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Play hard, hustle harder.

White Men Can’t Jump, starring Sinqua Walls and Jack Harlow, streaming May 19 on Hulu.



4 Şub 2023




Yük bağlantısı.....


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G CarMichael
G CarMichael Aylar önce
Could you imagine if we lived in a world where people actually created something original?
John Aylar önce
Like your comment ikr?
Victimize Aka boomsta
I watch just about every and that does in fact include originals…🤷‍♂️
My wife's boyfriend
It was called the 90s
MC Smash Hits
MC Smash Hits Aylar önce
@Supreme I have watched the Spike Lee movie but I did not watch this movie she’s got to have it and they did a TV series so I will start to watch it on my Netflix account
MC Smash Hits
MC Smash Hits Aylar önce
@Supreme I never watch the original movie but I could tell the remake is not necessary at all but I will start to watch it because back in the 90s movies has a lot of sense so I can tell this movie are trying to reboot it to make it the same as the original instead of doing the continuation they should’ve thought about that and they should have called Spike Lee To direct this movie
Anthony Aylar önce
You can’t duplicate the chemistry woody and Wesley had .
Romaris Rogers
Romaris Rogers 4 gün önce
​​@hzr yea...I really think though had 9/11 never happened, the world/times right now would still be as great as they were in the 1990s but more advanced
4eva Dre Studios
4eva Dre Studios 12 gün önce
Annnnnd I don’t think that’s what they are going for Unc
hzr 17 gün önce
And most importantly, you cannot duplicate the Zeitgeist of the 90s at that time. Stuff like Jordan and the bulls first three peet was happening at the time, Dream Team dominating at the Barcelona olympics, making the sport a world wide hype for years to come, Pince of Bel Air was all the rage. The 90s were truly a "fresh" time and the future looked bright and people were actually enjoying themselves instead of fighting over social non-issues like the bickering little kids we seem to be today.
O'Brian Thomas
O'Brian Thomas Aylar önce
@OldManSportsOG how is that racist
Tim Arnold
Tim Arnold Aylar önce
Oh look! Another great film that has absolutely no need for a remake
nato 10 gün önce
@Bradley's Car Reviews People will comment on trailers for bad remakes and not watch it. You need not worry yourself.
Bradley's Car Reviews
Bradley's Car Reviews 10 gün önce
@nato then dont watch it. Simple
nato 10 gün önce
@Bradley's Car Reviews People will comment on trailers for bad remakes and not watch it. You need not worry yourself.
Bradley's Car Reviews
Bradley's Car Reviews 10 gün önce
@nato then dont watch it. Simple
nato 10 gün önce
@Bradley's Car Reviews People will comment on trailers for bad remakes and not watch it. You need not worry yourself.
Bens Place
Bens Place Aylar önce
Would have rather seen Woody and Wesley back together again in "Old men can't jump"
Rick Mccoy
Rick Mccoy 4 gün önce
That would be absolutely 🔥🔥🔥
Nicky Pipes
Nicky Pipes 10 gün önce
Bigga Lex
Bigga Lex 18 gün önce
Give this man a job paramount
j Aylar önce
No. Or simply see something New.
Anonymous Aylar önce
@notta3d please don't use God in vain. God bless. ❤
Eric Ross
Eric Ross Aylar önce
All this did for me is to want to rewatch the original. Thanks!
SLB1979 10 gün önce
Ha me too... Going to watch it now
Derrick Braithwaite-Mais
banana flesh
banana flesh Aylar önce
same it brought back good memories of the original DVD
Vahn Williams
Vahn Williams Aylar önce
Jennifer Mcgregor
Jennifer Mcgregor Aylar önce
Timepiece 3001
Timepiece 3001 Aylar önce
"I knew this was a mistake" - That last line says everything you need know about this remake -
j Aylar önce
😂😂 facts
IndyBill Aylar önce
Who would have thought this was a good idea? The original was outstanding!
Michael Carson
Michael Carson Aylar önce
@Jay W I wish I could be like you.
Jay W
Jay W Aylar önce
@Michael Carson womens ghostbusters what the he’ll I never herd of that
Michael Carson
Michael Carson Aylar önce
@Samson Martinez They already made Woman's ghostbusters and they still keep doing dumb gender swapped movies. In every case they have been trash.
