FNAF Was Right! Ennard's Bodysuit Actually Works! | The SCIENCE of... FNAF Sister Location

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BE AWARE! - Footage of dissected frogs appears on screen from 9:06 until 9:29. You can skip this and still understand the entire episode .
There is a lot to unpack about the FNAF franchise. From the possessed animatronics to wearing a guy like a three piece suit, this series goes to some crazy places. Today, Austin is going to tackle the latter. Could Ennard wear a Purple Guy suit like in FNAF Sister Location or would it be a gross mess? What a question! Let's find out!
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18 Jun 2019




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HollowAlloy06 2 saatler önce
Warning: mini idea: What if all of ennnard didn’t leave or if he just emptied out the body? But how does mike get up? I think it’s because that’s when Circus Baby split from Ennard so she took control back, went to get more parts/relocate, and rebuilt herself.
HollowAlloy06 2 saatler önce
Buffalo Bill. Who cares! Buffalo Bob is the better one! (anyone get it?)
WYX 13 saatler önce
Well, a simpler explanation would be Ennard just scooped out some of the muscles and put some of his cables into the limbs and stuff so he can control the whole body
MooMooBoogs 14 saatler önce
Are you a classical music fan, because I LOVE Spring by Vivaldi and Habanera by Bizet Edit: AND Eine Kline Nachtmusik? You have good taste!
Mei.VaMilk 18 saatler önce
If you really think about it, fnaf is literally just Detroit: Become Human
I'mBriguetteTheBaguette Uwu
man ennard did his research before doing this
Shark Girl
Shark Girl Gün önce
Where is mat ?????? No hate on whoever this is
Apple Pi
Apple Pi 2 gün önce
And the main antagonist of FNAF Sister Location is... Eddard Stark!
Kollin Kline
Kollin Kline 2 gün önce
Nothing's changed to this eggs cuz his dad slash William Afton rebuilt him after the bite of 1883 or 1887 I think
The Stephenson's rocket 2019
It kind of makes a bit more sense that Ennard simply shrunk down his physical body so he can replace his victims skeleton with his own that way it doesn't require him To fit moters
Jarell E IMBERT 2 gün önce
he uos rveh he is her for you
Lil Lady
Lil Lady 3 gün önce
So I figured out how bug ennared is easier than yours:I went to a speed edit app and mixed fun time Freddy with him and ended perfectly so I say ennared is about how hi fun time Freddy is
S.Ali Raza Bukhari
S.Ali Raza Bukhari 4 gün önce
1:41 Austin:The Main Antagonist Eddard. Wait.... AH 'oops' DANGIT!!! NO! NOT! EDDARD! Ennard! 'Austin Chuckling' Sorry Mr Stark Me:🤣🤣 Watch That mouth Boi Mat:Kicks Austin Out of the Channel Austin:Calls The FBI Mats Door:'knock knock knock' FBI OPEN UP!!!! 'Door gets Bust Down' Mat: 'Grabs A Laptop And camera and jumps out of a random window and records to tell his fans what happened
Nightmare Bonster
Nightmare Bonster 5 gün önce
MatPat: What happend to Micheal is fantasy. Austin: Actually...
Oliver Salita
Oliver Salita 5 gün önce
What about when he gets up after enard leaves
EnnUrd 6 gün önce
*Pleaae be 6,6 ft please be 6,6 ft PLEASE BE 6,6 FT* -*Ennard is 6,3 ft* *Cries in pain*
NAZIA ZEESHAN 7 gün önce
1:41 The main antagonist Eddard wait AHH 'oops' DANG IT!!, NO! Not EDDARD! Ennard 'Austin Chuckling' sorry Mr stark Lol XD Control that mouth boi Mat:Kicks Austin out of the channel Austin:Calls the FBI Mat's Door:FBI OPEN UP!!! DOOR GETS BUST DOWN Mat:Jumps Out of A Random Window and runs into a forest
Ch Fam
Ch Fam 7 gün önce
Fbi open up
rex real
rex real 7 gün önce
where is matpat
Bayley Daniel
Bayley Daniel 7 gün önce
Thanks for doing the research on this! Sincerely, -The AI
Lemon Craft
Lemon Craft 9 gün önce
Funtime Foxy without the suit looks hilarious
Richard Sitter
Richard Sitter 9 gün önce
the green text of the thumbnail told me that THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A MATPAT VIDEO!
