Five Nights at Candy's Is Kinda Awesome. 

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In this video, I'll be talking about exactly why Five Nights at Candy's is awesome.
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00:00 Intro & Sponsor
02:14 Candy's Origins
04:48 FNAC 1
14:20 FNAC 2
26:38 FNAC 3
42:35 FNAC R & FNAC 4
45:17 Lore Explanation
52:08 Closing Thoughts
Music Used (In Order):
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8 Ara 2023




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@minaxa 8 aylar önce
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@ethans4965 8 aylar önce
congrats on the sponsorship minaxa! i wish you plentiful financial prosperity
@C.A._Old 8 aylar önce
Yeah thats My Favorite FNAF Fan Made GameAll Of Times. Since in Medium 2010's
@C.A._Old 8 aylar önce
*I'M Broken animatronic Look Likes Before FNAF 3 Springtrap. isn't?*
@C.A._Old 8 aylar önce
11:31 Don't forget it to about info's. That any video creator person make little mistake.
couldn't you put the sponsor of the video in the beggining? its so unneccesary and breaks the pace of the video itself!! I don't mean it is bad, just put it at the end of the video, so it doesn't feel too interruptive. I hope you can be aware of this message and change your mind. Aslo, sponsors suck ass.
@Zenith-zb8op 4 aylar önce
“A mistake” - the rat’s death “My mistake” - the cat’s death “A problem” - Mary being in the room “Your problem” - Vinny’s vengeful spirit The events of the FNAC 3 cutscenes were essentially teased from the beginning
@3face857 3 aylar önce
Wow, that’s pretty good storytelling. Nice
@dominonine 2 aylar önce
Those ars some pretty general assertions, though, so it is entirely possible, and I'd even say easy, to go back and retcon a story in hindsight. With the FNAF story, retcons and shifts in the story are almost impossible to hide since Scott keeps it quite broad and closes off certain story possibilities as he goes based on how the community are feeling about it. This doesn't allow for the most clearly communicated game, but it avoids any potential roadblocks through any individual hint or allusion being too innocuous or hard to read at the time and he can always come back to it. Considering there was never any intention to release a sequel for FNAC, it's entirely possible, and I'd say plausible that there was no clear story coming out of the first game and that the story was modelled after those statements made in the cutscenes of the first game.
@erikarsov4365 Aylar önce
Vine sauce Vinny
@scanchannel3259 28 gün önce
@@erikarsov4365 Joke ruined.
@austinreed5805 8 aylar önce
Five Nights at Candy’s was definitely groundbreaking. It broke the fanbase wide open and helped create so many of the fangames that we see today.
@boxmedia123 8 aylar önce
"It broke the fanbase wide open"💀💀💀
@austinreed5805 8 aylar önce
@@boxmedia123 I used that term because it also spawned a bunch of shitty Fangames that was released during that era too. Lmao Thankfully, most of the popular ones were good.
@boxmedia123 8 aylar önce
@@austinreed5805 facts
@mistywhisp 8 aylar önce
@@austinreed5805 unlike that return to freddys game 🤮like that one that stole candy for the game
@aubergineman3205 8 aylar önce
​@@mistywhisp RTF didn't steal candy
@mecburnablasta6811 8 aylar önce
It’s really refreshing to have someone talk about the Candy’s Series without being overly negative about it, as that has unfortunately become a bit of a trend to not like Candy’s
@cwp24 8 aylar önce
Based on the gameplay I’ve seen of this fan made series, it looks really good to me. How is there a trend to not like candies? That Sounds like a grift to me. This series is objectively good and well written. Now the 2nd game could be a lot better since the office has pretty much no mechanics to it and you can just stay in the camera and call the phones in empty rooms the entire night. That’s a pretty significant flaw in the game design. FNAF3 executed that formula better as you couldn’t just keep spamming audio lures, you had to use the maintenance panel to bring systems back online when errors occurred. I feel that FNAC2 would’ve benefited alot from a mechanic similar to the maintenance panel. If he does remaster it, he should remake it instead by adding in a similar mechanic to help make the gameplay a little more challenging and more interesting. Mini games and storytelling wise it was great.
@mecburnablasta6811 8 aylar önce
@@cwp24 Most people who don't like the Candy's Series, like UhYeah, also don't care much for the Story in Fan Games or in general, and since the Story is one of Candy's strong points, that probably has a lot to do with it. That, or they really can't get past Candy's 2 being pretty Mid in comparison
@cwp24 8 aylar önce
@@mecburnablasta6811 that makes sense. I can understand that.
@the1sttaco822 8 aylar önce
@@mecburnablasta6811 honestly I hate that people trash candys just because of second game being bad compared to the rest
@Qulerium 7 aylar önce
Personally, I think that the second game was pretty good, the reason there were no phone messages was because: why would there be phone messages for a night guard/technician/someothermaintenencejob when Mayella wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place, Y’know? But I will agree, the mechanics were a tad bit dry after a while. Also, something I love about the game, is that it served really well as a (though unknown at the time of release) finale to the lore and first 3 games!