Michael Carson
Michael Carson Aylar önce
The zombies at Disney!! Who else? It would have been funny if they tried to gender swap the two leads. People already don't watch the WNBA.
Lance Aylar önce
Should have left it alone. The original holds up really well after all of these years. By the way Woody Harrelson can really ball in real life.
yodaisgod2 Aylar önce
The guy who help trained them at the time said they were good enough for D-II basketball. Which is still pretty good.
meg Aylar önce
This just looks like the privileged imitation version. Hard pass.
missourigreen051 Aylar önce
I think the 1990 Total Recall still looks good today, and they still did a remake of it in 2012. The remake is kind of fun but it was still unnecessary.
999 F
999 F Aylar önce
Bring back Woody and Wesley cmon man. That would be such a hit movie for Hulu and us. You can’t change classics, you gotta stick with them
Jay H
Jay H 19 gün önce
Wesley black balled from Hollywood
Da Internet
Da Internet Aylar önce
old men can't jump
A Clark
A Clark Aylar önce
At this point in #Hollywood history I'm just waiting for the remake of #Casablanca with #Rick as a Muslim & the #Nazis as #Republicans..
mariogamefreak1 Aylar önce
We need a remake of White Men Can’t Jump said no one ever.
Heather Carpenter
Heather Carpenter Aylar önce
When they could have just put the ORIGINAL back in theaters.
Romaris Rogers
Romaris Rogers 4 gün önce
Are they showing older movies from that time back in theaters to make money again or for nostalgic purposes ? 🤔
SLB1979 10 gün önce
To offensive for the masses these days...ppl would be crying
j Aylar önce
All the originals back in theathers and have the real ones just show up at the premiere s and press runs.
Dewayne Thompson
Dewayne Thompson Aylar önce
Right!!! lol
Matt Aylar önce
Yeah, one theatre by me did that with some classics
Lueyb413 Aylar önce
Disney has no shame recycling classic movies.
Halloween Spirit 🎃
@Joseph Grmovsek That happens in Churches, not in the media studios (and you can find any statistics that prove it)
Jeffrey Cunningham
Jeffrey Cunningham Aylar önce
@Halloween Spirit 🎃 i dont see what point you’re trying to make. Yes Disney owns multiple streaming services, yes they want movies from all the studios they own in those streamers. So what? What does that mean. Doesn’t make any of those films “disney films”
Halloween Spirit 🎃
@Jeffrey Cunningham All these movies are already available now on Disney+ internationally and on Hulu (also HBO Max in the US because a window deal before the Disney merger that will end this year)
Jeffrey Cunningham
Jeffrey Cunningham Aylar önce
@Halloween Spirit 🎃 wrong. 20th century studios is like warner brothers. Which were owned by at&t but no one says they are at&t movies. Lucasfilm only makes star wars films, marvel only marvel. They’re not what 20th century is which is a large film studio that is still operating like they once did only just under a different umbrella. None of the films you named will be at Disney plus. Hulu sure but that where all fox titles go. They also get licensed out to other streamers. Unless theres a Disney logo in the credits before a film starts, its not a disney film. You know that touchstone studio ls was owned by Disney in the 90s? You know the studio that made Signs, Armageddon, pearl harbor, con air, gone in 60 seconds… the list is endless. Are THOSE disney films too?? Lol the answer is NO
Laveyan Monk
Laveyan Monk Aylar önce
The original can never be duplicated.
Damon Czanik
Damon Czanik Aylar önce
The studio is called 20th Century, because that's the last time their executives ever had an original idea.
Guy Langlois
Guy Langlois Aylar önce
The original is 🔥 .
D J Aylar önce
The original is absolutely a classic of the 90s.
JT Golden
JT Golden Aylar önce
At least it’s on Hulu and not in theaters 😂
MADD MAN X🎵🎶 Aylar önce
It would've FLOPPED hard
Punch BLMers
Punch BLMers Aylar önce
Hulu is becoming like Netflix, always creating lamest Gen-Z style, Anti-White bigot, dry comedy, and dull horror movies/TV show.
