First Wash in 44 years! Barn Find Datsun 280z with only 350 Original Miles

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This is the rarest Datsun 280z Barn find ever recorded (as I've been told) with only 350 original miles! It was left in a barn near Hershey Pennsylvania before its first wash in 44 years! You'd expect this to be a complete detailing disaster because it was left untouched for so long...but the paint was in good condition despite being covered in filth and disgusting grime. In this barn find, we use AMMO Frothe to remove the first layer of dust and dirt to ensure the rubber seals did not leak if we power washed. Once confident, we power washed the paint, then compounded and polished with a Rupes polisher during our paint restoration. The Datsun 280z has since won several awards at Zcon and more information can be found at www.350mile280z.com.


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NoSense kid
NoSense kid 5 saatler önce
Gezz a hour away from me
Household Dog
Household Dog Gün önce
Lots of restored cars have too glossy a paint finish.
Everything was okay but you screw up the paint cleaning it that way!!!
Shawn Dawson
Shawn Dawson Gün önce
That’s one gorgeous car!
Aashish Kumawat
Aashish Kumawat 3 gün önce
U want to buy old and classic car. I am from India 🇮🇳. So will u tell which one is avilable?
Murkd 135i-007
Murkd 135i-007 3 gün önce
I would of let the soap sit a few min longer and then hit it with the power washer. Dragging a micro fiber towel over the soap and dirt is going to scratch it verses using the power washer to get all the heavy stuff of first....?
Redux 3 gün önce
It was like opening a time capsule when you found that newspaper
jhemz rodriguez
jhemz rodriguez 3 gün önce
The Devil Z!!!!
Mark Firman
Mark Firman 4 gün önce
Dusty disgusting barn nissan: $5k Clean and polished barn nissan: $140k
Tim Michael
Tim Michael 4 gün önce
Excellent job very satisfying👍
Pictland Pickers
Pictland Pickers 5 gün önce
You should of seen my van that hadn't been washed in 3months. Made that Datsun look clean.
Joel Carlotta
Joel Carlotta 5 gün önce
First stick i learned on was my uncle's 70 240z great cars
OKAMI 5 gün önce
Looks so much like the Fairlady
Perry Corsetti
Perry Corsetti 5 gün önce
Had 72 240z,dove white, 83 280z2+2 champagne wish I still had them both
Kymmberliestarr 5 gün önce
I had one of those cars in the early 90's. I miss my 300 as well.
Lynne the furry.
Lynne the furry. 5 gün önce
This is a car that shouldn't be driven, yet put in a display case inside a nice lightened home or museum.
Thanks dude I love the game
Diego Martinez Santamaria
And... Motor?
Smart Process Solutions
FUN FACT: Nissan names itself Datsun in the USA, because in the event they failed like Renault did, it wouldn’t embarrass the parent company Nissan. This was done for remaining honourable in the Asian Market and Nissan’s name would not be tarnished.
Smart Process Solutions
The Datsun Z and Toyota Celica back then we’re some pretty nice cars that The Big 3 had nothing comparable.
Patrick jones
Patrick jones 9 gün önce
I kinda wanted to see it run too
Marcos Medina
Marcos Medina 9 gün önce
I swear by how many times they said untouched for 44 years. I got it the first time dude
Moshe Levy
Moshe Levy 10 gün önce
Curious what this cost him? And what would the value be if sold at auction?
Eliott Rato
Eliott Rato 11 gün önce
It's a NISSAN so everything is good about it
Alex V
Alex V 12 gün önce
The car sold in action for 140k
Paul Hillman
Paul Hillman 12 gün önce
M5228 is NOT the dealership stock tag. That's the car's key code for all the locks on the car. Take that code to any Nissan dealer and they can cut a key for that car.
Kyle Olson
Kyle Olson 15 gün önce
Pyro 16 gün önce
My grandpa has a Datsun 280zx that will be mine in the future. I drive it quite often and it’s one of the coolest cars in the family. I have many plans for it but I want to keep it in good condition and look good I have no intention in making it a stereotypical “tuner car”.
Seena Sunil
Seena Sunil 17 gün önce
This proves the paint was so good
Stef 18 gün önce
Aint even that nasty for 44 years not watched my dad’s car looks the same in 1 week
Mr Amy
Mr Amy 18 gün önce
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson 18 gün önce
My Grandfather had 2, a silver 260z and an Anniversary Addition 300z. I fell in love with the car, I have a 07 350z
TheSpud1129 18 gün önce
Wonder how much they bought this for! Would be interesting to know!
