First To The Gate - Magical Short Film w/ Zach King 

Zach King
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Zach King and his friend JJ compete for the window seat in one of the world’s largest airports! Who will be the first to make it? Thanks to Turkish Airlines for having us on board for a new magical collaboration!
Zach King as Zach zachking
JJ Carroll as JJ j2carroll
Directed by Jadon Gauthier & Zach King
Produced by Jadon Gauthier jadononthego
Director of Photography - Sean Conte www.seanconte.com
Art Director - Danielle Thompson daniellethompson-design.squar...
Editor - Ryan Dayhoff www.ryandayhoff.com
Music Producer - Hannah Parrott www.hannahparrott.com
Sound Design - Dan Pugsley www.danpugsley.co.uk
Colorist - Taylor Mahoney tunnelpost.com
- Digital Magicians -
Nacho Hoyos
Ben “Belgian Ben” Klewais
Sam Wickert




4 Şub 2022




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Mary Elvira
Mary Elvira Yıl önce
Now that I'm thinking of it, Zach makes good short films. It would be so awesome if he made an actual movie based on magic, I would love it! I love these types of short films. Keep up the great work!
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Yıl önce
Mr Canada Vlogs
Mr Canada Vlogs Yıl önce
Yeah I totally agree
Dont Check My About Page Link
Read my name
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Yıl önce
This really felt like the first four minutes of a movie.
Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him
Repent to Jesus Christ “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬
CTB Videos
CTB Videos Yıl önce
No matter which company or pruduct Zach is promoting, each and every shortfilm is a masterpiece. Hats off to this genius!
CTB Videos
CTB Videos Yıl önce
@Dont Check My About Page Link Check out my answer: No.
Beluga the VI
Beluga the VI Yıl önce
@CTB Videos tf bro daaaaamm
Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him
Repent to Jesus Christ “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ hf
CTB Videos
CTB Videos Yıl önce
@Seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him Cool if your religion works for you, but most people prefer not to be evangelized, thank you.
Cactus Ninja
Cactus Ninja Yıl önce
You've done perspective tricks before, but that plane one was really nice. Not only did you have the tint of the window to work with/focus, but the way the real plane wobbled on its wheels was class.
What is Islam?
What is Islam? Yıl önce
@Mert'in Annesi ⚠️ God has said in the Quran: 🔴 { O mankind, worship your Lord, who created you and those before you, that you may become righteous - ( 2:21 )} 📖Quran
CubieCraze Yıl önce
I was expecting people, turns out they were bots 🙃
Hana Yıl önce
@CubieCraze OH wow an actual person surprising
Duck Yıl önce
He even got the plane type similar, the model was a 737 looking plane, and the plane that was outside was also a 737.
Hani Osman
Hani Osman Yıl önce
The effort he puts into all this is actually insane! Love it
Jadon Gauthier
Jadon Gauthier Yıl önce
✈️🎥 I had such an amazing time directing this with you Zach!! You and JJ Carroll are amazing and hilarious, it was such an honor creating with you all. I hope all your fans enjoy and leave with a smile! 😀
Pokio Yıl önce
GG man This was Wonderful. Loved It.😍🥰
the boss
the boss Yıl önce
this is so awesome man
M. Machine
M. Machine Yıl önce
I don't know you nor have I seen your work before, so you might be a great director, but this was probably the worst directed Zach King video I have ever seen. Maybe you had mandatory shots or other limitation due to filming in such a public place.
Pokio Yıl önce
@M. Machine I won't like to just be a stan Just wanna ask your opinions that why do you think this is bad?
Jaden A Taylor
Jaden A Taylor Yıl önce
cαη Yıl önce
😂 I love your short films, they are always so... Magical.
Cinecom.net Yıl önce
Wow Zach, this is insane! 😲
Unlimited Yıl önce
Gaurav Passi
Gaurav Passi Yıl önce
How many episodes of Copy Cat Friday will this require? 😝
Aayaan 3 aylar önce
It sure is
Le F
Le F Yıl önce
The quality is INSANE!! You, your Team and everyone else involved did an incredible Job! The acting, the Scenery, the story, the magic, the perspectives... I‘m in Love! 👏🏻
Vaibhav Shewale
Vaibhav Shewale Yıl önce
Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us ❤
RECON 6 aylar önce
for money
Israel Unterman
Israel Unterman 8 aylar önce
Those perspective tricks are so cool, I had to go back and rewatch every one of them. It doesn't get boring, keep on doing these!