Carly Le
Carly Le 9 gün önce
Anyone a classical music geek who automatically knew it was Antonio Vivaldi No one ??? Ok
Catherine Blanch
Catherine Blanch 10 gün önce
Where did MatPat go
The Axolotl Queen
The Axolotl Queen 10 gün önce
I hear “the chest cavity of Eggs” and now I have a picture of the chestburster scene with Ennard.
JonnieK 2006
JonnieK 2006 11 gün önce
He talks about how he need to fit in the torso when I'm pretty sure they emptied out EVERYTHING in the skin
Code Wall Gaming
Code Wall Gaming 14 gün önce
Plexy_ Glass
Plexy_ Glass 16 gün önce
but are most of the innards not scooped out? with most of the organs removed ennard could just insert his legs and arms into the "skin suit" and control it like a fursuit
DiGiorno 17 gün önce
Rigor mortis, lmao isn't that the show with the science guy
AlcarT94 17 gün önce
My Edgar suit has a termite problem... Anyone have any recommended solutions??
Mark Mazing
Mark Mazing 17 gün önce
Remember guys, everything is burned, but Ennard is still missing.
evil little kitty tyler
What if every single thing in his body is scoop out because it has a special way to get smaller and so it's arms and stuff could go
iiCookiezz 18 gün önce
Captions: "chicken nuggets"
Rina. Ahmad
Rina. Ahmad 19 gün önce
I clicked the video and the first thing i hear was a annoying voice of a random man?!?!😠😡😠😡
Hatsune Miku0180
Hatsune Miku0180 19 gün önce
Austin made me throw up my breakfast with the frogs
ÎtšPêrîdøt Čøøkîê
NOOO!!! No outro saying "Thats just a theory, A GAME THEORY!"
Emma Clouse
Emma Clouse 20 gün önce
Theory, he only has the skin, he discarded all insides
proshadow blue
proshadow blue 20 gün önce
I saw a But!
Lane Himes
Lane Himes 20 gün önce
But he isn’t dead at the end of the final cutscene you see that
Alex Stardust
Alex Stardust 21 gün önce
Tips if you're a robot trying to do this: Literally just scoop out the parts of the brain that don't keep the body alive, trash all the muscle, bone, and any vital organs you can get away with, and leave the victim in a vegetative state: the skin will look human for years (until senescence stretches the skin off the mechanical form and reduces efficiency until the body can't maintain itself) and on top of that you keep common human requirements but greatly reduced, allowing for a far better disguise! (robots don't eat, right!?)
Poolnoid 22 gün önce
No Way!!!
Donutstar Playz
Donutstar Playz 23 gün önce
What happened to your voice?
Micheal Benton
Micheal Benton 23 gün önce
why was this released on my birthday *why austin*
argentumm vulture
argentumm vulture 23 gün önce
mark zuckerburg has already mastered the technique
Fro Bro
Fro Bro 24 gün önce
*me angrily clicking markiplier fnaf videos do I can understand this* edit: also did anyone else get attack on titan vibes from the red body?
explorer47422 24 gün önce
Wait....did Ennard in the skin suit become the purple man??
ethan in general
ethan in general 24 gün önce
I won't lie, this almost made me puke all over my keyboard,
guiltytreasures jewelry
What about when Micheal Afton was still alive after ennard left his body? In the very last cutscene he gets back up. We missed that part.
78Justin Manta
78Justin Manta 26 gün önce
He finally did a fnaf vid
78Justin Manta
78Justin Manta 26 gün önce
Ok it’s a mat pat video cause matpat does fnaf! Austin: SUPRISE U BOTCH
Cindy Steely
Cindy Steely 27 gün önce
how much of a nerd are you?
SkyrimPro 142
SkyrimPro 142 27 gün önce
Yo hold up. First, wouldn't a lot of the organs be removed if you chose the bad ending, and second what the heck happens when "Eggs" stands back up after Ennard leaves his body?
Ibrahim Ahusan
Ibrahim Ahusan 28 gün önce
Nope nope nope 😂
The Akumu King
The Akumu King 29 gün önce
No one: Not a soul: Not even Sheldon: Game Theory Pals: I DONT NEED LIFE! I NEED ANSWERS!!
funtime shiny umbrion
funtime shiny umbrion 29 gün önce
Ennard is 7 ft tall.
Cockatiel Frenzy
Cockatiel Frenzy Aylar önce
*Thhhhhe scooper was made to literally scoop out organs and bonessssssss its literally just skin (possibly reinforced???)*
Cockatiel Frenzy
Cockatiel Frenzy Aylar önce
kagen lim
kagen lim Aylar önce
whats the classical music (serious, no Sandstorm pls)
AdaywithShaye l Vlogs and more
En nard is seven foot.
cheating in FNAF!
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