Football Hidden Chats You Surely Ignored #6

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in this video:

Zlatan interview: " lions don't recover like humans"
cristiano ronaldo get substituted vs Levante reaction "camera man"
griezmann get angry vs atletico madrid fans
mourinho and pogba coversation vs tottenham
mourinho vs conte ( chats, laught, fights interview )
mourinho send a paper to Matic

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27 Şub 2018




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Ofa Aigo tog
Ofa Aigo tog 26 gün önce
Pogba said mou tactics are trash The united brought ole From the special one to the tacticless one
Chaitanya k.n.
Chaitanya k.n. 7 gün önce
clueless one actually, not just tactics, he doesnt know what to do with players like VDB.
Ralph Fi
Ralph Fi 5 aylar önce
O mi god, why are these stupid fake ass videos still existing? These channels are running low on their legitimacy tank.
Alvish kalikaparsad
Alvish kalikaparsad 6 aylar önce
Hi iam Paul pogba
AC 86
AC 86 7 aylar önce
Dear football related content creators - stop putting this bullshit loud music over the top of the videos, it makes the videos worse in nearly every single example, this one is borderline unwatchable.
Mickael Jobert
Mickael Jobert 7 aylar önce
Pogba is being an idiot arguing with Mourinho. These players have no respect. I always ask myself if these referees were once football players?? How is not possible to see that Messi had scored??
Nahum Eikenberry
Nahum Eikenberry 7 aylar önce
"Midget sh*t" Lol 😂😂😂
C Synch
C Synch 7 aylar önce
Amazing this poster reads thru hands
Rob Clark
Rob Clark 7 aylar önce
Why play shit music while they are getting interviewed
Remi 7 aylar önce
Why does football videos always have useless music in the background smh
Franky 8 aylar önce
Is the thumbnail true or just for views
Heroic Miquio
Heroic Miquio 9 aylar önce
who is pogba????
okkcomputer 9 aylar önce
why the music ffs
Sneakerjuice 9 aylar önce
You can see how much Pogba loves and respects Zlatan, he's his biggest idol.
Euphonik Prince
Euphonik Prince 9 aylar önce
2:30 Messy's goal is basically what Piquet said about the referees in Spain, 90%of the referees in Spain favor Real Madrid(he meant that 90%of referees in Spain are Real Madrid fans) and piquet is being investigated for this
CE N T U R IO 10 aylar önce
Pogba is shit
501 Gerry aditya
501 Gerry aditya 10 aylar önce
The last one xD surely jose is a jokester
Peter Chedraoui
Peter Chedraoui 10 aylar önce
Da Phunk
Da Phunk 10 aylar önce
F u mourhino
Sam C
Sam C 10 aylar önce
None of this true.. murinho was just pointing at all the players he hates and pogba was covering his face bcos of he had bad breath that day
Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira 10 aylar önce
Afif Abdillah
Afif Abdillah 10 aylar önce
" It's my head that's playing, my knee just need to follow. " -Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Leis Bronze
Leis Bronze 11 aylar önce
Pogba thought he's still a world class player 😂😂 he will definitely end up in the chinese league , mark my words,
EXT Slayyz
EXT Slayyz 11 aylar önce
u know ur small when messi leans down to talk to u
Scott Patton
Scott Patton 11 aylar önce
Learn to spell you prat
Mike Riggall
Mike Riggall 11 aylar önce
The music is disgusting
Stipo Zamo
Stipo Zamo 11 aylar önce
00:47 pogbas face..
Chewy Chewie
Chewy Chewie 11 aylar önce
Shit music, shittier video
Ryan HAMDI 11 aylar önce
Name of song guys
Source: trust me bro
Fire Starr
Fire Starr 11 aylar önce
its funny because the spelling was so wrong so i scrolled down to see who made this, and guess what, it was an Albanian, and i'm also Albanian. It was funny but also embarrassing at the same time.
Leia George
Leia George 11 aylar önce
The befitting toenail feraly warm because dock understandably kick off a xenophobic book. insidious, damaging slime
a 11 aylar önce
I promise you that only the interview is real, the rest are made up...
Say No To The Vax!
Say No To The Vax! 11 aylar önce
The music was definitely not annoying. Definitely not.
Sthembiso Springle
Spoild pogba
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison Yıl önce
Pogba is a virus.
Dave Bryant
Dave Bryant Yıl önce
You need to put the music up a bit more as I could still just hear people talking.
jimmy anderson
jimmy anderson Yıl önce
Pogba was just pretending he wasn't actually listening to Mourinho
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Yıl önce
2:17 Yo WTF the ref is fucking shorter than messi
Betty James
Betty James Yıl önce
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Luis Figo
Luis Figo Yıl önce
Stop lying that's not what Pogba said
Maulana Fadlan
Maulana Fadlan Yıl önce