Eddie "Rascal" Haskell
Just like House Party
Mike Killagreen
Mike Killagreen Aylar önce
@Artagle Not true. Hulu is popular
Artagle Aylar önce
Lmao fr nobody watches Hulu
Justin Paquette
Justin Paquette Aylar önce
“Thanks for making this remake we’ve all been waiting for!” - no one
J C Aylar önce
Plot twist...they are lovers, only way to bring back classics these days
Edgar Ochoa
Edgar Ochoa Aylar önce
Pale Horse
Pale Horse Aylar önce
@Patrick Baker Lol. Yeah, I have. I was just playing into the trope of how Netflix obliterates the original plot in order to be "inclusive".
Patrick Baker
Patrick Baker Aylar önce
@Pale Horse I guess you haven't watched Disney, HBO, or Prime recently, it's happening everywhere. I honestly don't know about Hulu because who watches Hulu, but I'm 99.9% sure they're guilty too.
Pale Horse
Pale Horse Aylar önce
Nah. It's not being done by Netflix.
Kingdom House
Kingdom House Aylar önce
I'm sure of it !!
Chris Aylar önce
I wonder how many people truly woke up thinking "you know what we need a remake of?" and this is what came to mind. I'm betting very few. How ridiculous.
MADD MAN X🎵🎶 Aylar önce
This makes me just want to see the original for the 4th time. In fact, that's what I'm going to do right now!😌
a p00lboy and his guns will travel
i swear i remember a movie like this only it looked way better and original
Daniel Vosburg
Daniel Vosburg Aylar önce
This is an encapsulation of EVERYTHING that is wrong with today.
MrGiggleZ Aylar önce
hard pass. woody & wesley will always be number 1
Rush 15 gün önce
My life isn’t miserable so I’m actually interested in seeing this
apok1980 Aylar önce
Actually, a real sequel would be interesting. Snipes character is now a successful old guy. He basically has a soft spot for Woody’s character and has been helping him out. Woody is always sad about Rosie. But then Rosie shows up and says he has a son who is going down the wrong path so Snipes and Woody try to play in a tournament to convince his street ball son to go to college. Or something like that. I dunno
Romaris Rogers
Romaris Rogers 4 gün önce
Sounds like a similar outcome to biker boyz movie where the parent passes the torch down to their child..
apok1980 Aylar önce
@James Brian Elie Thanks, that will be a million dollars please😁
James Brian Elie
James Brian Elie Aylar önce
Not bad
Gotti_Da2nd_Player Aylar önce
Better off having a part 2 with new characters rather than a reboot
MrBooty Aylar önce
Thanks for reminding me to watch the original 🎉
FAYMprod Aylar önce
these dudes have 1000x less riz and chemistry than Woody & Snipes and wtf are they doing INSIDE a gym. it's all about streetball
brent webster
brent webster Aylar önce
Global warming bro too hot on the street.
Gabriel 2 gün önce
I was a huge fan of the original when I was a kid. I’m going to give this a shot, but my expectations are low. I want to like it 😢
E J Aylar önce
If you haven’t seen the og film, I highly recommend it
Naminski Aylar önce
I like the original from 1992.
Romaris Rogers
Romaris Rogers 4 gün önce
​@Dr. Ocho this new generation can thank the one that came before them then instead of taking things and running with it without giving cadence 💯
J.R ALL DAY Aylar önce
I like comments like this Lol
Daniel DTM
Daniel DTM Aylar önce
I like turtles.
daniiel Aylar önce
@zx liked your own comment
zx Aylar önce
@daniiel L
Richard's Outdoor World
modern day Hollywood's finest on full display !
reese :/
reese :/ 22 gün önce
Man the original had the saddest ending
Juan Florido
Juan Florido Aylar önce
The most unnecessary remake in hollywood history. This movie is gonna bomb hard
Regina Abdel-Malek
Regina Abdel-Malek Aylar önce
It’s made For straight tv won’t bomb.. people with Hulu Will watch it like the countless other movies on website
Dude123 Aylar önce
They didn’t need a remake or a sequel really but if they did they should make a sequel with woody harrelson and wesley snipes in it
J S Aylar önce
Can't wait
Jerry Xiong
Jerry Xiong Aylar önce
Wow this looks just as good as How High 2 😂.
Nicholas Heydenrych
I can't wait to see the remake of this remake.
13eam5 Aylar önce
Underrated comment.
Wallszy Aylar önce
No way their topping the original 💯
David Fitzgerald
David Fitzgerald Aylar önce
The only good that can come from this is it might make people that have never watched the original go watch it.