Saddest part is when candy gets arrested for murder,robbery and drug possession after his catnip addiction he was never the same 😢
@tangerine_juice 7 aylar önce
@dennisyukhanov1672 7 aylar önce
So sad 😭😭
@Scorchabl 7 aylar önce
Fr bro candy saved me and my family from a house fire😔😔
@greenjrnrg2722 7 aylar önce
He isn’t in fnac 3 because he’s still in jail
@arhr2713 6 aylar önce
@LanguageVulture 2 aylar önce
Old Candy got to be the most chad character in this series. Beats up an abusive father, looked good for being old, and refused to elaborate further.
@miamiheatlover3919 23 gün önce
Pretty sure the father was just scolding his kid...
@Limbambo 23 gün önce
@@miamiheatlover3919 Kids don't go off into employee only areas to cry just for being told off.
@Kyurena955 23 gün önce
@miamiheatlover3919 22 gün önce
@@Limbambo It's a kid... sure he will
@masterchief4421 13 gün önce
@@Limbambo you’d be suprised, kid was probably spoiled
@colekiesler6218 8 aylar önce
FNAC was truly the start of something special for FNAF fan games. It was the first fully made fan game as well as one that truly started a trend for other fan game developers to create their own unique stories on their games examples such Popgoes, TJOC, Jolly, Those Nights at Rachel’s, DSAF, ONAF, and even FNAF Plus. Thank you for all the creativity Emil Macko.
@Gaming2DMX 8 aylar önce
@reddie1705 8 aylar önce
I thought FNATI was first? this whole discussion of which was first breaks my brain
@Gaming2DMX 8 aylar önce
@@reddie1705 I think they meant fan made series
@reddie1705 8 aylar önce
​@@Gaming2DMX sorry, FNATI is five nights at treasure island; I'm wrong anyway, came back to edit my comment and say TI wasn't finished for a WHILE until Radiance picked it up, one of the others were the first (but not susie) it wasn't candy's either, I just caught Minaxa saying that Emil, quote, "had believed he was too late to the fangame scene, and that a lot of functions had been used already". THIS CONTINUES TO MAKES MY BRAIN HURT 😭
@saberkiller4567 8 aylar önce
not Rachels, it's made by the same guy; Emil Macko
@jack.fkennedy4831 5 aylar önce
getting springlocked is absolutely horrible, but getting run through a factory processor? sounds like an experience I couldn’t describe with WORDS.
@trenchposter4234 3 aylar önce
Depends on the machine. could be a slow, knowing death. or it could be fast. incredibly fast. So fast one moment your co worker is there and another hes little more than mangled flesh and bone
@alyx_aizawa5710 3 aylar önce
I remember in English class we read The Monkeys Paw and the same thing happened to one of the characters in that, he was caught in a machine and mangled so badly the family couldn't even recognize him. Honestly everytime I get reminded of that I get the shivers, absolutely one of the worst ways to go.
@boredboi6279 Aylar önce
​@@trenchposter4234if it's legs first it could still be excruciating
@lauziyi5728 28 gün önce
Why hello there, Old Sport!
@root3630 24 gün önce
@@alyx_aizawa5710 bro im doing monkeys paw in english too it was herbert
@waferdaze8017 8 aylar önce
I like the details about the trash bin in the staff area of FNaC 3, as minor as it is. Of course, it's unfortunate about the kid's love basically being tossed aside, but it speaks a lot to the personalities of the three actors. The puppeteer, it's a safe guess he's more just pompous about it, because Mary never really has any in-depth interactions directly with him. He's an actor who feels above his position, and likely is more bothered that he has to deal with children shows at some weird off-shoot theater. The Rat likely doesn't get AS much as the Cat does, but what he gets he really cherishes. The rat is the most emotionally driven of the three, given his whole "main character" syndrome. By no means malicious, it could've been what he thought was the best part of his life, likely a poorer background. He gets drunk, but he feels on top of the world and absolutely adores playing hide and seek with the kids. This emotional attachment itself was too strong though, he rode the wave too eagerly. I think the Cat is the only one who had much going for him. He didn't undershoot or overshoot his position, it's a job and he enjoys the little parts of it. Likely inspired by the Rat's enthusiasm, he even offers on occasion to play hide and seek with guests himself. Yet he wouldn't hold on to most of the kid's drawings, he knew that getting overly sentimental about the job would undersell himself, and ignore the professional and proper side of things. He's level-headed, even tried assuring the Puppeteer that people would understand, it was an accident. The puppeteer couldn't accept that though, because deep down, while he was willing to blame others, he knew he was the one who took the first violent act in the situation, opening the flood gate of escalation.
@mcnuggwtscreations 8 aylar önce
I red all of it
@redskull378 8 aylar önce
​@@mcnuggwtscreations Me too.
@flameslinger8820 7 aylar önce
I feel so bad for the Rat and the Cat in the afterlife. I don't know how Vinny really interacts with them... But I do know that he finessed their angry spirits to be mad at Mary instead of at him... Their murderer and more people like the twins and an unlucky night guard or two had to suffer for it All because Vinny refused to accept the blame for his own actions and cared about his career more than his fellow human beings. Even without the theater incident I bet he still would have played a convincing cold hearted killer
@concept5631 6 aylar önce
​@@mcnuggwtscreations same
@fupert 6 aylar önce
I ain't reading allat
@InternetFanatic 8 aylar önce
I found myself liking the FNAC 3 storyline because it felt real, it was simple ,a bit dark and even wholesome, just a traumatized kid trying to overcome her said trauma she got from seeing an actor accidently killing someone in an argument and then killing someone trying to report it and that actor just values his career and gets away with everything until Marry overcomes her trauma, remembers what happened and through telling the police about what happened the murderer is given what he deserves, all of this caused because of an accident with playing hide and seek at a children's attraction with actors that are still human.