2:25 Referee was an impostor
david42na Yıl önce
not even funny video and its fake people, give it a dislike
Thetitone 78
Thetitone 78 Yıl önce
Alex Vite
Alex Vite Yıl önce
This music gives me cancer
PsychoticTunes Yıl önce
They just use these videos to promote music
Santi Smirk
Santi Smirk Yıl önce
ohh look another football video with retarder music!!!
Deano Shane
Deano Shane Yıl önce
I love pogba man
Wolfy Clover
Wolfy Clover Yıl önce
Muhammad Riazuddin
1:32 This is not Pogba This is Ramos in disguise
Danilo Uvedas
Danilo Uvedas Yıl önce
Mourinho and manchester/totenham you sucks!!!
Jack Summer
Jack Summer Yıl önce
My knees just have to follow 😂
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma Yıl önce
Willian was trying to read that
Yassin Mohammed
Yassin Mohammed Yıl önce
Ronaldo must not be subbed off
IT'S JUNIOR Yıl önce
The act to pogba is shit
Vivek Samanta
Vivek Samanta Yıl önce
Work on your subs .
MrKillingfly Yıl önce
Whats a raison? 1:10
Andy burnett
Andy burnett Yıl önce
Nx Pradip Acharya
chalpal xa Nx vanja ko
Nx Pradip Acharya
chalpal xa Nx vanja ko
Nx Pradip Acharya
chalpal xa Nx vanja ko
David Captari
David Captari Yıl önce
1:59 what?!?! Ref was just so stupid
Green Squirrel
Green Squirrel Yıl önce
Pogba was right .. Look at him now. So happy under Ole.. As long as the players agree with Ole's tactics.. He is good to go
Tal Oz
Tal Oz Yıl önce
pogba was underutilized by jose
Kushank Mishra
Kushank Mishra Yıl önce
I lost brain cells after watching this video.
Francis Sunu
Francis Sunu Yıl önce
How do u know what they were saying
Francis Sunu
Francis Sunu Yıl önce
Francis Sunu
Francis Sunu Yıl önce
TTVRimz001 Yıl önce
2:19 now messi know how kdb felt
H Dylan
H Dylan Yıl önce
m.trvid.com/show-UCaaumtpDfM1X0uMvz2Y9M6Q check out
The Future
The Future Yıl önce
Your tactics are $hit 😎🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ben • 69 years and
Remember CR7'S goal against SPAIN that where disallowed
Matthew Velez
Matthew Velez Yıl önce
Willian trying to look at the note lol
Bayram_ Bashiri
Bayram_ Bashiri Yıl önce
christian lian
christian lian Yıl önce
The most ironic chat ....Suarez calling somebody Bottler and midget while Messi is there 😂😂
Frank Woods
Frank Woods Yıl önce
The gay music tho
MaddY FF
MaddY FF Yıl önce
How does this guy even know what mourinho wrote in the paper he has a fortune teller or something ???😘🤔😣🙄
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Yıl önce
Stupid click bait. Pogba didn't say anything of the sort to classless oafs
Drawing academy of Tahura
2:17 referees are dumb
Steve Goldsworthy
Great vid but the music!! My god
Jason Yıl önce
Every time Zlatan makes a grammatical mistake the dictionary updates
B BOZ Yıl önce
hahahaha how is pogba laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣 0:47
Pieter Wesdorp
Pieter Wesdorp Yıl önce
Your english is very very bad
Kostas Fotopoulos
Shut the fuck up Pogba! Especially if you are standing in the front of the special one!
Erion Berisha
Erion Berisha Yıl önce
Shqiperi Etnike Kosove Etnike
Stranger Yıl önce
He just makes them up ,lmao
Asyraf010 Yıl önce
kok jd sok tau dah pemaen ngomong begituan
starphire X🌟
starphire X🌟 Yıl önce
2:18 isn't that the ref from the 2002 world cup scandal
Shahid Saffar
Shahid Saffar Yıl önce
Whatever Mourinho and Pogba were arguing about i dont really care, but seems only Mourinho is the only one who cld tell him off and tell him who's the boss..
AK Skancke
AK Skancke Yıl önce
Fake. The players is not saying that you are writing.
Emmanuel Epelle
Emmanuel Epelle Yıl önce
Lol, willian trying to sneak in a peak at mourinho's letter
davidogan 2 yıl önce
I think all the lip reading text HERE are bullshit but I never saw the clip of Pogba and Mou. Pogba is one lazy and dumb asshole. Can’t follow the coaches tactics, doesn’t want to put in the work but kept arguing. What a stupid MTF.
Syed Saad Ali Qazi
Syed Saad Ali Qazi 2 yıl önce
2:00 that's a goal bro! is ref totally blind!
Chandana Kaimal
Chandana Kaimal 2 yıl önce
2:55 both laught. Hahahahaha Who can someone be that illiterate?
Terry Bird
Terry Bird 2 yıl önce
liv 2 yıl önce
3:00 (william) when your friend finishes his exam and about to hand it over but you haven't finished copying the answers yet
Fodvorte 2 yıl önce
Why are people liking this fucking mindless bullshit video?
Deft Refu
Deft Refu 2 yıl önce
Mohamed Alkhair
Mohamed Alkhair 2 yıl önce
Suarez to the ref : “midget shit” 😂😂😂
NiCo KaLLa
NiCo KaLLa 2 yıl önce
Fuck the stupid Music
MrTcp01 2 yıl önce
Pogba is a big problem at United Toxic in the dressing shed
Aiman Johari
Aiman Johari 2 yıl önce
The sound is astonishingly idiotic
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