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Matt Stonie
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Today I'm taking on Emoji's! My top 10 favorite food emoji's brought to life in a food challenge.
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31 May 2017




Yük bağlantısı.....


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salman chamber77
salman chamber77 14 saatler önce
thats nots a dog its wolf"hybrid
Gamer_ the Limits
Gamer_ the Limits 16 saatler önce
Nope 🍘
trista sola pameroyan
trista sola pameroyan 17 saatler önce
I like how he share one pepperoni in the dog it so cute 😛
Luka Martinovic
Luka Martinovic 18 saatler önce
pizza ok but other stuff nah man
Luka Martinovic
Luka Martinovic 18 saatler önce
dude im sick plus i puked 3 times like if i would eat that al i will puke like 100 times
Luka Martinovic
Luka Martinovic 18 saatler önce
awwwwww you got a cute puppy dude
Meiyen Tan
Meiyen Tan 19 saatler önce
Why doesn’t Matt pour some popcorn in his mouth
I Like Potato Chips
"I chose rice cause... Im kinda Asian." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Azaan Tariq
Azaan Tariq Gün önce
I dont know how you are alive after all of your videos?
Owen Dalton
Owen Dalton Gün önce
How TF he eat a whole and not get diabetes?
Memes Lok
Memes Lok Gün önce
Omg I eat that and I literally burn myself up to burn the calories :p Kidding
kam Gün önce
he really did eat a whole cake in 4 minutes
Cuitlahuac Antonio Ortiz Sandoval
The Best Challenge of the History.
Serviette Ski
Serviette Ski Gün önce
Me: you are crazy Matt stonnie:i ave a big stomac Me:you are matt stonie
haneen mo
haneen mo Gün önce
MIKAEL is GREAT Gün önce
What the!????
Skye-Lily Williams
I would pick 🥞🧇🍔🍟🌮🧁🥨🥐🥓🍪
GABRIEL Silva Gün önce
Vc nunca parou no hospital não
Plaridel De Castro
Katie Harding
Katie Harding Gün önce
When I say "grandma I'm hungry" 😅
Raych Jintalan
Raych Jintalan Gün önce
1 like= Matt stonie comment=zach choi and the emoji in pancake says 3 stack and you made 5
T2Sw3aty4You btw
T2Sw3aty4You btw 2 gün önce
You speak too much
Carmela Saturno
Carmela Saturno 2 gün önce
RIMALxx 2 gün önce
Jake page
Jake page 2 gün önce
Hi bro ✓
JACKO WAKO 2 gün önce
you forgot the egg plant and all that
ADDY LOVERZ 2 gün önce
Made video live . We know you scam everyone
im highly depressed
im highly depressed 2 gün önce
This is some intense mukbanging
Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler 3 gün önce
Matt Stonie forgot to eat the candles
Galaxy Scarlet
Galaxy Scarlet 3 gün önce
Icecream:elp me im mealting ohthank god
Kilo Lee
Kilo Lee 3 gün önce
I 5hought he was gonna eat real emojis lol
Kilo Lee
Kilo Lee 3 gün önce
I meant thought not 5ought
Thunder 221
Thunder 221 3 gün önce
20 seconds for a whole Burrito, I have no words
Jonathan Xu
Jonathan Xu 3 gün önce
Would have liked it better if he dunked his face in the cake...
Chafya Dham
Chafya Dham 3 gün önce
Gabriel Grozav
Gabriel Grozav 3 gün önce
SIU MAN LI 3 gün önce
Matt doesn’t fear diabetes What do u think i’ll say? i’m not one of those people
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall 4 gün önce
No cauliflower please
Angelo Altamirano
Angelo Altamirano 4 gün önce
Dog be like....”why master why infront of me I want it”
Kyle Seymour
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Love this
Kyle Seymour
Kyle Seymour 4 gün önce
Nite nite
Teama Sweetness Herice
I did 🥞
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bruh I can't even eat a slice of pizza In 3 minutes
Carlo Lapone
Carlo Lapone 4 gün önce
I love your doggo
Roy lin
Roy lin 4 gün önce
syncorpium m
syncorpium m 4 gün önce
7:33 when party is over and friends are waiting for you to go home together but you want one more peace
Sam Star
Sam Star 4 gün önce
Matt's mom: you can play video games when your done eating Matt: challeng accepted
Sam Star
Sam Star 4 gün önce
How matt can eat so fast
Mireia Hidalgo Fuentes
Que alguien me diga la receta de la tarta 🍰 por favor
Nedal Machfej
Nedal Machfej 4 gün önce
Matt l dare you to eat 10 boxes of mi gorneg chilli
Jrhen Official
Jrhen Official 4 gün önce
Achille Gusella
Achille Gusella 4 gün önce
you have to eat a mega steak
Hamza ek Hamza ek
Hamza ek Hamza ek 4 gün önce
Your dog is very cute
Kenji Burgi
Kenji Burgi 4 gün önce
90% of people seeing him eat cake: AHHH MAAAAANNN!! Now I want cake
Exotic Gamer YT
Exotic Gamer YT 5 gün önce
Matt: I picked the bowl of rice.. because I’m kinda asian Me: nice
cade8300 cade8300
cade8300 cade8300 5 gün önce
How does this mans grandma over feed him?
Theresashing KhawTi
Theresashing KhawTi 5 gün önce
This is my breakfast
Sharkie 5 gün önce
Is his stomach acid lava?
Mohammad Gamer69
Mohammad Gamer69 5 gün önce
I will never invite matt to my birthday
ale 5 gün önce
Hey you give one french frie at dog not valid
Roblox0rsomething 5 gün önce
Imagine the videos was just him recording him eating his lunch
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