Fishing For River Donkeys, Mississippi River Catfish

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Donkey day and a new PB for the year!
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11 May 2021




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Robert Liepe
Robert Liepe Yıl önce
I was feeling a little depressed and I happened to be on TRvid doing what I do best and I come across your fishing episode!!! You cheered me up brother if I wasn't handicapped I truly would love to go fishing with you guys be safe and stay blessed enjoy thank you again!!!👍🤓💯🍻🍻🍻🇺🇸
Michael Liles
Michael Liles Yıl önce
Me too. Me too
Tony Potenti
Tony Potenti Yıl önce
Let me just say. WOWWW!!! Lol seemed like a great day for everyone. Great video M Hood!
Tickin Honda
Tickin Honda Yıl önce
Cool getting to meet you, those fish y’all seen rollin out in the river were likely gar, but all those cats ya’ll caught makes me wanna go catfishing. 😂
Shawn Whalen
Shawn Whalen Yıl önce
They are fun to catch!...I get some big ones on my kayak....they can tow you around pretty good! I usually use braided line, if they go into some trees I can usually work them out. Looks like a good time! Cheers!
Dale Hayslip
Dale Hayslip Yıl önce
Enjoy watching your videos in the mourning drinking coffee getting ready for work. Keep the hogs coming thanks again Mark
SaveMeAPlate Yıl önce
Man the Mississippi has always had some real monsters in it. My biggest Flathead came out of there and 1 of my biggest blues looks like yall had a great time
Hunt & Fish in AK
@ M. Hood. Always good to good things happening back home. Great video. Can you or anyone on the channel tell me if this place is open to public fishing or do you have to have special permission and/or access to fish it. I'd make that drive down from my original home in Mississippi to get there. Never really fished the river.
Timothy Spaghetti
I am not from there but in my state with a valid license rivers are open to public. If you must walk through private property is another thing but if you can access river on open land you can walk the shore line anywhere.
Trigger Warning
Trigger Warning Yıl önce
I used to always use that red Cajun line before I switched to braid. Thats a great brand imo. Caught many cats on red Cajun.
Rhonda Horton
Rhonda Horton Yıl önce
Best video in a while, keep em coming Mark.
Steve Langston
Steve Langston Yıl önce
May every day on the water be this great!
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 9 aylar önce
Just started watching your old vids. This one is pure gold!
David Millhollon
David Millhollon Yıl önce
You don't play around , mr. Hood you get job done, love your video's.
250ozarksuziki Yıl önce
The barge bite is definitely a thing had it happen to me plenty of times
Fishing With Mikey
Fishing With Mikey 5 aylar önce
Awesome catch! Keep up the good work. “Yeah you’re right”
Mark’s Ramblings & Adventures
Awesome. I love Mississippi River catfishing. We catch more Spotted cats than blues, but we fish live bait exclusively.
Ben Hawryszko
Ben Hawryszko Yıl önce
Great video. Lots of action. Nice size fish too. Cheers.
Tim Farris
Tim Farris Yıl önce
Great day fishing guys love it
pyro T Bear
pyro T Bear Yıl önce
Dont know if your back home or not ?? But there ain't nothin better than watchn you catch the big cats on the big muddy !!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Cephas Kemp
Cephas Kemp Yıl önce
Man that's my kinda fishing. Might have to take me a trip down that way.
knee deep trail ryders
I need to come fish this spot with you M.Hood
Saltloony Yıl önce
I used to fish the Mississippi River when I was in Louisiana, miss those days.
La FishFinder
La FishFinder Yıl önce
So cool man..but I love how you patrol and comb all the areas for fishing
Jordan Pryce
Jordan Pryce Yıl önce
Addicted To The Tug 🎣
Philip Culver
Philip Culver Yıl önce
I looked up how long a catfish can live out of water. It said some can live up to 15 to 18 hours. But I would not try it. If you release them within a few minutes they should be fine. Catfish is my favorite freshwater fish to eat though.
Black Warrior
Black Warrior Yıl önce
Great vid. Like the longer vids plenty of action👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Grady Browning
Grady Browning Yıl önce
Man that was a hell of a good day!!!
Jmood 23
Jmood 23 Yıl önce
What is the white spinning reel he is using with the red line called?
lance rogers
lance rogers Aylar önce
You fished that horn and walked the hole, good intro too. Subbed!