James Lucas
James Lucas 19 gün önce
This was the 2nd car I ever owned. I really enjoyed her.
Alan Blasczyk
Alan Blasczyk 19 gün önce
Beautiful. Now have JDM go thru the engine and bring that back to tip top performance !
NinjaKitty 20 gün önce
I understand not wanting to get stickers and such wet, but never would have considered using a towel to "wipe" the car clean. Seems this would likely scratch, as the dirt was removed via friction of towel.
mccfrank 22 gün önce
Why am I suspicious? A barn find ?
Jovy Gonzalez
Jovy Gonzalez 24 gün önce
wow wow wow i wish i had 1 of these.
Wade Wilson
Wade Wilson 26 gün önce
Almost identical to my first car. $400 in 1992 out of a local junkyard. My older brother painted it the same color as this one and it looked brand new. Ran it without bumpers though. I put more miles than that car has on it the first day I had it. I had the only one around these parts and have rarely seen one since.
Eduardo Díaz
Eduardo Díaz 26 gün önce
Que mal le hiciste a la pintura limpiando el polvo solo con tu espumita y el trapo, eso le dejo unas rayaduras a la pintura, primero hubieras limpiado el carro con la kartcher y después limpiado con tu espuma, pero claro prefieres promocionar tu producto aunque la pintura se raye! 🤷🏼‍♀️
Dean 26 gün önce
I wonder if new cars came in delivery wax to the showroom in them days?
francisco villarreal
francisco villarreal 27 gün önce
good old days.. could afford a car and not hurt when you forget about it. now it would be a 40k time capsule
Howard Johnson
Howard Johnson 27 gün önce
Nice restoration job. Not only is it iconic, but it has sentimental value as well.
sbdrumr 27 gün önce
Would have enjoyed video but too many ads.
Zaid Ul Khair
Zaid Ul Khair 28 gün önce
My second time watching this… so satisfying… glad someone brings back this car to life.
Brent z
Brent z 28 gün önce
I remember as a kid my grandmother drove a Datsun I believe this same model...every time she went over a speed bump the horn would honk.
hazel tate
hazel tate 28 gün önce
was probably turning car into a (drug)runner
Brian Gore
Brian Gore 28 gün önce
Beautiful, my dream car Edit : one of them
Bill Weihrouch
Bill Weihrouch 28 gün önce
Can't get past the damned ads. Why don't you post your videos somewhere else? I'm not watching 20 minutes of fucking ads to see your videos.
Joe Arreguin
Joe Arreguin 28 gün önce
The 240z is the rarest !
John caballero
John caballero 28 gün önce
Absolutely stunning! I remember these Datsuns very well growing up in the 70's. I loved them then and still love them today. I would give my eye teeth to own something like this. To find a 280Z in this pristine condition is VERY rare. Would have loved to hear that little Z fire up after 40 years of being dormant. Great video!
Carlos Márquez
Carlos Márquez 28 gün önce
11million Jesus!
Child Of Light [ZEOS]
Child Of Light [ZEOS] 28 gün önce
I cannot imagine living in one place with that kind of stability for over 40 years it's mind blowing to me. Over the past 40 years i've probably moved a dozen times and started over several times in what seems like multiple lifetimes.
Sandip Roy
Sandip Roy 29 gün önce
Gerald Selvey
Gerald Selvey 29 gün önce
Wow those US spec bumpers are UGLY check the European bumpers for what the car SHOULD look like
bensoflyyy 29 gün önce
What a rare find, no parts lost, paint 100% original and still looks new, low mileage, i wonder how it runs? Any followup on this car?
Doomsday Clown
Doomsday Clown 29 gün önce
Absolute beauty!
Michael Jeffrey Banzali
William Simmons
William Simmons 29 gün önce
man, it's like a time capsule.
Anthony Webber
Anthony Webber 29 gün önce
I want a 180 datson
Buccaneers Xiong
Buccaneers Xiong 29 gün önce
Bro ya should’ve washed dirt off first haha
T B 29 gün önce
Very Strange. Don't understand Money Troubles letting a New Car sit around. Especially for 40+ Years, Especially for this silly simple stuff. Gee it's just too hard to stick a couple bolt on parts back on. Sure he probably profited a great deal but missed on enjoyment of an Iconic Sports Car being young, in it's Heyday. Actually quite sad for the guy. But also very dumb.