I really love Zach King's short films, they are more entertaining than most of the movies❤ Can't wait for the next short film!!
Ahmed Abdulrahim
Ahmed Abdulrahim Yıl önce
No, they are not. They're amazing, sure, but not 'more entertaining than most movies' get real!
@Ahmed Abdulrahim Did you honestly think that it's better than most movies -_-, I meant better than most of the magic short films on TRvid lol
Yugioh Games
Yugioh Games Yıl önce
I hope he will be in a movie
@Yugioh Games Yeah hope so
Yugioh Games
Yugioh Games Yıl önce
@❄️Albatrossᵖᵒʷᵉʳツ I love it if he is in one
Mr Dani Magic
Mr Dani Magic Yıl önce
Congratulations, that was a fantastic film with lots of amazing magical moments, bravo Zach 👏👏
Blå Yıl önce
I love all the work you put into these videos 😊❤️
BCStrike Productions
The cinematography is absolutely magic! Another amazing Zach King short film!
Albert Alzate
Albert Alzate 5 aylar önce
you guys rock with those videos! very creative! please keep entertaining us with more awesome videos!
Oxqlion Yıl önce
This is amazing! I like everything about this movie. The cinematography, the story telling, the magic tricks, it's all perfect. Great job guys!
Firmino9_editz Yıl önce
Can we appreciate that Zack never disappoint us!
5MadMovieMakers Yıl önce
When magic tricks take wing and fly
CadeFilms 2 aylar önce
How does this have 9 likes and no replies Also I finally replied first to a verified comment I think I’ve done that once before
Top-Games Yıl önce
We can all agree that zach always makes our day better
Rusty Bolt
Rusty Bolt Yıl önce
No zack makes my entire week better
Moon Dewan
Moon Dewan Yıl önce
@Rusty Bolt no zack makes my entire month better
United We Analyse
its zach
Intignia Dickey
Intignia Dickey Yıl önce
That is the most beautiful airport I have ever seen. Just gorgeous. Enjoyed the film. Thanks for making them for us.
Tevin Yıl önce
This is actually a sick video! Zach never fails to entertain us 🔥
Jack Hints
Jack Hints 7 gün önce
He is literally born to make this world 🌎 magical
The Depressed Waffle
Zach King never fails to entertain us. This video is a masterpiece. Hats off to you, Zach!
This dude never fails to entertain us 😂
Chaz Olivier
Chaz Olivier 2 aylar önce
Warmed my heart seeing JJ Carol!! Haven’t connected since school but he was such a great and creative guy!
Katherine Pollock
I am obsessed with these short films! So creative and fun!
Appreciating Simplicity
This is absolutely amazing and hilarious! 😂 well done!
King Of Entertainment👑
Zach King never disappoints us with his shorts movies.
Zach King
Zach King Yıl önce
This is a fun one. We shot this before Covid so I'm excited to finally post it for you!
King Of Entertainment👑
@Zach King AWESOME!!!
Kei Rikei
Kei Rikei Yıl önce
Pokemon artist
Pokemon artist Yıl önce
Hi Zach king
Anshul Batkadali
Anshul Batkadali Yıl önce
Really before COVID 🤔🤔 Great... But i am excited too 😃😃
Everyone loves a race, great motivation for the magic, fun chemistry. A story worth watching.
Ohyeah Batz
Ohyeah Batz Yıl önce
Zach never dissapointing, always make a masterpiece! 🔥
J S Yıl önce
Beyond how well you pull off the illusions, the creativity alone is amazing!
Fabulous Angela Episodes
The fact that everyone was so chill with him using magic the whole time
Galactic A.