Ace One
Ace One Yıl önce
I had to pull out a beer and start clapping my hands even though yesterday here in Lincoln Nebraska I did really good yesterday I love fishing
These guys are awesomely cool. Had to subscribe 👍🏿😎
Blasting Capps
Blasting Capps Yıl önce
Appreciate you downloading these in the morning I enjoy watching before I go to work
Blasting Capps
Blasting Capps Yıl önce
I stand corrected
Cj D
Cj D Yıl önce
Uploading *
• SaltRock
• SaltRock Yıl önce
Mornin M.Hood and y’all! 🙂
Great video, my friend! Enjoyed watching, your fishing skills are terrific! And the surrounding nature is amazing. Cheers from Russia, 😄 man, and welcome to my channel about special Russian bushcraft tips and hacks! Kind Regards, Yuriy!
@Timothy Spaghetti Saluti Timothy! Wow, I also Use Kyzlyar knife for my bushcrafting, T1 model, it is perfect! Take care buddy!
Timothy Spaghetti
Howdy Yuriy,I just bought a Kizlyar knife from your land,LOVE IT... Took 4weeks to arrive,Top shelf pig sticker (Phoenix 1).. I will check out your channel...Salute..
hi gdgy
hi gdgy Yıl önce
It's always good to get fresh content from new TRvidrs, hope your channel picks up some steam.
I use to live down there man what a place
Sarah Barton Lane
Great video, and big catches, any chance u could, donate to hungry families?
Willie Lukowsky
Willie Lukowsky Yıl önce
Them catfish can put up one hell of a fight. I've caught an 8 pounder channel catfish at lake chesten a long time ago using minnows.
Leap Year
Leap Year Yıl önce
My man!! Nice buddy. Ur partner neednt drop the fish hard in the grass unless you intend to harvest. Thx for the videos buddy no harm no foul at all that donkey swam away just fine
Leap Year
Leap Year Yıl önce
@Jared Burgess Jared it was a joke buddy I love watching you fish. My bad
Jared Burgess
Jared Burgess Yıl önce
@Leap Year Karma didnt get anyone its a part of fishing. I am just thankful i am able to get out and enjoy the experience 🎣
Leap Year
Leap Year Yıl önce
@Jared Burgess hahaha the karma got ya! You threw back out didnt ya? That thing was a beast!
Jared Burgess
Jared Burgess Yıl önce
You know it all!!!
dADz chañel
dADz chañel Yıl önce
Nice catch and release
SpiritualTrooper Yıl önce
I have that same Ozark Trail grit stick he has with his cajun mono line
Eric Teasley
Eric Teasley Yıl önce
Wow! What was this video I've never fished the Mississippi river but plan to real soon great vid!
Jerome West
Jerome West Yıl önce
How do you rig your line for catfish fishing in the river
Allen Monroe
Allen Monroe Yıl önce
Boy that is way on down the river!😀
Deidra Winters
Deidra Winters Yıl önce
Awesome video thank you
Brandon Searcy
Brandon Searcy Yıl önce
Nice fish watch your viedoes all the time , im in la myself id like to fish that spot , love catfishing from the bank , great job man! Keep the videos coming
Fins and Fowl
Fins and Fowl Yıl önce
Nice fish 👍 Love the morning Videos
Donnie T
Donnie T 7 aylar önce
Is that in Louisiana? I need a bank fishing spot for the mighty Mississippi. I've never fished it bc I don't know any spots around there. If anyone knows please tell me.
Todd R.
Todd R. Yıl önce
Awesome ❤️✌️
ClaytonRC Yıl önce
Great videos Mark!! HAWGS
James J. Reid
James J. Reid Yıl önce
that is great location
Herman Tea
Herman Tea Yıl önce
Spot fishing Verry nice my friend good lucky 👍🙏
Daniel Combs
Daniel Combs Yıl önce
good show buddy.....wish i was hanging out with ya..hell i bring the beer
Quentin Taylor
Quentin Taylor Yıl önce
He's got to be every bit of 45 lb the first fish
Never Clutch
Never Clutch Yıl önce
Smh tossing a almost 40lb fish on the ground like that will more than likely kill it
Brett Leinmiller
Brett Leinmiller Yıl önce
Yeah, stupid thing to do. I enjoyed the video otherwise and I'm subscribed
Carl Eric Pickett
Spinning reels are the greatest. Lol.
