Forging a Copper Damascus Katana

Tyrell Knifeworks
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6 Ağu 2022




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Tyrell Knifeworks
For those asking: 1) This one is already sold. I do not do custom orders because this is just a hobby and I only sell what I make or the channel. I have some knives available on my website, check those out (link in every video description). 2) Yes I'm aware that the curve in a traditional katana is from the heat treating process. I chose to not differentially heat treat this blade because it is damascus-cladded. If you apply clay and get a hamon, the steel above the hamon will be soft and the damascus will look terrible. The copper takes the place of the hamon aesthetically and also provides shock absorption. 3) The copper bond is very strong. The copper in the blade is a thin sheet over the central core of high carbon steel which is also the cutting edge. The copper brazing bond is in excess of 70000 psi in tensile strength and you'll destroy the blade before you shear the layers apart. 4) Galvanic corrosion requires the presence of an electrolyte (like saltwater). Keep the blade clean and dry and oil it on occasion like you should with any carbon steel blade and it will last a lifetime. Basically if you keep the steel from rusting, the copper will be just fine. Thx.
Matt Volkien
Probably the most gorgeous piece I've seen in a long time. Absolutely phenomenal.
Xan1333 21 gün önce
the final result on the blade gave me chills, it looks beautiful.
Polycatmagic 12
Polycatmagic 12 Gün önce
I've never seen this done before, and I have to say, it is extremely beautiful. I love the contrast between the bright copper and the darker damascus.
Anthony Jose
Dude… I would love to afford something like this, absolutely stunning. You’re a master at what you do man props!
David Freed
David Freed 14 gün önce
The first step in creating a beautiful piece like this is "imagining" the finished article. Knowing how to work the materials to achieve it is an incredible talent. Thanks for showing this... too bad it's already sold; towards the end of the video I was drooling... I want one!!
nick butter
nick butter 21 saatler önce
As a Katana owner & Martial Artist myself I must say this blade.... I've never seen its equal. And that Close Up Macro shot at time index
This blade looks like it could be a blade of legend. Seeing the finished reveal left my jaw down and speechless. Truly beautiful piece.
Dalton West
Dalton West 19 saatler önce
The finished product looked phenomenal!! I want one!
Катакомбы 14 gün önce
This weapon will kill with its looks alone! Astonishing work, man, so much detail, so much love and care, you’re really a master at what you do, biggest respect to you for your work!
Slappa08 14 gün önce
That is absolutely beautiful. I think that this, alongside the copper damascus bowie knife you made a year ago, are some of the best blades you made.
Vlad Ventura
Vlad Ventura Gün önce
Dude the blade looks amazing. What kept me watching the video was the process and your skills and knowledge about the craft. I really like watching skilled people working, even if its not remotely near my own field of work
BiomeCraftiL 28 gün önce
The design is SOOOO slick. Your edge work is impressive and the outcome is gorgeous
Jonah de Vries
If I had just skipped to the end without watching the whole process of you making it, I would have believed this is a sword used as a movie prop, or a video game asset or something like that because it looks so clean and perfect. It is so surreal the end result you achieved, the detail on the blade is beautiful and unlike anything I have ever seen, I feel like there is no one who could happily own this without feeling like it is wasted on them.
Chris john Matthews 🇺🇦
You sir are a exquisite craftsman I've never seen a blade that stunning in my life. 5⭐
Callum Sinclair
Callum Sinclair Gün önce
Mate that was so amazing showing your way of making something so special and important in that time in life.
fredward _
fredward _ 12 saatler önce
This looks really gorgeous!
yilmaz zzz
it has maybe already been said 10.000 times, but that blade looks so gorgeous, it is a piece of art and brilliance of a master craftsman, the fact that you dont wanna do the traditional curving is absolutely fine, not everything needs to be traditional. either way it was a blast to watch this.
Brian Stowers
Brian Stowers 14 saatler önce
Really beautiful work man. It was a lot of fun to watch that entire Katana come together. Thank you for the video. Cheers
Tapio Salminen
That copper edge on the hamon is amazing. The way it acts as an accent line between the all-black edge and the damascus blade just looks so good.
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