@danielgeronimo5538 6 aylar önce
Something that the main FNaF series forgot. Supernatural stuff like ghosts weren't grounded in the first place, but true horror like trauma or a workplace misconduct and danger are things that drove the series and the franchise essentially. Candy's came up with an idea that is essentially believable and reasonable why the horror felt real as well.
@plague_doctor0237 5 aylar önce
@@danielgeronimo5538 that's what I like about Fnac, this aspect of a quite realistic tragedy
@vergilslegs 5 aylar önce
hi vergil
@inkiepie2259 8 aylar önce
Fun fact, the FNaC universe is shared with the Popgoes universe. Which means only the first three FNaF games are canon to the story, and instead of there being a “William Afton,” there’s a Simon Fitzgerald. This still applies with the rebooted Popgoes universe, although there are some tweaks. I’d love a video on the old Popgoes lore, pre-reboot.
@DrumboAgainGaming 8 aylar önce
I think FNAC is only canon to the Evergreen/reboot timeline, because this was only confirmed in the context of the Fanverse.
@inkiepie2259 8 aylar önce
@@DrumboAgainGaming Nope, this was confirmed way before the fan verse was even a concept. What you've just said is blatantly false.
@DrumboAgainGaming 8 aylar önce
@@inkiepie2259 Huh, I didn’t know that. Thanks!
It's interesting that some fan games are being purposely connected to each other like that.
@Sparkle8205 8 aylar önce
FNAF extended universe is real
@zephyr1249 6 aylar önce
Candy’s was the first fnaf fan game series where I put together the lore all on my own, no help from videos or anything. It was a lot of fun to do
@blackbullet4254 5 aylar önce
That's because the lore is made good enough to be able to make the conclusion about everything, not like the shit lore of the original FNaF that they have been dragging on and on and make it extremely complicated just because they want to sell something
@ernestorio3550 5 aylar önce
@@blackbullet4254 This is really how i feel about FANF nowdays, and why i really appreciate the simpler style of Candy's lore more. In FANF each game just adds more question than answers, especially when things related about Afton is being dragged on and on for soo long. While in Candy (well until we have the 4th game) the entire story centers around Mary, or at least someone related to Mary if we count FNAC 2. Candy use the simple premise of childhood trauma of trying to overcome that guilt, but she being a kid at the time is scared soo hard that even she starts to think that she's the one that started this whole chain of events. And i like that it has continuity where 3 is her origin story as kid, and then 1 is her as an adult now having to face RAT face to face again, and then her daughter in 2 finally put an end to all this madness. For a fanmade game, Candy managed to make something simple into a genuinely easy yet convincing story.
@lucasschimpf1571 5 aylar önce
I mean the FNAC lore is definitely not as speculative as the FNAF lore. It’s really just a matter of connecting the dots and not as much theorizing
@yeetermcbeater1851 4 aylar önce
@blackbullet4254 that's what I like about fnaf though honestly. I like to try to find answers to questions.
@zephyr1249 4 aylar önce
@@yeetermcbeater1851 the problem with that thinking is in FNaF, not everything has a good answer, or even any answer at all
@fluffcake 8 aylar önce
Holy crap I did not remember the lore being that deep. I’m also pretty impressed that it treats childhood trauma really well. It’s done in a mature way that’s easy to digest and also really nice. Can’t wait for the next installment
@thediam0nddrag0n78 6 aylar önce
It's more deep when you realize it shares a universe with Popgoes
@pokade3659 3 aylar önce
@@thediam0nddrag0n78 and in that timeline, fnaf ends at fnaf 3
@maas1208 3 aylar önce
Candy's and Popgoes are in the same universe and only follow FNAF 1-3 however FNAC and Popgoes could become Canon or Semi-Canon to FNAF with some proper adjustments like Simon Fitzgerald being a person who was inspired by Henry and William to make his own restaurant and But that's just my opinion tho and I did say semi-canon which means not fully canon and least they could make it canon to FNAF 1-6 Imo
@BasementDweller_ 8 aylar önce
What draw me to this series was how it felt so polished that it felt like an official game that you would see being sold.
@oldgrankle4941 8 aylar önce
When i was a kid i literally thought this game was from scott
The way I thought FNAC is actually canon in FNAF timeline when I watch the gameplay video lol
@THGMR-ox7sd 8 aylar önce
If we ever get a remake of FNAC 2 in some way I hope the rooms in the cameras look a bit more unique and not basically the same room and the animatronics have more unique mechanics, not just Chester and Penguin. I like the mini games in FNAC 2. This game could have definitely been better.
@MahNamJeff 8 aylar önce
​@Edyu69ツ FNAC 2's animationic balance and gameplay boils down to "Phone call simulator" due to the office literally having 0 mechanics, meaning the best strategy becomes calling empty rooms on the camera until someone shows up while also making sure Chester doesn't get in via a vent.
@edyu69 8 aylar önce
@@MahNamJeff uhh i dont remember replying to this i meant to reply someone elses comment and it ended replying this one
@MahNamJeff 8 aylar önce
@@edyu69 huh, weird.