Lee Morrison
Lee Morrison Yıl önce
These are the by far the biggest catfish caught by anyone that made a post on TRvid
Mr Man 7803
Mr Man 7803 Yıl önce
Shame that fish hunkered down on that dropoff.
Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson Yıl önce
Nice release 😊
Robert Liepe
Robert Liepe Yıl önce
Nice fish 🤓👍💯👍🍻🍻🇺🇸
Sweat Cap
Sweat Cap Yıl önce
I like fishing the Tennessee tombigbee River
Gerald Spud
Gerald Spud Yıl önce
We Louisiana strong 💪🏾.
5th & Money
5th & Money 5 aylar önce
What are the rod in reels you use
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly Yıl önce
Maaaaan. What is your PB? I'm a spinning reel guy. But I wouldn't trust it on the river. I seen 80 lb blues caught on king Kat combos from cabelas. Caught the fish (Destroyed the reel). I want to get them out as quick as possible (if they are not really deep) and back into the water as quickly as possible.
Rocko’s Outdoor World
Good fishing
Shane B
Shane B Yıl önce
Always love your vids but always puzzled why you don’t keep any fish to eat? That 38 lb cat could have provided a fried fish feast for you and 25 of your closest friends!
Timothy Spaghetti
@Tyler Ruble My local river "The Susquehanna" ,highwaymen toss Roadkill deer carcass off bridges,etc and they bottom feed.(Much like shark in ocean they keep waterways clean) We cut the belly meat out (like you) but we have Amazing other fish that live off the offspring those breeders make.(Musky-Northern Pike (boney but grind up and mix with potato for fish patty)Walleye,Small mouth etc... In our river the breeders make so many babies each season.. When they get over five pounds,they bottom feed and so many 10-15 inch fish live off off Helgrammite and Darter,worm and are fresh because not feeding bottom yet.. The Baby cats set in shallow rapids ,everything small stays in shallow rapids with small mouth in my River so they do not get ate. Sure as you said,they can be done up proper but oh!!!! give me a nice fresh blue about 12",eat them all day skinned and baked.,lol... I like pond bullheads that wash into the crick that are tributary. Many people in my area sure do eat the Breeders though because when water gets high it is tough to get anything else. We slap on a cut crick chub (scaled with head and tail removed).. But late summer so nice to stand in shallows around boulders and drift fish the 12 inchers with ultra lite.. I guess if having a huge fish fry the breeders sure are great..Darn,I am hungry for fish now.lol.. You have Mercury warning in your region now?
Tyler Ruble
Tyler Ruble Yıl önce
@Timothy Spaghetti but……..I do support people releasing trophy fish. That’s a different meaning to everyone and to each their own decision
Tyler Ruble
Tyler Ruble Yıl önce
@Timothy Spaghetti many people believe that because the bigger they are, the more red meat they have. All you have to do is fillet like normal and cut off the red meat that spreads out from the lateral line and soak in salt water like any other fish. That red meat is what tastes awful. Super clean white meat when you do it that way. I still see people using skinning pliers. You can’t see the red meat that way because it leaves that silver skin
Timothy Spaghetti
Bigger they are they get muddy and must be soaked in milk (The fillets)...Smaller better tasting.....
Marty Sims
Marty Sims Yıl önce
Mississippi cats taste the best great video
Jackie Eastom
Jackie Eastom 11 aylar önce
Lost me when you put it back!
UncleHank Aylar önce
I see why you picked this spot.
NativeThunder! Yıl önce
New and hust subbed, but damn had to stop for" river donkeys" gonna use that out here in AZ! Damn river donkeys lmao
Marshall George
Marshall George Yıl önce
Those blues hit like freight trains and are as tough as a flathead.
Buddy Carroll
Buddy Carroll Yıl önce
Does anyone eat fish out of the Mississippi river? I live near St Louis, Mo and folks say not to eat the fish from the Mississippi river.
Marshall George
Marshall George Yıl önce
If you check the Missouri or Illinois fishing regulation booklets you can find out whether you should or not. The river is a lot cleaner than it used to be, but I think larger fish are not what I would choose to eat.
Kyley Bare
Kyley Bare Yıl önce
thanks for taking me mark
Timothy Spaghetti
We use wart head cut crick chub,and SCALE them...Scales lock scent in..Do you guys have Helgrammites down there? Clippers? 3-4 inch dragon fly nymph.. Must be much different down there..Would love to fish there... Amazing how different each region the rivers are..
