchiha3656 11 aylar önce
mi sueño siempre fue tener una espada. pero me conformo con verla ya sera para la proxima vida =)
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