Forging a Copper Damascus Bowie Knife

Tyrell Knifeworks
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17 Tem 2021




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Zoso 14892
Zoso 14892 Yıl önce
I'll never get over how good copper looks against the steel. Great build as always.
I’m so glad that blacksmithing is making a huge comeback. It WONT be a “lost art” lol. The contrast with the steel & the copper is just jaw dropping. The best knife I’ve seen in a while. Even the handle is impressive. Amazing would be an understatement✌🏾
Todd Smith
Todd Smith Yıl önce
This is one of the most beautiful knives I've ever seen. Fantastic work.
Trevor Heinen
Trevor Heinen Yıl önce
This is the first video I’ve seen from your channel, and I’m incredibly impressed! Both by your insane ability, also by the fact that you take time to reply to so many of the comments! Way to go man!
Marek Bergman
What you do can be watched for hours like the best series. Thanks God that people with such skills have not yet died out like dinosaurs. What you do are real works of art. Thank you very much. Best Regards from Poland.
Diogo M.Martins
Diogo M.Martins Yıl önce
This is my dream knife from now on, breathtaking
vehement G
vehement G Yıl önce
This is, legitimately, the most beautiful knife I have ever seen in my life. Nice, NICE work.
Dana Cole
Dana Cole 9 saatler önce
I've always been interested in forging or blacksmithing, with no idea how it's done your videos are the closest I can get to a step by step, love da work
KAEFR 21 gün önce
Blown away. I want to learn to make one of these one day!
H Yıl önce
OMG! So beautiful! I have lately been on a binge-watching series of knife making and never would have thought I would get addicted to such a thing. But everything from the metal work, grinding, the hands-on meticulous craftsmanship and artistry... it's just so damn a "guy thing!" This piece is a work of art!
That's crazy, i thought there would be just a ultra thin layer of copper you could never see but that angle on the blade really made the copper stand out, nice work:)
The Count
The Count Yıl önce
It is such an awesome feeling when your first choice doesn't work out and your backup turns out to be the best. This is awesome, man. Bravo.
Mike Barker
Mike Barker Yıl önce
I really love how you explain the processes involved. There are plenty of interesting videos that are similar, but they tend to gloss over these details.
Joshua Welch
Joshua Welch Yıl önce
I can't help but wonder how much a piece of master worked craftsmanship like that would cost ❤️
Your work with copper Damascus is great. I’d like to
Mark Tullo
Absolutely amazing work! Your use of copper is so impressive. I do custom wood working using exotic hardwoods as accent bands and will be incorporating copper in my work as well. Very inspiring!!
Roy Hopper
Wow I have to agree with everyone else, what a beautiful knife and I have to agree that that’s the prettiest knife I have ever seen! Everything goes together perfectly! Your craftsmanship and how u putt everything together is amazing!
Ethan Barton
This guy deserves at least 2 million subscribers. Excellent work on the knife! There are some places that would pay top dollar for a knife like that in their collection!
gwingcommander Yıl önce
I absolutely love the copper in this design. Such a rich, beautiful color gives the blade that eye-catching quality. Amusingly, I think the handle you ended up going with was ultimately the best choice anyways. It's a very nice complement to the blade. Tremendous work sir!
Eric Petersen
Salem does rock! I saw him on fourth fire. But you sir are a true artisan! You are definitely top-tier and I would be honored for any information you are willing to share with me. I know I will feel 1000 times, but the next one will be glorious!
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