@Ad-fu6tj 8 aylar önce
Yeah, I hope Emil will make FNaC 2 more intersting in remastered version too, good commeny
@jediapc226 17 gün önce
I also feel like a remake of Fnac 2 could help it in the story department as well, acting as a more proper finale to Fnac 3's story explaining Vinnie’s motives better. For example -How did Vinnie become a Puppet recolor -why and how did he throw kids into a factory press -how did the cat and rat come back? -does he have any ties to Simon/William -how much control does Vinnie have over the animatronics?
@spyr0guy 3 aylar önce
I'd argue that Candy's 3 is self-contained enough to stand on its own as a testament to horror storytelling. There's nothing really supernatural going on, the lore is gruesome but grounded in reality (that sort of thing can and does happen all the time in real life), and the whole thing turns out to be a surprisingly-respectful depiction of what someone with PTSD goes through and how they learn to live with it.
@Angiie884 8 aylar önce
Finally this game is getting the love it deserves, such well made games with touches of its own lore it clearly had some love put into it
@grenouillesupreme 8 aylar önce
Fnac has always been loved
@sillycheese-hx2us 8 aylar önce
Fr was bro not paying attention 💀
@Thiago-ze9db 8 aylar önce
Bro fnac was always been loved wth 💀
@phryoticer 8 aylar önce
wdym finally bro? like what its been respected since ages ago
@Angiie884 8 aylar önce
To all the comments I'm just referring to a video going into such a deep dive into it, idk if more channels have done that but I just got exited about it lol
@Stratilex 6 aylar önce
My main issue with the FNAC 3 animatronics is that they are less scary than the real versions. Probably due to at least the eyes. Empty eye sockets is just creepier
@elennova754 5 aylar önce
I beg to differ, the animatronics in fnac 3 were horrific as fuck
@Stratilex 5 aylar önce
@@elennova754 i'm not saying they aren't scary, but look at RAT in fnac 1, he's terrifying as is imo
@ernestorio3550 5 aylar önce
@@Stratilex It may come down to personal preference, but i agree that RAT in 1 is probably one of the best designed fanf fangame character ever. And really liked the idea when we view him in the EXTRAS menu the music stops at him, like even the game is kinda afraid of him lol
@soulblaze-uf2di 4 aylar önce
@@ernestorio3550 I always love when fan games cut the music in the extras. It conveys the idea that there's something *wrong* with the character you're viewing, to the point where the soundtrack itself is tampered with
@kingskelett6265 3 aylar önce
Honestly yeah, empty eye sockets kinda have something even more unsettling than 'evil eyes'. However, aside from the inspiration from FNAF4, I would say that having them have no eyes might make it more difficult to fight? Like, the eyes stand out very much, black pools with bright red irises. Those are the things you would notice first most likely, and they are situated on the head, the part where you need to shine your light onto. Having them there provides a bit of a focus point for easier tracking. Can't say for certain of course without having a model without eyes to test it on, but I think it isn't too unreasonable to say. It might not sound like much of a difference but design often incorporates features like this to draw attention to certain areas. On the other hand, an enemy without eyes could also be a much greater challenge, because tracking the head with the light is somewhat harder.
@borkdogey 8 aylar önce
this definitely broke the ice for future fan games and pioneered the way for LOTSSS of good ones
@senpai6262 8 aylar önce
aside from the gameplay, the lore in this game is actually pretty interesting/deep. I hope emil macko doesnt let us down in the 4th fnac game.
@nglish6905 6 aylar önce
fnac 3 really broke me. The story's so strong, and you really get to love the characters. Mary's journey was insightful and heartwarming, and the secret endings are equally horrifying and sad. It's awesome. Definitely my favorite one of the three. edit: HOLY COW! That summary just exploded the game's doors wide open for me. Its insane how everything connects like that! Mary's even more of a hero than I thought!
@maas1208 3 aylar önce
Ngl Mary feels like a Female version of Micheal Afton.
@millymousee 8 aylar önce
Candy's was one of the three major FNaF-related aspects of my childhood. It's really neat to see you finally covering this! I still can't believe I thought Candy's 2 was the best game out of the trilogy though. I thought the camera-flipping transition was the coolest thing ever, and never took the time to realize how freakin' easy the gameplay is.
@nugget-zf5by 6 aylar önce
What were the other 2?
@riceboy2104 Aylar önce
I believe that the character in the last night in fnac 2 was actually mary. After she found out about how her daughter was going to the abandoned factory and how the animatronics were still alive and roaming, she knew what she had to do. The reason the rat and cat came out at night 6 and not the other nights was because they sensed Marys presence. Afterwards she burned it all down and set the souls of the animatronics free. Setting her soul free from the guilt as well
@TheCatMan7626 8 aylar önce
This by far my favorite fan made series of all time. The characters were so unique and the story was refreshing, and I’m a cat guy…so of course I’d like this game lol.
@KazutoshiTakumi Aylar önce
Same but I never played it
@im_not_ellie 8 aylar önce
FNAC will forever hold a very special place in my heart of the memories I had with this game, scrolling through fanart on Google in late 2016, watching let’s plays of this game or anything related to FNAC,and basically getting me interested in the whole FNAF series in general.