Galactic A. 4 aylar önce
You do great magic! 👏🏻 It's always fun to watch your videos!!!🤩 I love it 🧡
Amr Nouh
Amr Nouh Yıl önce
Love your videos and the effort you put into them
DGGamer Yıl önce
Great Job Zach! I really enjoy watching your amazing videos! Keep up the great work! 😀👍
Keane Baker
Keane Baker Yıl önce
I can’t wait! This is going to be so awesome, just like all other Zach king videos!
auser Yıl önce
A fine piece of work. You're entertaining and humble. Keep up the good work, man.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Yıl önce
Zach always Finesses his Magical videos every time , there's no doubt about it
pbilk Yıl önce
I loved seeing your first video with Turkish Airlines when I actually flew with them back in 2018. 🙂 Another great video! 🙂
Randem Gamor
Randem Gamor Yıl önce
I loved it! :D Great video as per usual, thanks Zach keep up the good work buddy! \o>
Cakeyboi4 Yıl önce
incredible video as always. if only my dad would let me on the airline advertised in this short film **laughs for 5 seconds before transitioning to sobbing**
Jadon Gauthier
Jadon Gauthier Yıl önce
Vister Yıl önce
Zach's videos never disappoint us Hats off to our king👑
Boy KH
Boy KH 2 aylar önce
I love all the work you put into these videos
Trendy Insight
Trendy Insight Yıl önce
Wow this was super amazing and much appreciation to Turkish for making this all happen! There lounge is amazing!
Jed Matias
Jed Matias 4 aylar önce
Now that’s something I like to call: MAGIC VS REALITY.
Akshadha Waghmode
So magically entertaining! Love these mini movies!
Sarthak V
Sarthak V Yıl önce
this man never fails to look our editing silly love your content :)
Jango Spencer
Jango Spencer Yıl önce
This is fantastic! 😃 Great job, Zach! 😉👍
Soumendu Kumar Ghosh
This was insanely done.. way to go Zach..
The Hyperscientist
Yo! This is absolutely amazing! The magic just never stops with Zach King!
Clezon Yıl önce
If all ads were like this i would watch them all day, loved it!
rs37 Yıl önce
It is so refreshing to see that no one is wearing a mask at the entire airport, a very unusual image reminiscent of old times...
MagicalBread Yıl önce
We have no idea when they filmed this.
MagicalBread Yıl önce
Zach confirms in a reply like 30 or so comments down that this was filmed BEFORE the pandemic. That’s why it’s “reminiscent of old times”. Because it is lol.
rs37 Yıl önce
@MagicalBread Ok, i saw it, but why is he recording a short film only to upload it two or more years later?
Coryn First
Coryn First Yıl önce
he already confirmed on Instagram that this video was made around 3 years ago.
FHD At Home
FHD At Home Yıl önce
I want more of these short films!!! Really love the work!
MrBeastFan Yıl önce
The combination of a race, a short movie and some cool transition-perspective magic will make the perfect insane video.
TheAngelArrow Yıl önce
only 1.7m views? this was too good to not get more attention good vibes the filming was really really good the sounds & how they overlap along with the music & such was really good, the background noise never took over the audio the tricks & editing is really good as well, every second served a purpose towards the video, really well put together probably a lot of other things but i'm no video or movie expert but this was super good 10/10 please make more short films this is cinema movie level good, would love to see a movie made by you one day
Cénobite Yıl önce
The trick with the airplane appearing magically on the tarmac is just amazing
Bikky Sharma
Bikky Sharma 5 aylar önce
Awesome script and fantastic editing 🔥
2k without any video challenge
I respect everyone who were involved in this. Seriously the best price that I've ever seen on TRvid. HATS OFF TO YOU ALL! LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!..
Ayush Panwar
Ayush Panwar Yıl önce
This guy and his cameraman is truly a legend.
Revolutionary Terminator
Now this was something next level dude 🔥 Great work man 👏 👌
Laurence Burlington
zach really pushes himself to do anything just for us
Alex Tene
Alex Tene Yıl önce
I wanna' be like Zach when I grow up! Dude this was amazing! I am speechless on how well this was executed....
Mr Miss
Mr Miss 5 aylar önce
Love it. You guys are ready for an action comedy full movie!
Zach never fails to impress me
donut Yıl önce
U didnt even watched it yet how can you say this 🙄
@donut it called being smart
Pro Hunter
Pro Hunter Yıl önce
This was awesome if you get the chance to do this again definitely do it! Magic is magical!
Free elective
Free elective Yıl önce
Thank u Zach king...u have been the only source of entertainment during quarantine 😅
Only One
Only One Yıl önce
You should make more short films like this.
