Flying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleep

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The one thing I learned from this trip to Anaheim was how much of a monopoly Jojo Siwa has on glitter clothing. If there was a small child anywhere in vidcon, she had her hair in a bow and was wearing the sparkliest jacket you could imagine (all from Jojo Siwa's line of loud clothing, of course). I mean, good for her, but isn't it terrifying that there are currently 44 million of her bows out in the wild at the moment? That's insane. She can literally create an army of 5 year olds in glitter uniform. What can I say; the end is near my dudes.
I mean, I have nothing against the kid; she can keep doing what she's doing. What she has to stop doing though is pretending to be some sick hybrid of Elton John and Freddie Mercury during her live performances:
- No.
- Never.
- Stop it.
- It smells bad.
I'm sorry Jojo, but you are not, have never, and never will be either of those singers. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
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16 Jul 2019




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Tsumugi_aro 4 aylar önce
She’s not actually in the US for vidcon, she’s in the US for the Area 51 raid
Amélie Sylte
Amélie Sylte Aylar önce
Wait but its the 15 october
Juli Pritchett
Juli Pritchett 2 aylar önce
Update: it’s tomorrow
honeyluv 3 aylar önce
@Jade M. It's the 21st ;-;
Anzu 3 aylar önce
Tsumugi_aro oh no
Jade M.
Jade M. 3 aylar önce
@Xochitl Valdez Lmao I was joking back, my dude.
Fennekin Silver
Fennekin Silver Gün önce
tip if you chew gum when you take off and land it helps with the pressure and you don't go deaf.
Sol Bueno
Sol Bueno 2 gün önce
melissa edwards
melissa edwards 3 gün önce
Hey Joana since you like 80s music have you ever heard the song should I stay or should I go by the clash and also have you ever watched stranger things
Savannah Ewell
Savannah Ewell 4 gün önce
I loved bohemian rhapsody but I couldn’t finish it cause we landed before I could finish it I have never been more depressed in my life
AsianMari 4 gün önce
* Pressing F for the mic *
Brittany Cortijo
Brittany Cortijo 8 gün önce
No one: Joana's dad: I paid for the whole speedometer, I'm going to use the whole speedometer.
The Emerald Hunter
The Emerald Hunter 8 gün önce
Cue eating montage
Billie's My Queen
Billie's My Queen 10 gün önce
Joana's dad be like: 👍😎👍 ✌️😎✌️
Stacy F
Stacy F 12 gün önce
Wut if Vidcon was at Area 51?
Celine Doelare
Celine Doelare 13 gün önce
Wait your that weird girl i saw at the airport!
Techo voilet
Techo voilet 14 gün önce
The names for our dear JC John cena Jesus Christ John celery Jack columbus James Charles Jackie Chan Julie christy Jingle cells Jumping clock Tell me if I missed anything
Cookiecat99 Meow meow
Cookiecat99 Meow meow 16 gün önce
Joanna:you don’t wanna see me for 5 hours me:LIE’S BECUZ I DO YOU AMAZING WOMAN YOU REEEEEEEEE-
Flower Rose
Flower Rose 16 gün önce
Today I met the real Jesus Christ
Tina With a T
Tina With a T 17 gün önce
Me here just binge watching joana
Angel - Bear
Angel - Bear 18 gün önce
Oh my god is that the H2O sound track
Christa David
Christa David 19 gün önce
Screw everyone who dislikes this video, Joana your not out of place, it’s everyone who disliked this video is out of place.
Anna Tao
Anna Tao 20 gün önce
But what if want to suck your right toe vertically
lemonberry s
lemonberry s 20 gün önce
God bless John Ceddia
marta 23 gün önce
holo mad max
holo mad max 25 gün önce
Zoe Bigbee
Zoe Bigbee 26 gün önce
I'm screaming I watched Bohemian Rhapsody on the plane as well Except my flight was 10 hours
Hey Alafredo!
Hey Alafredo! 29 gün önce
Issy C
Issy C Aylar önce
What??! US target has fresh food???
Honey’s Studio
Honey’s Studio Aylar önce
I honestly aspire to be like her when I’m older
Natalie Ethridge
Natalie Ethridge Aylar önce
Imagine going to a steak house and getting a salad.
pradeep kbc
pradeep kbc Aylar önce
11:04 Dayyyuuummm look at da ringgss!! Prestige!
Presley League
Presley League Aylar önce
Eww no one wants to suck your left toe horizontally from the ceiling
Ivy Kamen
Ivy Kamen Aylar önce
12:41 it said" suck my toe horizontally from the ceiling"
Erek Kendrick
Erek Kendrick Aylar önce
Is anyone else just binge watching Joana?
Eliza Morton
Eliza Morton Aylar önce
No one: Literally no one: Me: 1:58 “JoAnAcamp0s CeddiA” 😱
Daily Vlogs
Daily Vlogs Aylar önce
You are the funniest and best TRvid don’t let anything stop you
Kiwisquash Slimes!
Kiwisquash Slimes! Aylar önce
I went to Anaheim in May 2019
Leah Goodman
Leah Goodman Aylar önce
Idk why people dislike this😜
Melissa Hesselman
Melissa Hesselman Aylar önce
I love you but don’t like how you called the parking lot ghetto but anyway-
Laurence Jang
Laurence Jang Aylar önce
너무너무 재밌는것.....
Angela Nguyen
Angela Nguyen Aylar önce
what is the “uhoh vietnam flashbacks” in the captain and what does it have to do with logan paul
Arianna Lam
Arianna Lam Aylar önce
Pretend I said something really offensive and comment off of that.
The amazing baby dino aka llama productions
F RIP mini microphone
Zarifa Raja
Zarifa Raja Aylar önce
no one: joana: suck my left toe horizontally from the ceiling
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