@jacinto1477 7 aylar önce
honestly the best thing about this game series is that it had a clean ending.Unlike fnaf who kept ressurecting william afton fifty million times
@MahNamJeff 8 aylar önce
51:35 something to consider Is the fact that Candy's and Popgoes share a universe, meaning that only fnaf 1-3 are (potentially due to popgoes' reboot existing) the only fnaf games that have happened, and Williams story (potentially) ties more into popgoes pizzeria than Candy's burgers and fries.
@concept5631 6 aylar önce
What is popgoes?
@MahNamJeff 6 aylar önce
@@concept5631 Another Fnaf Fangame created by Kane Carter of Theft King Drama Fame. It’s getting an official remake called Popgoes evergreen and has a prequel called Popgoes arcade, which is the first fan-verse game to make it to steam.
@concept5631 6 aylar önce
@@MahNamJeff Interesting
@MahNamJeff 3 aylar önce
@@maas1208 god no please for the love of god do not
@maas1208 3 aylar önce
@@MahNamJeff Why?
@TheDesolate. 8 aylar önce
Still remember playing fnac 1 for the first time in 2015-2016. Good times 😭
@zeyis4747 8 aylar önce
@liliflower1376 7 aylar önce
I love how simple the story is. It's still a a great tale, it wraps everything all up in a nice bow, what a great series
@painfulsnare 7 aylar önce
…So I’m not the only one who thinks FNAC is just absolutely f&#%ing incredible? The familiar, yet original mechanics, graphics, jumpscares, and all without getting any more overwhelming than it should be. Everything about the first game set up an amazing start. Especially for Emil’s lesser experience back then. The lack of plotholes, the “teenager visits abandoned warehouse” setting, the direct-indirect lore, even more originality, the animations, despite the cameras being purposefully laggy, as not to be used as an excuse to lessen the graphic quality, the second game made brilliant filler. The immense detail, more lore still coinciding with the past games, EVEN CLEANER & FULLER ANIMATIONS (seriously, just seeing The Rat scurrying so freakishly gives me chills), the lack of repetition despite there only being two characters hunting you down at a time, the minigames, everything down to something as minute as their tiny deathly eyes, it all looks so polished and professionally done. The amount of shit added to a simple remaster, without straying from what the original game was, without getting boring, and without losing the hype I got from seeing something so new, yet so old, every consecutive time I failed or succeeded. Every night, and every minute of this game, along with all the others, had me at the edge of my seat, only playing more intently every game. I’m genuinely invested in the fourth installment more than I have been with anything else ever. Wake me up when the day comes.
@francodaily440 8 aylar önce
FNaC is really well made. I hope everything is going well with FNaC 4. Love the video, man. Please do Popgoes.
@POPGOES 8 aylar önce
@AstralApparently 8 aylar önce
Oh, that's.... something.
@thymecrafter 8 aylar önce
it’s good but i mean it’s kinda shit in terms of mechanics and stuff (especially fnac 2)
@francodaily440 8 aylar önce
@Kane Carter Wow. I never expected you to comment on this. Love your games, man.
@mcnuggwtscreations 8 aylar önce
@darienb1127 7 aylar önce
One thing that genuinely concerns me about knowing there's a 4th game planned is the series not knowing when to stop. Fnaf has already damaged itself by not knowing when to stop, and I hope Candy's doesn't have similar fate.
@princeassim8573 2 aylar önce
Dude. The fnac games are always made a few years apart.
@ethejumper6568 Aylar önce
I think Fnac 4 is about a different Location where you play as some other Main-Character.
@TheGamerninja15 8 aylar önce
I fell in love with the FNAC series since Covid era, and it surely strengthened my love for FNAF fangames!
@justafriendlycryptid 8 aylar önce
I always kinda thought the actor in rats suit was Strangling Vinny (for ease I'll refer to them as their puppet) in that scene (ergo why he gets pushed away). Understandably anyone would be freaked out by something like that.
@jyosekamukura 5 aylar önce
Everyone understands that the Rat actor's death was accidental. It was what he did afterwards, killing the Cat actor and covering all up, what cements him as heartless.
@BaylorRobinson 8 aylar önce
there is a reason that FNAC is considered to be the first ever "real" fan game
@arandomboye8799 8 aylar önce
Watching this while ancient debris mining and netherack mining on Minecraft was, very enjoyable. Your tone as calming and fun to listen to. And also a great way to remind me of one of my favorite fnaf fan games. Keep it up :>
@dukefang1001 8 aylar önce
Do you use blast mining techniques or just strip mine?
@RedSpade37 8 aylar önce
I'm envious! I haven't played Minecraft for a while now; not because I don't want to, but because my latest job is super busy, but! One day, I shall return! Good luck with your mining!
@idontneedaname.2450 8 aylar önce
These games were so great. It's nice to see that they are now technically official FNAF spin-off games now.
@jyosekamukura 5 aylar önce
They're not canon to the games, but they are an alternate continuity, like the book saga.
@enjacaranda890 8 aylar önce
50:55 actually, it makes more sence that Mary comes to the factory on the sixth nightafter hearing her daughter's stories about the place, that's why in the Game you are confronted by the originals cat and rat instead of the usual animatronics and why at the end she burns down the place
@maas1208 4 aylar önce
Mary essentially did a Micheal Afton move and Burned down the Factory like how Mike burned down Fazbear's Fright.