The Pheonix
The Pheonix 19 gün önce
It would've been nice if they tied this into the original movie. Have someone from the old cast be parents and their kids meet while playing basketball. The dads, Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson reminisce on back in the old days they hustled. So their kids go out and fail in their own way.
willitwo81 Aylar önce
Please don’t mess with this legendary movie!
Cord Cutter Cam
Cord Cutter Cam Aylar önce
@Kylo Ken exactly , my point to everybody who says this
Kylo Ken
Kylo Ken Aylar önce
The original still exists, you can watch it any time you want.
Cord Cutter Cam
Cord Cutter Cam Aylar önce
Too late
David Kramer
David Kramer Aylar önce
The studios don't LISTEN. We didn't want this.
Roody321 Aylar önce
I don't recall any fans of the original asking for a remake.
Brother Lou-E
Brother Lou-E Aylar önce
even the non fans and people who have never seen it arent asking for it
PeterPlays Aylar önce
Films like this actually separate us.
wjveryzer7985 Aylar önce
This bugs me out for a few reasons, 1. The original is so iconic. I dont see how it could be matched. 2. It makes me feel OLD
Freddie Samuel
Freddie Samuel Aylar önce
Came here to say the original is yet another classic that doesn’t need a remake. Can’t stress it enough
dmOOTH Aylar önce
Mad max and blade runner didn’t need remakes either but they turned out to be better than the originals so…
ch br
ch br Aylar önce
Hollywood is a joke now, how can you go from being the best movie makers in the world to the worst in such a short span?
Metal Fuhrer
Metal Fuhrer 22 gün önce
Kern Matthews
Kern Matthews Aylar önce
really no way in hell these two can come close to woody Harrison and Wesley snipes portrayal in this movie no way
Pearce Lewis Raymond
Always knew they'd come after a masterpiece smh 😑
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena Aylar önce
Funny that people are just barely finding out now that this movie has a remake instead of when it was announced more than a year ago.
Pale Horse
Pale Horse Aylar önce
Well, in fairness, most people have tuned out from shitty remakes of good movies. Hollywood and their imitators have lost the audience. It's rare to see a new concept. So they just rehash good movies for cash. The "entertainment" industry fails to entertain.
Stardu5t Aylar önce
People don't think social decay is a thing. smh
Distinked Aylar önce
This movie is gonna gather up so many bricks they'll be able to build a shelter for the homeless.
James Brian Elie
James Brian Elie 26 gün önce
@TheOC2334 Their mother's an astronaut!
Sten Biller
Sten Biller Aylar önce
such great teamwork in this thread lol
Mathias C
Mathias C Aylar önce
@TheOC2334 and their sister too
TheOC2334 Aylar önce
So their mother can have a place to live
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez Aylar önce
First House Party now this. When is Hollywood going to learn?
Mr. Manns
Mr. Manns Aylar önce
Oddly enough, both share the same director (Calmatic).
Ligma Sphere
Ligma Sphere Aylar önce
Almost died of cringe watching this. Just go watch the 90s version.
E Dub
E Dub Aylar önce
Been on a 90s binge watching tear lately. This new sh.. just doesn't cut it for me 🤷
Tamikia Aylar önce
Now this is what I’m talking about if you wanna come back with shows and Movies let’s come back with the same title different meanings but let’s finish where we started this is what I’m talking about this is a prime example if shows are going to come back come back and finish where you left off or if you were done start a new season start a new script start something new. P.S i’m so sick of remakes what are you going to remake Now this is how you start back off stop with the remakes it’s always a remake They constantly remake something over remake something over all you’re doing is starting the storyline all back over again it’s nothing new it’s nothing different not a new script stop the remakes
In Like Flynns
In Like Flynns Aylar önce
Should have made a sequel instead of a remake. Even if you say that these are the kids of Sydney and Billy...that would have been more appealing to me than trying to replicate the magic and chemistry of the original. With that being said, I'm going to go in with an open mind and hope for a solid entertaining flick.
Richard Ransom
Richard Ransom Aylar önce
The warriors deserved a remake, this didn’t need one yet
Samson Martinez
Samson Martinez Aylar önce
They will ruin the warriors that is a classic film don’t give them any ideas
fuzzyrat123 Aylar önce
I'm not too sure about that one...The Warriors are in a class by themselves. There would probably be an uproar if someone tried to.
