Fishing For Catfish With Garlic Worms, Mississippi River

M. Hood Fishing
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Catching catfish and drum on the river with garlic worms.
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17 Nis 2020




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You seem like a nice dude. Glad your getting out fishing during this time. I have been going like crazy.
john johnson
Just came across your channel. New sub . I have always enjoyed fishing spots like that . Seems like there’s always something to catch in them . Congrats on that mess of fish you caught 👍.
gettosurfer Yıl önce
Maybe use a slip bobber system in that spot. Put the hook on the bottom. 2 feet up put a one ounce weight. Hard to work two rods in the slight current, but less snags. Now you could work the faster current. Love the vids. Take care.
Marc Merlot
Marc Merlot Yıl önce
Never heard of a Gasper goo. When you first pulled it up I was like "that's a big croaker!” lol then after research I see it's another name for a fresh water drum, which I have heard of . Great video, I like the bank fisherman fishing risky spots videos because I can relate!
Fishin Fool
Fishin Fool Yıl önce
I'm going out tomorrow on Lake Michigan with my fishing buddy chasing coho salmon and brown trout! Wish me luck! Very nice stringer! Love the content man!
cigarsarge1 Yıl önce
Love the keeping it real vibe from your vids.
FLoridaMan Fishin
Garlic Worms I haven't had much luck finding these in my area I have heard they are a great bait for catfish and panfish this confirms it !
Will Melton
Good fishing. I make garlic worms by adding about 2 cloves in my crawlers. Just grate the garlic pretty fine. They will go crazy when the garlic hits them. Works on trout.catfish etc. Thank you
James Mitchell
James Mitchell Yıl önce
Love those bank fishing videos, keep them coming. By the way, I use 30 lb braid on all my lines, haven't lost a fish in 3 years.
Just Do it
Just Do it Yıl önce
Oh yeah!!! I love catfishing the river. U definitely get on the fish. Love ur videos and love ur channel!!! Awesome!!!
catphish66 Yıl önce
Nice seeing some fish caught. Keep it going.
blaine richard
blaine richard Yıl önce
I love this show I do a lot of the same type of fishing I do catch lots of the same type of fish keep producing the show
T2 Yıl önce
I used to fish the same exact spot as a kid way before Katrina caught the biggest fish there still that spot holds my records and lots of them brings back memories
KsOutdoorSports Yıl önce
That's some good fish'n, being able to let them sit and free themselves from the snags.
504 Louisiana Outdoors
Nice catches! You made it before the rain, cause it sure came down this afternoon! Keep em coming!
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan Yıl önce
Not sure why but I've watched this vid several times now. Just enjoy that you are hopping a fence and fishing in that little hidden area. Cool.
Alejandro Kerchner
Just a bit of advice, you might want to fish with a super small weight like a split shot. I know the water is rough but your bait will drift around a little bit and I’m sure the snags would be far less. Hope the fish were good!
vsonic86 Yıl önce
Congratulation on your catch there, Is that true that fresh water fish tend to have a lot of parasite?
Clam Fingers
Clam Fingers Yıl önce
I'm laughing because I just imagine people walking by and hearing some guy mumbling from the other side of the fence in a dark hole. Should be some moms, tight cheeking it past that area. Thought this was good the first time I watched it. Nice eater Blue. Wow, looks like this is the perfect spot to come for a string of Cats for a Sunday Catfish Dinner. Congrats on a good mornings fishing Mark.
Gene Sloan
Gene Sloan Yıl önce
Could you share how you do garlic worms?
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