@LordyT34 6 aylar önce
I always enjoyed the Candy's always seemed like it was trying to add to Fnaf and not just exploit it's popularity, it seemed like it was a geniune fan game, not just a basic clone or parody
@roselily20062 7 aylar önce
37:34 41:32 props to this dude for the narration. Genuinely gave me chills.
@yoboizom 8 aylar önce
You should 100% cover The Tubbyland Archives/Five Nights at Tubbyland. The game's lore goes surprisingly deep and is currently being rebooted in the form of The Tubbyland Archives series. IMO it's one of the founding fathers of FNAF fangames alongside Candy's.
@moitjae0698 7 aylar önce
Twelve year old me never attempted nor was bothered to understand the lore of the Candy series. A couple years later, after watching this, I can't believe I missed out on some of the best storytelling the FNaF fan-game scene has to offer.
@RRed19 Aylar önce
It’s lore is great because it’s simple and easy to get. That isn’t a dig at this game, but I like simplicity.
@k.h.production22669 8 aylar önce
I remember this game making me cry from fear when I was little, especially the glowing eyes in the doors, and my sister _insisting_ that the blood on the losing screen was food coloring
@tatltails3923 8 aylar önce
I've never played a FNAC game, but one of my favorite GTLive playthroughs is their 100% run of FNAC3. A lot of great memories of that series watching the footage here, especially picturing their voices during the final cutscenes and remembering how they cheesed the last night by staring at a corner the whole time so Vinnie would never activate.
@bartoszhallay6576 5 aylar önce
The RAT is easily the most ominous and deranged fan animatronic. I still think that Bon from WF is creepier and more disturbing, but I love how the games make absolutely sure that the RAT is to be feared. Just a concept of a child-friendly, beloved mascot on the level of Spongebob or Mickey being essentially a serial killer in robot skin is incredibly twisted. People mauled as if it was a bear, animatronics ripped limb from limb, children shoved into endoskeletons. Nobody is safe from the RAT
@maas1208 3 aylar önce
RAT is like Springtrap
@fuy1648 8 aylar önce
What a great story. Not for the characters but for people looking for an interesting story.
@EddieJohnson-rs8sx 8 aylar önce
I’ve watched a lot of FNAC videos but your video definitely stands out. I can tell you put a lot of work and time into this. Keep it up.
@Gaming2DMX 8 aylar önce
I just started doing a gameplay of it, and it’s my favorite fan game. I haven’t watched gameplay of it in a very long time so I forgot how good it was, glad people are starting to make videos on the game again since the game felt dead for the last couple years
@accursedlyimpious 8 aylar önce
dude how in the hell do you keep making such awesome videos in such little time
@Gojirawars03 6 aylar önce
This video kinda made me have an epiphany. The Rat is probably my favorite fan game animatronic design ever. Monster Rat as well. It’s just incredible how well it works. It perfectly captures that horrifically uncanny feeling that all the best animatronic designs give off.
@justmonika2005 8 aylar önce
Is no-one gonna talk about the amazing thumbnail??? So eye-catching and so pleasent to look at!!
@aubergineman3205 8 aylar önce
By the looks of it, Candy thinks WE'RE pleasant too
@justmonika2005 8 aylar önce
​@@aubergineman3205 ...Suspicous
@pestilenssi8979 8 aylar önce
Candy has a unibrow
@aubergineman3205 8 aylar önce
@Pestilenssi Candy the cat? More like squilliam candy-son!
@dannymcgroovell4993 6 aylar önce
You could say it's an... "Eye Candy"
The really did an amazing job with the story. My favorite one being 3 simply for all the symbolism and subtle story telling to create mystery and a deep story. One of the best parts for me is that this game explains the reasons for each night happening, something that some fan games struggle with it’s coming up with a realistic reason as to why the main character willingly goes back to a place where they can get killed 5 times but in this game they took a really creative approach of each night taking Place in Mary’s mind and it’s a visual representation of her trying to overcome her fear and after each night it’s safe to assume she opened more to her therapist after each night and she’s starting to remember more by more furniture appearing in the minigame before you start a night. It’s subtle and creative and very well written.
@ripleyandweeds1288 8 aylar önce
22:06 i know that police officer is supposed to have a mustache, but it honestly looks like he's super pumped to just be tasing this animatronic cat like ":D"
@caketaro 7 aylar önce
"Oh boy I'll finally get that promotion for sure after I arrest this animatronic cat for drug possession!"
@3face857 3 aylar önce
I love tasing animatronic cats!
@SquooshyCatboy Aylar önce
thats a mustache? I thought he was just a psychopath lmao
@locxlsxdsxck5171 26 gün önce
"Oh boy, I've never tased a robot before!"
I love learning about FNAF fangame lore, thank you for the clear summary
@stitchedriff5457 6 aylar önce
I love the animation on rat for fnac 3, the way his head tilts is so creepy, and the way he moves to dodge the light is so stiff and unlifelike it just looks so cool and is really intimidating when playing it
@santiv4 28 gün önce
this is the first time seeing any of this and i agree, it’s so freaky it scares me, while im sitting in a lit room.
@bigman2455 8 aylar önce
If you wanna make a good fnaf fan game, you have to get a checklist of everything fnac did and double down. Original map and camera layout, original art, original characters, original story and setting. The ability to have a sequel and many more after.