IS Yıl önce
You never fail any magic trick badly.... it is always amazing Edit : This was just amazing 😍😀
Martin R
Martin R Yıl önce
Man this guy has got the talent!!
Deetya Gupta
Deetya Gupta Yıl önce
I really love his short movies it’s really entertaining can’t wait (Edit:- tysm for the likes)
ll l
ll l Yıl önce
Ich finde diese Form der Werbung auch unterhaltsam.
SamwichWasAte Yıl önce
So much respect to the editors.
Bob Son
Bob Son Yıl önce
Are they so good? Wow. This man is amazing
El Sombra
El Sombra Yıl önce
Man this has to be my favorite on your short films. It was awesome how the real plane shook.
Juju Rld
Juju Rld Yıl önce
It’s another masterpiece ! I love it ! 🔥🤩
Arnav Mittal
Arnav Mittal Yıl önce
This is honestly so cool! Hats off to you!
Frances Ann Carigma
Frances Ann Carigma 3 aylar önce
The short film looks like a James Bond movie seems like an action type but a chase off at the airport very nice !!
MoneyMaker Fo Sho
Genius!!! And the scenery was amazing too 😁😁😁
Mr. Revermino
Mr. Revermino Yıl önce
You have been working on this for a long time. Love the concept, and in general just amazing.
RP CHN Yıl önce
Always loving your works 👌👍
This guy
This guy 2 aylar önce
Zach king’s an omnipotent being who uses his power for our entertainment
Giuseppe Basile
Giuseppe Basile Yıl önce
This is brilliant, how did you get the pane to bounce like that? Incredible
jbachtell 6 aylar önce
Your videos are really awesome. Nice special affects on the airplane!
Osman Ceferov
Osman Ceferov Yıl önce
Amazing work! And it was filmed in Turkey, in my native land. I woul like to see a real movie lasting 1 hour or 2 hours. Keep going guys!
samet kaplan
samet kaplan 3 aylar önce
Vay kardeşim sende mi burdaydin
WhiteWolf Yıl önce
So amazing. Can't wait for the next short film :)
gregory phiri
gregory phiri Yıl önce
I love your content, it always leaves a smile on every time
Hansang Bae
Hansang Bae Yıl önce
@1:43 the Star Alliance lounge at IST is *INSANE* I don't think there's a better lounge anywhere. And the food on economy of Turkish Air is better than business class of United. That Kemal Pascha candy they hand out...heavenly!
Hello Yıl önce
Zack never disappoints us
Ali Özcan
Ali Özcan 3 aylar önce
İlk defa görüyorum Ülkem 🇹🇷 adına çok gurur duydum Teşekkürler..
Football time
Football time Yıl önce
Zack King needs to be exactly liked, the video is powerful
Rikhavok Yıl önce
You guys are amazing! Great show! Thanks so much!
Steve harvey
Steve harvey Yıl önce
Zach King always finds a way to surprise me
Bay Ulaş Rigby
Bay Ulaş Rigby Yıl önce
Bu adam Türkiye'de yıllarca konuşuldu ve hayran kalındı. Şimdi de öyle. Muhteşem bir iş gerçektende
Homeless Person
Homeless Person Yıl önce
Great video I really enjoyed it. Its cool seeing all the ideas you have put into one video.
Ponchos Vidal
Ponchos Vidal Aylar önce
This just the best I’ve ever seen on Zang’s magic tricks 😂❤
NZ Toy Reviews
NZ Toy Reviews Yıl önce
Yo this is by far the best short film I’ve EVER seen!! 😳👍✨
Aleksandr Mohammed Sengerej
I immediately like it, and now I'll watch it. Your illusions are wonderful. Especially where items are shrinking and increasing. A wonderful game of perception of angular vision. In general, diligence and striving for your goal, you are the best!
Game Awesome
Game Awesome Yıl önce
This short film literally made my day 💖
Caio 20 gün önce
Esse rapaz deve ser rico pelas edições que faz.
Sara Rahmani
Sara Rahmani Yıl önce
I love these short movies there so fun to watch.
iTV Yıl önce
looks like a movie, and sometimes like magic, so great to have known you
Tess Yıl önce
Just 4 minutes, feels like watching a movie!
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