Daniel Drader
Daniel Drader Aylar önce
Any word on when the sequel is being released, and then the next sequel and then the redux?
pontiacGXPfan 5 gün önce
you can't duplicate chemistry
Cracked Out Chimpanzee
Leave the classics alone smh
Inventory Aylar önce
Calmatic gives me hope directing but it better be as good as the original.
Sky Blaze
Sky Blaze Aylar önce
Romaris Rogers
Romaris Rogers 4 gün önce
Right!!!! Unless the original still has chapters to close, they don't need a sequel..
Kylo Ken
Kylo Ken Aylar önce
Nope, Smile, Banshees of Inisherin, The Lost City, Ticket to Paradise, Violent Night, Everything Everywhere all at Once, Barbarians, The Northman, Tar, Glass Onion, Amsterdam, Pearl, The Menu, The Fabelmans. There were way more original films that came out last year than remakes or sequels. Just because you didn't see them doesn't mean they don't exist.
Hazey Cazey Tv
Hazey Cazey Tv Aylar önce
I’m gonna roast react to this movie when it drops *crackles
Mudd Bear
Mudd Bear 19 gün önce
Oh my god.... they CANNOT seriously be trying to remake this masterpiece! It's not even that old!!
Lord Wapi
Lord Wapi Aylar önce
Is too much to ask these days for an ORIGINAL SCRIPT!!! 😭😭😭
Dennis Cooper
Dennis Cooper Aylar önce
Some things need to be left alone
Jay Of The North
Jay Of The North Aylar önce
This is legitimately an SNL skit made for theatres
Kylo Ken
Kylo Ken Aylar önce
It's a Hulu original.
Moira's Mind
Moira's Mind Aylar önce
Saw the trailer on Instagram and thought it was SNL
Gregory Baker
Gregory Baker Aylar önce
@Artagle Seriously, who the hell Is Pedro Pascal?
Artagle Aylar önce
Speaking of SNL you should should watch what they recently did with Pedro Pascal 💀
BlakStar Aylar önce
Thats what i thought it was
susanfit47 Aylar önce
I seen the original movie, starring Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Rosie Perez, Tyra Ferrell, Clyk Cozart, Kadeem Hardison, Ernest Harden, Jr., Nigel Miguel, Freeman Williams, Loius Pride, Marques Johnson, the late Alex Trebek, Alan Malamud, Duane Martin, and David Roberson, and now it's getting a remake.
Sam Valentine
Sam Valentine Aylar önce
DB Deezy
DB Deezy Aylar önce
Antonio James
Antonio James Aylar önce
Looks as good as 2023 House Party👌
Righteous Greek
Righteous Greek Aylar önce
Bro, snipes and woody were great. Can we get original ideas Disney cmon
E Dub
E Dub Aylar önce
@blackmajima Disney owns the world rn right? I'm pretty sure they own half of Russia
MF_GHIDRA Aylar önce
@Jeffrey Cunningham show me something that says “discovery bought Warner brothers”
matthew kelly
matthew kelly Aylar önce
come on disney, you remake this movie but you cant put fight club out on 4k?
Donn Bradley
Donn Bradley Aylar önce
Well, this is certainly going to be a piece of $hit
DUST 23 gün önce
Could have just made a basketball movie with a whole diff title in the same universe.
Mathias C
Mathias C Aylar önce
Tbh I feel like this could be a great basketball movie on its own, but only if it wasn't a remake of the 90s version because with a story, a concept and characters looking like they were just taken from the og movie and changed a little bit to fit today audience and be a bit different from the original, people will always find the 90s version better, it doesn't look like this movie has any purpose other than money, because they know people will watch it anyway
iamsellek 10 gün önce
is it just me or did anyone else take a double take of "is that... dwayne wade??". talking about a doppelganger in sinqua walls!
Amanda From Wisconsin
Why does 95 percent of everything have to be a remake these days?
Kylo Ken
Kylo Ken Aylar önce
Nope, Smile, Banshees of Inisherin, The Lost City, Ticket to Paradise, Violent Night, Everything Everywhere all at Once, Barbarians, The Northman, Tar, Glass Onion, Amsterdam, Pearl, The Menu, The Fabelmans. There were way more original films that came out last year than remakes or sequels. Just because you didn't see them doesn't mean they don't exist.