@mimpiplayz 14 gün önce
This was an amazing lore video! It really got me into FNAC, before I did not really know much about it or that it was this developed and basically five nights at freddys itself. I just wonder how the creator was able to connect the dots with the phone call to the sequel without knowing he was going to make one at the time. What amazing talent.
@itsNatalieAtLeast 8 aylar önce
Correction: Old Candy and RAT make a subtle droning sound when they're at the door in FNaC 1, so you only really need the night vision for Blank
@itsNatalieAtLeast 7 aylar önce
Oh, and some good headphones
Fun fact: The error code at 8:34 is also a hex code for light purple. No idea what that means or even if it was intentional, though it is worth noting it is the same color as Cindy.
@Madcat1331 3 aylar önce
Thank you for covering this series! The lore never really stuck with me because my exposure to it was limited to irregular Let's Play videos a *long* time ago. But here, condensed into a single video, I can finally see that this is seriously one of the best stories that came out of the FNAF fan game scene! It is genuinely impressive how far Emil advanced from the first game and what interesting spins he brought to the formula.
@sofiathefirst8329 6 aylar önce
What an amazing video analysis! I loved watching Mark play Candy’s, this game is really well made and the lore is so interesting, especially in FnaC 3. You did forget the detail about the origami cat though- there’s a secret ending that happens if you click on it every night of gameplay (at least that’s what I remember. The method might’ve been different). It’s pretty cool, and is almost like a bad ending.
@williamc2071 15 gün önce
Yeah! And in the dream scape every night you can find a toy and ask it the question "where is he" (im pretty sure) to receive a cryptic mission, for another secret ending
@pilloeglade5463 8 aylar önce
the story of this fan series is certainly impressive.
@Aubrey11256 4 aylar önce
Absolutely stunning rundown of the whole story that’s easy to understand without being over stimulating or too shallow, the way the video is made in every aspect is also amazing, ill definitely be watching lots more of your fnaf stuff, thank you for this.
@frozenfoxgames5300 25 gün önce
I can't even begin to imagine the joy he must've felt seeing some of the biggest youtube gamers play and bring attention to his fan game.
@PunchDotOrg 2 aylar önce
Fun fact: after doing a little math I found out working as the night guard at candy’s pays you roughly 2 dollars an hour with no overtime
I'm very glad I found this video because if I haven't I wouldn't know FNAC. I had a straight face at first but I was interested to the story nonetheless. As I got to FNAC 3 I was surprised with how good the storytelling was. The story overall is unique, original and kind of realistic without making the lore too complex and long. I'll probably watch gameplays of this. Thanks for sharing.
@Qulerium 7 aylar önce
AMAZING video!! Love that someone went and sorted this all out for those who might not know about the games! Or even for the enjoyment of the veteran fan base (FNaC 4 will be here someday right guys 😁)! Definite sub, and, Minaxa, thank you for the awesome video, you deserve to be way more popular!
@TaliOrlov 8 aylar önce
I’ve heard about this game about 7-8 years ago when I was an avid Fnaf fan. Thanks for bringing me up to speed as a fan. I didn’t even know this game was that interesting and thought out! Great video, new sub 💜
@frostyvr9805 6 aylar önce
I like the idea of a fan game taking place in another similarly designed restaurant to Freddy’s. But considering how much death and murder and injury takes place in them, it’s staggering they still exist in this in game universe
@joannemacpherson7645 4 aylar önce
I only got into this game 5 months ago, and I already developed a strong relationship with it. Five Nights at Candy’s will always be my favourite fan game series, and I am very excited for the final conclusion when the fourth game releases.
@johnwhitters3234 8 aylar önce
You put a lot of effort in your content and they all are well written. I hope your channel takes off 👍
@tagerobin8832 6 aylar önce
Awesome video! Thank you so much for fleshing out the lore! Though a few things still are left unaccounted for. Like if the theater animatronics are possessed by their actors, and we can only assume the twins possessed Candy and Cindy. Who’s possessing Blank, Chester, the Penguin, and Old Candy. Six people were murdered, the other four weren’t revealed, though maybe the other four weren’t important who knows. Hopefully we get those answers in 4! Awesome game!
@DiamondBatToons Aylar önce
What are the odds that one of the very few fanverse devs that didn't get canceled or in some kind of drama happened to be one of the original fangame devs? Also, major respect for including 8 bitgaming in that list of TRvidrs.
@JoshTheBro3152 8 aylar önce
Your videos are really well made and enjoyable. Keep up the good work
@santinodelgado281 3 aylar önce
Emil Macko is the gift that keeps on giving man, one of the all time bests of the FNAF Fangame developers if not THE best
@sean12444 4 aylar önce
im happy to see these games talked about again because out of all the fangames theyre some of the few that stand out the most to me. fnac 3 in particular is one of my favorite fnaf fangames partly because of nostalgia, but also because its a damn good game, on top of the story just within specifically fnac 3, it gave 12 year old me a real challenge i struggled a lot with vinny on my first playthrough and im not sure if i ever beat shadow rat
@Idkmanimjusthere_ 3 aylar önce
The whole Candy series is an absolute masterpiece, I highly doubt that half if not most FNaF fangames would not exist without it.
@notavailable575 8 aylar önce
when people called fnac overrated it made me sad 😭 fnac has a special place in my heart its equally just as important as fnaf for me
@The2Ds.Gaming 7 aylar önce
FNAC really paved the way for FNAF fangames. Love how you described the games. Keep it up!
