24 Hours inside GIANT HOLE Wins Game Master Puzzle Box! (PART 2)

Rebecca Zamolo
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Rebecca Zamolo spends another 24 hours inside a giant hole to win a Game Master Puzzle box. Matt and Rebecca split up and Matt spent 24 hours trapped overnight by RZ twin with new clues found at 3am. On Day 2, He arrived back with the rest of the Gamemaster map but we were missing some of the clues. Daniel said to use a spy gadget blacklight on the mystery bags and we discovered two hidden emojis. One clue was at the treehouse and the other was a riddle on the ground just like at the Labrant fam new house. When Matt returned he tricked Rebecca by playing a prank on her. Afterwards he needed to go to where the buried safe was first located. He was able to recover the 4 missing pieces to the map but was trapped by the RZ twin until 3am overnight. Daniel hacked into the system and the husband and wife were reunited just like Piper Rockelle and her boyfriend. Not before the RZ twin had to facetime Q from the quadrant. They solved the clues and dug up the mysterious buried treasure box. Now they can escape the hole and solve the gm riddles. Will they be able to open the new locks? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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25 May 2019

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Falconry Southeast
Falconry Southeast 12 saatler önce
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Dont trust Q!
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What if X4 means experament 4 like on RZ twin or hypnotizing
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Use a black light on he bag
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I'm a morning person
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I’m a morning
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U know the buried safe that U tried 0000
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The slime out for a couple of more days when it hardens put the slime in a big balloon and then tie it up and then it becomes a stress ball.
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I hope you catch Rzs twin
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If you love Rebbeca and Matt s' videos like this comment😆❤❤😊 hi bye✋
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Morning pesen and I am a little girl
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Maybe you can use a black light I didn't know rebeca used it
Gracie May
Gracie May 7 gün önce
Yeh I was about to say that. It means x4 of the map
Madeline Hendon
Madeline Hendon 8 gün önce
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Wayne and Erin00007 8 gün önce
Daniel seems very suspicious like if u agree
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Black light😲🤫
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Try a black light on itt
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Darby Smith 8 gün önce
I love you guys so much I wish you would send me something I will try to send send you some fan mail and I took over Darby Smith I'm Brooklyn I'm 9 years old my phone broke so that's why I have Darby Smith phone she's my mom
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use a blacklight in the bag
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DONT trust Daniel He is definitely helping RZ twin escape Don’t show anymore clues to Daniel Daniel is warning RZ twin about all of these traps and stuff
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Mya Gersic 10 gün önce
My heart is beating so fast
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I’ve watched so many videos with the RZ twin and Daniel is helping her I don’t know why but he is also helping them
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