Cord Cutter Cam
Cord Cutter Cam Aylar önce
Some remakes are good actually
Facts Over Feelings
Yeah, I’m gonna go with the original…
American Squidward
American Squidward Aylar önce
I've never been more unexcited for a film
meg Aylar önce
Unknown Aylar önce
Glad to see I’m not the only one who is not interested in this remake and would rather see the original back in theaters.
Brett Swanson
Brett Swanson Aylar önce
First reaction: No reason for this to exist. Second reaction: When I'm scrolling through Hulu, I'll probably watch end up watching this, against my better judgment. Well played, Hulu.
MrX13 Aylar önce
Background-noise type of movie
Jedi Knight Din Djarin 2023
You too, Disney Plus Star.
KD Frogg
KD Frogg 17 gün önce
Well atleast they kept it a comedy and didn’t try make it a drama. Time will tell if it’s woke af tho
Shluggaroonie Aylar önce
I'm 100% convinced that all these terrible, unwanted reboots are just money laundering rackets at this point
Eddie "Rascal" Haskell
Yep, washing money like Tony Montana
S Dot
S Dot Aylar önce
Christopher Jackson
I'm thinking the same thing no lie
All up in the videos....
@Dominic Arroyo that's so true lol
Slayer Mill
Slayer Mill Aylar önce
Oh cool. I wonder how woke this version of a movie that no one asked to be remade will be.
Justin McGill
Justin McGill Aylar önce
HOLY SH&$...I knew this was going to be a fu$#ing abomination... But didn't expect it to be "straight to Hulu" bad..
Live From the 205
Live From the 205 Aylar önce
Did Spike remake this or did they just remake this for fun 😭
Mr. Manns
Mr. Manns Aylar önce
The remake is directed by Calmatic (House Party 2023)
S E Aylar önce
Ron Shelton (Bull Durham) directed the original.
LoveJones Aylar önce
Spike did not
Sandy Cheeks
Sandy Cheeks Aylar önce
Dear God! please 🙏🏽 don’t let them try to remake The Godfather 😢😱
lupowins Aylar önce
Please don’t give them any ideas!
Weese Bowski
Weese Bowski Aylar önce
I know your kind… “Look good and lose, rather than look bad and win!” 🥶
I know this ain’t gon be anywhere near as great as the original. But I’m just glad to see Harlow finally acting. He’s such a character this needed to happen lmao
Maverick33 guy
Maverick33 guy Aylar önce
@James Watson Maybe that's where Harlow is going
Dannie 27
Dannie 27 Aylar önce
@James Watson just give another white rapper a chance
James Watson
James Watson Aylar önce
Just give another white actor a chance
tjr622 Aylar önce
Meanwhile while their blowing money on making this they could have been making a Harry Potter prequel or sequel tv series
Thomas Schuster
Thomas Schuster Aylar önce
The only thing funny about this is it being labeled a "Hulu Orignial".
Da Darkest Knight
Da Darkest Knight Aylar önce
I have never heard him be called PT Anderson. He's right about Spike though
Gail A.
Gail A. Aylar önce
Whose idea was it to remake a legendary film (that is not in need of a remake) then cast someone who is not even an actor as the lead!?
Poopy McPoop
Poopy McPoop Aylar önce
How did I know they were gonna use that song?
Zk Motivation
Zk Motivation Aylar önce
You have to work through it. You're going to get up, you're going to get dressed, and you're going to do what you've been called to do, and you're going to prove to everybody who tries to stop you, break you, and kill your dreams, you're going to prove all of them wrong.
Sam Valentine
Sam Valentine Aylar önce
dcfan1107 29 gün önce
Straight to VHS.
James Rokel
James Rokel Aylar önce
Sacrilege. These two can’t compete with Woody and Wesley.
addyzNxanyzz Aylar önce
I used to watch the original all the time, I can’t wait to see this one. Love seeing newer versions of my favorite shii😂😂
SteveLosJr Aylar önce
The reason for a remake of a classic film is uncanny to me. Can we burn the Mona Lisa and make a new one? Smh
Cord Cutter Cam
Cord Cutter Cam Aylar önce
Terrible comparison
nopunksalive 20 gün önce
Doesnt look bad.
Adam Sandler: The 60 Minutes Interview
How many undercooked eggs can Arin eat?