@mr_coke1401 8 aylar önce
Man, I remember fnac series coming out from markiplier and it was my favorite fan game. I'm just sad that markiplier didn't do more videos on fnac 3
@firestarex3544 Aylar önce
Something I absolutely adore about the FNAC series is how it intertwines seamlessly with the established FNAF storyline while both not interfering with it and remaining its own thing. This series is written almost like an expanded universe spinoff, and it could honestly be 100% canon to FNAF with no issues because of it.
@spectrickx1678 8 aylar önce
It's quite amazing to see the journey of this series.
@coltonsupergame 4 aylar önce
I feel like it’s worth noting that you really don’t need to use the cameras for rat and old candy because as long as you are wearing headphones they have a sound cue that lets you know which door they are at.
@Alex_Off-Beat 4 aylar önce
Candy's 3 is my favorite FNAF fan game. It's the best example of storytelling in any FNAF game, official or fan made. It basically does everything FNAF4's story did except way better. Sure some of the night gameplay can feel a bit repetitive but the story and secrets easily make up for it!
I do love FNAC’s story and I’m excited for the next game, although the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired.
@Sharingan_Gamer 8 aylar önce
“And for some reason he made this” Immediately gets Taco Bell ad. I see he created Taco Bell
@caboose6411 24 gün önce
I used to really like watching this game as a kid. I remember building an entire map based off images in Minecraft and somehow got all the red stone functioning. Wish I still had that world but it’s long gone.
@jackmorris3973 27 gün önce
This game is so high-quality, and it would probably fit well into the Five Nights at Freddy’s story, and if it was made canon earlier before like sister location, it could be a thing that was a rival to Freddy Fazbear’s pizza and maybe the company that takes over Freddy Fazbear’s pizza in the help-wanted era
Wow, i haven't heard the full story of this game. I am very impressed that the story could connect so well even tying to the first game (as it was made as solo)! Makes me think it was all planed from the beginning. And the thing about guilt really hits! BECAUSE IT'S ALL TRUE!! If she didn't hide there *nothing* of that would have happened, this isn't to say the puppeteer is a victim of the situation, *he* created that scenario for himself and *he* killed the cat performer, and we can't blame the girl for not telling as she was just a traumatized child.
@maas1208 4 aylar önce
Yeah, Mary did nothing wrong and the Puppeteer blames his own doings on Mary who is just a child, At least William had a reason to hate Mike since he did a prank on his younger brother and got him killed.
@grazzberry2836 6 aylar önce
This man crafted my childhood because my mom wouldn't let me get fnaf cuz it was too "scary and gory" so she got me something she saw was close enough but looked friendly but oh no Blank scared the shit out of me when I was little, and still kind of does.
I always thought FNAC wasnt this spread out, but it showed that a fan game can have lore as well.
@evandraghici1462 8 aylar önce
Candys 3 was really fun and challenging, i loved the vinnie night and how she forced me to switch up my play style
@GachaLifeGirl 7 aylar önce
I joined the FNAF community when Sister Location got released. I fell in love with horror content and dark stories. FNAF was my first exposure, and through the Aubergine Man’s dayshift grapevine, I heard of Five Nights At Candy’s. My judgement for games like this was so high because I thought it was just a repeating formula and couldn’t be as good as the original. It never sat right with me. Then, you showed up. I was bored and had nothing better to watch (no offense, I just didn’t know your channel at all), so I decided to hear you out. I’m so glad I did. FNAC is much more than a fangame now, I realize. It’s absolutely amazing in the storytelling and has some deeper themes than I thought with loss, memories, guilt, and blame. It’s so rare to find games that do a good job portraying that, let alone a fan game. Plus, it’s more straightforward than FNAF, so I don’t have to have a maze of dead ends to fight through. Thank you for bringing me this story I avoided for so long.
@owenwillard5409 3 aylar önce
almost a decade a go i played this game on my grandpas old windows 7 desktop with my cousins at his lakehouse. ill never forget those memories. i was so much younger, back then i never would have imagined that five nights at candys, let along fnaf in general would still be relevant today.
@nexi328 6 aylar önce
Fun fact: In FNAC 1 when you are in the office you can hear music sometimes. That music is Prelude in E minor performed by Fryderyk Chopin- Polish composer
@SushiLotl 8 aylar önce
I see everyone talking about how FNAC is amazing, but the true amazing thing here is your analysis of it, great job man 👍
@wizer11 7 aylar önce
This was an amazing video, you should do more of this with other fangames like the Popgoes series (including pre rebot), TJOC etc. This was great.
@alfredocea7965 8 aylar önce
He's at it again! I honestly thought you couldn't top the Five Nights at Treasure Island video. You have pleasantly proven me wrong. I can't wait to see what the next video may entail.
@blizidettryuo Aylar önce
I think Five Nights at Candy's 4 got some inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy's 4 in addition to Sister Location, because the Newer Candy really looks like a mixxed up version of Funtime and Nightmare Freddy, with the costume style and the mini-himself, looking like Nightmare Freddy's Freddles, and also the sharp teeths in the first cutscene
@not_squirm. 6 aylar önce
I don’t think we even should be calling this a fan game for how amazing the gameplay and story is
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