Joey Crysel
Joey Crysel 29 gün önce
I cringed when he wiped that dirt up after that foam........that would leave a mark.
1bls 29 gün önce
I am a Mopar guy through and through. But I have always loved the style ques of the 280’s. Also love their sneaky power. My best friend growing up had a 70 Cutlass that was well built. Well, we raced a sleeper primered 280 z and when the race started, all we seen was his tail lights moving away from us.
Hong Oscar
Hong Oscar Aylar önce
FINMrCurly Aylar önce
You put foam but you Don't use water. That will make damage.
SikoLeyLey Official
Beautiful car Legends too
ZAKEY WAKEY Aylar önce
Hey um so I’ve got a question about the game. Would it be possible for you guys to make it available to Xbox because I would really love to play it but I can’t afford a proper PC, steam and buy the game. So I’m just wondering u you could make a version for the Xbox
MCBawanG yakuz nouxman
bori lopez
bori lopez Aylar önce
What grade of polish compound did u used ?
originals Aylar önce
Jim Holesaw
Jim Holesaw Aylar önce
Dont engine swap a 240z you fetchers.
SnoopyDoo Aylar önce
Had it repaired in under 20 minutes? Dat soon?
SnoopyDoo Aylar önce
My mom told me to take out the garbage...50 years ago. I think I better get around to it now.
TowLife Channel
TowLife Channel Aylar önce
My RX-2 looked just just like this Was stored in a garage for 25 years when I brought it
Robin Taylor
Robin Taylor Aylar önce
My grandfather’s nephew owned the Datsun dealership here in Wichita Kansas back in the 70s and very early 80s his name was NJ Abraham. He sold a lot of these 280z
Jack Dolah
Jack Dolah Aylar önce
that is really good looking car.. wow
Elizabeth Whalen
Elizabeth Whalen Aylar önce
I had my first date in one, in the 1980s. Makes me smile to remember that boy in that car.
shevy john
shevy john Aylar önce
2 years after i was born damn
Gumpers Garage Gaming
Does it not RUN? Looks Great Guys!
Ronald Wayne
Ronald Wayne Aylar önce
Why leave a vehicle just sit somewhere for 44 years? Ridiculous!
Ronald Wayne
Ronald Wayne 21 gün önce
@thatoneguy285 yes but it doesn’t change the fact it sat for 44 years
thatoneguy285 21 gün önce
Did you watch the video?
The dog lover
The dog lover Aylar önce
Hi … Read more
Bronwyn Evans
Bronwyn Evans Aylar önce
My first was a Datsun 180 B. 😍
Stratplayr Aylar önce
BEAUTIFUL!!! When I was a kid in the 70's, my good friend's dad had a 1977 or 1978 280Z 2+2 - watching this video brought back so many memories of that car.
marcus laker
marcus laker Aylar önce
Wow...I miss my Z. I remember that smell, the comfortable seats and that awesome feeling sitting in the driver seat. Those are incredible vehicles
Chuck Itall
Chuck Itall Aylar önce
it's a 2+2 I had one and loved it
José Silva
José Silva Aylar önce
Stan Serwon
Stan Serwon Aylar önce
Amateurs!!!! You just RUINED the paint surface! YIKES! You hose it down with plain water FIRST to knock off all the loose dirt that's sitting on the surface - geez you could have blown it off with an air hose, there was so much of it! THEN run the hose again with a soapy mixture to get to the 1st surface, THEN MAYBE you touch the surface with a wet porous sponge, IF 90% of the dirt is visibly gone, so the sponge traps the grit and does not rub it into the paint, like you guys just did. Check out others youtube videos on how to wash a dirty surface before you publish your naivete....could have turned out much better
Jack kylloan
Jack kylloan Aylar önce
I want buy it
VL123 Aylar önce
Damn! I wish I could have that car. That thing is beautiful! Great job! And I am not even a Japanese car guy.
Joe Bugis
Joe Bugis Aylar önce
This oldies now is gold...
Rodreika Austin
Rodreika Austin Aylar önce
How much is this car worth now
mark richardson
mark richardson Aylar önce
There were modeled after the Ferrari
mark richardson
mark richardson Aylar önce
Priceless lol
mark richardson
mark richardson Aylar önce
Great videos
mark richardson
mark richardson Aylar önce
Great job guys, looks prestigious
Steven Guy
Steven Guy Aylar önce
That would have sold for a fortune
Moenicaaa Aylar önce
Love me my datsuns!
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mieckadeacrae Aylar önce
it's a lovely restoration
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