Timothy Spaghetti
Is that a Eddy and your casting onto the breakwater?
Timothy Spaghetti
Wow,big river,big blue......Up in Penna we have Big Musky,Pike but blues or Flatts do not get that big..Wow..Nice..Maybe 20's ours....Muddy to eat,we toss them back
Jack Scott
Jack Scott Yıl önce
When he casted I took a bathroom break came back n then the bait hit the water 😂
Kee Kee
Kee Kee Yıl önce
Lmao I swear
anglermatt Yıl önce
Awesome video.... just maybe not throw the fish down on the ground like that or keep them out so long if you plan on letting them go. That's why they took sp long to swim off. You had them out of the water to long. They will live, but gotta respect the fish we love to catch
Herman Price
Herman Price Yıl önce
I'm not far up I-55 from Buras. Where exactly is this spot located
Quentin Taylor
Quentin Taylor Yıl önce
How long did you sit out there this day
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson Yıl önce
21:00 He must be callin' the Hogs! #WPS
Side branches
Side branches Yıl önce
Grew up on the Mississippi River
Jim Ray Byers
Jim Ray Byers Yıl önce
Nice Fish
AJ Rockin Shockin
Wow 👍excellent video with plenty of action. Those were definitely good fish 🐟. 🐟
Mr. Country
Mr. Country 3 aylar önce
Mike Somewhere
Mike Somewhere Yıl önce
Sharpen those hooks :)
Thank you.
Scott Kaercher
Scott Kaercher Yıl önce
Try using chicken liver or beef liver. I hate when ppl run and try to grab my rods.
Nou Jai Yang
Nou Jai Yang Yıl önce
Is Minnesota the only state that can’t use bluegills and carps as baits???
Frank Pequeno
Frank Pequeno Yıl önce
River Donkey? I call them Big MFrs in Texas!! River Donkey is much better!!! Hahahahaha 👍👍🎣 bend that rod!
Warren Parker
Warren Parker Yıl önce
They should introduce the wells catfish to the Mississippi
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson 11 aylar önce
Everytime a fish is "introduced" it turns into a bad idea.
Kevin Dunse Outdoors
This is a terrible idea lol
Wil Smith
Wil Smith Yıl önce
could you eat something that big?
Dale Thompson
Dale Thompson 5 aylar önce
do you fish up around memphis
doa Yıl önce
Talking about hog heaven!!
Xena Fletcher
Xena Fletcher Yıl önce
Never heard the term river donkeys lern a new one everyday
Matt Timoch
Matt Timoch Yıl önce
I'm from Cleveland. Good thing you crossed people from ur town ...
Henry Kosky
Henry Kosky Yıl önce
Hey those miss'Sippy cats are what I've been waiting for.. beats any of those Texas fish..jus sayin
Nolan Pierce
Nolan Pierce Yıl önce
Pink lips? I live with a pink lipped Cajun Queen that had web feet from standing in Bayou Lafourche !
Steve Cousins
Steve Cousins Yıl önce
Its a tank!
nick taylor
nick taylor Yıl önce
Turned off ad blocker to help pay a legends bills #supportmypeople
Bobby Gee
Bobby Gee Yıl önce
Howdy! Maybe want to try hooking your next perch head real good right through the lips you won't dull your hooks tryna push through it's skull
Matt Golf and Fishing
U guys got some beautiful blues!!!! Yeah u rite!! Lol
Austin Hollin
Austin Hollin Yıl önce
Just going to drop the fish like that could've killed it
Jared Burgess
Jared Burgess Yıl önce
@Austin Hollin a very big joke you got that right 😂
Jared Burgess
Jared Burgess Yıl önce
Everybody is an expert 😂
Carlos Sosa
Carlos Sosa Yıl önce
People worried about the wrong shit
Oakley David
Oakley David Yıl önce
I hav e alwas thought it to be better bere ever the currents take you.
BlueMoney Nate
BlueMoney Nate Yıl önce
I have a spot for you to fish on the west bank, it has monster cats but sometimes hard to cast out with the rods I have. You and Jared would do great over here
MegaTechno2000 Yıl önce
Hi, I live in Gretna, I don't fish for Catfish, but I'm curious about that spot.
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