Fishing For Catfish At A Wing Dam On A Small River

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Most people don't know the wing dam is there. I caught catfish below it.
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15 Ara 2019




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Brent S
Brent S Yıl önce
2nd catfish was not a blue. It was another channel cat.
Tyrell Lovitt
Tyrell Lovitt Yıl önce
Edward Brook
Edward Brook Yıl önce
You probably should be a good samaritan and go help them look for whatever they lost🤣
joel w Carter
joel w Carter Yıl önce
ii would like to see you catch some saltwater catfish
Ha you make me laugh. People who are in warm states and can fish in the middle of winter/December with just a long sleeve shirt. You people don't even know what real cold is. You got it made for the perfect winter temperature and weather. Where I live there would be tons of snow and everything Frozen and 5 or 10 degrees Max
Keion Hartzog
Keion Hartzog Yıl önce
I'm dying laughing
Earl Klinestub
Earl Klinestub Yıl önce
I live way north. Gimme your really really really cold temp 😀😀
Whisker Whisper Fishing
That place looks like it might have some history! I subbed great looking video
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Yıl önce
there r more bridges on the sabine on 17
Rick Snowden
Rick Snowden Yıl önce
Think the "honey" hole is across the way
Casselman Outdoors
nice channel cats.
Gamecock Mike
Gamecock Mike Yıl önce
We have big Pee Dee river and little Pee Dee river. There's more channels and blues in Big Pee Dee but they're babies compared to the flats we got in little Pee Dee but they wiped out our redbreast. I know for 5 years straight we were constantly pulling flats out that river 8 to 10 flatheads a night and none of them would be under 20 pounds. It weren't nothing to get two 40 or 50 pounders a night but we were setting hooks. We'd hang about 20 hooks off the limbs and pull them up about a foot from the bottom and stick a small live bream on it and check them every hour. Man you talking about fun. Especially when you see that limb being doubled over and you know it's a big fish. I think the biggest we pulled out was 58 pounds but they had one in the news paper that was 72 pounds. Everybody would say those big ones weren't good for nothing but stewing. That's bull because I've fried many catfish nuggets and I never heard a complaint.
Gamecock Mike
Gamecock Mike Yıl önce
We got to many alligator gar fish over here to be catfishing that early. We wouldn't catch anything but muds and gars.
Record Quest
Record Quest Yıl önce
10.12 that is not a Blue Cat!
Quentin Nails
Quentin Nails Yıl önce
Man we had a flooding here in Tulsa,ok.trees was down just like that can't wait to hit this fall.
Mo Pledger
Mo Pledger Yıl önce
Kinda takes the edge off of your "instructions", when you don't know the difference between a blue and a channel. Both fish that you filmed were channels. A blue has a straight edge anal fin, and a channel a rounded edge(just like both of the fish that you caught). Also, the top of a blue's head is a straight line from the dorsal spine to the upper lip, and a channel has a rounded head , just like the two that you caught. I really enjoyed your videos catching white bass and drum on a roadrunners and jigs at Natchez, your videos fishing the Sabine river, not so much. Thanks
What rod and reels were you using if I may ask?
Brent Miller
Brent Miller Yıl önce
I think her name is jawbone
Leap Year
Leap Year Yıl önce
Nice fish bud!!!! Thx
TB On the Red
TB On the Red Yıl önce
I never liked rude behavior in a man , I won’t stand for it !
TB On the Red
TB On the Red Yıl önce
I hate it when someone or somebody comes around starting shenanigans !
Carol Robinson
Carol Robinson Yıl önce
2" of snow on the ground and more coming here in Iowa, watching fishing in Texas took the chill off for a bit. Thanks for your videos always enjoy watching your adventures on both channels.👍
Mr Man 7803
Mr Man 7803 Yıl önce
That first fish kinda looked like a blue. Had that rectangle anal fin but had the channel colors. Hmm
J C Yıl önce
bet its not cold there was 14 here this morning
Solomon Jacobsen
Solomon Jacobsen Yıl önce
Can you put out set lines/trot lines there in Texas?
Solomon Jacobsen
Solomon Jacobsen Yıl önce
Should of waited....just learned of the "shenanigans"!!!
14richardm Yıl önce
The real honey hole is across in that parking lot.. getting lots of nibbles over there.
Solomon Jacobsen
Solomon Jacobsen Yıl önce
What kind of shenanigans were you witnessing Mark???
6412mars Yıl önce
@EatZEBRASass i didnt go back and get it verbatim
EatZEBRASass Yıl önce
He said “In the spirit of what’s going on in the parking lot, let’s give these fish A little Head” I’m not going to say what they are doing but use your wildest imagination
6412mars Yıl önce
some girl or guy ..who knows..he said dropped something in the truck and kept "Going Down" to get it...bwaaahaha!!
Therese Gooch
Therese Gooch Yıl önce
You had mentioned a little head part in the video and you had me lmao 😂 on that part but anyway yay finally you went fishing for catfish and what a great job Mark catching those two catfish. Enjoyed this video.
6412mars Yıl önce
In the Spirit of the moment a little head..LMAO!!!
MaTruth N.M. Bassin
LM Fishing
LM Fishing Yıl önce
Love the videos keep them coming! 👍
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