Fishing the banks of the Edisto River

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Fishing for multiple species from the bank in the North Fork of the Edisto river!
I encourage y’all to checkout and support FRED ( friends of the Edisto)



19 Nis 2021




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nylon sole
nylon sole 2 aylar önce
Can u eat them fish from outta there????
K and K Farm Implements. LLc
Yes. Very tasty. There are/were some limits to the amount of fish you could eat in a certain time period from the Edisto do to increased mercury levels. The recommended amounts were quite high and way more than we eat. You can check out scdnr for the exact recommendations. I appreciate you commenting
Arthur Fuller
Arthur Fuller 3 aylar önce
Best tackle "bag" ever!
frank bolin
frank bolin 3 aylar önce
I live in Florida now but was raised on the north Edisto river around the town of North, loved it, and I miss it.
Jo.T Aylar önce
Orangeburg County! I own 4 acres of land in North.
Adna Craigo
Adna Craigo 4 aylar önce
From the upstate. Enjoyed your video.
K and K Farm Implements. LLc
Thank you so much
Ron Bennett Outdoors & Country Life
OLSKOOL 6 aylar önce
i live on the Edisto on the Colleton county side near Jellico landing. i am almost 64 and have been fishing this river all my life. the best worm is a local blue worm. on the Beatle spin it gets more fish with a live cricket on it. good video,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
K and K Farm Implements. LLc
Hey olskool Thank you so much for the information! I have never used blue worms, but I have heard of them. I am going to try and learn a little more about them, they seem to be a little more prominent down your way. I had not heard of them until about a year ago. I have tipped a beetle spin a few times w/ a cricket but not very much. I will definitely try that more. I sincerely appreciate the information and your comment. Ps. We were actually down your way yesterday. River was full of boats on Memorial Day weekend!!
Mike Bellamy
Mike Bellamy 6 aylar önce
Was just wondering if you could give me some advice on cat fishing in the south edisto in Aiken County
Mike Bellamy
Mike Bellamy 6 aylar önce
@K and K Farm Implements. LLc thank you buddy! I have been using cut bait on the south edisto, but so far all I have managed to catch is 1 or 3 Gar fish and a bunch of mud fish! I caught a 12 pound mud fish yesterday! I really want to catch some decent size catfish. Anywhere from 5lb catfish to 80lb catfish would work! I just don’t care for the squeelers too much!
K and K Farm Implements. LLc
Hey Mike Unfortunately things have really changed on the catfish in the River. My favorite fish by far to both catch and eat are bullhead cats,they fairly easy to catch on worms and even crickets,but in the last several years they are increasingly hard to find especially on the North fork. The working theory is the flathead cats have really put a hurting on the bullhead population. You can still catch some bullhead, buts it’s spotty and they do a little better at night. There are a few channel and blue cats but rarely do I catch them unless I travel a little further south. I think the flathead prefer live fish and I’ve never caught any but I think they are well established in both forks in Aiken county. Thanks for commenting
brianlocal3 6 aylar önce
I accidentally ended up here... and I am happy I did. Just down home, regular dude fishing. I love it!!! Edistoe river foundation needs to hire you as a tour guodt
Kenneth Davis
Kenneth Davis 6 aylar önce
Great fishing are you next to Orangeburg,South Carolina
Kenneth Davis
Kenneth Davis 6 aylar önce
@K and K Farm Implements. LLc 👌 Thank you great video
K and K Farm Implements. LLc
Hey there Kenneth No I’m actually in the north east corner of Aiken county. I’m fishing in this video close to the beginnings of the north fork. I’ve fished several times in orangeburg county and really liked it. I appreciate the comment!
Lynden 224
Lynden 224 6 aylar önce
David Tanner
David Tanner 7 aylar önce
Absolutely loved this video. Reminds me so much of several black water rivers and creeks in Georgia where we caught red breast, stump knockers, bass and red fin pike. Thanks for sharing.
A1FishingFamily 7 aylar önce
Nice video nice catch
hunter kirkland
hunter kirkland 7 aylar önce
best one yet!
Phyllis 7 aylar önce
You are a joy to watch. I thought for a minute there that you was going to pitch a Jerry fit. God Bless you too.
K and K Farm Implements. LLc
Wanted to thank you so much for watching and taking part in our adventures!
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