First Fish With The E Bike

M. Hood Fishing
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First session with the new bike.
PO Box 7226
Belle Chasse, LA

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8 Eki 2021




Yük bağlantısı.....


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Upcamehill Aylar önce
Congratulations. Now you can exercise or take it easy when you want.
Chasing Catfish
Chasing Catfish Aylar önce
Too cool man! Congrats 😎
Arulataq Smith
Arulataq Smith Aylar önce
I like to imagine that there was a fed ex worker walking with that e bike on his back all the way from st rose and that’s why it took a month
Nate Parada
Nate Parada Aylar önce
Heck ya brother. Happy for you.
Gerald Johnson
Gerald Johnson Aylar önce
Is that a Shakespeare micro series rod ?
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing Aylar önce
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis Aylar önce
You will have to be carful with your bike. Everybody will like it more than you if you know what I mean!!!!??? Thanks Bulldog from Galveston TX
Kyley Bare
Kyley Bare Aylar önce
mark I would encourage you to check out dmv whisker king so you can avoid the problems he's had thanks for the videos I enjoy them a lot
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing Aylar önce
What problems?
Solomon Jacobsen
Solomon Jacobsen Aylar önce
Gonna be a great tool for you! Can’t wait👍
dirtyoldfarmhand3 Aylar önce
Corey Powell
Corey Powell Aylar önce
Don't let it get wet I've seen other you tubers that were sent that same bike and first time it got wet it quit working
Corey Powell
Corey Powell Aylar önce
It's definitely super cool me and my girlfriend were looking at em i even heard it's strong enough to tow a kayak on a small trailer
M. Hood Fishing
M. Hood Fishing Aylar önce
Yes, I was aware before I bought it. I will talk about this in a video.
Atavistic By Nature
Good on ya, Mr Hood! Love seeing life get easier for someone besides the damn 1% for a change 💪🏻
Charles Moffitt
Charles Moffitt Aylar önce
You know what is going to happen now.... no peddling exercise...... gaining weight!!!!! Awesome bike. Enjoy the added range to your fishing adventures.
Wet Whiskers
Wet Whiskers Aylar önce
Can’t wait for future videos out on the bike!!
pyro T Bear
pyro T Bear Aylar önce
Ace One
Ace One Aylar önce
That thing looks bad ass
cigarsarge1 Aylar önce
Just a heads up…Many E-Bikes are not water resistant. You might be sure about yours before riding it in wet conditions. I’ve seen a few malfunction after getting wet.
Billy Lzer
Billy Lzer Aylar önce
Sup brother
Kelly Schuster
Kelly Schuster Aylar önce
E-bike yeah you're right
Outside with Tom
Outside with Tom Aylar önce
Sweet bike, Mark. 👍
Alex Rawleigh
Alex Rawleigh Aylar önce
Mr. Hood if you don't mind me asking, what is the range on that bike. I realize you can peddle but what is the average range and battery life. Also, how long to recharge battery(s)? Regardless....congrats on the new ride. Really cool idea and like everyone else stated.....should help you out big time!
Upcamehill Aylar önce
It's about 45 miles.
Steve Hogan
Steve Hogan Aylar önce
Hey hey hey Very Cool. I knew that smoking would catch up to you, plus age. Mark, so how many hours of use do you get or what type of range? Glad to hear it's working well for you. @M. Hood Fishing your paypal link is not working.
txTIGER Aylar önce
Congrats Mark, best of luck
Donnie Dickerson
Donnie Dickerson Aylar önce
Freaking Awesome, E Bike Fishin, I Have A Area That I Have Seriously Considered This For, Back before the Knees Became Aggravating We, My Two Sons And I, would Spend The Day Walkin And Backpack Fishin , One Backpack Carried Water & Gatorade , Snacks , Simple First Aid Kit I Always Have On Hand, couple of Small Tarps JIC, Paracord , Machete, One Backpack Carried A Container With Icepacks and A Container For The Catch whatever that may be , The Other Backpack Carried Tackle mainly ,But Anything Else We May Take Along Depending on The Route We Took and it's Length , I Used A Peddle Bike 🦃 Turkey Hunting In another Large Area Of National Forest A Long Time Ago , I've Seen the Different Models now available For Outdoor Use , Ones Even a Trike model , Seriously Has My Attention Now That The Ole Knees Have Gotten To Be A Issue ,
Robert Janko
Robert Janko Aylar önce
Still its a bike, without this bike your vids wouldnt be a M.Hood Finshing vid! 😉
Tyler Guillot
Tyler Guillot Aylar önce
Do a video showing more of the e bike
William Mcmillin
William Mcmillin Aylar önce
So now we know what the new bike lock is for
Josh Wagner
Josh Wagner Aylar önce
Congrats on the new bike. Now you can haul a** everywhere. Yeah you right yeah you right
Stephen Corley Mississippi Life
Congratulations on the e-bike. That should help you out a lot.
Gary Wahle
Gary Wahle Aylar önce
Congratulations on new bike
Fn Ln
Fn Ln Aylar önce
gar, turtle ... better than skunk! Nice ebike mhood!
Not bad for a Raglesville boy Smith
Love the bike, great idea
poop poop
poop poop Aylar önce
Hell yes bro got a E bike now you can to way more planes ,now you just need a solar charger
Keith Muller
Keith Muller Aylar önce
Awsome bike Mr Hood. I'm looking forward to your new adventures.
RD Sauer
RD Sauer Aylar önce
Looks fun
robdy72 Aylar önce
Great bike, that will make getting around faster.
James Baker
James Baker Aylar önce
Congrats and love the videos
J C Aylar önce
my e bike has 4000 miles on it and i love it
• Salt Rock
• Salt Rock Aylar önce
Mornin y’all! Happy Friday. Nice ride, congrats. 🙂
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